Truman put Nukes in Guam and Gave the Order to Nuke North Korea

In 1951, the US placed nuclear weapons in Guam, and Truman gave the order to use them on North Korea. That order was not sent – literally, by accident.

The reason: Truman was in the process of removing General MacArthur “because he wanted a reliable commander on the scene” in case he “decide[d] to use nuclear weapons”. … “In the confusion attendant upon General MacArthur’s removal”, “the order [to nuke North Korea] was never sent.” (1)

Yet Washington still managed to kill millions of Koreans, many, if not most, with “oceans” of napalm produced largely by the Dow Chemical Company, which the US air-force “loved”, referring to it as the “wonder weapon” for its ability to wipe out whole cities of people.

One day Pfc. James Ransome, Jr.’s unit suffered a “friendly” hit of this wonder weapon: his men rolled in the snow in agony and begged him to shoot them, as their skin burned to a crisp and peeled back “like fried potato chips.” Reporters saw case after case of civilians drenched in napalm-the whole body “covered with a hard, black crust sprinkled with yellow pus.”

US “intent was to destroy Korean society down to the individual constituent”.

Cities were destroyed, civilians burned to death and blown to bits with zero “tactical or strategic value”.  Killing was an “end in itself”.

“[T]he United States Air Force was inflicting genocide”, Cumings notes, “on the citizens of North Korea.”

The US soon began bombing the North’s major dams (which were “akin to many large dams in the United States”) to release hundreds of millions of tons of water and “destroy 250,000 tons of rice that would soon be harvested.”

A stunned anti-Communist reporter noted ‘”Everything which moved in North Korea was a military target, peasants in the fields often were machine gunned by pilots who, this was my impression, amused themselves to shoot the targets which moved.” There were simply “no more cities in North Korea.”’

The US ultimately refrained from using nuclear weapons, Cumings notes, ‘”for purely technical reaons: “timely identification of large masses of enemy troops was extremely rare.” (2)

Robert J. Barsocchini is a graduate student in American Studies and a journalist. Years working as a cross-cultural intermediary for corporations in the film and Television industry sparked his interest in the discrepancy between Western self-image and reality. His work has been cited, published, or followed by numerous professors, economists, lawyers, military and intelligence veterans, and journalists. 

‘No other nation’ has made its past a ‘construct of the imagination’ to the extent done by the US. – Professor David H. Murdoch


1) Prof. Bruce Cumings; The Korean War; pp 149

2) ibid. pp 146-154; refers to quotes other than (1)

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  • Nexusfast123

    What is the difference between the US and the Nazi regime? Nothing apparently.

    • Brabantian

      Also, USA copies the Third Reich policy of ‘big lie’ propaganda hoaxes … Such as hiding the fact that, it is absolutely clear from ‘smoking gun’ evidence that, e.g., Hiroshima was a chemical fire-bombing war crime, just like Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Dresden, Hamburg … Nuclear weapons do not exist and have never existed … the ‘atom bomb’ etc stories are a dual scam for defrauding taxpayer trillions … and letting some nations be bullies, such as ‘Samson Option we will nuke everybody’ Israel … Some of the below from a recent good overview of why Hiroshima was not a ‘nuclear’ or ‘atomic bomb’ explosion:

      – Swedish nuclear engineer Anders Björkman, once asked to investigate ‘nuclear weapons’ for Sweden, has argued in detail for years that nuclear weapons are impossible, fake, & have never existed (versus nuclear power, which does work)

      – The ‘smoking gun’ proving Hiroshima was fake, is in 1945 US military records, logging 66 aeroplanes as ‘chemically fire-bombing Imabari, Japan’, close to Hiroshima, at the same date & hour as the alleged ‘atomic bomb’ … Imabari which no longer existed,totally destroyed in 2 previous fire-bombing raids … this was the fleet that fire-bombed Hiroshima

      – German Jesuit Rev John Siemes, eye-witness in Hiroshima, documented local witnesses reporting planes spreading incendiary material

      – US military Major Alexander de Seversky, surveying Japanese cities shortly afterwards, found wooden-house-burned Hiroshima to show no signs at all of anything other than chemical fire-bombing, just like Tokyo, Yokohama & Osaka … central iron-steel buildings were intact, fragile objects undamaged, even flag poles still up beneath ‘ground zero’ … no spot where things had been ‘vapourised’

      – At the time there was huge intimidation, ‘death penalty for unauthorised speaking’, suppression of Japanese & USA witnesses & involved persons … whilst allowed statements seem scripted & false-seeming

