Trump’s Continuing Refusal to Prosecute the 9/11 Funders

Eric Zuesse

By now, it has been well documented that, as I documented on January 29th, “Al Qaeda Funded by Royal Sauds, U.S. Gov’t. Documents”. And, yet, despite the massive documentation which the U.S. Government itself possesses regarding this (and which has been suppressed by the U.S. ‘news’media but is linked-to in that article so that the public can get to see it), both President Barack Obama and now President Donald Trump were and are arrantly ignoring it, and are instead continuing to do the bidding of the royal Sauds, who individually donated (according to the court-testimony in 2014 by Osama bin Laden’s former bookkeeper and financial bagman prior to 9/11) over a million dollars in cash each, to Al Qaeda, leading up to 9/11; and, furthermore, out of these donations, the 9/11 terrorists received their “salaries,” and “without the money of the — of the Saudi, you will have nothing” of Al Qaeda: none of the training, none of the international transportation, none of the weapons, ‘nothing’ at all. That’s what he said, but how much was this incredibly important testimony (in a U.S. court-case) publicized in the U.S. press? And why wasn’t it? Will it now be?

The latest on this, is on September 9th this year, when the New York Times headlined “Trump’s Bid to End Saudi-Qatar Stalemate Ends in Recriminations”, and reported that though President Trump was trying to remain neutral in the Saudi embargo against Qatar, he seems to be siding with the Sauds, and no mention was made in that article, regarding the 9/11 attacks, which were almost entirely financed and perpetrated by Saudis — mainly funded by the royal Saud family, but using jihadists from the network of the Saudi aristocrat Osama bin Laden’s Al Qaeda.

For example, as I documented on 20 July 2016, headlining “9/11: Bush’s Guilt, And The ’28 Pages’”:

What these 29 long-suppressed pages revealed was well summarized by one succinct reader who wrote: “The Inquiry discloses that there is a very direct chain of evidence about financing and logistics … [that] goes from the Saudi Royal family (Amb. Bandar’s wife and Bandar’s checking account) and Saudi consulate employees (al Thumiari) to the agent handlers (Basnan and al Bayoumi) to some of the 9/11 hijackers (Khalid al-Mihdhar, Nawaf al-Hazmi).” In other words: Prince Bandar bin-Sultan al-Saud, known in Washington as “Bandar Bush” (for his closeness to the Bush family), and who served at that time as Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador to the United States, paid tens of thousands of dollars to Saudi Arabia’s “handlers” who were directing two of the hijackers, Khalid al-Mihdhar and Nawaf al-Hazmi. Also, one of Bandar’s subordinates at the Embassy, named al-Thumiari, was likewise paying the person who was paying and managing those two jihadists.

The report said: “FBI files suggest that al-Bayoumi provided substantial assistance to hijackers Khalid al-Mihdhar and Nawaf al-Hazmi after they arrived in San Diego in February 2000. … According to an October 14, 2002 FBI document, al-Bayoumi has ‘extensive ties to the Saudi Government’. … According to the FBI, al-Bayoumi was in frequent contact with the Emir at the Ministry of Defense, responsible for air traffic control. … Al-Bayoumi was receiving money from the Saudi Ministry of Defense. … Al-Bayoumi was known to have access to large amounts of money from Saudi Arabia, despite the fact that he did not appear to hold a job. … Al-Bayoumi’s pay increased during the time that al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar were in the United States.”

Also, an FBI agent testified on 9 October 2002 regarding al-Bayoumi, and said Bayoumi: “acted like a Saudi intelligence officer, in my opinion. And if he was involved with the hijackers, which it looks like he was, if he signed leases, if he provided some sort of financing … then I would say that there’s a clear possibility that there might be a connection between Saudi intelligence and UBL [Usama bin Laden].”

Moreover: “The FBI has now confirmed that only Osama Bassnan’s wife received money directly from Prince Bandar’s wife, but that al-Bayoumi’s wife attempted to deposit three of the checks from Prince Bandar’s wife, which were payable to Bassnan’s wife, into her own accounts. … Bassnan was a very close associate of Omar al-Bayoumi’s and was in telephone contact with al-Bayoumi several times a day.”

