Creative Anti-Nazism

The people of Durham , N.C., have the right idea. Not only have they taken down a Confederate war statue themselves, but they’ve lined up en masse to turn themselves in for that crime, overwhelming the so-called justice system.

The people of Wunsiedel, German, have the right idea. They’ve responded to Nazi marches by funding anti-Nazi groups for every Nazi marcher, and cheering on and thanking the marchers.

The people of Richardson, Texas, have the right idea. Members of a mosque intervened between anti-Muslim demonstrators and violent would-be defenders, and left the rally with the anti-Muslims to discuss their differences at a restaurant.

Every situation is different, and the same approach won’t work everywhere, or even necessarily work more than once in the same place. The bigger and less accountable the target — for example state or federal government instead of local — the tougher the challenge. But local actions and global communications can create momentum.

Here in Charlottesville, Va., for example, we have giant statues that would be hard to move. And smashing them would offend more people than leaving them up. Or at least that’s the case with Lee and Jackson. Pulling down the generic Confederate soldier and turning ourselves in for it by the thousands might work.

But there’s no reason we can’t cover the statues with giant curtains reading: “DANGER: Enter at risk of racism, bellicosity, and erroneous history.” There’s nothing stopping us from erecting better statues ourselves, as people did in Baltimore before their city was moved to take the Confederates down. I’d like a statue of Olaudah Equiano. Giant helium balloons and projected lights are also tools available. Public officials could compete for getting their names on Lee’s horse’s ass.

Eons ago when we pushed UVA to raise wages to $8/hour, stores and houses in Charlottesville put up signs in their windows in support. “Lee does not speak for me” signs could be everywhere. Every City Council meeting and public-speaking period thereof could be packed with advocates for the cause. Judges hearing court cases, and state legislators interfering in local public space could be targeted with nonviolent, educational, and lobbying efforts, including protests, sit-ins, petitions, and public debates. We could ask them to emancipate Emancipation Park and bring them an emancipation proclamation to sign. The ghosts of people Lee enslaved could haunt them. We could begin addressing each of them as Trump Supremacists until they act against his racist agenda.

A people’s march from Charlottesville to Richmond could tell the state government to let our city decide on its own public monuments. It could also insist that Virginia take its Robert E. Lee statue out of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. Perhaps Lee himself could lead the march on horseback with posters displaying statements he made in opposition to any Confederate monuments. Ghosts could emerge from Arlington Cemetery to protest that “We were supposed to be his memorial. A war maker’s land turned into a display of the dead is memorial enough.” UVA students could take a break from streaking the lawn and streak Emancipation Park with signs: “The only thing obscene here is a monument to racism and war!”

We could put up educational monuments in Emancipation Park: A monument displaying the racial wealth gap or the whites-only federal benefits of decades gone by, a monument to all the people enslaved in the U.S. South after emancipation, a monument to Charlottesville’s Sister Cities, a monument to peace. We could hold teach-ins. We could hold teach-ins and discussions that we invite those we disagree with to participate in. We could ask the world, including everyone who once boycotted North Carolina for gay rights, to boycott Virginia. We could all take a day off, have a party in every street, and ask “Why should we work? Robert E. Lee forced others to work for him and he’s our public hero!”

I could go on. Anyone could go on. The options are endless, and do not include the counterproductive tools of violence.

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  • WillDippel

    Here’s an interesting look at where one American academic places the blame for the recent resurgence of the alt-right in the United States:

    It’s always easiest to blame outside forces for the ills that befall your own nation.

  • TimeToWakeUPAmerica

    “Anti-Nazi-ism”? First thing we all MUST do, if we are to LEARN ANYTHING OF TRUTH, is get over this incessant “either-it’s-THIS-OR-THAT” (and nothing else!) BLACK-OR-WHITE mentality. The TRUTH is SO MUCH RICHER than simple “either-this-or-that” thinking. The entire “this-or-that” mentality is part of the RUSE of the “Elites” who seek to continually keep the 99% DUMBED-DOWN, and fighting amongst each other along racial, religious, political, and other lines.

    We are RULED by KHAZARS (who call themselves “Jews” ~ BANKERS ~ INTERNATIONAL CENTRAL BANKERS). These KHAZARS are behind the MARXISM that will bring about the END of Western Civilization as we know it, and the end of WHITE, CAUCASIAN, non-KHAZAR people. That is my prediction, based upon my deep study of History, over the past 20 years.

    • ZARTAN

      Forget these people, that article is nothing but an Assault on White people, it takes nothing but HATE of the white race into account. They want to take everything over and make their own form of HATE. Luckily, they will not succeed because they are so divisive they will never ammount to anything but a minority fringe group. They are no different than those they claim to despise.

      • Tiafbaldwin


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    It does not matter, because the “Cowardly little hypocrites” are funding the US governments CARPET MURDER OF BROWN/BLACK PEOPLE ALL OVER PLANET EARTH. THE US government is far more efficient that the “nonsense” KKK groups!

    And, you fools ( proper term) making a big spew about nothing, well I will pay for you and I to take a TRIP to YEMEN, so YOU can talk about PEACE THERE, TAXPAYER!!



    • Jim Mora

      hey ZARTAN, what are your feelings on this article?

      • ZARTAN

        Sorry, I only scan Articles. I get so far, then … BOOM, I get turned off by something the Author Wrote! So, I become my own Author.

