What’s Missing from Dunkirk Film

Yes, I’m going to tell you what’s missing from this film without watching the film. Trump has, as promised, made me so sick of winning that I really could enjoy watching a defeat film, but I think I’ll pass. If I’m wrong about what’s missing from it (I mean one of the many things that are, no doubt, missing from it), I promise that I will eat an entire plan for victory in Afghanistan annually for the next decade.

One of the oddest things about World War II is how it has been marketed as a humanitarian war since the moment it ended.

One reason this is odd is that several times the number of people killed in German concentration camps were killed outside of them in the war (at least 50 million worldwide vs. 9 million killed in the camps). And the majority of those people were civilians. So a war against killing people in camps would be a very strange way to understand World War II, unless killing many more people can be made an acceptable means of opposing killing people. The scale of the killing, wounding, and destroying made WWII the single worst thing humanity has ever done to itself in any short space of time.

Even odder is that zero effort was actually ever made to prevent the mass-murder in the concentration camps. There was no poster asking you to help Uncle Sam save the Jews. A ship of Jewish refugees from Germany was chased away from Miami by the U.S. Coast Guard. The U.S. and other nations refused to accept Jewish refugees, and the majority of the U.S. public supported that position. The U.S. engaged in no diplomatic or military effort to save the victims in the Nazi concentration camps. Anne Frank was denied a U.S. visa.

Peace groups that questioned Prime Minister Winston Churchill and his foreign secretary about shipping Jews out of Germany to save them were told that, while Hitler might very well agree to the plan, it would be too much trouble and require too many ships. Here is an interesting passage from Nicholson Baker:

“Anthony Eden, Britain’s foreign secretary, who’d been tasked by Churchill with handling queries about refugees, dealt coldly with one of many important delegations, saying that any diplomatic effort to obtain the release of the Jews from Hitler was ‘fantastically impossible.’ On a trip to the United States, Eden candidly told Cordell Hull, the secretary of state, that the real difficulty with asking Hitler for the Jews was that ‘Hitler might well take us up on any such offer, and there simply are not enough ships and means of transportation in the world to handle them.’ Churchill agreed. ‘Even were we to obtain permission to withdraw all the Jews,’ he wrote in reply to one pleading letter, ‘transport alone presents a problem which will be difficult of solution.’ Not enough shipping and transport? Two years earlier, the British had evacuated nearly 340,000 men from the beaches of Dunkirk in just nine days. The U.S. Air Force had many thousands of new planes. During even a brief armistice, the Allies could have airlifted and transported refugees in very large numbers out of the German sphere.”

In other words, the story of Dunkirk, the evacuation of hundreds of thousands of soldiers, is a story of how the Allies treated people they had some use for, and a demonstration of how they could have treated other people if they had had any use for them.

Since the moment the war ended, the U.S. military has had enormous use for those it callously allowed the Nazis to murder. They have been front and center in the argument for war after war after war.

Since World War II, during what U.S. academics think of as a period of unprecedented peace, the United States military has killed some 20 million people, overthrown at least 36 governments, interfered in 81 foreign elections, attempted to assassinate over 50 foreign leaders, and dropped bombs on people in over 30 countries. This extravaganza of criminal killing is documented here. But it isn’t much of a secret. To my knowledge, every single military assault has involved a reference to a new Hitler and a passionate plea to retroactively save his victims. Of course the humanitarian consequences have differed dramatically from those stated intentions.

Somehow I doubt any of that is mentioned in the Dunkirk film.

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  • Zartan

    I would not even waste my time with the Dunkirk Film, because it will be entirely US propaganda. I bet they will even have black actors, never mind that Blacks were not allowed to Serve in the US, much less Britain or France. However, it is funny to note, that Hitler never wanted war with the west (they declared the war) and He Allowed The Dunkirk Escape as a Token of His desire for Peace with the West. The Armored SS division Libstandarte, and several others, were ordered to hold their positions, allowing the escape, which Hitler hoped would show peaceful intentions with Britain. Had Hitler Released his tanks it would have been a total Slaughter of the Dunkirk Pocket. Gorings Flying Circus was for Demonstration and the HIgh Command knew it would allow escape. The movie will never show this reality, but almost every historical account does.
    Nobody fully understands why the Jews were Killed. They were blamed for starting the war: ie., Bankers and Jewish Organizations controlling other world leaders. Now, when thousand bomber raids over Germany started, it was decided to End the Jews, Wannasee Conference 42. Prior to this date, Eichamann was working with Arabs to send the Jews to Palestine. Sure, if the US offered to take the JEWS, Hitler would have gleefully handed them over, they were not wanted in Nazi Germany. However, nobody else wanted them, either.