Furthermore: “Bassnan’s wife received a monthly stipend from Princess Haifa.”

And: “On at least one occasion, Bassnan received a check directly from Prince Bandar’s account. According to the FBI, on May 14, 1998, Bassnan cashed a check from Bandar in the amount of $15,000. Bassnan’s wife also received at least one check directly from Bandar … for $10,000. … FBI Executive Assistant Director D’Amuro commented on this financing: ‘I believe that we do have money going from Bandar’s wife, $2,000 a month up to about $64,000.’”

Also: “On March 28, 2002, U.S. and coalition forces retrieved the telephone book of Abu Zubayda, whom the U.S. Government has identified as a senior al-Qa’ida operational coordinator. According to an FBI document, ‘a review of toll records has linked [to] ASPCOL Corporation in Aspen, Colorado. … ASPCOL is the umbrella corporation that manages the affairs of the Colorado residence of Prince Bandar, the Saudi Ambassador. … The U.S. Government also located another Virginia number at an Usama bin Laden safehouse in Pakistan … [where a person was] interviewed by the FBI in June 2002. He could not explain why his number ended up at a safehouse in Pakistan, but stated that he regularly provides services to a couple who are personal assistants to Prince Bandar.”

This has to be seen in the context of George W. Bush’s very close and longstanding personal friendship with Prince Bandar, and also in the context of Bandar’s career.

Bandar has long been involved, both officially and unofficially, in the intelligence operations of the Saud family (which own Saudi Arabia). During October 2005 through January 2015, he served as secretary general of Saudi Arabia’s National Security Council, and he also was director general of the Saudi Intelligence Agency from 2012 to 2014. Furthermore the just-released report asserts:

“The FBI also received reports from individuals in the Muslim community alleging that Bassnan might be a Saudi intelligence agent. According to a CIA memo, Basnan reportedly received funding and possibly a fake passport from Saudi Government officials. He and his wife have received financial support from the Saudi Ambassador to the United States and his wife. … A CIA report also indicates that Bassnan traveled to Houston in 2002 and … that during that trip a member of the Saudi royal family provided Bassnan with a significant amount of cash. … FBI information indicates that Bassnan is an extremist and a supporter of Usama bin Laden.”

Regarding Shaykh al-Thumairy, he was “an accredited diplomat at the Saudi Consulate in Los Angeles and one of the ‘imams’ at the King Fahd Mosque … built in 1998 from funding provided by Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Abdulaziz. The mosque … is widely recognized for its anti-Western views.”

The 29 pages also include lots more, but those facts give at least some solid indications of the links that Prince Bandar had to 9/11.     

Thus, in addition to the detailed testimony of bin Laden’s former bagman, which I mentioned at the start (and link to again here), there was the FBI’s investigation that was presented in the redacted ‘28 pages’ and that finally was made public 14 years after the redacted and quiet publication on Friday night 15 July 2016, of those crucial pages from the 2002 Congressional Joint Inquiry into Intelligence Community Activities Before and After the Terrorist Attacks of September 11. Furthermore, Hillary Clinton’s leaked communications included “Donors in Saudi Arabia constitute the most significant source of funding to Sunni terrorist groups worldwide,” and, more recently, “We need to use our diplomatic and more traditional intelligence assets to bring pressure on the governments of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, which are providing clandestine financial and logistic support to ISIL and other radical Sunni groups in the region.” (But, of course, President Trump is focusing only against Qatar’s royals, not against Saudi Arabia’s.)

Though the U.S. Government has all this information connecting the 9/11 attacks to the royal Sauds as the chief financial backers of the operation, the U.S. Government has fined Iran’s Government $10.5 billion for it, on the flimsiest imaginable basis.

