Why We’re Doomed: Stagnant Wages

Despite all the happy talk about “recovery” and higher growth, wages have gone nowhere since 2000–and for the bottom 20% of workers, they’ve gone nowhere since the 1970s.

Gross domestic product (GDP) has risen smartly since 2000, but the share of GDP going to wages and salaries has plummeted: this is simply an extension of a 47-year downtrend.

Last month I posted one reason Why We’re Doomed: Our Economy’s Toxic Inequality (August 16, 2017). The second half of why we’re doomed is stagnant wages. Why do stagnating wages for the bottom 95% doom our status quo? As I noted yesterday in Why Wages Have Lost Ground in the 21st Centuryour system requires ever-higher household incomes to function–not just in the top 5%, but in the top 80%.

Our federal social programs–Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid–are pay-as-you-go: all the expenditures this year are paid by taxes collected this year. As I have detailed many times, the so-called “Trust Funds” are fictions; when Social Security runs a deficit, the difference between receipts and expenses are filled by selling Treasury bonds in the open market–the exact same mechanism ther government uses to fund any other deficit.

The demographics of the nation have changed in the past two generations. The Baby Boom is retiring en masse, expanding the number of beneficiaries of these programs, while the number of full-time workers to retirees is down from 10-to-1 in the good old days to 2-to-1: there are 60 million beneficiaries of Social Security and Medicare and about 120 million full-time workers in the U.S.

Meanwhile, medical expenses per person are soaring. Profiteering by healthcare cartels, new and ever-more costly treatments, the rise of chronic lifestyle illnesses–there are many drivers of this trend. There is absolutely no evidence to support the fantasy that this trend will magically reverse.

Costs are skyrocketing and the number of retirees is ballooning, but wages are going nowhere. Do you see the problem? All pay-as-you-go programs are based on the assumption that the number of workers and the wages they earn will both rise at a rate that is above the underlying rate of inflation and equal to the rate of increase in pay-as-you-go programs.

If 95% of the households are earning less money when adjusted for inflation, and their wealth has also declined or stagnated, then how can we pay for programs which expand by 6% or more every year?

The short answer is you can’t.

The budgets of state and local governments also expand every year as citizens demand more services, infrastructure requires costly maintenance and upgrades, and the overall costs of providing government services rises (soaring healthcare premiums are a major driver of higher government expenses). How can households pay higher property and sales taxes if their incomes are going nowhere?

Stagnant wages = stagnant income tax revenues.

Then there’s the consumer economy that depends on ever-higher consumer spending. If wages are stagnant, how can households spend more money? The conventional answer is: we’ll blow asset bubbles in stocks, bonds and housing, and households can spend this newfound wealth.

Nice theory, but only the top slice of American households own enough of these assets to matter. Feast your eyes on these two charts of skyrocketing income and wealth inequality. This chart shows that the majority of income growth is now concentrated in the top 1/0th of 1%, and most of what’s left has gone to the top 5%. This is the only possible outcome of financialization and central-bank inflated asset bubbles.

Here’s another look at the same dynamic, but excluding capital gains, which flow to those who own most of the assets, i.e. the top 1%: the bottom 90% lost 10% in the decade 2002-2012, the top 5% gained 6% and the very top of the wealth-power pyramid, the top 1/100th of the 1%, gained 76%.

The conclusion is sobering: wages/salaries are no longer an adequate means to distribute income or paid work. Our system is broken at the deepest levels–not just economically broken, but socially broken as well. Clinging to this broken model and filling the widening gap between the super-wealthy and everyone else with more debt will doom the system.

This is why I’ve proposed a new way to organize production, consumption, work and income in my book A Radically Beneficial World: Automation, Technology & Creating Jobs for All.

The point is the present system cannot endure. Borrowing trillions of dollars to paper over this failure won’t work for much longer. We need a new system, or we’re well and truly doomed. 

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    The Problem is Corporate GREED and Collusion with Government.

    You make a crybaby argument against “any” social benefit for the people “who actually pay taxes,” unlike corporations, and you fail to list the MEGA-Trillions in Banker Welfare and Trillions in Illegal War for Profit, the Real Problems in the Economy. I fail to see what you are worried about? Perhaps, you do not comprehend, that UNLESS the US governemnt gets its WAY, the Earth becomes a CINDER?

