Stop Allowing YOUR Emperor to Threaten Nuclear Apocalypse

North Korea is open to reasonable negotiations. The United States, as embodied in the buffoon whom we have allowed to hold more power than any royal monarch has ever known, would prefer armageddon to reasonable negotiations.

These are not speculations.

North Korea made a deal with the U.S. before being dumped into the Axis of Evil, after which point it proposed a deal over and over.

NY Times Jan 10, 2015:
“offering to temporarily suspend nuclear tests in return for a suspension of the joint military exercises this year”

Reuters Jan 15, 2016:
“North Korea on Saturday demanded the conclusion of a peace treaty with the United States and a halt to U.S. military exercises with South Korea to end its nuclear tests”

NY Times March 8, 2017:
“China tried unsuccessfully to calm newly volatile tensions on the Korean Peninsula on Wednesday, proposing that North Korea freeze nuclear and missile programs in exchange for a halt to major military exercises by American and South Korean forces. The proposal was rejected hours later by the United States and South Korea.”

NY Times June 21, 2017:
“The Trump administration has come under growing pressure to open negotiations on a temporary freeze on North Korea’s nuclear and missile tests in return for reducing the American military footprint in the Korean Peninsula, according to American officials and foreign diplomats. Versions of the proposal, floated by Beijing for several months, have been revived several times this week, first by South Korea’s newly installed president and then by China’s foreign minister and one of its top military officials in talks on Wednesday with Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis. But White House officials say they are not interested…”

These reports are in U.S. newspapers and can be and just were found within 30 seconds using U.S. search engines.

Yet the jackass in the White House says no deal is possible, and nobody impeaches him, because the Democrats want him around to “oppose,” the Republicans just don’t give a damn, and progressives and liberals would apparently rather risk nuclear apocalypse than install a President Pence in a transformed government in which top officials are impeached and removed when they step out of line.

On Sunday Donald Trump tweeted: “South Korea is finding, as I have told them, that their talk of appeasement with North Korea will not work, they only understand one thing!”

It is becoming clearer that the only thing Trump is likely to understand will be his own impeachment and removal from office.

Despite an estabished history of North Korean willingness to negotiate and to comply with agreements, Trump proceeded to meet with military staff on Sunday and to consider military options as if peaceful solutions were simply impossible, and despite the South Korean government’s stated opposition to war.

Pentagon head James Mattis said of the meeting: “We have many military options and the president wanted to be briefed on every one of them.” That’s a horrifying statement from a nuclear armed government whose president has previously remarked: “North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States. They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.”

Mattis echoed this rhetoric on Sunday: “Any threat to the United States or its territories, including Guam, or our allies, will be met with a massive military response — a response both effective and overwhelming.”

While Trump and Mattis may understand more than one thing, irony is not on the list of things they understand. They are threatening to launch a nuclear war, which constitutes a threat to the whole world, as a response to any threat from a tiny distant nation.

One other area Trump’s team struggles to understand is the rule of law. Threatening war is a violation of the United Nations Charter, a treaty that is part of the Supreme Law of the United States under Article VI of the U.S. Constitution. That crime — threatening war, and in particular nuclear war — constitutes an abuse of power that clearly rises to the level of an impeachable offense.

Here’s a ready-to-go article of impeachment, to accompany all the other ones:

In his conduct while President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, in violation of his constitutional oath to faithfully execute the office of President of the United States and, to the best of his ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States, and in violation of his constitutional duty under Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution “to take care that the laws be faithfully executed,” has threatened war against additional nations, including North Korea, in violation of the United Nations Charter, a treaty that is part of the Supreme Law of the United States under Article VI of the U.S. Constitution.

By these actions, President Donald J. Trump has acted in a manner contrary to his trust as President, and subversive of constitutional government, to the prejudice of the cause of law and justice and to the manifest injury of the people of the United States and the world. Wherefore, President Donald J. Trump, by such conduct, is guilty of an impeachable offense warranting removal from office.

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  • Steven

    Impeachment is probably a good place TO START. But by itself it won’t solve anything. Until we can get rid of the whole pack of howling mad dogs in charge of US foreign policy, I keep wondering if it isn’t better to have a demonstrable incompetent ‘in charge’ (SIC) as opposed to a slick public relations operator like Pence.