On June 7th, I took up the ‘evidence’ that Israel’s Government was, somehow, behind the 9/11 attacks, and found that everything that’s been presented along those lines is based upon ignoring the actual evidence (summarized above), and upon ignoring the reason why the FBI finally gave up on its investigations into Israel’s possibly having been behind 9/11: they gave up on the hypothesis because of such things as that the timelines presented by the proponents of that hypothesis are false. For example, regarding the “dancing Israelis,” they definitely started their dancing, and their filming of the attacks against the World Trade Towers, after the first plane had hit, not before (as is alleged by the proponents of that hypothesis). (The reader-comments to my article were in disbelief, but that’s what the FBI’s investigation of the matter had concluded, and I linked to that record, but those commenters simply continued to ignore it.) And then there are the many sites that (such as this one) allege 9/11 was part of an international Jewish conspiracy, and that (somehow) no Christians, Muslims, atheists, or other non-Jews, were part of it (except, perhaps, as underlings of ‘Jews’).

Moreover (and this is very important here), the Sauds have long been allied with Israel’s Government to serve them as their agents to propagandize in the United States for U.S. Government policies that the Sauds want but know they can’t as effectively as the Israelis (and U.S. supporters of Israel) propagandize directly to the U.S. public. It’s a secret alliance between the Sauds and the Government of Israel.

Iran and Israel aren’t the only two nations that are accused, on ridiculous grounds, as having financed and helped to plan the 9/11 attacks; there’s now also Qatar, which the Sauds recently decided needs a regime-change. After the Saud family (and their aristocratic and royal friends in UAE and some other Arab nations) started their blockade against Qatar, on June 23 of this year, the far-right Rupert Murdoch’s Sky News headlined in July their quickly-thrown-together 40-minute documentary “Road to Manhattan”, blaming Qatar for the 9/11 attacks, on the basis that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed had lived several years in Qatar and had friends among Qatar’s royal family, who were the major funders of the Muslim Brotherhood, all of which is true, but hardly the caliber or quantity of relevant information that implicates the Sauds — it’s instead a few strands of guilt-by-association, plus the almost universal support that Islamists, including terrorist groups, have had from fundamentalist Sunnis, including from all of the royal families who run the Arab Gulf nations. Deflecting the blame for 9/11, away from themselves, would be a natural tactic for the royal Sauds to employ. And, certainly, Sunni fundamentalists in all countries (not only in Arabia) have been more supportive of the various jihadist groups that target the U.S. and EurAsia than should be the case. (As I headlined and documented on June 9th, “All Islamic Terrorism Is Perpetrated by Fundamentalist Sunnis, … Except Terrorism Against Israel”. Terrorism against Israel comes both from Sunnis and from Shiites.) But there’s a big difference between that, and being the main country whose leaders were funding — providing the bulk of the funds that made possible — the 9/11 attacks. Also important to note is that both the royal Sauds and the Government of Israel are rabidly anti-Iran and anti-Shia. The anti-Iran, anti-Shia, portfolio, in the Saud-Israel alliance, is carried to U.S. politicians and to the American public, almost entirely by Israel’s agents, but on behalf of both the Saud family and Israel’s Government. Consequently, both Israel and the Sauds benefit from re-directing the blame for 9/11 to Iran. And, now that Qatar is practically being forced into a partial alliance with Iran (its former enemy, which the Sauds rabidly hate), Qatar too is being officially targeted for blame regarding 9/11.

Though the U.S. Government is determined to blame Iran for 9/11, and many in the public blame Israel for 9/11, and the royal Sauds blame the royals in Qatar for the 9/11 attacks, the evidence that has long been in possession of the FBI and of other U.S. federal offices (but not broadcast by the ‘news’media), proves that at least some of the royal Sauds were financing the 9/11 attacks, and that Prince Bandar and his wife were particularly involved in it, and that George W. Bush had instructed Condoleezza Rice to block any top intelligence professional from gaining access privately to tell him anything actionable about the planned attacks until after they would already have occurred — so that there was a determination by him to retain plausible deniability regarding any involvement by himself in the matter. If the U.S. had an honest press (i.e., were a democracy), then the Sauds would already be widely blamed in the U.S., for having been (along with Bush, etc.) behind the 9/11 attacks.

