Pulitzer-Prize Winning Reporter: FBI Report Shows It Was Seth Rich – Not Russians – Who Gave DNC Emails to Wikileaks

We’ve noted for many months that the DNC emails were leaked by an insider, not hacked by the Russians.

Pulitzer-prize winning investigative reporter Seymour Hersh – who revealed in 1974 that the CIA was spying on Americans, who broke the story of the Mai Lai massacre in Vietnam and the Iraq prison torture scandal – said in a recent phone interview linked by WikiLeaks:

[The DC police took Seth Rich’s computer, but couldn’t get past his password.] So they call the FBI cyber unit.


The Feds get through [the password-protection on Rich’s computer], and this is what they find. This is accoring to the FBI report.


What the report says is that – some time in late spring or early summer – he [Rich] makes contact with WikiLeaks. That’s in his computer.


They [the FBI] found what he [Rich] had done was he had submitted a series of documents – of emails, of juicy emails – from the DNC.

By the way, all this shit about the DNC, where the hack, it wasn’t hacked …

He offered a sample, an extensive sample, I’m sure dozens of emails, and said I want money. [Remember, WikiLeaks often pays whistleblowers.]

Later, WikiLeaks did get the password. He [Rich] had a dropbox, a protected dropbox, which isn’t hard to do.


They got access to the dropbox. That’s in the FBI report.

He [Rich] also let people know with whom he was dealing … the word was passed, according to the FBI report, “I also shared this box with a couple of friends, so if anything happens to me, it’s not going to solve your problem”.


But WikiLeaks got access, before he was killed.


I have a narrative of how that whole fucking thing began.   It’s a [former CIA director John] Brennan operation. It was an American disinformation [campaign].

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  • ICFubar

    Makes one wonder what the next meme will be with this metastasizing cover up of the DNC-Podesta emails will be now that the Russian hack false lead is blown sky high with the Wasserman IT criminality being added to this stinking pile? They are very desperate to keep any revelations and any concrete evidence thereof of systemic corruption of American democratic processes from reaching the wide spread knowledge of the public as this could bring the sham democratic charade tumbling down with universal calls for reform and justice to be served against the perpetrators. This especially as this false meme has been used to impose sanctions and attack information platforms as ‘fake news’ as a grand orchestration of society in these scumbags self interests. Perhaps they will take us all to war such is their desperation to avoid any exposure of the truth? This brings us to the definition of a Conspiracy Theorist as “one who questions the statements of known liars.” The whole structure is made FUBAR by those who have participated in making it FUBAR.

    • Seth Rich in the Russians’ pay?
      Where did that little insert come from? Are you in neocon pay?

      • ICFubar

        I wrote that those pushing that the ‘Russians did it’ might now try to say Rich was in the Russian’s pay to keep that lie going, as pure outlandish speculation on my part. The only thing myself and the neo-cons have in common is that I am probably on one of their ‘lists.’

        • Dutch

          Those of us who can read subjectivity got that immediately. And I believe you are right that this will be the next big spin. “”Seth Rich was Trump’s Russian liason” or something like that. Trutherator is too locked into his own Dialectic to even grasp your point despite it being perfectly in line with his. Reflex reactions like his, instead of the foresight you have demonstrated, do nothing for our shared cause. It’s sad to see people on our own side be so dense.

          • ICFubar

            I hear you. I try to be forgiving for my own sake. At least Trutherator is reading here and not at Breitbart or Jones’ globalist lite sites.

          • blue579

            I don’t have any inkling what dot connection if any is in this news, just an FYI, ICFubar.

            Investigator into Murder of Seth Rich Reveals That Seth’s Brother Blocked Every Step of His Investigation


            I keep in mind Wikileaks is a high level intelligence operation. I can only imagine what kind of mind job constructs have been created to divide and distract us.

