Beware the “The Cultural Civil War” Narrative: You’re Being Played

Remember the “Russians hacked our election!” hysteria–or have you already forgotten? That entire narrative collapsed under a deluge of factual evidence that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) data release was an insider job, and a compelling lack of evidence of any other Russian hacking.

That failed narrative has now been replaced with a new mass hysteria: “a new cultural Civil War is inevitable.” In this narrative, America has succumbed to us-versus-them divisions divided by all-or-nothing ideological bright lines.

Snap out of it, America: you’re being played, just as you were played by the absurd “Russia hacked the election” mania.

The core strategy here is the destruction of any common ground: once the delusion that there is no common ground left has been cemented by relentless mainstream and social media hysteria/ propaganda, the populace fragments into echo-chamber fiefdoms of ideological conformity that are easily manipulated by the political-financial power structure.

Once the populace has been fragmented into ideologically divisive camps, controlling the resulting mass of warring mobs is easy. Rather than recognize the commonality of their powerlessness and impoverishment, the fragmented fiefdoms are easily turned on each other:

From the point of view of each fragmented fiefdom, the problem isn’t structural, i.e. the dominance of extreme concentrations of wealth and power; the “problem” is the other cultural-ideological fiefdoms.

Once the masses accept this false division and the destruction of common ground, their power to reverse the extreme concentrations of wealth and power is shattered. The play is as old as civilization itself: conjure up extremists (paying them when necessary), goad the formation of opposing extremists, then convince the populace that these extremists have been normalized, i.e. your friends and neighbors already belong to one or the other.

This normalization then sets up the relentless demands to choose a side– the classic techniques of misdirection and false choice.

Just as you’re sold a triple-bacon cheeseburger or a hybrid auto, you’re being sold a completely fabricated cultural civil war. There have always been extremists on every edge of the ideological spectrum, just as there have always been religious zealots.

In a healthy society, these fringe pools of self-reinforcing fanaticism are given their proper place: they are outliers, representing self-reinforcing black holes of confirmation bias of a few.

In times of social, political and financial stress, such groups pop up like mushrooms. In times of media saturation, a relative handful can gain enormous exposure and importance because the danger they pose sells adverts and attracts eyeballs/viewers.

Add a little fragmentation, virtue-signaling, demands for ideological conformity and voila, you get a deeply fragmented and deranged populace that is incapable of recognizing the dire straits it is in or recognizing the structural sources of its impoverishment and powerlessness.

In other words, you get an easily mallable populace at false war with itself.

There is always common ground for those who dare to seek it. The Powers That Be are blowing up the bridges as fast as they can, whipping up fear and hatred of the Other, fanning the flames of extremism and claiming extremists are now normalized and everywhere.

All of this is false. Would you buy an entirely manipulated cultural civil war if it was advertised as such? If not, then don’t buy into the false (but oh so useful to the ruling elites) narrative of an “inevitable cultural Civil War.”

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  • EP RamosPhD

    I was looking for my washingtonspyring about the Culp group during the Revolutionary War but discovered your insightful blog. Americans are indeed being played. Fox even threw in some sheeted KKK when NONE were at Charlottsville or seen in recent years,

  • EP RamosPhD

    Those who like to scale the mild mountains known as “Marylyns” after the movie star – will appreciate El Pasp for climbing.

  • LostInTheStars

    It’s a simple but brilliant strategy. They get us to fight with each other, rather than the common enemy that is screwing all of us.

    • TimeToWakeUPAmerica

      +1, LostInTheStars. You said: “They get us to fight with each other, rather than the common enemy that is screwing all of us.” You simply have to identify the common enemy. It’s the hybrid “Anglo-‘Jew’-ish” “elites” who own the Banks BEHIND the Western Financial System, like Bank of England, and Goldman Sachs. What is their goal: To ENDLESSLY entertain, dumb-down, and distract all the PLEBS (Goyim), so that they NEVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, EDUCATE THEMSELVES, or DO ~ ANYTHING ~ about being raped 24/7, by the so-called “Federal” “Reserve” & IRS.

      • LostInTheStars

        Though I strongly disagree with Netanyahu’s treatment of the Palestinians, I categorically reject and disassociated myself from any suggestion that Jews, Asians, Arabs, Africans, Latinos, or Khazars are inferior to us people of European descent.