Furthermore, there is a very extensive connection between Prince Bandar and Zbigniew Brzezinsky in their jointly having created in 1979 the group that soon thereafter came to be called Al Qaeda; and also between “Soros Capital” and “members of Saudi Arabia’s bin Laden family.” It didn’t start with 9/11. And, though most people think that the U.S. aristocracy wag the Saudi royal tail, the evidence as I see it is the exact opposite: that the royal Sauds have been wagging the U.S. tail. And things don’t seem to have changed with the recent change in the occupancy of the White House: Under Trump, the U.S seems to be even more subservient to the royal Sauds than before.

And, according to, which is the website that reports ongoing efforts by the U.S. Government to squash efforts by the 9/11 victim-families to pursue legal charges against the royal Sauds and others involved in the conspiracy to perpetrate 9/11, this U.S. Governmental obstructionism continues right up till now, with recent reports by that site being published both in August 2017 and in September 2017.

Ever since 9/11, there has been permanent war (Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, etc.), massive increases in federal spending to purchase weapons from Lockheed Martin and other U.S. weapons-makers, and a general transformation of the U.S. Government toward becoming an American police-state, which is very useful to the elite who are actually in control.

A phenomenally good investigative article was issued on 22 January 2015, by the great Nafeez Ahmed, about the role that Silicon Valley billionaires have been and are playing in this, titled “How the CIA Made Google”. One can’t correctly understand any international news without knowing what Ahmed disclosed there. It importantly fills in some of the many areas that have been previously in the dark about this entire decades-long emerging American police-state operation.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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  • Ralph

    While I applaud this article trying to keep the Saudi Connection alive, when every mainstream media source is trying to bury it – it is annoying to see the Israeli Connection being lightly dismissed. The evidence amassed by Christopher Bollyn and others is much more extensive than just relying on the ‘Dancing Israelis’. While I agree the role of the role of the Mossad was more likely just monitoring the Hijackers to make sure they accomplished their mission – the famous Fox News :”Israeli Art Student Spy Ring” consisted of Israeli operatives who fit the same remarkable profile as the “Dancing Israelis” did. And the latter were actually recorded on video saying “our purpose was to document the event” which is a very odd thing to say if they just stumbled on the attacks and began spontaneously celebrating. And since elements of the FBI have been documented by Colleen Rowley and countless others as stonewalling the attempt to apprehend the hijackers pre-9/11, (Dave Frasca anyone?) your reliance on an FBI report is less than persuasive. So I think minimizing the Israel Connection actually weakens your case as it overlooks the Israeli companies that moved out of the twin towers and that controlled airport security for the 9/11 airports; Larry Silverstein’s purchase of the Twin Towers, Odigo, etc. Lastly, I was surprised that in your litany of Hard 9/11 evidence you left out the transfer of $100,000 to Mohammed Atta which was sent at the orders of the Pakistani ISI, which raises the uncomfortable fact that the ISI doesn’t sneeze without the American CIA knowing about it. This, plus the fact you did raise, about the closeness of the Bush family to Prince Bandar, tends to point in a direction above the Saudis.

    • cettel

      “Our purpose to document the event” was being said by one of the Dancing Israelis once he was back in Israel and had been asked why they were taking pictures of the event. But similarly, many other people who saw “the event” were also taking pictures of it, or even filming it on their cellphones or etc. In other words: That statement doesn’t deal with what the FBI was inquiring into, which was: Did they start photographing the event before it started? When the FBI inspected their camera and looked at the pictures it contained, at least the first of the two WTC towers had already been hit and was on fire. So, the FBI then stopped that part of their investigation into 9/11. You could have found out all of that for yourself just by clicking through my links all the way down to their sources — in that case, the FBI file. That’s why I am so careful about my documentation, my links. I wish that readers would take advantage of this ability for readers to get down to the source-documentation on their own. People who don’t take advantage of it might as well just watch TV ‘news’ or read the ‘news’papers.