      – Photographs of Hiroshima smoke look exactly like columns of smoke from chemical fire-bombing, confirmed by Japanese witnesses who eventually did speak … not like ‘mushroom clouds’ which are also from certain types of chemical explosions, but later marketed as the ‘nuclear weapon signature’

      – The area destroyed in Hiroshima, was only one-fourth the size of the area destroyed in Tokyo fire-bombing with identical devastation

      – A 1990 medical study, completing 40 years of investigation of Hiroshima & Nagasaki survivors, showed no genetic damage, as is typical of those exposed to too-high radiation

      The scam is also illuminated by reviewing history. All 10 alleged ‘nuclear bomb nations’ played along, in what seems a global scam, trillions for oligarchs owning armaments industries … wealth shared, e.g., with Soviet Union elites in fake ‘Cold War’ over decades, as proven by UK-born economist Antony Sutton long ago in ‘The Best Enemy Money Could Buy’, Israel a key US-Moscow transfer point

      1945 – USA chemically bombs Hiroshima & Nagasaki (like Tokyo, Dresden, Hamburg…), also dumping illness-inducing radioactive rubbish. Witnesses ordered to shut up, chemical-blast ‘mushroom clouds’ in film & photos – USA HAS NUCLEAR BOMBS

      1949 – Soviet Union accepts deal for Russian elites to get wealthy by playing along with Cold War & global nuclear terror – COMMIE RUSSIA HAS THE BOMB

      1952 – UK Brits & London financial centre don’t want to be 2nd class – UK HAS THE BOMB

      1960 – France chafes not to be 2nd class to Brits – FRANCE & DE GAULLE HAVE THE BOMB

      1964 – China upgraded to major league – COMMIE CHINA HAS THE BOMB

      1966 – Israel joins the club in time to terrorise & blackmail Arabs in 1967 & 1973 wars – JEWS HAVE THE BOMB & JEWS ARE READY TO SAMSON OPTION EVERYBODY, later ‘confirmed’ by Mordechai Vanunu to MI6 London Times & then maybe living on Haifa beach, not ‘in Israeli prison’, like ‘not really in Ecuador Embassy’ Julian Assange

      1974 – India accepted as big power, debasing its heritage naming its bomb programme ‘Smiling Buddha’ – INDIA HAS THE BOMB

      1979 – South Africa’s white apartheid gov gets to play – WHITE RACIST SOUTH AFRICA HAS THE BOMB READY TO KILL BLACK PEOPLE … but ‘dismantles bombs’ before Mandela & black government can find out the scam

      1998 – Pakistan becomes central player in new Western anti-Muslim theme – PAKISTANI MUSLIMS HAVE THE BOMB & OSAMA OR TERRORISTS MIGHT GET AHOLD OF IT

      2006 – North Korea, always making deals, gets to upgrade – CRAZY NORTH KOREA HAS THE BOMB

      ‘Nuclear terror’ – A greatly profitable business, and in instrument for bigger-power terrorism & blackmail of smaller nations

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  • Carl_Herman

    Powerful and to the point, Robert; thank you.

  • cityspeak

    Truman was a disgrace that was thrust upon the US population by the monied interests in the Democratic Party.
    After FDR saved the country twice, once in the Great Depression and again in WWII, the good old boys decided it was time to “take control of the country again” and had to find a useful idiot and chose Truman.
    The nuking of Japan, the Korean War and the creation of the CIA hang on his head and to this day haunt the history of the USA.

    • nomadd

      damn. hes worse than i thought. wow. after (being cajoled? into) dropping atomic bombs on hiroshima and nagasaki, he didnt learn anything? it didnt rest on his conscience? he was willing to do it again? what a monster. i was thinking that obama was the most despicable president ever. but this! maybe obama wasnt the worst after all. truman set a high bar. or low, depending on how look at it. wll anybody ever outdo him?

      • Gary Youree

        Truman – a puppet traitor to humanity. Instead of putting nuclear technology in the hands of a world controlled science – he sold it to Wall Street.

        • Jim

          Truman was a decent man of the people. He was not rich like JFK, FDR or Herbert Hoover. After he left the presidency in 1953 he refused to cash in on his former position. He never served on corporate boards or gave speeches for money. As a result he was almost poverty stricken, depending on a small army pension from his WWI and reserve service.

          He was always to polite to people and did his best considering he was kept in the dark about many WWII strategies until he became president. He was not a traitor, you nitwit.

