How Trump Can Avoid Impeachment: Order NSA to Declassify All Intel On Democratic Email Leaks

Donald Trump Jr’s. emails regarding an apparent overture regarding Russian information on Hillary Clinton has created an absolute firestorm.

Whether or not the emails are a “smoking gun” or simply horrible optics, momentum towards impeachment has just taken a big leap forward.

This is largely true because four U.S. intelligence agencies state as fact that Russia hacked the Democrats and released that information to WikiLeaks in order to sway the election in Trump’s favor.

But a number of people with direct knowledge or an informed opinion have stated that the Democratic emails were leaked by American insiders unhappy with the DNC … not hacked by Russia.

Since the intelligence agencies have not publicly shared any credible and verifiable evidence one way or the other about Russian hacking of the Democratic email, is Trump doomed?

No …

Trump could – if he’s innocent – nip this in the bud in an instant.


The President has the power to order any information declassified … and to share it with whoever he wants.

So Trump can order the declassification of all information which the NSA has on the Democratic party (I.e. DNC and Podesta) emails.

The man who created the NSA’s global electronic data-gathering system told Washington’s Blog that – if the DNC and Podesta were hacked – the NSA would already have the data in their files proving who did it. And see this.

So if Trump is innocent, his best shot at avoiding impeachment is order the NSA to declassify its data on the “hacking” of the DNC’s servers and Podesta emails.

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  • Zartan

    Everyone thinks the president can do this, or that, well, there is much more to it than you think. The President is not Cleared, for many TOP-Secret activities going on in Government, seriously, this was told to me be FBI agents who issue clearance. I had a Higher Clearance than the President? I wonder why?

    • Silverado

      They were contemplating yanking crooked Hillary’s security clearance (another oxymoron) awhile back. I wonder how that’s progressing….

      • Zartan

        Hillary had nothing, JUNK.

        They YANK clearances immediately, if they are going to do it, but if not … it was obvious, from the beginning that nothing would happen. I was not even notified they just locked me out of the T/S Warehouse! I was not even given the courtesy of being properly discharged if that was the case? Nothing but ASSHOLES in that area of Government.

        • Zartan

          Oh … And, I still have no IDEA what I did wrong; however, I do notice FBI goons following me from time to time. I catch them easily; because Nothing gets past me and I pity the fool who tries to sneak up on me!
          Big Mistake! Perhaps, they think I stole some of their stolen Gold? I wonder?

          • mark

            they worked out you cant hold your tongue? or typing fingers?

          • Zartan

            NO. No internet back then. Why would I want to hold my tongue for them, they did not pay me enough for that; so they better Pray that I do not write the German Finance Minister.

    • Joe Clam

      That’s bullshit. Knock it off.

      • ZARTAN

        Where you there? Why do you believe things you, obviously, never experienced for yourself? The President is informed and cleared on a need to know basis. You seem delusional trying to comment on a subject you obviously know little or nothing about. Brainwashed, Perhaps?

  • Carl_Herman

    Great point, GW; thank you. Yes, Trump is in position to end the .01% lies and crimes, with a variety of lawful tools.

    After six months of having such tools at his command, will he use them?

    So far, apparently what we’re witnessing is infighting among the .01%, with Trump among them. What’s likely is that all the players are blackmailed and threatened with death of loved ones if they expose the .01% “game” of ongoing rogue state empire. Trump, to use those tools to expose crimes centered in lie-started illegal Wars of Aggression, bankster looting, and constant lying, would open himself to full exposure of the blackmail on him and/or death by .01% opponents. I’m guessing, but this seems “business as usual” for US “leadership.”

    Let’s imagine the path of “Trump the hero”: he exposes the crimes, he’s exposed with multiple felonies connected to money, sex, and perhaps worse. If he exposes the whole picture that this blackmail is usual, and with extremes to assassinate people like JFK, RFK, MLK (and hundreds, perhaps thousands more), he becomes a hero with crimes taken in that context of a “yuge” victory for humanity.