      • cettel

        PS: Your phrase “point in a direction above the Saudis” is false, because what it instead “points” to is that Bush (probably Cheney too, but that’s not a matter yet covered in my published writings on the subject) had worked with Bandar to come up with the ultimate decision that something like the 9/11 event needed to be carried out — and to be done in such a way that none of themselves would be blamed for it. The evidence that I’ve seen thus far indicates that both Bandar and Cheney (plus top-level Al Qaeda people — that part of the official story is true) were involved in planning the set-up. Of course, many other insiders would also have to have been involved. But no President wants the public to know, nor wants those people to be tried in a court of law. In that sense, both Obama and Trump are accessories after-the-fact — even if the actual chain-of-command isn’t what I have been alleging it to have been — it’s now the cover-up phase.

        • Ralph

          Categorically saying that my insinuation is false right before u state that you are convinced that bush/ Cheney were in fact involved is rhetorical bait and switch. You ignored the many Israeli connections uncovered by Chris Boleyn, Michel Ruppert and others in your obsessive focus in the Dancing Israelis. I noticed you also ignored the transfer to Atta and the corollary fact that the same man who ordered the funds sent for the final phase of 9/11 was meeting on the morning of 9/11 with Porter Goss and another Senator, both of whom just happen to be the most prominent government officials pushing the “Saudis did it” theory!
          Now, what part of those references didn’t I check?

          • cettel

            I am not aware of what you are referring to here. If there is documentation for it, please paste-in the URLs and I shall be very interested to check them out.

          • kimyo

            i believe ralph is referring to Mahmoud Ahmad.


            On the morning of September 11, Pakistan’s Chief Spy General Mahmoud Ahmad, the alleged “money-man” behind the 9-11 hijackers, was at a breakfast meeting on Capitol Hill hosted by Senator Bob Graham and Rep. Porter Goss, the chairmen of the Senate and House Intelligence committees.


            The FBI had information on the money trail. They knew exactly who was financing the terrorists. Less than two weeks later, the findings of the FBI were confirmed by Agence France Presse (AFP) and the Times of India, quoting an official Indian intelligence report (which had been dispatched to Washington). According to these two reports, the money used to finance the 9-11 attacks had allegedly been “wired to WTC hijacker Mohammed Atta from Pakistan, by Ahmad Umar Sheikh, at the instance of [ISI Chief] General Mahmoud [Ahmad].”

          • cettel

            Pakistan has long been serving the Sauds, and worked with Brzezinski and the Sauds to set up Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. When you talk of the ruling elite of Pakistan, you talk of Saudi agents.

  • kimyo

    the top two questions zuesse won’t answer:
    1) did the photos taken by the dancing israelis show them celebrating BEFORE the second tower was hit?
    2) did the planes cause the collapse of the 3 buildings in nyc?

    what he will do: pretend that some text copied and pasted from an fbi report is an ‘answer’. it isn’t. an answer is either 1) yes or 2) no. why is such a simple request impossible for him to fulfill?

    • CarmenWCase

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      • cettel

        Go to hell, spammer!

    • cettel

      The FBI report didn’t care about that, but considered irrelevant that question. All they were interested in was whether in the camera (not video camera; it was only a still camera) there was a picture showing the WTC prior to the attack — which meant prior to the first plane’s having hit. The FBI people weren’t idiots enough to look further into the matter once they had found that those people started documenting the event after the event was already a reality. Once the FBI found this out, the FBI had no further interest in those people, at all. Apparently, they had that much basic investigational competency. I hope that this answers your question satisfactorily.

      • cettel

        PS: Your phrase “point in a direction above the Saudis” is false, because what it instead “points” to is that Bush (probably Cheney too, but that’s not a matter yet covered in my published writings on the subject) had worked with Bandar to come up with the ultimate decision that something like the 9/11 event needed to be carried out — and to be done in such a way that none of themselves would be blamed for it. The evidence that I’ve seen thus far indicates that both Bandar and Cheney (plus top-level Al Qaeda people — that part of the official story is true) were involved in planning the set-up. Of course, many other insiders would also have to have been involved. But no President wants the public to know, nor wants those people to be tried in a court of law. In that sense, both Obama and Trump are accessories after-the-fact — even if the actual chain-of-command isn’t what I have been alleging it to have been — it’s now the cover-up phase.

      • kimyo

        I hope that this answers your question satisfactorily.

        so, are you saying, yes, the photos show the dancing israelis celebrating BEFORE the SECOND plane hit?

        re: #2 – a followup – did the saudis fund the wiring of building 7 for demolition?