    Americans who were never touched by war cannot comprehend Real War;and therefore, think the Holocaust was so terrible. Alexander the Great, an American Hero, would often burn cities and kill every man, woman and child if the inhabitants resisted. War is about Destruction. Therefore, to be appalled by destruction shows mankind is rather ignorant and immature; and perhaps, should not venture into wars? You got a Tiny Taste, America, a drop in the bucket, after 9/11, now, Imagine, if there were 1,000 9/11`s, a day? Imagine, Just what would become of GITMO? GENOCIDE. I say, Americans are tragically impaired and I defer that Judgement to the Creator, because I know I am correct, Hopefully, he brings change soon..

    You have murdered MILLIONS, America, and not for legitimate means, but for corporate Profit: A far Greater Crime than the Holocaust, by Far! The Use of Atom Bombs, well, America, You have no moral ground, and it is a Joke of Cataclysmic Stupidity, for anyone to act like the US is some sort of guardian angel. America is a Beast, perhaps, the Final, BEAST, and it is sure to face Consequences!

  • madrino

    You know nothing of the Masonic wars of the American, Jacobin, Bolshevik, Young Turk, WWI and WWII revolutions, wars and genocides. Look up what the Americans did to the indigenous people, the Jacobins fraud of the French Revolution and the grisley bloodshed, the Bolshevik revolution and the 60 million that perished in Russia alone and read son Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn as the Bolsheviks were not Russian or christian. Holodomor and the Polish genocide from 1919-1921 and all through WWII by the Cheka and NKVD. The US under Jacob Schiff et. al. financed and ran the Bolshevik revolution. Over 100 million were slaughtered by the Soviets who were created by the American/British banking groups Schiff, Warburg, Rothschild, Kuhn, Loeb and others. Mao was taught and financed out of the US by the Rockefeller group and Yale who slaughtered over 60 million. The Young Turks were financed out of Britain and crucified, starved, butchered, shot millions more. The level of ignorance shown on WWII is astounding as what passes for knowledge is in the eyes and ears and out the mouth. Any research on the population from the almanac of Jews and the fact that there were 4+ million survivors and the 6 million burnt is a total fraud as there were soccer fields, swimming pools, arts and entertainment halls. Queueing theory is totally lost on the facts, and Jews led Jews to their own demise without a fight while disrobing several hundred feet away from the gas chambers! No fight and a tight fit that is no even fathomable. The fact is that nearly 10 million German soldiers died AFTER the war by starvation from 1945 to 1946 (James Bacque’s “Other Losses”) by the Morganthau plan in France, Germany and Poland by the US, UK, France and USSR, and the German people were incinerated by the US and UK by firebombing every major and minor city multiple times. Holocaust was for those that were in Germany, the camps were in France and Poland for a reason but this is the only crap that ever gets regurgitated by those that do no research and consider the elimination of over 200 million irrelevant such as what has been taught, nothing more than the control of the MSM, Education and the “Knowledge” industry. People can question ANY topic but the Holocaust. Why do you think that is and what about the 200+ million that can be seen in any on-line search. For those with the capacity to read, the Danzig corridor was designed for the start of WWII by the partition of Germany and the financial and investment communities invested in the NAZIs for the reason of destroying Germany once and for all which can be read in the 1933 book “The Shape of Things to Come” a 1933 book by H. G. Wells and “Germany Must Perish” by Theordore Kaufman where he outlines that the German people should not be allowed to reproduce and other abominations. Europe has suffered mightily because of the level of ignorance of those that manufacture history for their own purpose. The NAZI elite followed the orders that came from their investors. The TRUE EVIL IS OUT OF THE UK AND US who created the USSR and owned the French since the Jacobin revolution.

    • madrino

      The function of the NAZIs was to strike fear into the Jewish population, driving them out into the camps or to Palestine per the Ha’avara transfer agreement. Those that stayed in Germany were dealt with as mercilessly as those that lost their lives by the Cheka, Young Turks, Jacobins and Maoists in their respective regions. The NAZI elite were as every bit as sick as the US OSS, UK MI5/6, USSR NKVD all of which did not give a damn about human life or any life. Zionism is NOT Judaism, Christian or Islam but a masonic group of fear and terror with no conscience based on the Occult of such groups as the Thule society (Scandanavian), Scottish Rite, B’nai B’rith, the Theosophical Society, Fabians and a host of others. A list of American and some of the other groups can be found at http://www.phoenixmasonry.org/masonicmuseum/fraternalism/ and http://www.phoenixmasonry.org/masonicmuseum/fraternalism/jewish_orders.htm . These groups use religion as a front for their deviant, abominable behavior. Palestine was a country of peace until Zionism turned it’s eyes on the territory, with people of all faiths living with one another. Pictures are worth a thousand words as old photos prove this point. To see an evil masonic man tell history watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dadgep_e0Hc Netanyahu: Hitler didn’t want to exterminate Jews which is also available from Haaretz.

