Trump Continues Invasions that Can’t Succeed

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Do you remember the Vietnam War, which produced somewhere between 1,450,000 and 3,595,000 deaths? What good did America’s invasion do? If America had won instead of lost, would the invasion have been good? Is any invasion, by any country, ever good?

World War II was different — and not only because it was global, and not only because our side (the U.S. and UK and Soviet Union) won.

The basic principle determining whether an invasion even has a possibility to be good, is whether that invasion is truly essential in order for the invading country even to continue at all to exist — which means, its constitution to continue in force. Only such authentic national defense can ever justify an invasion.

During WW II, the continued existence of the Soviet Union, and of Britain, and of the United States (as well as of many other countries) was, indeed, seriously threatened by Adolf Hitler’s regime, and not only because it was aided by Benito Mussolini’s regime, and by Emperor Hirohito’s regime.

On the Allied side, “non-interventionists” in that situation were merely a combination of Hitlerites, and fools. Hitler had made clear, in his 1925 Mein Kampf, and in his 1928 Second Book, and in his speeches, and in his re-armament of Germany, that he was determined to exterminate all Jews and all disabled persons, and to enslave all Slavs (including Poles, Russians, Czechs, Slovaks, etc.), and that he despised and would never tolerate democracy, anywhere. This was known generally among the top economic classes and all national politicians, within his intended victim-countries — or, at least, among all of these elite who weren’t incredibly stupid. Nonetheless, some tried to negotiate with him, though his rearmament program made clear to anyone who had half a brain, that Hitler meant what he asserted in his books and speeches. The Wikipedia article on the matter says that “Since World War II, both academics and laypeople have discussed the extent to which German re-armament was an open secret among national governments. A likely element in the thinking of some Western leaders was the willingness to condone a rearmed and powerful anticommunist Germany as a potential bulwark against the emergence of the USSR.” But what this alleged belief by “some Western leaders” means, is those believers’ conviction that Hitler’s clear statements advocating conquest of other countries and introduction of his dictatorship there, were serious only against communist countries, and that his blatant and proudly expressed racism posed no actual threat beyond the geography of that restricted ideological sphere, the communist nations. In other words: one had to be either an ignoramus, or else an idiot, or else a liar, in order to be a “non-interventionist” after 1933. Any such persons were in clear denial, of clear reality. Hitler was a clear existential threat to all other nations.

So: the situation regarding WW II constitutes a very rare exception, in which invading a foreign country (in that case, the fascist Axis nations) is morally justifiable.

America’s invasion of Vietnam was entirely unjustifiable. This is a fact that can’t be published in America, because the official 47,434 U.S. “Battle Deaths,” and the official 10,786 “Other Deaths (In Theater),” and the official 32,000 “Other Deaths (in Service),” and the official 153,303 “Non-mortal woundings,” and all of those grieving American families, are presumed to oppose honesty about this basic matter of U.S. history. These soldiers died, and were wounded, and they killed Vietnamese etc., for nothing, other than for what America’s elite wanted.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that JFK and LBJ weren’t enormously pressured by the U.S. aristocracy to invade, nor that Richard Nixon wasn’t a psychopath for promising a “secret” plan to end the war by means of a U.S. victory that even he and Kissinger knew was actually impossible. But it does raise the question as to whether the U.S. President really represents the American public, or, instead, represents the U.S. aristocracy.

There are a great many other U.S. invasions that likewise were war-crimes that cannot be prosecuted, because the U.S. empire is beyond the reach of the law, and almost everybody is aware that this tragic situation applies to many U.S. invasions.

Donald Trump inherited some of these invasions/occupations, such as in Afghanistan, in Iraq, in Libya, in Syria, in Yemen, and also in coups, such as in Ukraine (which the U.S. ‘news’media still call a ‘democratic revolution’, instead of a “coup”).

He’s continuing all of them — including the coups/juntas, and not merely the outright invasions/occupations.

The U.S. Government does not apologize for its crimes, and nobody can prosecute its crimes. So, what the world has instead, is lies, about these crimes. As long as these lies go on being repeated, there will be no possibility of change: these tragedies, and more of the same, will then inevitably continue.

Real victory is simply impossible without real truth. But, who even cares about that? There are always excuses, for repeating the deceptions of self, and of others. ‘History’ becomes as it is: one key omission after another, one key falsehood after another, all mixed in with enough truths so as to provide the myth that the aristocracy want the public to believe.