          • ICFubar

            Hersh’s revelations are of course from ‘undisclosed sources’ and really can’t be verified one way or another. Others are saying the same thing though, that Rich was the one contacting Wikileaks and Wiki did offer a reward on Rich’s killer(s).
            I wonder who tipped the killer(s) off if Rich indeed did the leak. How secure or perhaps amiable is Wikileaks? Is Assange a double agent, the most dangerous kind? Or perhaps someone close Rich thought he could trust? This gets back to Wikileaks being used by differing factions of the plutocracy to get at one another, besides being an intelligence operation.

            We are all just guessing at where the truth lays using bits and pieces of info we gather off the internet which can be highly susceptible to being played with itself. Only those who are actually involved in these events know what really went down and they are not telling anyone. What we do know is that Wikileaks did publish the DNC-Podesta emails and that someone or agent sent them along. After that we are all making supposition based on what we have read or heard…..

          • blue579

            Thanks for the link, yes, I came across that story from the surgeon’s alleged observations. You’re right, no way for us to know, we’re merely searching for clues and repeating patterns, imho.

            Though, I do wonder why ‘alt’ does this kind of hyperfocus on stories we can never get to the bottom of when we have bigger concerns to come together on such as preserving free speech and an open internet, as much as possible, in any case.

            I’m still asking why ‘alt’ didn’t go all out exposing and creating a massive resistance to Obama’s effective transfer of control over the internet to the UN via ICANN with China poised to take over much or most of the management (as reported by WSJ, though no time table was mentioned). At the very least, alt’s “business model” aka survival as a contrarian speaking truth to power depends on free speech and an open internet. I suspect the answer is the same reason alt is not reporting China’s and Russia’s hard shift to totalitarianism, Maoism, and Stalinism, respectively.

          • ICFubar

            At least the alt is reporting. Can you imagine a society with only the MSM for info? They have yet to touch on the latest concerning its whole assemblage : from the DNC-Podesta leaks spawning the Russians did it, the Seth Rich murder/assassination, that attack on the Alt media as ‘fake news’ and coming clamp down, Pedogate, Russian sanctions tied to the Russians did it and other out takes. This leaking has begun a whole set of sequenced events and has grown legs of its own. Add to this that the alt media is generally as biased and divided as the rest of society on many issues which are all propagated in the beginning by you know who through the usual suspects.

            Information and controlling the message is a big problem for the few who govern the many. The Canadian arm of Open Media is really sounding the alarm on the NAFTA re negotiations beginning this month expecting all the controls of internet usage under the TPP to reappear in the new NAFTA. Until the alt media unifies on an agreed to standard of issues and responses more new issues coming down the pipeline will appear as old issues slip down the memory hole. The freedom of speech and an open internet you mention are big ones that everyone should be able to get behind but don’t as minor issues seem to block the way. Robert Steele, right wing type. and Cynthia McKinney, left wing,are working together to try an # unrig the system but how successful they will be remains to be seen. It might catch fire or not. Steele’s web site is ‘Phi Beta Iota.’

          • blue579

            If one accepts the notion A. Jones was controlled op from the start (William Cooper being correct) and also considers the John Birch Society having been created / captured as controlled op way back in the day by Fred Koch (friend of Stalin, father of famous billionaire sons) then we’re left with a worrisome extrapolation that most alt is either infiltration, co-opted, or created as controlled opposition.

            Mockingbird has been running almost 70 years now – it has to be a lot bigger and wider. Plus, TPTB have all the money they want at their fingertips and those who don’t cooperate and present a threat potentially face Cooper’s fate. I never underestimate the reach of TPTB. That being said, even limited hangouts and disinfo can be a launching point for expansion and teaching moments. So I try to focus on that.