    All of your accounting lines of Crybaby Debt and Economic Catastrophe are Blacked out BY ONE ALMIGHTY ITEM …. WAR. If the world does not OBEY, the Dictate of the US government, those Nuclear Weapons will find an Excuse to be Let Loose! Think I am kidding … the US Nuked Japan for Fun.

    Now, who is going to argue with that, Slaves?

    Nothing in the Government has ever been “properly audited,” by unbiased sources, so to even believe the US government audit is to be a FOOL. The US government has several debt levels, one says S/T 20-Trillion and Long Term 200-Trillion, ( no downgrades) but there are many “black books” and off balance sheet items. Additionally, who is buying all the US paper? The US GOVERNMENT.

    Any Downgrades … NO.

    None of you pay enough into the system, for the benefits you recieve, and it has always been, so, as you can see benefits have never stopped and they never will.

    Simply, you will all suffer because you have absolutely no idea of what is really going on. Rome Ruled the Empire by BRUTE FORCE …. America is ROME with Nuclear Weapons! The US governments economy is not bound by the Rules You are, Slaves! The US government is GOD. Anyone who threatens GOD is Wiped off the Planet.

    WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE … It is Radioactive, Birdbrains!

    • ZARTAN

      Oh, and if you Pigeons had Brains, you would be living like KINGS, not Slaves! You only have yourselves to blame! I cannot do it alone, for you, because there are 300-million of you and you are all A GD CURSE AT THAT! Harsh … YES, but it is the Truth. I do not tickle ears because I have no interest to rape you, America!

      Only an Internal Revolution –by US Citizens– on Wall Street can bring Change. And, if you go about it, Peacefully, well, You will end up like JESUS hanging on a Cross! Christians ( you are many) have to learn that JESUS did WHAT JESUS DID for Spiritual Reasons, “ONLY” not Earthly, and if you read the whole book, than you would learn that JESUS has to use Violence too! Revelation 18 vs 21; Jesus makes an Entire City ( you know her) Dissapear … Imagine, the Horror!

      There are over 150-million of you in America, alone, Learn how to Count and Use your numbers because YOU will all be held Accountable for this mess! ” Voluntary Tax and Patronage” will be used to seperate the wheat from the chaff. -John 2:15. And, I dare any Pastor, Priest or POPE to challenge the Holiness of that Revelation! You have to have BIG BRASS to make Proclamations like that, and I assure you, I carry more than enough Brass!

      Jesus told his followers to “Gather Swords” (coreographed instruction for future generations) and turn over the Tables on Jerusalems Wall Street!!! THINK LONG AND HARD ABOUT THAT!!

      Can you Pigeons SEE YET??? God calls you fools, and sheep, ( I would hate to be a Sheep) so I am only a chip off the old Block! Stop your Whining! MILLIONS have been MURDERED IN YOUR NAME, AMERICA!

      • sometime

        you have worn your message out on this blog spot and because of that your core message of decency, courage and change is being lost…..
        change your approach to subjects you blog to or
        GET LOST

        • ZARTAN

          Too soft to take it? Amusing. And, you think that you are capible of doing anything except following the US government? Soft and Change do not happen.

        • ZARTAN

          Billions have been Killed and I get CRAP for not Tickling the Ears? I need to go work for the US government, than YOU WILL ALL PRAISE ME FOR INSULTING YOU! I cannot lie. Americans are not worthy of anything but INSULT at this POINT. Really, think a little harder … You might get it.

  • TimeToWakeUPAmerica


    For “…the bottom 20% of workers, they’ve gone nowhere since the 1970s.”

    America’s problems go FAR, FAR deeper than stagnant wages. In fact, just two generations ago, there were a SIGNIFICANTLY greater number of Americans that were HARD-WORKING FARMERS, who were able to feed themselves!, and their families!, AND SELL THEIR PRODUCE TO FEED THE TOWN- & CITY-DWELLERS!, and did so, as SELF-EMPLOYED, SELF-SUFFICIENT FARMERS! Today, farming has largely become CORPORATIZED ~ another way of saying it has been taken over by BANKING, like everything else, including the U.S. Government.

    Americans need to become SELF-RELIANT, AND SELF-SUFFICIENT again, before they will ever be strong enough to TAKE BACK THEIR CORRUPT GOVERNMENT, AND KICK THE MONEY-CHANGERS OUT OF THE TEMPLE!