      • nomadd

        “Apparently, they had that much basic investigational competency.”

        I dont call that competency.

        so is the answer yes or no?

        • kimyo

          it really is a simple, yes or no question.

          i’ve re-read his ‘answer’ now for the third time, and as with most of his ‘writings’ it is difficult to parse, but i believe what he’s saying is he doesn’t have to form his own opinion on the matter because the fbi doesn’t consider the question to be pertinent.

          mr zuesse – don’t you feel your readers deserve a clear, direct response? do them the honor of giving one, so that they can determine the ‘merits’ of your ‘thought process’.

  • Scoot Wad

    Eric is see no evil hear no evil on the Israeli connections so he relies on official whitewash reports for an inherently flawed analysis. Also ignores the cui bono, Saudis got nothing but headaches from this deal, Israelis got their foreign policy desires met without further resistance. Keep swinging at air so your ad revenue doesn’t get cut off by the Google mafia.

  • kimyo

    Re. your #2: Of course not. It was clear almost immediately that building 7 was a controlled demolition; and the other two almost certainly were also.

    it’s been 3 months since i first posed this question. now that you’ve answered we can finally move forward. thank you.

    it is highly deceptive of you to portray saudi funding of the hijackers as relevant. the planes had nothing to do with the collapse of the 3 wtc buildings. the planes were part of a made-for-tv movie.

    imagine for a moment that the towers, as designed, had easily withstood the impacts and remained intact. would america have allowed bush/cheney/obama to drag us into the quagmires in iraq/afghanistan/syria/libya?

    i believe you’re intelligent enough to divine that the saudis are patsies in exactly the same way that lee harvey oswald was. your failure to do so can only lead your readers to determine that you are being deceitful.

    based on the following, wiring building 1, 2 and 7 would have cost at least $36 million, and likely much much more, given that the j.l. hudson building was only 22 stories (buildings 1/2 – 110 stories, building 7 – 47).

    even if you use $36 million as a working total, that is 10 times what the saudis gave the hijackers.

    in what way is the saudi funding relevant? such a focus is nonsensical. trivial. it is a diversion, and your readers deserve much much more. can you not strive to attain a higher standard? it certainly wouldn’t take much effort.

    The rise and fall of Hudson’s Big Store in Detroit

    the building was imploded at 5:45 p.m. (the store’s closing time) on Oct. 24, 1998, at a cost of about $12 million

    J.L. Hudson Department Store

    CDI’s 12 person loading crew took twenty four days to place 4,118 separate charges in 1,100 locations on columns on nine levels of the complex. Over 36,000 ft of detonating cord and 4,512 non-electric delay elements were installed in CDI’s implosion initiation system, some to create the 36 primary implosion sequence and another 216 micro-delays to keep down the detonation overpressure from the 2,728 lb of explosives which would be detonated during the demolition.

  • TimeToWakeUPAmerica

    Sorry, but everything you read about the “28 Pages” and Saudi involvement in 9/11 is a RUSE. The House of Saud was installed in power, in SAUDi Arabia, by the ‘City’ of London FINANCIERS, and by MI6. Just as the State of Israel was created by the ‘City’ of London FINANCIERS (Rothschilds), and by MI6, in 1948, in PALESTINE. In fact, they had to install the House of Saud to create division within Islam in the region, and to install a PUPPET-REGIME (House of Saud) to better control the predominantly Islamic region, to pave the way for the establishment of Israel. So, when they claim that ALL the blame for 9/11 lies with Saudi Arabia ~ they are just very conveniently throwing Saudi Arabia “under the bus”, because there is NOTHING that any American can do about it. And, it completely IGNORES the TRUTH: the blame for 9/11 rests squarely with the CIA & Mossad (not to mention MI6, GCHQ, NSA) ~ really, the entire Western Intelligence apparatus, which STOOD DOWN ON 9/11/2001.

  • TimeToWakeUPAmerica

    9/11: A Conspiracy Theory

    You’d have to be a COMPLETE MORON to believe the official story of what transpired on 9/11.