            FWIW, I don’t trust Steele and that was before someone questioned whether he was the source for the Dutch banker video. By chance, recently a friend asked me to view a Steele interview of Kerry Cassidy and I found it to be a hard core meme set up. The “punchline” was Steele getting Cassidy to say earth is an experiment to test whether all of the human-alien hybrids can be one, be united (world govt meme?). Steele said if we can all get along that means Buckminster Fuller’s vision can come true! Fuller is an ideological father of global smart grid and Technocracy. This is the second time I came across Fuller being exalted in alt, the last time was a NASA PhD on Waking Times. Can’t be a coincidence, imho, as Technocracy and global smart grid are being rolled out now.

            Anyway, those are my concerns. I’m not saying I can surmise exactly what Steele’s motives are. Though I do know former CIA officers are closely monitored. A distant relation of mine is retired high ranking USAF & CIA and he is debriefed once a year and knows he is in danger if he crosses any lines.

            Just food for thought. Hey, thanks for the info on the Canadian arm of Open Media. Sounds like a terrific networking and coming together! Good news is always much appreciated in this nutty society (Matrix).

            Thanks again for the info and shared perspectives.

            Regards, Blue

            GENI, Fuller, Technocracy, Global Smart Grid


          • ICFubar

            Your ahead of me on a lot of important stuff. For me just knowing Steele was at one time a CIA officer gets my antennae twitching but some people do reform and his championing of open source everything and ideas on American electoral reform are fairly well thought out and seem on the up and up as regards a better outcome for the people. I also tend to view right winger capitalists as inherently ideologically attuned to the forces and people behind the “One World Order”, sort of globalist lite in their demeanor.

            Science and technology is what human kind is about but all this knowledge and ability must be overseen and completely controlled by the people and the people must be moral or it will get used to oppress rather than lift up.

            I tried looking into who has money invested in Jones’ gig but came up against a brick wall with my abilities. I did read NBC has an interest but could not confirm that point.

            I viewed the Bernard interviews and was immediately suspicious when no one came forward with his bona fides in the following days.It looked to me like a bit of ‘factional’ doc put together by the TV group that produced the series. If they can prove Bernard is who he says he is I’ll take another look . I take a look at your links now.

          • blue579

            Thanks for the resonant exchange, ICFubar, we’re usually riding the same or parallel wavelengths. 😉

            Hope you have a terrific weekend. Regards, Blue

          • Bill Rood

            ICF, Hersh says he doesn’t believe the killing was political, and that it likely was a botched robbery. I wonder if Hersh is aware of the anonymous statement at 4chan you linked, I believe Hersh himself is honest but has in the past been used by his sources as a bit of a limited hangout. Thus, confirmation that the computer indicates Rich was the leaker (something that was eventually going to be disclosed anyway), while at the same time dismissing out of hand the possibility it was indeed a hit, serves the purposes of the elites quite nicely.

            Suddenly, George Webb is starting to look a lot more credible even though he’s a self-confessed Mossad asset. He reported months ago on the damaged laptops that have now been recovered from Awan’s former residence. He said the trigger person was Alpha Jalloh, a small time hood who was later cleaned himself, perhaps because he botched the job and didn’t actually kill Webb? As you said, this is speculation but the DC cops and FBI need to investigate those threads. Fortunately, the DC cop that Wasserman-Schulz threatened didn’t appear to be very intimidated.

          • ICFubar

            I agree that Hersh is in the pocket of the establishment and is usually trotted out as the main stream confirmation just before ‘lesser’ news sources, like Webb, break the story wide open. And as you wrote Hersh never goes all the way as a limited hangout. Notice Hersh’s attempted character disparaging remark that Rich was asking for money from Wikileaks. Low blow against a dead man showing a lack of class on Hersh’s part or the person dictating the bullet points to Hersh, but giving a set up as to a mercenary motive rather than a patriotic one. If you’ve read Doug Valentine’s “The CIA as Organized Crime” you get a good look at how the press has formed a symbiotic relationship with such government agencies-entities which has only gotten worse over the years considering Operation Mockingbird etcetera.