    • ZARTAN

      Americans only need to fight back.

      If they would put 1-Million ( an easy number) on Wall Street and Close the Exchanges, Until demands are met. SACK the MARKET DAILY, until the WORLD REPENTS! No Corporation or Government will profit and the markets will RAGE ( while Rates fly) against them as “Downgrade after Downgrede” forces it all down upon their heads. Bankers will be Jumping out of Windowns; and the Police will be Hiding in their homes fearing for their lives!

      You can Conquer the Entire World on Wall Street; which was the Entire Reason for the Display Jesus put on in the Bible. Naturally, the Pigeons could never figure it out. However, there is more: ” A Coin was the Symbol of Rebellion in Jesus day, and Give/render to Caesar means DEATH TO CEASAR, because JESUS knows “NOTHING BELONGS TO CAESAR” or HE IS NOT JESUS! The Priests are Traitors, but the People must LEARN or they WILL be Responsible. They are too Great in number to do Nothing!

      Only Today, the Church has the numbers to do it, and nobody can do anything about it, including the Military. 150-Million Christians OWN THIS LAND and the Earth for that Matter! Therefore, they will also be held Responsible for doing Nothing!

      • sometime

        you go preach that to the Christian churches….and they will turn you away. The Christian Church at least in modern times has not stood for righteousness once and then backed itself up by it’s members voicing such….
        Won’t happen…although I wish it would happen

        • ZARTAN

          Good, it is time to KICK OUT the FREAKS “who are FOR SATAN” so they can be Properly Identified and Marked.

          We only need ( in Reality) a Small Fraction of that Massive Number to Save this World. However, those numbers must be fighters! No Weaklings! I can do it, alone, with 1-MILLION.

          And, if I can do it; Well, anyone should be able, right? 1-million people on Wall Street would OWN the Worlds Financial Markets. They either OBEY or they go to DOW ZERO.

          • sometime

            yes….good plan. Plan’s though end without leadership, as I have spoken to you before on your point….and no not just any body can be a leader cause just anybody doesn’t have the stuff….so back to square one…..Leaders.

          • ZARTAN

            Problem …

            Leaders are not going to go into a peaceful group so the government can assassinate them, either! The people have to be Militarized and SERIOUS or NO DICE! And, most likely, it will never happen, because “anyone” with the brains to be a LEADER knows government snipers will be looking for him. Security and Countermeasures need to be Powerful. Peaceful people get Good Leaders Killed. It would be better to have MANY LEADERS, because a Single Leader, LIKE JESUS, will get KILLED.

            THUS …

            A Leader Carries a BIG, “MASSIVE STICK” and the FOLLOWERS better be Ready to Carry out ORDERS!

            This is universally true, as EVEN GOD, will not lead a people who will not fight. See: OT and Revelations.

            I do say, “anyone” who has “suffered sufficiently” ( suffering builds character) can be a leader. And, as a BONUS, the Leader, if WISE, can also SHORT THE DOW “by Proxy” on the WAY DOWN AND Make the Entire Leadership RICH off the PROTEST ALONE. I can also think of Many Countries who would generously support such a movement – the founders went to the French, I believe- so it would only be proper.

  • TimeToWakeUPAmerica

    It will be the CORRUPTION, stemming from the BANKING sector on Wall St., and in the ‘City’ of London, and elsewhere in the COMMUNIST “E.U.”, such as in Basel, Switzerland (BIS), which has CORRUPTED EVERYTHING ~ at this point ~ in Western Civilization ~ as well as much of the rest of the planet ~ such that nearly everyone now believes that PAPER, WITH SOME INK ON IT ~ is real money, or has real intrinsic value. (NOTE: FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS, only gold and silver coins, and bars were considered, and used as REAL money.) The FIAT BANKERS have taken over Western Civilization, and have used America & Americans in order to further their aim of a “New” World Order which (it turns out, upon a much, much closer inspection of the details of history) is really a “Jew” World Order. Or, more precisely, a Yidz/Khazarian World Order.