    We can hope. That said, all observations seem to point to Trump’s choice for ongoing infighting. He’s just not mature enough to take action for all of us; it’s just another personal deal for him.

    • Jed Grover

      somewhat related …… sheer miss.

    • Pam Dice

      Wrong. If they had a control file on Trump, we wouldn’t see the self inflicted wounds by his enemies. He has access to the control files on Graham… toddler boys hung in the cellar?

      And McCain… maybe a cushy hotel room in Hanoi…. who knows?

      What we do know about Trump is years and years of seeing him operate on his reality show, and his extraordinary ability to negotiate, and navigate. He’s navigating the swamp, trying hard not to harm much of the wildlife.

      I think he has great instincts, learns quickly… and gets no credit from the left for his progressive instincts that also garner enemies on the right.

      THIS IS A NEW KIND OF POLITICIAN…. and he can’t get a break from either side. But my money is on him… and his supporters. There will be blood in the streets if they so much as whisper a coup.

      • ZARTAN

        I would not make bets if I were You. Trump will OBEY his master like the good little boy that he is or they will make him POOR.

        • Pam Dice

          Wow… you don’t know the man. This guy came up in the NY machine.

          He has plenty of friends in high places… including ISRAELI JEWS.

          The secular left Jews like Bezos and Zuckerberg, Blankfein, and Simon are problematic… but that’s a family matter that will be managed by elders. If ya know what I mean….

          • Zartan

            All of His Friends, ALL, ( you know how it is) will tell him to “OBEY” or else He loses his Friends. Trump knows if He loses His Riches He will have NO FRIENDS! The elites are all Parasites who feed off the blood of the people. Trump is one of them or rather reluctantly, because He seems to have a soft spot. However, the elites will have none of it! I am so sure of the absolute power evil has here that, IF, Trump help ever actually helps the People … I will paint myself BLUE and run down Pennsylvania AVE naked!

            Trump is the White Mans Obama.

          • Man on the street

            I don’t know what you mean. You are supposedly saying that there is a difference between liberal and conservative Jews? The reality is all the Jews, and all the Muslims look at life through US AGAINST THEM even if they appear to be more agreeable with you or against their cabal.

          • Pam Dice

            No, I’m saying the family feud between Israeli and American secular Jews gave Trump and US an opening.

            Jeff Bezos, Zuckerberg, Gates, Blankfein, Simon, Summers…. need I go on? They are the branch of the “family” that operates under the old paradigm…. cultural stew creates just enough chaos for the Chosen to rule…

            Secular Jews above consider Bibi and Dersh to be crazy troublesome uncles…. whose Diaspora to the Promised land is undermining the divide and conquer paradigm so successful in American — AND the old EU.

            But Merkel… changed all that. Angry, resentful Germans decided to try their hand at the Jews game… import some low life Muzzies… with just enough political muscle to thwart the occupying 2% …. and voila

            No more forced field trips to the Concentration Camps of WWII for naughty German children… no more guilt…. the ultimate virtue signaling to 1.7 billion Muslims…. and a FRESH START, out from under the Jewish economic boot.

            How am I doin?

          • Man on the street

            Sh’t you doing great!
            How did you escape the brain washing sessions in your childhood? For me, I was not born here! If you were born here and still have such insight, and guts I have to tip my hat to you, and have to be optimistic about the future of our country.

        • Man on the street

          I agree. Simply look at bombing Syria. That is clear showing obedience to the Talmudic cabal.

        • It is a little late to stop him by making him poor.

          • Zartan

            No … They can Sue Him into Oblivion. Look at the Size of some lawsuits levied by the USG they are in Billions! They can take away “all of his contacts” ( friends) and the money is drained away. Anyone can be made Poor, especially, a rich man.

          • Trump’s personal value is miniscule compared to that of his corporate persona, which is virtually unattachable through him.

          • Zartan

            You need a federal government license to broadcast on television. And, after the government “smear and legal campaign” nobody will want to even know his name. Advertisers will Run in Terror!

