Do you ever hear something so startlingly mind numbingly ridiculous you realize it must be a sign things have gotten so fucked up something has got to give? As I was driving to work yesterday morning on the Schuylkill Expressway a commercial comes on the radio from a plastic surgeon advertising for anyone looking for a better set of boobs. I had never heard a plastic surgeon commercial before, so I thought that was unusual. But, that wasn’t the best part. This plastic surgeon was offering no money down 18 month interest free financing on your new boobs.


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  • Rehmat

    Maybe they dude idolizes former French prime minister Manuel Valls.
    On August 29, to show his hatred toward nine million French Muslims, French prime minister Manuel Valls (married to a Jew) became a laughing stock when he claimed that naked breasts and not the Muslim modest female beach dress Burkini represent French ‘secular values’.

    At a government rally, Valls commenting on the on-going debate over the French racism against Muslim women wearing full-body swimming suits at beachs, he invoked Marianne – a national symbol of the French Republic.

    “Marianne has a naked breast because she is feeding the people! She is not veiled, because she is free! This is the Republic!,” said the Israel-First idiot.

    I wonder, if Valls knows that Muslim women are more free than Valls’ sister-in-laws in Israel.

    Valls is ridiculed by French historians and politicians after suggesting naked breasts are more representative of France than Muslim Burkini or Burka.

    France like the US and UK, has become an Israeli colony according to former Parti Socialiste political analyst Pascal Boniface. Boniface was accused by the Jewish-controlled media of urging the PS to cynically cater to the French Arab/Muslim community, more numerous than the Jewish community, to gain electoral advantage.