    • TimeToWakeUPAmerica

      It was the BANKERS BEHIND Woodrow Wilson, and BEHIND F.D.R., that got America and Americans into both WWI and WWII ~ in which ~ conservative estimate: 106 MILLION(!) WHITE, CAUCASIAN, NON-“JEW”-ISH (non-Yiddish-speaking, non-Eastern European, non-KHAZARIAN) people of NW European descent, including American soldiers, slaughtered each other, while the self-described “Jews” cry ALLIGATOR TEARS!, over the alleged “6 MILLION” “Jews” who were claimed (falsely) to have been “gassed” & “exterminated” in Hitler’s NATIONAL SOCIALIST ~ LABOR ~ CAMPS!, where the labor was to support the German WAR EFFORT against the “Allies” (the CENTRAL BANKER “JEW”-led countries: the U.K. (“Jew”K), U.S. (“Jew”S), & France, etc. Also, ZYKLON-B was used to exterminate LICE, which causes TYPHUS! Read THE HOLOCAUST HOAX EXPOSED: DEBUNKING THE 20TH CENTURY’S BIGGEST LIE, by Victor Thorn. You can obtain this GEM of TRUTH, for a mere $25 (includes shipping & handling), here: http://www.texemarrs.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=bboa_holocaust_hoax (Victor Thorn covers every angle of the hoax, and TOTALLY DEBUNKS IT!)

      Truly, it is American IGNORANCE that is by far, the worst problem America faces today. Welcome to the FIAT, WESTERN INTERNATIONAL CENTRAL BANKER, OIL & WEAPONS OF WAR YIDZ/KHAZARIAN WORLD ORDER. Truly, the ONLY crime Hitler actually committed, was putting the “Jews” TO WORK!, in the NATIONAL SOCIALIST ~ LABOR ~ CAMPS!

      • TimeToWakeUPAmerica

        Hitler’s “FINAL SOLUTION” involved working WITH THE ~ ZIONIST ~ CENTRAL BANKERS OF THE WEST to transfer the “Jews” to PALESTINE!, which the ZIONIST Central Bankers were to turn into a NEW “homeland” for the “Jews”, in 1948 (for the FIRST TIME, by the way.) Amazingly enough, as in other Western European countries, a significant number of the “Jews” in Germany didn’t WANT to go to PALESTINE! So, what do we get from these ZIONIST BANKERS? LIES, LIES, and MORE LIES! Victor Thorn covers the “TRANSFER AGREEMENT” between Hitler and the ZIONIST WESTERN INT’L CENTRAL BANKERS, as well in his previously mentioned book. READ IT! Or, remain IGNORANT!

        • sometime

          YES AND IN SOME REGARDS…tis sad that Germany did not succeed in it, England and the Us…to so called, rule the world, as Germany first wanted…
          had that happened, this Jewish garbage of much worse off, to all peoples, since the end of WW2 would not have happened…
          Now it’s time to de-arm Israel of it’s nuc weapons….of which it murdered Pres JFK over him not allowing the bomb going to Israel…
          The state of Israel today is a much greater threat to the world than Hitler’s Germany at its beginnings….

      • sometime


  • jadan

    This system is doomed, no doubt about it, but it is not because of “entitlements”. The reason is that a plutocratic elite owns and operates the financial system, the “Fed” and has bought off the Congress. The values of liberal democracy, represented to some extent by FDR, have been jettisoned since the actor, Reagan, mouthpiece for plutocracy, became president. “Liberal” has become a term of disparagement in the mouths of stupid people, and we see an example of stupid in the White House, an even worse stupid than George Bush. This kind of stupidity does not recognize the public interest and does not understand the liberalism of the founders who included the “general welfare” as one of the objectives addressed by the Constitution. More than 40% of the national debt is owed as interest to these plutocratic cocksuckers..That is why the system is doomed. This elite scum, Charles & David Koch, Paul Singer, Robert Mercer and many other ideological libertarian rich bastards, including the idiot president his own bad self, this elite will destroy us all rather than admit they are stupid and self-destructive. They’re so busy jacking off in the mirror to recognize there might be a public interest out there that they are bound to serve if the world is to go forward in a civilized fashion. The definition of “civilized” by the way, is “liberal”.

    • cstahnke

      I don’t see, by what you said, how the system is doomed. It’s very robust, a gift that keeps on giving for the very, very rich. The non-rich in contrast, are barking up every tree but the right one and will keep doing that for some time. I see little evidence that most people understand that we live in an oligarchy engineered to benefit not just American elites but global elites.