Outside of the United States, the truth about this particular matter is widely known: the only international poll that has ever been done on the question “Which country is the biggest threat to peace?” found that by an overwhelming margin, people around the world (but not in the United States) volunteered “United States” as the answer. 67,806 respondents were interviewed on that, from 65 countries. The poll was by WIN/Gallup, using scientifically random samples in each one of the 65 countries. Those people know it, but Americans do not.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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    I am tired of Lame propaganda about WW-2.

    First, any scholar of WW-2 History knows the only reason for its cause was the Treaty of Versailles. Hitler would never have even come into being had it not been for such profound “Allied” Bullying, Greed and Desire for Tyranny. Sticking Germany with a Trillion Dollars in War debt than Ruthlessly downgrading them was the Hallmark of Goldman Sachs ( Bankers) and their Filthy Crew! Naturally, this would cause another war.

    Second, Say what you want about Hitler, ( it is Irrelevant to the Facts) but it is well known that He did not want War with Britain or USA. Hitler allowed the Dunkirk evacuation to take place. The Movie is Absolute BS. Dunkirk could have been easily, “Militarily Evaporated” had Hitler let his Armor loose on the British who had “abandoned all of their heavy weapons and equipment” to make a panicked, mad dash to the Sea. The RAF was not in Control. No Historian will Argue this Reality. The “Thanks” for the Dunkirk Miracle goes to HITLER!

    Now, as to the Air War, those who know their History will know that On: Eagle Day (+10) or so, the RAF was down to 20 BLOODY aircraft when Churchill decided to Bomb Berlin. This act of Terror, by Churchill, Saved the RAF and started TERROR Bombing Campaigns; because it drew Hitlers Ire and Caused London to be Targeted instead of the RAF and Industrial Production. Nevertheless, Hitler was not interested in Attacking Britain, because any REAL STUDENT of History would know that Hitler was Planning Barbarussa. Simply, the British were to be kept on their Island and out of the Way. Barbarussa was the Goal.

    WW- 2, was not a Good War, it was a WAR started by “GREEDY ALLIED PIGS” ( treaty of versailles) and BANKERS who wanted to Strangle Germany and Make Slaves of the German People. This Fact: Created HITLER. Today, you are all Slaves … So, Who really Won?

    No Treaty, NO Hitler … NO HITLER … NO WAR and NO Concentration Camps! Over 100-million people died (WW-2) because the BANKERS wanted to RAPE post WW-1 Germany. You know, if mankind had “any” brains, whatsoever, you would hang your Bankers, before they start the FINAL WAR.

    And, I Dare “any,” or even “ALL” of you to Contest this matter … it will be Painful.


    Mein Kampf as Reason for WW-2 … Oh, dear God! Then, as witnessed by this article, we have a prime example of why the US government reigns supreme, today!

    They will believe ANY GD LIE! The Truth is a LIE to them!

  • sometime

    WAR is a racket. A Financial racket…..every time. SO, People get wise to the truth…Support Truth.
    If enough people support Truth, they just might spare themselves of having to live with Nuc strikes, These strikes will surely come if idiots are left to play the racket…to fill their pockets with cash….
    Throw the Generals out of the political planning rooms. Throw the money people out of the political planning rooms…maybe then enough common sense will remain in the political planning room to NOT have invasions for the WAR RACKET….How absolute disgusting is it for people to go around the globe chopping off one anothers heads? Horrific, nonsense, murder. That’s what it is! ! ! every time…..So, SupportTruth.

  • fritter

    War doesn’t have winners or losers. It has profiteers and victims. This includes WW2. Fortunes were made, fortunes were stolen. For everyone else it was something they were inflicted with arbitrarily.
    At best you could say at some time invasion was necessary, but certainly never “good”. You leave out of your discussion the “businessmen” who helped bankroll the Nazis apparatus, the “anti-interventionist” who suffered through WWI and everything else that isn’t black or white. You should have stopped to think when you could only come up with one war in our history that was “good”. Otherwise you point is valid.
    Just be careful about those “good” wars, they might be the ones your children fight in.

