“True patriotism sometimes requires of men to act exactly contrary, at one period, to that which it does at another, and the motive which impels them the desire to do right is precisely the same.” Robert E. Lee

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I consider myself a student of history. I’ve always been fascinated by the personalities who drove events throughout history. I probably would have been a history major in college if I didn’t feel the need to make enough money to support myself and my family. I chose a business major and decided studying history would be my hobby. Over the years I’ve taken a particular interest in the Civil War. You could even call me a Civil War buff.


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  • heysailor!

    Go ahead and show me one monument to Hitler in Germany; or to Rommel, an anti-Hitler general rebelling against Hitler’s Reich. These monuments belong in museums, not a city square. But here we have rebels who tried to overturn the Constitution by force, by terror, to perpetuate slavery. And some want to keep their statues up instead of throwing them on the ash heap of history.

    • bs1174

      Your ignorance is showing.

    • PTW

      Seems to me the Civil War is not yet over. It’s just been quietly smoldering underground until the South can rise again. Only a fool discounts the meaning to Southerners of what is currently transpiring, and fails to notice the hidden rage welling up.

    • diogenes23

      yes where is the statue of Santa Ana in texas or the Alamo

  • Todd Millions

    The reasons outlined for the civil war in this seem to cover the subject well. But one item is as usual missing and seldom mentioned ,and seems too be purged on line.
    Just after the civil war and before the start of the recession(collapse) of world banking and railroad pozis in 1870-72;
    One of the major responsibilities of the federal government, under the original arrangement vs the state warrants and responsibilities, the” regulation of currency and specie” was changed and the dollar gold value was gutted.
    If I recall- by a factor of 10 at first.
    So in the context of the time, a massive inflation wave with no corresponding raise in wages.
    This primed the start of the gilded age, a staging of the setup needed for the federal reserve too be imposed 45 years later-federal control of paper money instead of banks printing and backing it was also “converted” at this time(somewhat on the -Continental model).
    All of this was only doable(in my opine) due too the rescinding of state rights during and after the civil war.
    Later devaluations of gold backing are often examined and commented on, but not this one.
    Its never mentioned- like George Washington refusing his pay in Colony paper, rather he insisted on Spanish silver and banking it with Barclay’s!

  • TimeToWakeUPAmerica


    Or FUNCTIONAL-“ELITES” TRYING TO ERASE HISTORY? (Hint: It’s the “ELITES” that are trying to erase History.)

    There really is but ONE QUESTION to be asked.

    Who Gave Us Western Civilization? (Athens, Greece)

    Was it Asians? Arabs? Africans? Latinos? Khazars? (Think about it.)

    The answer to THAT question does NOT require a degree in “Rocket Science”.

    HIP TIP: Read the works of COMYNS BEAUMONT. (He wrote several books, probably the most important of which are 1) THE RIDDLE OF PREHISTORIC BRITAIN, and 2) BRITAIN: THE KEY TO WORLD HISTORY, and 3) THE GREAT DECEPTION: SYRIA, BRITAIN AND THE ROMAN CONSPIRACY (all of which can be obtained NEW, here:


    This is rather amusing! You are all so easily controled by your Race, Gender, Bias, etc, that truly, I must say, Mankind would be totally “useless” to “any” higher level spiritual being. The only thing they could do is Exterminate You. Perhaps, this Explains the Historical, Hitler? Better think about it … Mankind? Thus, the situation you find yourselves –searching, but not finding– because you fail to look within. External Forces do not matter!

    I do not need “Anyone” or Anything, ( I forsook this world, and I stand) and I can proudly say: ” the US government does not get a penny from me.” If you were all like me, the US government would be begging for forgiveness… Crying and lamenting … And, You would not have to even roll out of BED, America! None of you would have had to worry yourselves over your irrational fears of Violence. I say, Irrational, because YOU are all responsible ( taxpayers) for your governments actions: WARS, MURDERS, Assasinations, Slave Making.