            Do not Forget, the Powers that BE made your Idols and they can Crush them at Will.

          • A government license is required to transmit on any band other than ISM. Most television doesn’t require a license because it uses non-broadcast carriages. Advertisers aren’t required in subscription services. I don’t have any idols and most people’s heroes are traitors to me.

          • Zartan

            Do you think a Station is going to risk their broadcast license for Trump? Advertisers are required or the Station goes BK. Stations who air Trump can be Boycotted. Nobody will air or broadcast Trump if it will cost them money.

            See, I am so Sick of people like you “worshpping the Rich,” making Idols and believing “IN THEM” that I am praying from this DAY FORWARD … That ALL TRUMP Believers are Sacrificed to him.

          • I suspect the only job you might have ever had in a broadcast facility would have been janitorial, because you haven’t demonstrated any skill that would be required to work in one. I’ve done everything in a radio station except sales and sports play-by-play, and the quality of the content is irrelevant to the amount of advertising. Advertisers buy ears and eyes, regardless of the intelligence or veracity being broadcast. News channels get eyes by putting babes on screen, not viable intelligence.

          • Zartan

            You need to learn how to think, because “IF” anyone with “Real Power” decides to FRY trump, it will be Horrible. They will also have POWER -and NSA- to Make HIS EYES BLEED!

            Now, to make it short, Sweet and Simple for you, ” Who is going to Shake hands with TRUMP the CHILD MOLESTER?” Babes on Screens will not save you, and all it takes is ONE KID, “paid and coached” by the Intelligence Community, and Trump is Buried.

            The Above is Just an Example. The People in the CIA are “very devious” and truthfully, they could actually get smart and go after TRUMP for “Espianage and Treason,” for collaborating with Russia.

            Evidence can easily be planted, that is why the CIA exists!

          • Does your psychiatrist know you have left the asylum?
            Bill Clinton was a member of the CFR, Bilderbergers, and Trilateral Commission and a semen stain on Monica’s dress couldn’t get him impeached, so I doubt one child could get Trump investigated.

          • Zartan

            You must have an IQ of 30, no wonder, you believe in Trump! If you cannot handle the conversation, then you need some life experiences.

          • You are blocked.

          • Zartan

            You insult me, than block me, is this somekind of kindergarten attack? Grow up! Go Cry to your Mommy!

          • Zartan

            Why are you crying about blocking? Only people who lose arguments resort to crying abd trying to enact censorship. You insulted me and I am not trying to block you. See, I am a Strong Man, and I can handle it.

            If blocked, I can easily find numerous ways back in, if I choose. However, most sites are not worth the time.

          • Blocking is not censorship is not blocking. You are confused about a great many things. Blocking won’t exclude you, unfortunately, but thanks for confirming that you are committing a crime by hacking the site.

          • Zartan

            I am not hacking “anything,” however, blocking is censorship. You, obviously, do not comprehend the Constitution. If you cannot handle a conversation than you are the loser. I have had my life threatened -online- and I never went and cried about it trying to enact bans! Why are you people so Weak? I would reccommend that you get a hormone level and CBC from your doctor, seriously!

          • Electricity hadn’t even been invented at the time of the Constitution, let alone anything that could be blocked or censored. What kind of silly medicine thinks that hormones or a CBC would have anything to do with trying to avoid your level of pernicious ignorance?

          • Zartan

            Obviously, you are a Complete Fool. Now, Stop, because You are making me laugh!

          • Maybe you’ll gag on your spit and suffocate.

          • Zartan

            Monica was an Adult.

          • She still is.

          • Zartan

            It is Illegal to Mess with Children. Messing with Monica was Legal. There is a HUGE difference! Now, they went after clinton for lying about his relationship.

          • Kindly cite the statute that prohibits messing with children.

          • Zartan

            You go and try it, and You will learn.

          • Messing is not a chargeable crime.

          • Zartan

            That is so lame that I have to ask your age? 12?

          • 62, yours must be 12 and you were hoping for mentor?