      • jadan

        Eventually, when the pain goes over a certain threshold JQ Public wakes up and says: stop it! Fascination with the lives of the rich & famous fades away. Idiot Trump thinks he can fool all the people all the time. The system is not robust, as Smith makes clear. The systemic collapse has already begun with the fracturing of the liberal consensus. The DJIA reflects the attitude of the upper crust. Financialization has rendered it meaningless as an indicator of productive activity in the greater economy. The anti-government libertarian free market crap Trump is selling is toxic. It is anti-democratic. There is no vision of the future in play out there that carries on the trend of liberal.democratization that has been going on since 1789. Bernie Sanders is not the leader to carry that standard. A house divided against itself & etc.

        • ICFubar

          Perhaps as planned obsolescence as the plutocracy understands very well what will take place within the human economy under various stimuli or lack thereof. When the plutocracy has all their ducks in a row they will collapse the current system and move humanity to their next economic paradigm. However, getting ducks in a row, or worse, getting humans to cooperate on a plan, can be a very difficult thing to manage as we know.

          • jadan

            There are roughly 7 billion people on the planet and about 6 million of them could be said to constitute a global aristocracy, which is a vanishingly small percentage. It is impossible for an elite to dictate terms to mass populations. They have to make accommodations. The greatest fear of the Chinese Communist Party is the restiveness of the herd. They are constantly putting out fires throughout their society. If they collapse the system, they lose control. The same is true for this country. Their control consists in placating the masses, buying them off and not squeezing them too hard. They do not have control without the consent of the masses. Plutocrats are just human. They are not superior aliens able to change paradigms with the flip of a switch.

          • ICFubar

            As I wrote it is hard to get all your ducks in a row. That said they seem to be doing a pretty good job at controlling the masses. Bread and circuses, divide and conquer, confuse and disorientate, disinformation and subterfuge. No switch is thrown, instead incrementalism, as in boiling the frog, is their general modus operandi.

            If you understand that globalism is really the standardization of all planetary systems so that everything can mesh you will understand that standard of living as one uniform standard is applicable to this paradigm shift also. And BTW the number of apex elites that can control the global human economic system has been estimated at between eight and eighty five hundred individual people. 8,000 – 8,500. The managerial class they hire, like governments and their agencies top brass makes up your larger figure.

          • jadan

            All non-human planetary systems have been well standardized for many millions of years and our species has thrived as a result. We have evolved in a matrix of cooperation which we choose to call the “struggle for survival”. This is the paradigm promoted by the libertarian right, David & Charles Koch et all, who champion a vision of competitive individualism that is completely at odds with the reality that has always sustained us. That is why we have environmental problems we call “climate change”, overpopulation, pollution, species extinction, etc.But this paradigm is changing in spite of the zealous work of the right to defend inequality and environmental destruction.The elite are not changing it voluntarily. Their survival depends are changing this idiot ideology of competition into a cooperative paradigm. Politically, this paradigm is called “democratic socialism”. Call me pollyanna, but it is the only sustainable vision we have, and they begin to see this, inevitably, bdcause the only alternative is conflict and a police state.

          • ICFubar

            I agree with much of what you write. The current degradation of all planetary and human life under the current Darwinian form of liberalized capitalism is not practical in any sense. I tend towards democratic socialism as a partial solution myself but have a keen sense that those who control the human economy have their own set of agendas and their finger on the cutting edge of technologies more advanced that what the general public has any idea of. If you are familiar with Rosa Koire’s work you will have some idea of what I am getting at. A much reduced human population living in ‘islands’ of human habitation easily moved,controlled and controllable, which is legal definition of chattel property.

            These apex elites “seek to inventory and control: all finances, all land, water, minerals, plants, animals, means of production, construction, information, education, human habitation and all humans on this planet. Have I left anything out? – Rosa Koire

            Here is a link to a talk she gave a few years back if you’re interested:

          • jadan

            Thanks for the link. The elite is not a uniform group conspiring to implement Agenda 21. The libertarian right of this elite is very hostile to a new world order such as described in Agenda 21. Our political parties have no vision of a viable future. That’s part of the problem. That’s why the UN steps into the vacuum. The CCP is a living example of the insidious totalitarian power Rose Koire is talking about in the UN. There is a righteous communitarian agenda enforced by the latter day Party though we do not see the spectacle of Mao’s Red Guards denouncing their parents and working the landlord’s to death on the collective farms. We, small d democrats, fail to envision a future. I don’t see Rosa Koire offering a solution.

