Sixteen More Convincing Reasons to Question 9/11

9-11-Never-ForgetIt has been 16 years since the crimes of September 11th, 2001. In that time, facts have been revealed that led more than a third of Americans to believe that the U.S government was involved in the attacks. This blog noted 14 such incredible facts on the 14th anniversary of the crimes. Here are 16 more.


  1. In the nine years before 9/11, the FBI failed miserably at preventing terrorism. There are many examples of how FBI leadership under director Louis Freeh facilitated and covered-up acts of terrorism during this time. After 9/11, the FBI took extraordinary measures to hide evidence related to the attacks.
  2. CIA director George Tenet led an agency that also failed in its duties related to counterterrorism and those failures appear to have been intentional. Like Freeh, Tenet had developed secret paths of communication with Saudi authorities. The facts suggest that Tenet facilitated the crimes of 9/11.
  3. The FBI and CIA have made a mockery of the U.S. justice system as it relates to 9/11. While these agencies are suspected of involvement, they have charged others with the crimes using secret evidence in a secret military trial. The accused have been held in seclusion for nearly 15 years while FBI and CIA agents attempt to insert themselves as defense team members, ensuring total control of the narrative.
  4. CIA officers responsible for identifying deception in others fail to notice that the characteristics of deception are amply demonstrated when government representatives respond to questions about 9/11.
  5. There have been four, distinctly different, official accounts given for how the North American air defense system failed to intercept any of the hijacked planes. The last account says that dozens of military officers spent years lying to Congress, the 9/11 Commission, and everyone else, in ways that made the military look bad. Few observers considered the simpler explanation—that the 9/11 Commission lied to divert attention from many difficult questions.
  6. Parts of the official account of 9/11 are based on the highly improbable flight path of a military cargo plane called Gofer 06. The crew of this plane witnessed the crashes of two of the four planes that day despite those crashes occurring 127 miles and less than 30 minutes apart.
  7. There are dozens of unanswered questions about the events at the Pentagon and the plane that reportedly crashed there.
  8. The 19 young men accused within 72-hours of the attacks were known to enjoy strip bars, alcohol, drugs, and other things that are clearly non-Muslim activities. Moreover, these suspects were not capable of accomplishing most of what was needed to pull off the crimes.
  9. Mohamed Atta, the man called the “9/11 ringleader,” had a lot in common with Lee Harvey Oswald—the man accused of killing President Kennedy. Both Atta and Oswald were suspected of using illicit drugs, seemed to be protected by authorities, and were associated with CIA-linked entities.
  10. The New York Times led the propaganda behind the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003 and it also led the propaganda behind the cover-up of the 9/11 crimes. It did so by ignoring many of the most relevant facts, by promoting false official accounts, and by belittling those who questioned the 9/11 events.
  11. On the day of the attacks, firefighters, journalists, survivors, and eyewitnesses testified to secondary explosions in the World Trade Center buildings. Videos of these testimonies were held secret for years by the government agency NIST and released only via FOIA request after public interest died down. Scientists have explained that the towers came down due to explosions and that the NIST investigation was fraudulent.
  12. Among the evidence ignored by the mainstream media are many facts indicating the presence of thermite at the World Trade Center. Thermite is a chemical mixture that can be used to melt and cut structural steel. Instead of addressing this evidence, supporters of the official account have engaged in deception and distraction in order to obfuscate the facts.
  13. Despite recent, worldwide protests against the abuse of science, the most glaring example of politically motivated pseudoscience continues to be ignored by many scientists. That is the 7-year sequence of contradictory explanations provided by U.S. government investigators for the destruction of the WTC buildings.
  14. Links between 9/11 and the 1995 bombing in Oklahoma City lead to questions about the company that controlled security for many of the facilities impacted on 9/11, including the WTC complex. For instance, that WTC security company shared the same OKC airport office later occupied by the flight trainer for Zacarias Moussaoui, the alleged “20th” hijacker.
  15. Media and certain government representatives have hinted at Saudi Arabian ties to the 9/11 crimes. However, those hints always omit the most interesting links between the 9/11 attacks and Saudi Arabia—links that implicate powerful people in the United States.
  16. When the long-awaited 28 pages missing from the Congressional Joint Inquiry Report into 9/11 were finally released, those pages reinforced concerns that deep state players were involved in the attacks. Such players include Wirt D. Walker, the CEO of the WTC security company, who is clearly associated with top-secret operations.

As the crimes of 9/11 continue to go unsolved and largely unquestioned, Americans should be aware that another 9/11 could happen at any time. If it does, the ongoing failure to question obvious deception in terrorism could take society to places where freedom to question is no longer an option.

