Break from the Madness: A Week In Hawaii

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Charlottesville, North Korea … things are crazy. These pics from a week in Maui with my family will provide a quick break from the madness …

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  • jo6pac

    Thanks I needed that. My grandparent came from the island of Madera to Maui for new life and worked in the cane fields. They lived in Paia for ten yrs before coming to the main land. There is still some family there on the big island.
    A short but fun story. My brother and sister in law were there about 10yrs ago and stopped in Paia for lunch but the place is jammed with a 1hr wait. They said no problem we’ll walk around for a while and when they asked for their name the women looked at my brother asked if family was from there and he said yes. They had a table right then as they were still considered locals.
    Looks like you took the road the Hana.

    • Carl_Herman

      Wow! My mom was a teacher at Paia Elementary School from I think 1949 to 1953, teaching the children of the cane field workers. Her name is Athel Herman, and is now 91. I’m sure we have a karmic connection, jo6pac 🙂

      • jo6pac

        Yep, I just did a little math and my family left there in 1929 0r 1930 for Calif. My grandmother sister and family lived there but I don’t what her last name was.

  • Carl_Herman

    Thanks, GW! Our family was on the Big Island last month, and I also took many photos of the amazing flora and fauna. With my mother living in Hawaii for 7 years, my wife in the Navy at Honolulu for 6 years and her mom on the Big Island for over a decade, we plan to retire on the Big Island (area the size of Los Angeles County but with just 180,000 people living there with 30 to 40,000 tourists at any time).

    There are other stories, but the point is that place calls to us.

  • Jed Grover

    Awesome photographs. Maui is my favorite.

  • James Richard

    If you look on the floor of the cave you will see boulders. They came from somewhere. If you look closely you will see from where. There are some you can see in the roof. They will squash you into raspberry jam when they dislodge. A friendly suggestion from an old-time underground miner. Stay out of caves.

  • You take cool vacations. Thanks for sharing.