  • ICFubar

    While the German Nazi regime and its allies did pose an existential threat to other nations as E.Z. points out there were other threats posed by Hitler to the western financial and corporate plutocracy that sealed the NAZI regime’s fate. The western corporate plutocracy under Hitler’s rule was subjugated to the political instead of the usual other way around. This was extended during the war by Hitler’s government taking from the banks the power to issue money and credit as debt by the Nazi government issuing money debt free as needed. and this had to be stopped at whatever price it cost, in lives (mainly Russian) and debt accumulations the allied nations took on as debt slaves to the banking cartel. Both Hitler and Mao knew where political power comes from and were ready to use it. against any , including bankers, who stood in their way.

    As for Trump, he knows where his bread will get buttered and is Nothing other than a figurehead meant to confuse the public as to who runs the totality of the western world and wherever else its has control and/or influence, including Russia and China.

    “At some point the people will have to go to war with the bankers.” Democracies so far have proven unable to do this in a concerted effort as their political leaders are either bought off or assassinated. The people need to be educated on this issue so that monetary reform which would set human kind free at last could take its place as the One Essential reform before any others can ever be accomplished. Money, credit, its creation and toiling for it is at the Core of the entire human economy and those who control its creation are as Gods upon the earth.

    • ZARTAN

      Good Post.

      Interesting, using money for good. Sure, but this will take a Revolution from the people. Those at the Top will not Give up their Power without a Fight. Therefore, if the people allow a FIGHT to frighten them; well, you can understand why I have no Tolerance for those who want to GIVE EVIL PEACE! It is Better to BE DEAD than a Peaceful Slave!

      • ICFubar

        Zartan, Don’t you find it a rather amazing situation at this stage of the game as to how most persons you know or meet that are clueless, and wish to remain so, as to how this world actually operates and in whose interests? You can actually watch their eyes glaze over at the mere mention of monetary reform. As a people we have sunk very low in taking care of our own interests it seems.

        For a revolution to succeed all it would take is a fraction of the people to go beyond the bumper sticker world and educate themselves even just a bit on the operations of those that rule, and by that I don’t mean government.

        • ZARTAN

          Yes, I get it all the time. I actually started believing in the hologram theory, because I figured “nobody can be this stupid.” I feel like a prisoner in some Bizzarre Concentration Camp where everyone loves to be Abused!

          I have been against this BS since I was 12. I was always against the US government and considered it a HIJACK of what this nation was supposed to be. Until, enough people wake up and are willing to FIGHT it will never change.

          I have learned that PEOPLE are AFRIAD. I never got along with fearful people, so I am alone, and it is a BADGE OF HONOR! I have even rejected the notion of Heaven, because I refuse to share it with Cowards! Better to be in HELL, alone, and under persection, than in the company of Fearful Slaves!

    • Jed Grover

      Interesting dialog here on this morning …… its refreshing. It baffles me that after the 2008-9 bailout contrived by the bankers themselves just this past week Wells Fargo once again made national news that they’d created 3.5 million fraudulent accounts and receives no real blow-back. The root of our problems existing for well over 100 years is our global central banking system and Federal Reserve interlocked acting as Bail Out Manager. All of these terror and chaotic crisis (many false flags) acts as a mask creating “shock and awe” distractions while the masters connive and loot in the background.

      The treasonous US Congress passed what was called “Wall Street’s” Trouble Asset Relief Program (TARP) and should could have initiated the conversion over to a public banking system for public good. They passed up once in a lifetime opportunity but instead we now prepare for this “police state surveillance included” democracy as they call it. We are currently being extorted and raped and its all been legalized. We’ve funded these wars that all have been initiated to advance their tightly networked corporate global multinational oligarchy. Its the elite mafia. I hope that people will eventually awaken and round these criminals up seize the stolen assets and finally end these banker profiteering wars. One of my dreams that hopefully will come to fruition some day.

      • ICFubar

        Aye, all that and more. It seems humanity got off on the wrong foot vis a vis a monetary system that allows money and credit to be controlled by the private owners of banks who business is creating money and credit as debt all owed to themselves and created out of thin air. What a gig!

        Bankers and their banks,Wells Fargo et al, if deemed ‘systemically important’ are granted TOTAL immunity under ‘international standards’ under decree of the Bank of International Settlements. The banks may face fines for breaching these ‘standards’ but cannot face criminal prosecution as any banking business being carried out, of a criminal nature or not, is considered inviolable under this decree. As John Titus put it in his doc “All the Plenary’s Men” at his Best Evidence (legal term meaning evidence from original documents) web site, this is comparable to feudal law that states “the King can do no wrong.”