            Of course these leads in the Rich assassination should be followed up on by the police authorities but at the highest managerial levels they answer to those above, not below, and certainly not the public.These leaks touch on so many other fronts and levels from the cover ups to sanctions being placed on Russia (an act of economic war) that the truth of this matter will likely never see the light of day. Was it Churchill that said the “Truth is such an important entity it must always be protected with a bodyguard of lies.” paraphrased.

          • cowpox

            Wistleblowers are not hired, ever again, period. Without a nest egg wistleblowing amounts to suicide. They should get paid, if they can not sell writing or appearances, it may be their last payday.

          • ICFubar

            Damn good point….but I think Hersh included that remark as a bit of character assassination as not too many would realize the cost of whistle blowing and we’ll never know if Rich did either or had a plan if he was finger pointed.

          • Bill Rood

            ICF, Dutch. At first, I misunderstood just as Trutherator did. The first sentence is so long that it’s quite easy to lose the train of “Makes one wonder what the next meme will be…,” and it doesn’t help that the second sentence fragment is punctuated as a sentence when it’s really a dependent clause. My mind even went so far as to conclude that ICF was implying “It’s…” at the beginning of that second sentence fragment.

            I don’t say this to criticize ICF but to defend Trutherator from the implication that his reading skills are lacking.

  • Mistaron

    Hersch, while inserting serious doubt on the Russian thing, and not withstanding, his ‘exclusive’ will in no way come to restrain the “investigations”, has done an excellent job of having us believe Seth Rich’s murder was all coincidental to the Wikileaks leaked data. Mr Hersch would have us accept that the DNC and Hillary were not principally involved, or linked in any way to Seth’s demise.

    My take:
    He may be a trusted investigative journalist, but to me, I can’t help but feel this is a case of, “Nothing here. I’ve laid to rest your ‘misinformed conceptions’ about Rich, but Look! Look over there! It’s those shadowy, always culpable, (which they usually are), bad CIA people we all dislike, but can never get the goods on!”

    Am I wrong?

    • PJ London

      Hersch has no evidence that DNC or Clinton was involved, therefore he does not draw any conclusions.
      You are free to draw whatever conclusions you wish.

      • Hersch has evidence that there was more to the murder than a random botched robbery. How many killers get off two well-placed shots like that such a frenzy and don’t grab the guy’s wallet? Plus you gotta think. The U. N. guy gets an “accident” the day before he gives testimony to the FBI on Hillary and the Clintons, and this guy gets his after sharing emails showing the dirty illegal laundry of the DNC and the Clinton campaign.

        • PJ London

          what part of ;
          ‘Hersch has no evidence that DNC or Clinton was involved, therefore he does not draw any conclusions.
          You are free to draw whatever conclusions you wish.’
          did you not understand?

          • Richard Arlen

            DNC ZIONIST ISRAELI TROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • cityspeak

            I can’t hear you over the screaming.

            Calling people names because you don’t like their opinions that they’ve based on facts makes you sound like a badly behaved 5 year old.

          • PJ London

            Nowhere in the article does Hersch say it is not connected to the DNC or to Clinton, but unlike fools, he does not make unfounded assertions.
            I would ‘troll’ you, but it would be too easy, and I like a challenge.

          • Bill Rood

            He most certainly does imply the killing was not political and lays out a narrative concluding Rich was killed in a botched robbery. He is correct that punks often fearfully run away from a botched robbery without taking anything, but he is either unaware of or dismisses the report of an ER doctor that Rich’s wounds were not fatal.