Kevin Ryan blogs at Dig Within.

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  • spoint

    america lies.

  • Brabantian

    Also, a few weeks before 9-11, the New York Times had a photo article on the ‘Israeli art student project’ inside the World Trade Center, where ‘students’ photographed with a set of boxes there in the NYC tower innards … the boxes have a commercial stamp … they contain components of bomb detonators

    Funny but also effective page on the hoax of 9-11 at the Pentagon with its crash-resistant ‘Pentalawn’

    And of course Italy’s President Francesco Cossiga who spoke the truth of 9-11 to the world

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    Threre will never be any proper accounting, until the people hold the government accountable. This can only be done by Siege Protest. The people have the right under “Citizens Arrest” to stop all profits on Wall Street, by closing exchanges under heavy protest. Only when the Profit Stops and DOW loses about 10,000 pts will the WORLD make the US government OBEY the WILL of ITS PEOPLE.

    Wall Streets Military Industrial Complex has “Corrupted and Colluded” with the US government and turned them against the people. Millions have been murdered in Illegal Wars for Profit. This authorizes Citizens to use Arrest Powers Granted by the Constitution under Citizens Arrest. Force is also Authorized. Wall Street is a National Security Problem.

  • Jed Grover

    We’ll never get the truth here because there is an ugly history that has been hidden from the public that pre-dates Hitler. The Capitalists who capitalized from wars like Rockefeller, Rothschild and the Bush’s. Prescott and his Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. are tied to Funding Hitler. Solomon Walker
    is another interesting character and relative to the Bush cabal.

    Wirt Dexter Walker III, and its director Marvin Bush, whose brother was President of the United States on 9/11. Although Wirt and Marvin are distant relatives, these ties are inconsequential relative to each man’s family connections to old drug money, deep state operatives, and the wealthy, powerful people who have controlled such money and operatives over the last two centuries.

    Stratesec was a company that provided security services for several facilities that were central to the crimes of 9/11. In the years leading up to 9/11, the company had security contracts with the organization that managed Dulles Airport, where Flight 77 took off that day, and with United Airlines, which owned two of the other three hijacked planes. Stratesec had also run security for Los Alamos National Laboratories, where, at the time, scientists were developing super-thermite explosives of the type that have been found in the WTC dust. Stratesec worked at the WTC and was developing the security system for the buildings in the period leading up to, and including, the day of 9/11. These connections are important considering the substantial evidence that insiders were involved in the 9/11 attacks.

    Investigation into this company has revealed that the Chief Operating Officer, Barry McDaniel, came to Stratesec from a subsidiary of The Carlyle Group called BDM International, which specialized in “black projects.” The Carlyle Group was managed by several Bush cabal insiders including James Baker and former deputy director of the CIA, Frank Carluccci. Carlyle was funded by investors that included the bin Laden family. Prior to working for BDM, McDaniel had worked as a military ordnance distributor at Fort Belvoir, a facility with many links to 9/11 including the terrorist tracking program Able Danger and the terrorist trainer Ali Mohammed.

    McDaniel was not the only former Carlyle Group employee at Stratesec, as the company’s director of information technology was also formerly with BDM. Additionally, the vice president of finance at Stratesec came there from Anadac Molybdenum Corporation, a company where the chairman, Roger Taylor, was also the president of Zapata Granby, a subsidiary of Zapata Corporation. This is the same Zapata Corporation that was founded by George H.W. Bush in the 1950s. George H.W. Bush’s son, Marvin, was a director at Stratesec from 1993 to 2000. The abuse of power and clout.

  • TimeToWakeUPAmerica

    Cui bono? WHO BENEFITED from 9/11? Halliburton & Dick Cheney, for starters. The so-called “Military-Industrial Complex” is who benefited. Well, WHO is that? 1) BANKS (BIS/IMF/World Bank/ECB/”Federal” “Reserve”/SWIFT payment system, including member banks (and their OWNERS), like GOLDMAN SACHS, JP Morgan, etc.), 2) OIL CORPORATIONS, 3) WEAPONS OF WAR MANUFACTURERS, 4) MOSSAD/CIA/MI6/NSA/GCHQ/PENTAGON.

  • Silverado

    November 1963 in Dallas was just their domestic warm up act as they have been doing the same thing world wide since the end of WWII. The point is they’re well…practiced in their dark arts and very well protected in their swamp. And at least and until the one thing that gives them their power fails, the US dollar, only God has more money.