          • None of the current newschannels hold broadcasting licenses because none of them own television stations. They only produce content, which isn’t licensed by the government, pursuant to the First Amendment.
            If you weren’t so psychotic, you’d be able to find and produce a single instance where I have worshipped anyone.
            Dissent increases the size of broadcast audiences, it never decreases them.

          • Zartan

            You cannot think, can YOU? I explained it to you above. Charges = Loss of Reputation = Contracts Losses, because nobody will pay for your product and advertisers will reject you.

            Anyone can be made Poor. Ask Trump, He will Agree with me.


          • I can smell the coffee well enough to tell you’ve used it for an enema.

          • Zartan

            You must like it if you`re going around smelling it!!!

          • I only smelled it to see why you considered it useful as a judge of veracity. I wouldn’t use it for internal purposes.

          • Zartan

            By smelling it, small amounts did go internal. I would not even want to smell it!

          • Trump has at least as many friends in the judiciary as his enemies, and those friends can simply designate a suit as frivolous and derail it.

          • Zartan

            Nobody will level a frivolus suit, but with control of the NSA, they can Stick Him with Murder Charges if they want. They have the power. Judges will RESENT that they knew the FOOL. You do not know Humanity, do you? Once his money is gone nobody will even spit on Him, incluing YOU!

          • You have been watching way too much television.

          • Zartan

            You are a fool.
            And, You will learn a Very Painful Lesson for having Trusted Trump.

          • Where did I say that I trusted anyone, let alone Trump?

          • Zartan

            You should not be defending his Wealth, because even Trump Knows He can be Made Poor. Trump stacked his cabnet with Goldman Sachs people, which is all anyone needed to see to know where that Clown is Going.

          • Where did I defend anything about Trump? You are accusing me of making value judgements when I haven’t made any. Your grasp of reality is way past your reach.

          • Zartan

            Are you a Trump Lover?

          • Zartan

            NO Answer … YOU LOSE, birdbrain! I got your Number!

          • I don’t love, like, hate, trust, or care much about any politician involved with the unlawful coup d’etat that calls itself the government of the United States of America.

      • Nolen Cox

        A good offence is the best defense. Trump should declassify all documents related to the Kennedy assignation and the 9-11 Commission and info on CIA drug dealing and money laundering. The entire CIA, FBI and other agencies have locked up their dirty laundry, they also have an incestuous relationship with the media once America is informed the Democrats and the Deep State will be busy defending their budgets (life). Trump will be left alone.

        • Pam Dice

          You are correct about offence…. but I get the feeling Donald is playing nice….. they haven’t sufficiently pissed him off …

          The man’s first instincts is to make nice, find common ground and bring out the big guns only when pressed. I think Trump is transparent. We’ve gotten to know the man for decades….

          But he needs to take scalps… he hasn’t found his footing in DC.. and although he has some heavy weight insiders … I don’t think he is using the machinery with the same “singular purpose” .. as his evil rivals across the aisle.

          The DEMS are a ruthless, amoral, perversion of was used to pass for egalitarianism. Even as a developer in New York, I’m not sure he was ready for the depravity of DC.

          I mean… Denny Hastert was speaker BECAUSE he was a pedophile… not in spite of it. That’s a lot for any normal person to absorb and integrate into their political paradigms.

          • Bailey Reynolds

            It’s downright satanic.

            Trump needs to bring in Pat Buchanan to help advise him and to help him navigate these dark and dangerous political waters. I said that last week and then heard someone at say it. Trump needs to bring in whatever big guns he can; b/c he has already been publicly warned by that vile miscreant Chuck Schumer (“The CIA has eight ways to Sunday to get back at you.”). JFK, anyone?

          • Man on the street

            When Pat ran for President, the synagogue of Satan called him ANTISEMITIC. He is more toxic than Trump, however, no one is stopping Trump from having nightly phone conversations with Pat by using a special phone that no one on earth knows about including Trump’s family and close friends.

          • Pam Dice

            Pat understands the triad … Muslims, Jews [secular and orthodox fighting each other with competing strategies] and White Christian America and Eastern Europe.