    • Gary Youree

      The removal of Henry Wallace was the first evidence i am aware of that all humanitarian efforts have been futile with no follow through – due to the lack of a true democracy.


    Murdering Millions for What, Corporate America?

    I am flabbergasted that so many ‘voluntarily’ cooperate and support such, WOW! I can now see why mankind is Doomed. Sure, try talking peace to these people and they will put a Gun in Your Mouth!

  • andrew1212

    I’ll NEVER understand how both nuclear weapons and defoliants are not categorized as ILLEGAL chemical weapons…guess it has something to do with the powers that are the largest warmongers making the “laws.”

    It is also hard to understand how any of the US soldiers who participated in these events could not have been negatively affected by seeing so much destruction. I guess that’s just one more reason the Pentagon recruits 18 year-olds (before they know any real history or have the good sense to question the lies and propaganda which they are fed by the US military and by our media).

    An alarming aspect of the use of charter schools is that many of them in our inner cities have become very close to all out military academies. In addition, Chicago has now put in place a law which commands all high school graduates to declare their future plans–they must choose college, the military or have approved plans for job training BEFORE they can receive their degree.

    I’m all for helping teens plan their future–but the City of Chicago seems to be increasing the likelihood that their young adults will be entering the US military with this law–and thereby forcing another generation to participate in these atrocious acts of war.

    • Jack Murray

      The US didn’t sign the Geneva chemical weapons prohibition. Operates under the Doctrine of the right of ‘first use’ and to retaliate in kind or to up the ante. You use bombs, we use chemical, you use chemical, we use nukes. I believe in recent years the chemical accords have been signed.

      • andrew1212

        The US has gone far beyond just a tit-for-tat lowering of the bar to see who can drop the most bombs of death upon people…In Syria, the good ol’ USA has dropped thousands of bombs–supposedly to protect the Syrian people. The US bombs (along with Russian bombs) have helped created hundreds of thousands more refugees–and destroyed entire towns, thousands of families.

        The USA has used DU bombs along with White Phosphorous in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq. USA has also sold (and profited) by selling DU/WP weapons to the Saudis…

        • Jack Murray

          yes, I agree, it is all for the corporate interests. we dropped tons of napalm, agent orange, WP and tear gas in Viet Nam. The US also has non-lethal chemicals. I -suspect- they were used in Desert Storm. One is a disorienting compound. Should you be exposed, you would not be able to recite your ss# or find your way to your car. The other is a vomitus, no explanation needed. combine exposure to these two and…well. At the ground level, we make napalm with a combination of diesel fuel and a thickener. Mix with explosive charge.
          If the goal were to destroy ISIS, then all those bombs may be just the thing. look what it required to liberate Europe in 1944-5.
          the political argument is something else.–who is ISIS/ where they come from, etc.

  • Gary Youree

    The ways to devise a profit by the psychopathic elite has no restriction. if a profit cannot be made off a society by a form of enslaved labor then a profit will be made off the munitions used to kill them.


    And, WTF was America even doing in Korea?

    Playing God?

    GD … If only you Americans had some Strength; well, You would be living like KING not Like FOOLS on CREDIT! I guess this is what happens to a people who are afraid of a FIGHT! YES!!!!

    See, America, You could have your cake and eat it too, and all you would need to do, is MAKE THE GOVERNMENT OBEY, NO Foreign War! Close all –800,or so– Loser Bases, then, You would have “Trillions, annually” to award to yourselves as Citizens.

    Now, America, in case you cannot figure it out … Either, YOU recieve benefits for your tax monies, or the BANKERS/CRIMINALS will eat the entire PIE.

    Now, America … I am sick of CURSING at GOD because of YOU!!!


    • nomadd

      “all you would need to do, is MAKE THE GOVERNMENT OBEY, NO Foreign War!”

      Oh, is that all? Have you met our police? Our police state? Our surveillance state? They have a gun to our head just like they have to the rest of the world. Tell me, who do I vote for to make this happen, Winston?

  • After all, Americans are still pleased to have a warship named after him, what is your problem with Truman anyway?
    There’s a contributor of Washington Blog, a history teacher who’s honoring Truman by citing his words.
    I told it’s appalling, while Truman is a horrible mass murderer, then the teacher just started intimidating me, threatening me, in never feeling anything wrong with honoring Truman.
    Another poster scolded me for it, told me to curb my criticism if I liked to stay here.
    That is what actually happened in this blog site.
    That’s why I don’t see this forum anything liberal, or something humane.