        I post on ISSUES, ( topics) that I see here, but I am addressing the American People more than the Article. ABC news did a Study and found that News Board Comment Posts “get more Viewers” (readers) than the News Articles Posted. They have used this excuse to Ban Posters.

        The problems we are facing are too great to worry about the author of the article. He can Read My Comment and tell me what He/She Think too!

        All I see in this RACE BS is Government/media Stoking the Fire, while Wall Street is running off with the Treasury, Brilliant! If the Author wants to Write More Appropriate Articles that is fine; however, I am here to WARN the American People. DO NOT FALL FOR THE GOVERNMENTS DIVISION TACTICS, BECAUSE IT WILL CONSUME ALL, INCLUDING THOSE WHO ARE SO AGAINST HATE AND VIOLENCE.




    And, since you all want to DESTROY HISTORY; well I will accomidate that idiocy to prove a POINT. I will advocate White People ( we outnumber you) demand all references to “slavery and inequity” removed from the History Books! All Statues of MLK removed. Now, WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE, FOOLS!

    These PEACE people are a GD JOKE!


    Since you Hate WHITE people so much ,, FK Y`all … I AM WHITE AND WILL STICK WITH MY PEOPLE!

    • Klaus Von Stucker-Rems

      – Define first what white means from a genetic standpoint (100% chance that your ancestry genes matches those of Native-Americans and Mongols).
      – There is no such thing a a “white” race; instead, you are a crossbreed (a Mischling in Hitler’s view). The most adequate definition of your ethnicity should be a Caucasian-Mestizo.
      – The lightness of your skin doesn’t give you a sense of uniqueness.

      ADVICE: seek professional help.

      • Zartan

        You need the Professional Help, I am a Medical Professional.

        First, I can analyze your hypocrasy a mile a way. You hate White People. You`re angry about the Past. You`re NO GD differenet than the NAZIS you claim to despise.

        I know my genetics very well. I aced Biology. There is no such thing as a Perfect Race. However, I am not Racist: I equally Despise all Races. Nevertheless, because YOU idiots can do nothing but DIVIDE … When the Time Comes … Naturally, I will side with those “who look like me.” Feel Better, and Learn “BASIC MATH,” because you`re on a sinking ship!

        Mischling ( a Nazi Legal Term) was a Half JEW, and used “only” to denote Jewish Percentages vs Aryan. I am not Jewish. You will also note, that the WAFFEN SS had Divisions from all over EU and even a “MUSLIM and RUSSIAN” Division. You have all been spoon-fed lies by your government. Try doing your homework, before you try and insult somone … You threw the egg, and now YOU WEAR THE EGG!

        You are so full of hate, or foolishness, perhaps, both, that you cannot see that you are losing the battle before the first shots have even been fired.

        I am not Racist, but your Racist, ( HATE THE WHITE MAN Agenda) and Nonsense, will make me ONE. Government is the Enemy, the people have been Divided … ” WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE!!”


        Learn History before you use it poorly to try and form an Argument.


    All your Hatred of White People is Obvious. You will never get anywhere, except, into a Jail Cell. Go ahead and keep knocking down Government monuments! Sooner or later, the Police will BUST YOUR SKULLS, COWARDS!

  • ICFubar

    Racism runs deep and through the generations and is difficult to address. Fascism of the mind, on violent display by both protest groups at Charlottesville, entrenches hatreds. While those selecting a fascist ideology, or worse a NAZI ideology, are choosing a hopefully isolationist group think, with the flip side being hatred of the other, it is their choice in a free society. The danger lies in if they manage to generate enough traction that they form a basis for political power. One look at the ‘indispensable” fascist Washington Consensus with its subtext of ‘exceptionalism tells us this. It is long past the time when the world and human kind needs to pass into a knew understanding backed by concrete actions that proceed on the basis that we are all one people with different cultures while our oppressors in their reality dispute this fact and use divide and conquer ploys in their own interests.

  • sellinpitchforks

    Perhaps replace monuments with rainbow dildos, or statues of Mohammed?

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    • ZARTAN

      These people have to be universally brain dead; next, they will want to burn BOOKS. No …I am Wrong… They have already demanded that “Tom Sawyer” be burned. These people are a Danger to Society.

      • Sarahjsmith

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  • ArtBell

    Other notable people in history that removed statues were….ISIS, Pol Pot, Adolph Hitler and Stalin. This is playing out like some Orwellian nightmare. Next will be book burning’s.

  • Kevin Smith

    Here’s an idea related to the Vietnam War memorial:

    Extending the Vietnam War Memorial to Reflect Vietnamese Losses

    Enter onto the territory of the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington D.C. and erect–to scale–a wall in a color that would be easy to distinguish from the existing wall which would represent Vietnamese deaths in the conflict. When filmed from the air the contrast between US deaths and Vietnamese would not fail to make an impression as the new wall would be roughly 40 times as large as the existing wall.

    I assume the appropriate image could be created using Photoshop, though the impact would be much greater to erect an actual physical wall, if only because you would be arrested for trespassing on government property or for some other, more serious crime.

    Alternatively, a version of the Moving Vietnam Wall could be built and taken across the US and Vietnam.


    Yes, and Don`t you just love those who “QUIP” but cannot Challenge Content. America … I must thank you for BOOSTING MY EGO … I could never have done it without YOU.


  • DrNo

    Instead of demolishing the statues
    Graffiti artists paints soviet monuments

  • burnie

    Dreadful article. More of the same divide and conquer sales pitch to control the narrative and deflect the plebes from seeing the rot which is our ruling elite.