        The common enemy I speak of is the corporate oligarchy that owns our government and our media.

        • Jed Grover

          I often refer to it as the “Cecil Rhodes Class Elite Predatory Road Show” sponsored by that illusive London banking house.

          • LostInTheStars

            We all have gaps in our knowledge. Thank you for introducing me to Cecil Rhodes! His name will be on my lips in the future.

  • TimeToWakeUPAmerica

    “Once the populace has been fragmented into ideologically divisive camps, controlling the resulting mass of warring mobs is easy.”

    Some points to consider (seriously). There really is but ONE QUESTION to be asked:

    Who Gave Us Western Civilization? (Athens, Greece. Who were the ancestors of the ancient Athenians and Spartans of Greece? Similarly, who gave us the U.S. Constitution? Who gave us the Bill of Rights? The Declaration of Independence?)

    Was it Asians? Arabs? Africans? Latinos? Khazars? (Think about it.) The answer to THAT question does NOT require a degree in “Rocket Science”. The real question then becomes: CAN IT BE SHOWN, THAT THE “SEPHARDI” “JEWS” are in ANY WAY, WHATSOEVER, related to the ancient ORIGINAL Ibri or Iberi of ancient Britain? IF we cannot find ANY relation, whatsoever, between the “Sephardi” “Jews” and ANCIENT BRITAIN, then what we are looking at, is the TOTAL HIJACKING of Western Civilization, by these Khazarian “Jews” and their money power. The Western “Anglo-‘Jew’-ish” “elites” are a hybrid group, that was formed when the Aristocracy of England began intermarrying into the so-called “Jew”-ish (really, Khazarian) wealthy BANKING & MERCHANT families, when the young English Aristocratic Nobles, began marrying the daughters of wealthy “Jew”-ish Bankers & Merchants. Again, 90% of those who call themselves “Jews”, today, are descended from YIDDISH-speakers from Eastern Europe. So, the question then becomes this: CAN IT BE SHOWN, THAT THE “SEPHARDI” “JEWS” are in ANY WAY,
    WHATSOEVER, related to the ancient ORIGINAL Ibri or Iberi of ancient
    Britain? Similarly, are the “Jews” famous in history, for their many, and great civilizations?

  • diogenes

    The people who are destroying American infrastructure, beggaring Americans, driving American infant mortality, life expectancy etc. to third world levels, and channeling 51% of all wealth into the hands of 1% of Americans are not the clowns of the KKK etc. but the criminal gangster oligarchs of Wall Street.

  • slorter

    Cheap-labour conservatives encourage racism, misogyny, homophobia and other forms of bigotry. Why? Bigotry among wage earners distracts them, and keeps them from recognizing their common interests as wage earners.

  • Gary Youree

    There is only one unmanufactured divide – the psychopathic predator elite who manufacture these divides to turn consciousness to cognitive dissonance, and the mass of humanity, the domesticated prey commodity that allows this psychopathic elite to refrain from consuming themselves to the last man standing. The dead end subspecies of man survives because they give all to their singular selfish lives – undermining a united consciousness – giving a dominant species a second chance from sure extinction by moving beyond the instinctive survival of the fittest and, in a paradigm shift, working honestly together in a non-monetary global society for the future of the species. The dominate psychopathy and the cancer stages of global capitalism must come off the taboo list….which is unlikely

  • Jack Murray

    Very good presentation. Now, we have to recognize that the Left/Right is another method to divide. The actual paradigm is built with National Socialist (NAZI), AND The Anti-Fa (Communist), or better Ante-Fa as both on the left. Both began their battle during the Weimar Republic. They are both socialist, Big Government, police state systems fighting for power, much as the Feudal Lords did in Medieval times. The result is a two-tiered social system. The Power Elite (Barons) and their Minions (Knights), with the masses (peasants), left at the bottom with no say in their own daily lives. The actual paradigm is Liberty on the Right, and moving to the left through a Republic to Social Democracy, to chaos to Despotism and Slavery. Then the cycle starts over. Therefore, it is, as Aristotle described, a Circular flow from slavery to liberty and back to slavery. Look at History.