          • PJ London

            Hersch is aware of the laws regarding Libel.
            In my view, the shooting of Rich was certainly a botched robbery. Professionals would have used .40 or larger, soft nosed bullets and put two in the heart and one in the head. I think that it then became an opportunistic killing in the hospital, once they had an excuse “Robbery and Shooting”. No questions would have been asked had not a couple of doctors in ER started talking.
            I do not know if you have ever been visited by American Intelligence (now there is an oxymoron for you), but having had a visit by another countries security branch, I can assure you that only a very brave or very foolish person fails to follow their ‘suggestions’. If you have children, grand-children or any affection for your wife and siblings, you follow orders. 300,000 young children ‘go missing’ in the US each year, another two or three will not be noticed. ‘Taken’ was a documentary not fiction.
            ‘The boys on the Tracks’ , Arkansas Troopers, Seal Team 6, Forster, and hundreds of others are (no longer) witness to what happens if you cross the powerful.
            Vaccines and Cancer result in the deaths of dozens of very healthy ‘Holistic Doctors’.
            9/11, OK City, the list is endless.
            Hersch is not a fool and knows where the line is drawn. He is smart enough to provide the ‘Official Narrative ” in such a way that anyone with an IQ higher than a policeman (or a brick), will think that there is something not quite right about that narrative. His bonus is that he gets to write another day,

        • judith lavendar

          … that were about to be subpoenaed, too. (the computer files).. Hilary et all. I wonder what she said if and when she gave the orders.

    • ICFubar

      Your dead nuts correct. When Rich was admitted to hospital with two small caliber gunshot wounds, likely .22 rimfire, he was expected to recover fully. Then the ‘police’ showed up and pushed all the medical staff out. When allowed back they found Rich dead with his IV, oxygen and MEDICAL ALERT sensors all disconnected. Hersh has likely read this report of an interview of the hospital staff the same as I did. I imagine by now those staff personnel have been ‘gotten to’ and will likely go mum if re interviewed. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Rich will likely now be accused of being in the Russian’s pay and Hersh’s insider info discredited.

      • If Rich himself was undercover, but acting as a whistleblower, does that lead the FBI/CIA to feel that they have some extra license to delete him and lie about it? I suspect that it does. “What is in the game stays in the game” they believe, so if the DNC is cheating Sanders to favor Clinton, that is no business of Joe Q. Public, according to the mindset of these “pros”.

        • Seashell

          Maybe Rich was, like Udo Ultkoffe, working for the CIA “without cover.”

          • How special was Udo Ultkoffe as a recruit? I believe that most all worldwide media is essentially controlled/manipulated/censored by the CIA and other spooks (FBI, GHCQ, DOD, etc). Ultkoffe complained publicly about the censorship & manipulation & was probably murdered (or pushed to death with abuse of the type that causes health failure & heart attacks) because he spoke out about it and even published a book on the topic.

        • ICFubar

          The permutations could be almost endless. I think Rich didn’t like what he saw (he was apparently a Sanders supporter) as to democratic dysfunction and he dropped the dime on the DNC at Wikileaks. As “high octane speculation” when the DNC-Clinton found out in a systems security sweep that sensitive data had been purloined they tracked down Rich as the suspect and killed to at least silence him and then went to the ‘Russian’s did it’ meme as the cover story with the backing of all their allies in government and agencies. This has been taken as an excuse as far as sanctioning Russia (an act of war) to an attack on the alt media as purveyors of ‘fake news’ with a hit list of web sites. This is a very dark set of events.

          • judith lavendar

            I thought the same as you.

          • ICFubar

            We can only hope that at some point in time those who orchestrated Seth Rich’s death face the justice they deserve. He was definitely a young man of principle and made a martyr for truth and justice as so many others have. His parents and all who knew him need to know what a fine and courageous man he was. It is sickening to think a young man of such potential was murdered by those who have degenerated so much. Paraphrased – “What is the benefit if a man or women gain the whole world but lose their own soul?”

    • Jill

      I don’t really understand Hersh on this same point. Hersh says he doesn’t know what it means when Rich said he shared the dropbox with others, so if something happens to Rich, the info will still be available. That seems clear to me. Rich believed he might be killed or have something happen to him. How can Hersh not understand that statement?