    • Sarahsstewart

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  • droner

    Why is the author obsessed with bleating on about Jews? If Hitler decided to exterminate the European and Russian Jews, why does that make the British or the US morally responsible for them? Britain was in enough trouble already without taking in, say, four million Jews on top as well. It’s tough luck if a few million Jews were exterminated, but hey its chickenfeed compared to the rest who died in the conflict. Lighten up buddy, the Dunkirk story was a strange miracle for the British people so why not celebrate it. Britain won’t be around for much longer so celebrate it while you still can.

    • Mataman

      You seem to have missed the entire point of the article–Jews were used after the fact to justify future wars and as part of the mythology of WWII. Oh we have to intervene because we can’t allow another Holocaust. And we have this mythology where we were fighting to free people from the camps. The author was merely pointing out that no one actually gave a crap about the Jews at the time–they were not a central issue. It was merely an orgy of killing everyone and anyone.

      • Ol’ Hippy

        The entire history of humans have one central theme; war and killing. Until the urge to control others is squelched killing of other humans will continue. I fear that will be the epitaph of history.

        • Marko

          One of the common arguments advanced in the top neocon think-tanks is that war and destruction is just part of human nature – it has always been with us and always will be.

          I prefer to say that psychopaths have always been with us and always will be. My suggested remedy would be to only enlist psychopaths into the armed forces , and then send them into battle at every opportunity.

        • didactic1

          I don’t think the urge to kill however is the primary biological motivation, do you? It’s an instinct to secure, regardless of cost ,resources or imagined need for resources. Goes back a million years when most proto humans didn’t last long beyond a year or less, and humans were the hunted.

          Anthropologusts and evolutionary biologists might know.

          I’m neither.

      • droner

        “In other words, the story of Dunkirk, the evacuation of hundreds of thousands of soldiers, is a story of how the Allies treated people they had some use for, and a demonstration of how they could have treated other people if they had had any use for them”
        I disagree, the story is about European Jews and how the Allies, if they were as morally stupid as the author, should have been morally obliged to take them in by the millions as refugees if that possibility were allowed by Hitler.
        Ironically the story is now reversed and European leaders are now taking in third world migrants by the millions apparently in order to atone for their prior brutality. Poor ordinary people got screwed then and get screwed now.

  • Zartan

    America has murdered more than Nazi Germany. America is a history of Genocide, Wars, Illegal Wars, and Murder for Profit. Americans who do not like it had better unite and get rid of the government, wall street, and the institutions that govern. You are all slaves to this murder, like it or not, and consequences will be coming.

  • ICFubar

    The fact is those running empire in their own interests and by that dubious undertaking colonialism usually have to pacify any local resistance to the colonial power’s occupation. This is done in a two prong effort, with the military taking and holding the land and with covert operations to root out resistance leadership while terrorizing the population with death squads and arbitrary detainment of the civilian population so that they do not support any resistance. The German NAZI regime was no different from Rome or the Anglo-Zionist Empire today. The Jewish people were scapegoated by the NAZI’ and used along with the existing fault line between Christian and Jewish religious and cultural divides to propagandize and indoctrinate the people to the NAZI cause. They were exterminated and their property seized by the NAZI state, just as they did with other groups labelled untermenschen. Today colonialism by the west operates just as former colonial powers have. Muslims are being scapegoated with military and covert operations being set against them. Russia and China in building their own bailiwick are demonized by the western empire just as the Babylonians did with Greece.If we know the question to ask the seeking of an answer becomes much easier. Is colonialism worth the price of wrecking a civilization over as the empire will always exceed its grasp and destroy itself just as Athens did to itself.

  • Approaching old age, I’m starting to do that old guy thing of coming up with and embracing crackpot-type theories. So here’s why I think there was a huge over-reaction to the Nazis.
    First, the whole BEF thing: Landing in Belgium and France as certain as the French that the Maginot Line was going to work. And why not? It was Trench Warfare 2.0 and that’s what WWI was all about. Except it wasn’t, and the Germans knew it and the photo-Allies neither learned the lesson nor had intel worth a crap.
    So let’s say there was no WWII in Europe. Germany grabs France, Belgium, whatever — and learns from the Battle of Britain that UK would take a lot of work. So they stop there and focus on the Eastern front — and inevitable defeat there. Meanwhile, I think the Nazi state was not viable for the longterm (too involved to go into, let’s just accept it for now). So wrecking of the economy and a crushing defeat in the USSR — war over.
    (Meanwhile, the Asian war would be something entirely different. I think for FDR WWII was primarily about getting the necessary economic stimulus Congress started denying him ca. 1937.)
    Spoiler: If WWII was truly a good war, a priority would have been in ending the Final Solution — instead of being a complete non-priority. Also: This Greatest Generation stuff is BS: Conscripts shipped to war, come back to raise two generations of greedy, venal children. Don’t see much great there.