    Race … Gender … All are pitiful and regretful “Prison Suites” Created by the Almighty! This should be obvious, because have any of you ever given any thought to how man survived in the wilderness “all alone” because mankind is not a natural creature! Mankind has ZERO Instinct and would DIE if left unattended in the Jungle. The Bible tells you the whole story; however, it is hard to translate ( precisely why it can be trusted) … Nevertheless … You all gave up! Sad.

    You should all unite in your feebleness, and work together, before you are again, placed in the wilderness, Naked and Afraid. Consequences are coming, people! The Show,however, is interesting ( Naked and Afraid) and it shows that “seasoned survivalists” ( learning skills for YEARS) would DIE if left alone in the Jungle.

    So … What are the odds of Ancient Man Surviving: ” who could not even make Fire?”

    This is all an Intelligence test, people, and if you have the Intellect and the Faith … You can Indeed, “Call Out the Creator and make YOUR life better for Yourself” by sheer will of FORCE. You just have to learn how to Pray. Never LIE.

    I do not advocate “any” religion, but I will tell YOU, all religious Texts, and even Pagan Text, is Valid, You just have to know how to read it.

    And, I dare anyone to challenge?

    No Faith … No Matter … Believe what you want, because YOU do not count!

  • andrew1212

    WHY the need to insult people with your headline by using “Functional Illiterates”?

    The US government is the institution which ERASES history–every time they withhold documents from the public. Each and every time they withhold records–our actual history is purposely bent. US history has been shaped towards protecting those in power by the continuous withholding of documents which would reveal the hundreds (if not thousands) or criminal actions of the National Security Council, the CIA, the FBI, the NSA, etc…

    • Carolinejdulac

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  • Oh boo hoo racist/traitor sympathizer. I bet you think Hitler and crew should be honored by statue in the public squares of Germany as well, eh idiotboy? Your silk purse is gonna remain a pigs ear to all people of conscience, but hey, you’ll still have your fellow swine to wallow in the mud with…

  • Sarabella

    America’s FUN CAR > The CHARGER > was used as the Murder Vehicle BY DESIGN > The Bilderberger’s are Attempting to Murder > then Memory Hole US History and > All that America LOVES …

    … so the Invader Replacement People (as called by the UN) can remake the US into Islam …. did they choose the Death Vehicle? Specifically? for a Reason? Oh you can bet on it … They’ll even try and take that car off the road … Here’s Proof it’s a Plan to Rip America Away from it’s Rightful Owners > INVASION-21: UN Document Plans People Replacement War Against West ===========================================

  • jadan

    You’re a pompous ass, Jim Q. History is written by the victors who represented liberal values, and not by your clique of 19th Century southern aristocrats. State’s rights is synonymous with slavery, the right of a state to do whatever the fuck its cabal of rich men wanted to do. Slavery was not just one issue among many. It was the only issue these crackers felt so strongly about that they’d go to war. Afterwards, they’d talk shit about invasions, just as you continue to do today, 155 years later. They were wallowing in shame and denial, just like you, cracker. Piss on your ignorant pseudo history. Why weren’t you there holding your state’s right flag with David Duke?


    Why do you all Fight among yourselves?

    WE are all Slaves!

    All this White/Black, Rich/POOR ( most are just “plain poor” with a few extra slave credits) Straight/Gay, Male/Female … These are all “Psychological Warfare Dividers” that your government/media uses to sublimminally control the population.

    Note, OBAMA … He left the Blacks in the Cold.

    Trump … Will do the Same to the Whites.

    Now, what do they both have in Common … They are Both Wall Street Prostitutes!

    Do you people even know where CREDIT came from? The Roman Empire, basically invented modern credit, and used it to enslave Citizens. The Roman Empire was known for its divirsity of Slaves. America is the Roman Empire on Steroids.

    Wake up and Smell the Coffee … And, stop fighting the “Stupid Fight,” Unite and take it to WALL STREET, SO we can all GET PAID.

    • Shiggity

      The baby boomers are still on the corporate payroll. They’ll say they hate nazi’s while they support corporate profit over human life because it’s great for their retirements / they’ve built a welfare ponzi scheme based on Wall Street growth.

