How America’s Corrupt Government Wastes Its Taxpayers’ Money

Eric Zuesse

First, just look at these billions of dollars of U.S.-taxpayer-purchased weapons being exploded — simply wasted — in Ukraine, instead of killing people there, as America’s aristocracy had intended when it got its President and Congress to donate, to Ukraine, these U.S.-manufactured weapons that had been produced and sold to the U.S. Government by those aristocrats’ weapons-making firms:

27 September 2017

27 July 2017

23 March 2017


Here is the background of that — what these weapons had been designed to do:


Here is the deeper background of all of this:

first, in Crimea:

then, in Donbass:   


Here is the even-deeper background to it, from the beginning, until the present time:


And, here is how corrupt our military is, which is behind this rampant wastage:


So: at the present moment in America’s corruption, pumping up the sales of U.S.-made weaponry is the chief motivation for what the U.S. President and Congress are doing in Ukraine; killing the people in the areas of Ukraine where Viktor Yanukovych had won more than 75% of the vote is no longer the chief motivation for what the U.S. President and Congress are doing there. This sales-pumping continued even after the explosion that occurred on 23 March 2017. It continued even after the explosion that occurred on 27 July 2017. It continued even after the explosion that occurred on 27 September 2017. They didn’t care how much of their weaponry became wasted; they cared only how much of it became sold. Profit is an even higher calling than killing, for the aristocracy and its agents (including for U.S. Presidents and members of Congress). Those sales are profitable.


And, here is the source of it all — the source of America’s endless wars, for endless profits.


Back on 5 December 2014, I had headlined the question “U.S. House Votes 98% to Donate U.S. Weapons to Ukraine; U.S. Public Is 67% Against. Is This Democracy?” The answer to that question is obvious: this is not democracy, at all. It is something else. And this fact (America’s lack of democracy) explains why the American public have not been informed about what is, and about why it is. Or, even much, that it is, at all — that this situation (the U.S. aristocracy’s dictatorship) exists, as it actually does. Americans are supposed to vote, on that basis, as a deceived public, in a ‘democracy’.

And that’s why you’re not finding out about these facts, not at the New York Times, Washington Post, The Nation, National Review, The Atlantic, Harper’s, CBS, NBC, ABC, NPR, PBS, Fox, MSNBC, CNN, nor etc., all of which, likewise, are funded by, and are advertising, the firms that America’s billionaires control. You’re not supposed to know about any of this. And, so, most Americans really don’t know. Instead, Americans are supposed to love and admire America’s taxpayer-funded organization for mass-killing, for mass-dying, and for massive destruction — the U.S. military. And, so, Americans do.

On July 27th, Gallup reported: “Americans have given the military the highest confidence rating of any institution in American society for nearly two decades.” “The military” scored actually higher than any other of the listed 17 “institutions” — and here all of them were, in the order that Gallup presents them:

“Confidence in Institutions”:

The church or organized religion, 41%

The Supreme Court, 40%

Congress 12%

Organized labor, 28%

Big business, 21%

The public schools, 36%

Newspapers, 27%

The military, 72%

The presidency, 32%

The medical system, 37%

Banks, 32%

Television news, 24%

The police, 57%

The criminal justice system, 27%

Small business, 70%

News on the internet [such as you’re now reading], 16%

Health Maintenance Organizations or HMOs, 19%

A few months earlier, on April 26th, I had headlined “POLL: Americans Support Military-Industrial Complex Above All Else”, and that finding was based upon a poll which had just been published by Morning Consult.

So: the operation is very successful.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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  • kimyo

    one thing we agree upon: it’s not a democracy, it’s an oligarchy.

    one thing we don’t: it will be possible to re-establish democracy by voting.

    do you truly believe that the military/medical-pharma/financial/media/monsanto-ag cartels would allow fair and auditable elections to threaten their control of the apparatus?

    do you honestly believe sanders is not part of the apparatus? warren?

    if you keep advising us to vote, are you yourself not part of the apparatus? to advance the dialogue to a meaningful place, we have to agree on the obvious: voting will not fix this. when you focus on trivial issues like labels you serve the apparatus. it doesn’t matter if obama is a liberal or a conservative or a fascist. these words have been rendered meaningless by people like you. what matters: you voted obama and you got dubya. you voted trump and you got dubya.

    you’ll probably pen a dozen dozen pieces between now and nov 2020 – much of it breathless, you’ll spend days teasing apart the latest ‘highly scientific’ poll information – consider letting me save you the effort: dateline nov 2020 – dubya elected for his 5th consecutive term.

    • nomadd

      lol. funny but true.

      “you voted obama and you got dubya. you voted trump and you got dubya.

      dateline nov 2020 – dubya elected for his 6th consecutive term.”

      • LisaHDover

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        • cettel

          Go to hell, spammer!

      • Jed Grover

        That Bush cartel of false flags certainly has a long perplexing history. $$$$$$$$$

  • sometime

    Just what can fix this mess? Usa has gone from the end of WW2, to going around the globe murdering many, many millions of people, to killings it’s own pres, JFK, to murdering RFK MLK amoung others, to the false flag of Sep 11, to completely destroying whole countries, Libya and such, to allowing the Clintons to ravage the criminal laws of the USA, with no consequence to them….to totally ignoring the US Constitution……so where does the US go from here? Is there any end in sight of our country going straight into hell, itself….most of it done by the Central Banks of the world….with no consequence to any of them either!