          • ICFubar

            Jadan, I don’t believe the solution is possible under the current political circumstances such as it is. The solution is a monetary one combined with a revamping of the human economy which has been designed to be grossly wasteful – inefficient. Politics only use would be to implement the needed changes and to see that they are carried out.

            Rosa Koire does what she knows and sticks to that. She is not a politician but merely an advocate for human rights and freedom who is giving out the warning to those who will listen of the corporate instituted stealth agenda behind the UN IPCC and other corporate abominations like UN resolution 69/292. This is where 30% of the world’s oceans (25% of the planets surface) have been set aside as ecological preserves but as the Pew Foundation (Conoco Oil) spokeswomen said at the rolling out ceremony ‘though not necessarily no go no take zones.” The translation is that these areas under an environmental cloak have been set aside as zones for only large corporations to monopolize. Signed on to as hard law by around 170 nations. This is a display of the immense power being wielded through the UN and corporate and financially subjugated nations.

          • jadan

            The transnational elites seize the big issues because nations do not take responsibility. Supranational organizations like the EU or the UN inspire nation states with fear & loathing because they are unelected. Nigel Farage has highlighted this like no other, and the Brits have their Brexit! Hurray for them! And we have Trump and his idiot denial. We have to deal with global reality in a democratic way or the elites will impose their solution. It is their planet, too, and they don’t like the idea of the peasants destroying it. Each little local vote should encompass its global effects according to the bumper sticker. But the connection between people and their government is broken which makes the connections between governments and supranational organizations invalid, also. People have to demand democracy. Like you, I don’t think the world as we know it is going to make it. But if everyone just followed my advice…….

          • ICFubar

            You may have a better grasp on what a solution might look like better than I do as to the lack of democracy on a global basis. It seems as soon as any populous movement gains traction its becomes apparent that the movement was artificial to begin with or has been co-opted and acts in such a way as to discredit that which it supposedly stands for, eg: BLM and Anti-Fa. Another recent example is Stein and the Greens challenge of the vote in favor of the Clinton campaign in the aftermath of the election and the growth industry to delegitimize the election results and Trump. Not that it matters all that much who seizes the brass ring as we see Trump cancel the TPP only to see it reincarnated in the ‘re-negotiations’ of NAFTA currently taking place behind a smokescreen of current events. This is the biggy for the financial and corporate over arching international structure. The institution of financial and corporate rights agreements by the politicians of the nations they represent [sic] should be understood to be the dissolution of national sovereign rights to be replaced with corporate rights. Meanwhile the demos slumber on. When and if they finally awake it will be to a very real nightmare.

  • cstahnke

    I don’t think the system is broken–it’s working rather well at what it’s meant to do–transfer wealth from everyone to the very, very rich. I see not evidence that anyone on the left is much interested in changing this–they’re ready to go after Trump and Putin and homophobia, sexism, racism and all the rest of it but barely give a mention to class-struggle. Plus, you forget this is a global economy under the rule of Washington with a highly robust financial system that can now rig almost any market it chooses to right and head off at the pass any crash through all kinds of technical tricks honed with the aid of AI and the emergent intelligence of neural nets–which is, today, how the oligarchs rule rather than the old-fashioned central committed or rigid hierarchy.

  • Shiggity

    I’m a millennial. I had this discussion with my parents. My supposedly liberal, progressive, democratic parents immediately turned into hardcore disciples of Ayn Rand when I even began to question their wealth / their retirement.

    “Factually based evidence has no validity when said evidence calls into question where your wealth came from.” – Baby Boomer Generation

    A generation of high school educated millionaires is now telling young people they are lazy and should be more like them…people wonder why the young are committing suicide at historically large rates…

  • ICFubar

    In as few words as possible, Neo-Liberal climax capitalism and the push to standardize all global systems (including standard of living) to usher in a “One World Oder” – (Peter Koenig) – under the auspices of the world’s privately controlled central banks and their unrevealed owners.