    P.S. Thanks, Hillary and ‘her’ Democratic Party! Thanks a bunch! It is entirely possible Bernie is bought and sold like the rest of the US political establishment. But odds are with him at the helm this country and world would have a much more promising future than they have right now.

    • wht

      shoulda coulda woulda …. but seriously … Bernie was obviously Hillary’s butt boy meant to carve away more of Trumps base than he was able to do taking probably more from her … and then she stabbed him right in the back and clearly politically pants’d him and then spanked his bare butt in front of the whole world … which, such public humiliation, he, in the end, seemed only too willing to endure (maybe LIKED it even as perverted ALL these slimeballs seem to be more and more) for a little ‘grease’ don’tchaknow

  • DiveshopinGoa

    Strange it is that government formed by the people with the consent of the governed is now a government of and by the military and CEOs of the worlds largest corporations. Almost like you wake up and a military coup has taken place.
    I dream that NK has a sub they can park off Washington DC and show all those in our government with a hard on for war what nuclear weapons do. About the time their eyes melt down their cheeks they might wake up. Naa, brain dead.

  • Harrison Bergeron

    “North Korea is open to reasonable negotiations.”

    What? You pretend they aren’t the ones trying escalate tensions by continually firing missiles, threatening other countries, and torturing its own people to death… This is a Rothschild proxy state. This is not going to just magically go away if we ignore it.

    Blame Bill Clinton for selling them nuclear capabilities. This is a BIG mess.

    God Bless POTUS for showing the leadership to deal with this dictatorship.

    • kimyo

      God Bless POTUS for showing the leadership to deal with this dictatorship.

      in what way, exactly, has trump showed ‘leadership’? what are his top three accomplishments?

      • Remember how ”popular” Trump became after that missile raid into Syria?

  • Jack Murray

    Clinton armed NK, Bush labeled them Evil, Obama armed the Persians, seems there is enough blame to go around. And, you want to blame the new guy for established practice. Trump is a billionaire, not by chance. He may be the competent one. Only time will tell. Meanwhile, NK is throwing rocks at the windows. But you think they are open to negotiation. Right now, it just looks like a lot of bravado This is a Republic, you know, the executive can’t act alone. Except in an emergency. Any wisdom on when that will be?

  • Brabantian

    There is a myth here duping the world … Consider: It is absolutely clear from ‘smoking gun’ evidence that, Nuclear weapons do not exist and have never existed … e.g., Hiroshima was a chemical fire-bombing war crime, with Tokyo’s fire-bombing 4x worse than Hiroshima … and also just like Yokohama, Osaka, Dresden, Hamburg … the ‘atom bomb’ etc stories are a dual scam for defrauding taxpayer trillions … and letting some nations be bullies, such as ‘Samson Option we will nuke everybody’ Israel … Some of the below from a recent good overview of why Hiroshima was not a ‘nuclear’ or ‘atomic bomb’ explosion:

    – Swedish nuclear engineer Anders Björkman, once asked to investigate ‘nuclear weapons’ for Sweden, has argued in detail for years that nuclear weapons are impossible, fake, & have never existed (versus nuclear power, which does work)

    – The ‘smoking gun’ proving Hiroshima was fake, is in 1945 US military records, logging 66 aeroplanes as ‘chemically fire-bombing Imabari, Japan’, close to Hiroshima, at the same date & hour as the alleged ‘atomic bomb’ … Imabari which no longer existed,totally destroyed in 2 previous fire-bombing raids … this was the fleet that fire-bombed Hiroshima

    – German Jesuit Rev John Siemes, eye-witness in Hiroshima, documented local witnesses reporting planes spreading incendiary material

    – US military Major Alexander de Seversky, surveying Japanese cities shortly afterwards, found wooden-house-burned Hiroshima to show no signs at all of anything other than chemical fire-bombing, just like Tokyo, Yokohama & Osaka … central iron-steel buildings were intact, fragile objects undamaged, even flag poles still up beneath ‘ground zero’ … no spot where things had been ‘vapourised’

    – At the time there was huge intimidation, ‘death penalty for unauthorised speaking’, suppression of Japanese & USA witnesses & involved persons … whilst allowed statements seem scripted & false-seeming

    – Photographs of Hiroshima smoke look exactly like columns of smoke from chemical fire-bombing, confirmed by Japanese witnesses who eventually did speak … not like ‘mushroom clouds’ which are also from certain types of chemical explosions, but later marketed as the ‘nuclear weapon signature’