    • Flan OBrien

      “Just what can fix this mess?”
      Given that kimyo posted the answer in the first comment, that is a stupid question.

      In addition to non-compliance in voting, there is non-compliance in privacy (use tools to maintain privacy), non-compliance in the health (use DIY), education(use DIY, home based) and “career” (find a real job not a non-job) industries. Much of this is difficult living in a pack and stack (of population) city – so move out.

      • sometime

        you missed my point in asking or I didn’t state the question clearly. The individual citizen can’t fix the falsehood called American daily life by moving “out”, changing jobs or home schooling, or by not voting. The US Gov itself is the problem…I’m asking what’s going to fix it! The US has more than half the world’s prison population. Something’s wrong! The US gov murders nearly anyone it wants, any where on the globe. Something’s wrong! The economic financial situation is abhorrent with debt in the US. Something’s wrong! The divorce rate in the US and the breakup of the family…is out of control. Something’s wrong. The medical community, health care, is deeply corrupted by big corporations, including the teaching of MD’s. Something’s wrong……………
        Do you get it by now…..and these pointed examples are only part of daily American life. Hell the cops will shoot you if they have an inkling to….do so. Something’s wrong. No my question is not stupid. You’re simplistic blindness to the reality of life here, is what’s stupid…

        • Flan OBrien

          The only non-violent fix is turning off the propaganda that gets people hooked on the futile activity of voting and after that, not voting . When the voting system is demonstrated to be unrepresentative, it must be declared broken.

          Government cannot be fixed anywhere because its existence is based on assuming supernatural powers: the power to kill, the power to steal property. No authority should possess powers that individuals cannot grant themselves.

          • sometime

            like government or not. It’s a necessity….Societies have to govern themselves for there to be stability. You’re right about the propaganda problem. And I wonder where the changing technology will eventually take that problem. I think the internet is here to stay. Period. There may be in our future a positive change…with it’s use. One of the biggest problems with Gov today is laws…There are far too many…overkill to the max.
            Also, voting on the city, county and some states level does work. The Federal Level is where it absolutely doesn’t work…what’s your thoughts on these points?

          • Flan OBrien

            If by “government is here to stay”, you mean collective decisions will always be required, then I agree with you. However, that does not mean decision makers should be endowed with supernatural powers, as previously mentioned.

            Regarding the mechanism of collective decision, I also agree with your hierarchical concept, if only for the sake of national geographic questions – how to share the wealth of “that oil field”, for example. The concept of people’s congress is much more promising for those hiearchies. Each decision is subject to a collective decision based on equal right of all stakeholders (that could be everybody) to speak, communicate and vote. In this age of instant and all pervading communication we do not need representatives. This is a concept that should have died out as soon as the telephone was invented. Horse rider courriers were made redundant at that time. “Governments should have gone the same way.

          • sometime

            Yes. I agree….some buts! “in this age of instant…… not need representatives. ” but then, google and all those who edit communications and disallow truth, must be shut down or ….we’re back to needing representatives..also, Govnt’s are not likely to go away….unless the internet can be used by all for truth telling and a place of debate where agreement can be reached…nearly the same as voting….complicated isn’t it…..The internet won’t be shut down for one reason….the entire world financial system is now operating with it….if it ever goes down, say by war or EMP, it will be the first thing back up….and continue to remain…….that’s where I’m thinking might lye the future of honest….at least to the point of human ability….government. Don’t ask me how, exactly because I don’t know….Even then, a group of people still must uphold the agreements of the population…………Was really simple way back when, say 1800 in West US native American Indians….being a member of a 50 group bunch of people living as a tribe….even then violence against one another was certainly used….to how much, I don’t know…..but the tribe damn sure didn’t have hundreds of laws for 50 people….ratio. Am going around in circles myself in answering my own question….” How do we fix this mess” Cheers ! !

          • Flan OBrien

            If by the “internet” you mean the cheap unfettered access to publish information, then than has already disappeared. We have Ministries of Truth (Google, Facebook, etc) that with shut down the publisher through ambiguous “thought crime” laws, “national security” laws or ruin the publishers life and/or business through their gigantic influence. If you mean sharing recipes on Youtube and similar activities, agreed, that will continue.

            The only hope is that geeks will come to the rescue with a decentralized internet, but then governments will just make it illegal, as they did with peer to peer file-sharing and bitcoin (in China at least).

            The very conversation we are having right now could bring us both under investigation in the EU, where critique of EU government is now an indicator of “extremist”

        • Army of Addicts

          Re: Divorse rate; solution: Don’t get married.

          It’s a religious institution before it is anything else. It’s time to see religion for what it is: nothing more than a control mechanism. Parental commitment should be renewed by something other than a legal document. Otherwise, it’s not natural, or life giving, but comes to resemble an assembly line job.

  • awb22

    The US and Israel are stooges for the global oligarchy. Until Zuesse gets his head out of his ass and recognizes this, Soros et al, are the enemy, who serve their master, the old adversary, the Devil, he’ll continually miss the mark.