      Older americans don’t want to admit their beloved corporations that make them all their money are on the same fascist side as the neo-nazi terrorists.

      Corporatism = Fascism = Nazism

      • ZARTAN

        Agree … Wall Street is the Medusa-Head of Evil in this World; it is also the Gordian knott, and HE who Controls Wall Street can Control the World.

        Put 1-million “Angry Protesters” on NYSE and Short their Market to ZERO, then, they will learn to OBEY the People or they Simply Go BK.

        The Boomers will pay for their treason, when they learn that they will lose everything they STOLE, to the Nursing Homes and Elder Care Corps! They are too ignorant to know that liens will be filed on their properties for all of their Elder Care not covered by Medicare. And, without Medicare these Idiots ( Sickly Boomers) would already be Homeless!


    Yes, I see, Ignorant people trying to destroy Historical Monuments! Next, they will want to Burn Books!


    I have noticed these “Anti-White” Groups are well organized and seem to be Outcroppings affiliated with NAACP and other Governmental Organizations. All of these calls to ban statues coming in, all at the same time, from many states is too obvious! All to take the people and corall them onto a Bridge to Nowhere! Set the people against the people, while the theives in government fleece the entire herd.

    The Real problem is that “ALL are being ABUSED,” FOOLS, ( WHITE, BLACK, BROWN AND YELLOW … Even, the GREEN) So, Stop your BITCHING and WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE!


    It should be CAKE … 500,000 silly women ( soros is a complete Idiot) showed up in Washington to: Wear Vaginas on their Heads? Hey, I could have fun with such so I welcome it too! The More The Marrier! I do not care what you want, bring it to WALL STREET and YOU will get it!


    • JerseyCynic

      what’s up at “the beast” Sam, I am…? here’s their report on Boston’s free speech protest yesterday

      “Despite widespread fear among rally attendees of “antifa violence” the only injuries sustained by the libertarian-leaning group was when Steven claims a zip-tied counter-protester in the van fell on top of his face and broke his glasses. He was able to temporarily mend his frames for his journey home, via public transportation.

      “It was really hot in there and everyone was panicking,” he said.

      here’s reuter’s report

      I won’t even bother searching google

      • ZARTAN

        What is the Point of your Post?

        Civil Rights protests and Stopping Wall Street/Government corruption are two entirely different entities. Government likes when you FOOLS go on Race Witch Hunts, because then they can write more Checks to their Banker and MIC friends, while stripping the Treasury of every last Cent! They can start on more Illegal Wars to Kill Millions of Brown People. And, the KICKER … YOU PAY FOR IT!

        You are wasting your time protesting nonsense.

        Why are you all Afraid to Protest where it Means Something? Are you all Afraid of Change? Put 1-million people on WALL STREET and Every WHITE STATUE in the NATION will come down, ( over night) if that is your wish, ANTIFA, FOOL!

        Wake up and Smell the Coffee!

        Protesting People exercising their FREEDOM ( like it or not) can work against YOU.

        • JerseyCynic

          my point was that The Daily Beast just referred to the “bad” guys as libertarian-leaning. that’s all.

          • ZARTAN

            None of it matters, ALL are all Slaves, until a large enough portion of the population wakes up to the Real Problem on Wall Street that owns Your Government. Crying about, this or that, is like Pissing in the Wind … Very Stupid, and it will only enrich the 1-percent.

  • TimeToWakeUPAmerica

    The TRUTH, unlike the Sun, seems nearly ALWAYS in eclipse. Blacked-out by the LIES of those BEHIND all their FRONT ORGANIZATIONS, which include the U.S. Government, all three branches, the Pentagon & CIA which works for the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), which answers to CHATHAM HOUSE, formerly called the RIIA (Royal Institute for International Affairs) in LONDON. Of course, you don’t have to look too far to find their OTHER FRONT ORGANIZATIONS: CLUB OF ROME, TRILATERAL COMMISSION, BILDERBERG GROUP, etc.