    – The area destroyed in Hiroshima, was only one-fourth the size of the area destroyed in Tokyo fire-bombing with identical devastation

    – A 1990 medical study, completing 40 years of investigation of Hiroshima & Nagasaki survivors, showed no genetic damage, as is typical of those exposed to too-high radiation

    The scam is also illuminated by reviewing history. All 10 alleged ‘nuclear bomb nations’ played along, in what seems a global scam, trillions for oligarchs owning armaments industries … wealth shared, e.g., with Soviet Union elites in fake ‘Cold War’ over decades, as proven by UK-born economist Antony Sutton long ago in ‘The Best Enemy Money Could Buy’, Israel a key US-Moscow transfer point

    1945 – USA chemically bombs Hiroshima & Nagasaki (like Tokyo, Dresden, Hamburg…), also dumping illness-inducing radioactive rubbish. Witnesses ordered to shut up, chemical-blast ‘mushroom clouds’ in film & photos – USA HAS NUCLEAR BOMBS

    1949 – Soviet Union accepts deal for Russian elites to get wealthy by playing along with Cold War & global nuclear terror – COMMIE RUSSIA HAS THE BOMB

    1952 – UK Brits & London financial centre don’t want to be 2nd class – UK HAS THE BOMB

    1960 – France chafes not to be 2nd class to Brits – FRANCE & DE GAULLE HAVE THE BOMB

    1964 – China upgraded to major league – COMMIE CHINA HAS THE BOMB

    1966 – Israel joins the club in time to terrorise & blackmail Arabs in 1967 & 1973 wars – JEWS HAVE THE BOMB & JEWS ARE READY TO SAMSON OPTION EVERYBODY, later ‘confirmed’ by Mordechai Vanunu to MI6 London Times & then maybe living on Haifa beach, not ‘in Israeli prison’, like ‘not really in Ecuador Embassy’ Julian Assange

    1974 – India accepted as big power, debasing its heritage naming its bomb programme ‘Smiling Buddha’ – INDIA HAS THE BOMB

    1979 – South Africa’s white apartheid gov gets to play – WHITE RACIST SOUTH AFRICA HAS THE BOMB READY TO KILL BLACK PEOPLE … but ‘dismantles bombs’ before Mandela & black government can find out the scam

    1998 – Pakistan becomes central player in new Western anti-Muslim theme – PAKISTANI MUSLIMS HAVE THE BOMB & OSAMA OR TERRORISTS MIGHT GET AHOLD OF IT

    2006 – North Korea, always making deals, gets to upgrade – CRAZY NORTH KOREA HAS THE BOMB

    ‘Nuclear terror’ – A greatly profitable business, and in instrument for bigger-power terrorism & blackmail of smaller nations

    • Brabantian

      Kim Jong-Un, Xi Jinping & Donald Trump as The Three Stooges of fear-mongering

    • Douteux55

      Thanks B, you’ve given me considerable peace. I’m trying to spread this story and people look at me funny, but they’ve stopped telling me I’m crazy- good sign?

    • Jim

      I disagree that nukes do not exist. Too many people have seen them go off at Bikini Atoll and other places.

    • James Henry Fetzer

      Not only are nukes a grim reality of life but mini or micro nukes were even used to destroy the Twin Towers on 9/11. See, for example, The Midwest 9/11 Truth Conference II, Session 7 with Don Fox, where he lays out the proof: For more, see AMERICA NUKED ON 9/11 (2017), with fifteen contributors on the Who, the How and the Why.

  • Everything bad is Trump’s fault so they say the hurricane is his fault as well.
    Much more the worsened relationship with NK, nothing is what Obama to be blamed for.

  • Sure, Trump this Trump that whomever occupies the White house will always get the blame for carrying the policies that benefit the shadow government, if anyone ought to be impeached it would help the world to look at whom are lurking in the shadows instead of blaming another in a long line of willing stooges.

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  • Ade

    Anyone seen Gen Wesley Clarke’s talk, ‘7 countries in five years’

  • wht

    reason for impeachment? … “has threatened war against additional nations, including North Korea, in violation of the United Nations Charter, a treaty that is part of the Supreme Law of the United States under Article VI of the U.S. Constitution.”

    um … considering that the US war with NK has never been concluded wouldn’t that sort of negate this writer’s hoped for plank in Trump’s coffin?

  • Martha Bartha

    War! What is it good for?