    Additionally, I stopped reading a reply from an outside poster who’s not logging in Disqus.

  • Nofearorfavor

    But how many ordinary Americans are aware of the beyond heinous atrocities the US committed in North Korea, or on so many other countries they have destroyed?? Surely one would expect the savagery committed by US forces, from uneducated cruel hordes from the ancient past– not from the mighty military of the world’s superpower?

    Not only in North Korea, mentioning only recent US wars– but Libya– just how can HRC’s– “We came, we saw, he died” and her bloodthirsty cackling after uttering these loathsome words– ever be forgotten? GWB said after 9/11, that the US will never negotiate with terrorists– really??? Not even a question that they negotiate– they fraternise with them, because these low lives always at US beck and call, are destroying the planet, ensuring the US is never not at war somewhere in the world. Big bucks for the MIC??

    Look at Syria and Iraq– recently the shame of the US exposed in Mosul– civilians fleeing and dying by the score from US strikes, shown no mercy, as if they were less than vermin– rats, not human beings– people with families– mothers and little children and the aged — the most vulnerable– the mass casualties, all discounted as collateral damage– as also the thousands of innocents over many years, murdered by US drones. Afghanistan’s terrible story continues– Hundreds of thousands of US military personnel permanently stationed all over the world, accommodated in military bases numbering into well over a thousand. US ICBM’s ready at the push of a button to deliver in minutes virtual Armageddon on the planet.

    How can the US military even live with itself after the untold atrocities it perpetrated over many decades– even supplying the KSA with arms to decimate a country as vulnerable as Yemen? US’ powerful globally owned media covering up the lies of their military machine’s cruelty and vicious assaults on so many nations– Lies have become truth in their book — yet these falsities not only hidden from the world, but the US public– which to this day they continue to betray.

    Since the horrors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki– US wars have not ceased — millions of innocents have died at its hand– Why, when none of these countries had never declared war on the USA? Yet, why were they nevertheless singled out as targets and destroyed?

    Look at the millions of refugees streaming into Europe– their respective countries destroyed by the US and its “mercenaries” — the world calls them by their real name — paid terrorists– a globally created scourge supported and sponsored behind the scenes by the US and its allies. Long since open source, this is common knowledge and beyond the understanding of all decent common sense people globally.

    Was all this wanton destruction, founded on unspeakable deception and duplicity– all planned by a few deranged and diabolical minds? Is it not strange that people all over the world, feel sorrow for and continue to support ordinary Americans– aware that they, for some or other reason, remain clueless of what is happening throughout the world and how those occupying the highest levels in their country, continue wreaking wholesale destruction on many nations– all in the name of fighting global terrorism, which sure as god made little apples, were planted in their countries to cause murder and mayhem and “allow” US interventions!!

    Terrorism– which would fade and die within less than a year, if the US and its allies stopped supporting these inhuman cretins and instead, stood by other nations who are genuinely trying to rid the world of these bought and paid for terrorists– but which the US refrains from supporting, as then all wars would end and US soldiers would be able to return home– which would at last bring about a world of cooperation and progressively, the return of global peace.

    But strange how most ordinary Americans remain silent and couldn’t give a damn about the pain and suffering their US big shots have and continue to inflict on so many other nations and their peoples with their endless wars.

    I will never forget how wonderful it was to see Americans take to the street in their thousands, when during the Obama years, their protestations were accompanied by placards reading–
    Hands off Syria! and No War in Syria and NO MORE WARS!~

    Don’t lose your courage America– be strong and call for what is right! — For the rest of the world have been doing it on their own and your behalf for many decades, when you thought we were against you– but we never were against the American people– No Sir! — We just knew what was really going on– as do so many of your brave learned ones do too– and we supported and support their voices of truth as we speak …. Now its your turn to start using your voices and taking to the streets– throwing your toys out of the cot and big time! — in support of us ordinary folks all over the world, supporting which is right, true and just for all of humanity.

    Please Americans– set aside your differences for now– there are forces at work determined to divide you as a nation– recognise that this is a reality and stand together as a nation for peace– because in doing so you will spontaneously find your selves again– and the world will applaud and share your joy!

  • Harry gave the hell of the first modern neoliberal POTUS. Poorly-informed and a coward time and again. Accomplished little good; no more than a few crumbs.
    We can start with with creating the national security state, enabling anti-communist conservative extremists and weakening labor, not to mention his sword fight with MacArthur over Korea: Truman lost, MacArthur lost, and Koreans on both side of the DMZ lost.