      Hersh can be wrong just like anyone else. It appears that part of his story matches up very well with other accounts. This part does not make sense on Hersh’s part. There is plenty of reason to doubt the robbery story. Further, other people involved with Rich, such as the attys. who are suing the DNC on behalf of Bernie doners also received threats. They have received such scary threats that they petitioned the court for protection and they sited the death of the process server, Shawn Lucas, and Rich as part of the petition. Clearly, they feel very threatened by the DNC. Why does Hersh think it’s so impossible that Rich was murdered?

      • Also the killing of the guy who served the warrant on Debbie Washerwoman Schultz is more pattern corroboration.

      • David Parker


      • Richard Arlen


      • blue579

        “Hersh can be wrong just like anyone else.”

        Hersh appears to be an intelligent asset. Which explains why he floated an alternative version of Bin Laden’s capture, despite the fact BL died long before the Seal Team operation.

        Hersh also doesn’t support the 9/11 Truth movement, has no interest in researching the false flag aspect.

    • Roger Kamben

      The point Hersh is making that it would make no sense killing Rich over the email leak as the leak would happen regardless since he shared the password with others in case something happened to him.

      I agree the Rich murder stinks to high heaven. The probability that this was just a robbery gone wrong is low, but it’s also not likely that DNC/Hillary would engage in revenge killing. Every political murder is a high risk game, you don’t do it unless to prevent something politically fatal.

      However Rich may have discovered serious voter-fraud by the DNC. This was the claim made by some anon posting to /pol a while back. The account was quite detailed and people were named. It seemed convincing to me but with only one source and no documents it’s still hersay albeit plausible.

      This might seem like a small thing to kill for today, but remember this was back before the election. Somebody might have been scared enough of the threat such a scandal could pose to Hillarys candidacy so they took action. Remember this wasn’t just some anonymous leaks, perhaps he intended to testify and we know based on his position at the DNC and email “hack” given to wikileaks that he would certainly have documentation to prove his case.

      • Ki)ing Rich as retaliation for the leak does make sense. why do you think the governments and other Mafias do it all the time?

      • Synickel

        When you’re a clinton, nothing is high risk. You are protected at every spot in the swamp.

      • judith lavendar

        Oh please, Roger. If this leak had gone puvlic she would be in jail or ruined completely. At that time she was still dealing with Bernie. The last thing she needed was a leak saying she was a crook. How many suspicious deaths are around this group anyway> Surely you don’t see the Clintons as Mr and Mrs American Gothic.

        • Roger Kamben

          But it did go public, and his death could not prevent that. There is nothing I’ve read that suggests the timeline of the wikileaks release was affected by his death. The voter-fraud case however is another story.

          I also think Clintons are ruthless and don’t give a shit about anyone, but they are not stupid either. The only thing I could buy is if the point was to send a message to others what happens to you if you rat out the DNC. But then the fact that Seth was the leaker had to be widely known within the organization. That could be the case, I don’t know. But killing him purely for revenge is implausible in my book.

          • judith lavendar

            You are quite right about the timeline. It would not have been revenge. It would have been to stop him from testifying. No? Also the arrogance of power causes stupidity beyond the pale. After the stupid act is done more money is thrown at the problem and its patched over again and again as I think JFK murder. Rich people up that high can be quite stupid. I happened to be with the entire board of Ford motors one evening socially when I was just 25. The stupid things they bantied about concerning fuel economy for instance was breathtaking. I was only 25 and these 40 and 50 year old tycoons knew. Nothing of ordinary people and their needs

  • Zartan

    Anyone know why the Post by: Carl Herman on Newton Shootings was taken down?

    • Or what’s with the Carl Bernstein essay?

  • ArtBell

    And the MSM take on all this……………crickets.

    • kotosquito

      Ha ha ha ha ha h aha!

      I know–it’s not funny. But that was funny.

  • plebeian_secession

    so the FBI report that Hersh mentions confirms communication between Seth Rich and WikiLeaks as well as a trove of captured DNC emails. Why are we hearing about this now through an independent journalist and not from the FBI Director when the report was created?

    • Seriously? You still have such faith in FIN directors?

