43 Nations Ranked as Places to Be a Retiree


2017 GLOBAL RETIREMENT INDEX, Appendix B: Full Rankings, p. 66
PS: On page 32, this so-called ‘study’ discusses the U.S., and says: “It boasts the highest score for health expenditure per capita of all nations.” This wastefulness is treated as being a favorable, not an unfavorable, factor — it boosted the U.S. to an overall #7 rank on their “Health Index.” So: the more money the U.S. wastes on health care, the higher the U.S. scores on the “Health Index” portion of this “Global Retirement Index.”
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  • tapatio

    Since Israel and the United States are in their “top 25”, it seems that material/physical benefit is the ONLY criteria. There really should be a column for the country’s place among outlaw states and for personal freedoms, as most other rankings use. Israel is ONLY a free country for Jews – Goyim survive there ONLY at the pleasure of the Jews.

  • Zartan

    That placement of the US be expendature is totally wrong and the result of a bias study. Money blown on Healthcare is the Result of Obscene profit Stealing from Corporations and the Medical Industrial Complex. Those looking to retire, would be well advissed to stay away from America, because with inadequate healthcare your property will be foreclosed on if you cannot pay your bill in full.