    • Bill Rood

      Looks like somebody was sitting on this sh*t until recently (like when Comey was fired?) At this point, perhaps it’s an ongoing investigation?


    Fucking #MAGA Bitchez…

  • julie

    see daily webcast George webb utube he has been investigating this for months. also investigating the Awan brothers and IT infiltration. He even visited Awan rented hosue and spoke to tenant who said hey left blackberries laptops hard drives. given intact to FBI by tenant.

  • L Garou

    Brennan and Clapper sitting in a tree, c-o-n-n-i-v-e..

  • dale ruff

    Tbe FBI elected Trump when it disclosed it was re-opening the Clinton investigation (based on unexamined emails) while not reporting that the Trump collusion operation had been under investigation since July. The ABC poll showed 1 in 3 voters “less likely to vote for Clinton” based on this disclosure, which is 40 million people influenced against Clinton.

    Hersh does not endorse the FBI report but reveals what is in it. He has repudiated the claim that he endorses the claims made in the report. Here, in his own words is his denial he is being correctly understood: “About Butowsky’s claim that Hersh had an FBI source, Hersh told NPR on Monday, “I hear gossip. … [Butowsky] took two and two and made 45 out of it.”

    The fake news media is headling Hersh says Rich sold emails to Wikileaks. in fact, as Hersh himself has said, he had said this is what he was told is in an FBI report…..

    Here is an example of such a fake headline:Seymour Hersh: “RussiaGate Is A CIA-Planted Lie, Revenge Against Trump”(zerohedge).

    The Dallasnews reports; “A few days earlier, Wheeler said in his suit, Butowsky revealed a plan to coerce Hersh, the journalist, into revealing his government source.
    The plan involved sending Hersh a snippet of their conversation about the FBI report, with a threat that if he didn’t name his source, Butowsky would send the full audio recording to “every news agency tonight with your name and phone number on it.”
    “I was trying to shake down Sy Hersh? Yes, I was,” Butowsky said, accusing the journalist of not coming forward with the information he had.”

    Hersh responded: “Hersh responds:

    “ed –you have a lousy memory…i was not read anything by my fbi friend..i have no firsthand information and i really wish you would stop telling others information that you think i have…please stop relaying information that you do not have right…and that i have no reason to believe is accurate…”

    To omit that Hersh is reporting what he was told was in the FBI report and that he vigorously denies that he embraces the narrative that Rich provided the emails and that Russia was uninvolved is what or Orwell called the worst kind of lie, the lie of omission.

    To put words in the mouth of a person who is repeating what he was told about a report is a terrible lie, and we know that the purpose of the lie is to cover up the truth.

  • Greg Burton

    People need to take Hersh’s limited hang-outs with a grain of salt. If you listen closely, he states Rich’s murder was simply a robbery gone bad, despite witnesses who say Rich taken away by police, that he was still conscious and walking, later being declared dead at the hospital, the growing evidence that the DC police are covering up the murder, the DNC obviously trying to dissuade the police, private investigators, alternative media, from investigating the murder; and Hersh’s own history of dissembling, dismissing obvious false flags and Deep Events like 9/11 and the JFK assassination.

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/612f2e173e1d06e6b88ead154f9d9a9eaf6b6a59070b0e5d716784ae76f0d956.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/cabd721b313b87fd5be8c4b403e20b34b4a9994da029764f30007844bc156934.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4f29feb64c8a19115f58d6a3ecee106aaeb0615278622818a4ecd81030cd361e.jpg

  • It is very dangerous to be a Democrat in a position to know certain things about the Clintons.

  • davecad

    WikiLeaks and Assange are controlled media watch Richard d halls talk with Andrew Johnson at richplanet.net it is well worth a look

  • Uncle Sham123

    Nothing to see here, move along. Hey, look, Russians!! – MSM.

  • timtom

    I know this is far afield of the current discussion, but do we suppose there is any connection between Seth Rich and Marc Rich?