            Blacks are just a necessary evil, cultivated by Jews with that Obomination focus group creation… who was just a lawn jockey for the 2%.

            Latinos… same thing.. but they are a bit more unpredictable.. they actually assimilate and can become good little conservative Christians… if their IQ is high enough.

            What is so frustrating is to see Trump… who might be the best friend American blacks and Latinos have… thwarted by the 2% propaganda machine on the left… and the same bunch dominating the GOP as their donor class.

            Trump is playing 3 dimensional chess with the 2000 year masters.

            If he could just pry some of the left from their clutches… but it;ll be tough because they control academia… all the lesbians in women’s studies… ugh… and most of the dumb shit gays who think the GOP is an obstacle to “improved” age of consent laws… YUM

          • Man on the street

            You have a very clear understanding of our country, but, you must acknowledge that without having the likes of George Soros on the right (money&evil plots). We will never win this fight. There is a dude by the name of Henri Levi in France who is similar to Soros in plotting evil plots to destroy the European culture. The Talmudic gang are hater of Christianity, and working 24×7 to destroy Christianity and its civilization just as the Christians (in name or in real) are unaware and unwilling to acknowledge such threat. The German government has printed brochures illustrating to Muslims and black how to impregnate their white women. If Germany is running out of workers, why not import Catholics from the Phillipine or Bulgaria, …

          • Man on the street

            Wow, once in a while an American comment like this gives me a hope that some Americans still have brains, or perhaps managed to escape the PC programming class.

          • Anybody who knows the truth about the IDF attack on the USS Liberty and isn’t antisemitic needs to be committed to an insane asylum.

          • Man on the street

            Anti Semitic use to be a person who don’t like Jews, but, now it is people who Jews don’t like.

          • Antisemites have always been those who don’t like semites, and the majority of semites are not jews.

          • Man on the street

            Now, the good news is the real Semites, the ME Muslims, and the Jews are united to destroy the Western societies.

      • Bailey Reynolds

        Also, If they had anything real on him, anything actionable, we would have known it by now. They got nuthin’. And that’s not to say Trump isn’t a shark; he is. He’s big and mean. But his enemies are far worse than him. So, he’s the shark I’m swimming with.

      • Man on the street

        I agree about “blood” in the streets, but, I would like you to think about the Talmudic cabal that is pushing us to have a Nuclear Devastation with Russia if that will result with less blood in the streets than a bunch of Trump supporters with guns? How about the Talmudic cabal destruction of Russia during the Russian revolution that killed 50 million Christians. How about the Talmudic cabal importing blacks and Arab Muslims to impregnate the European women to create diverse new race? The idea that these POSs give a sh’t about the violence in the streets assumes that they are human beings not the synagogue of Satan.

        • Pam Dice

          OH, I understand the Talmudic Cabal…. but I see their game a bit differently….

          anybody notice that EVERY jihadist attack in France, Belgium, and Germany…. is on youthful, leftist targets…. not, say, the Jewish quarter?

          Ditto for Orlando…. so, the OBJECT is … if you cannot exterminate your enemy…. fortify your OWN stronghold…. and control mixed populations through forced multi culturalism…. the nasty Euros who deserve their fate.

          It’s no accident that the EU is more and more hostile to Israel. They understand the larger game plan. But the ensuing chaos of Muslim integration is proving FAR more complicated than either Merkel or Bibi … or Bezos or Gates imagined.

          Nobody has a handle on where this will shake out… but in the mean time… White Nationalist Eastern Europe, The dreaded Russkies… [who killed those Ashkanazi gangsters outright] and Trump…. are fudging up the works….

          OH, how I want Trump to get his footing,…. and launch an anti trust suit against Amazon…. the EU is going full steam ahead on the Jewish Multi nationals…. but Trump is up against the seculars… and holding on to the Israelis through his kids and the useful dolts … Evangelicals…. who haven’t a clue they are cannon fodder for the 2%

      • Tania

        Pam, I am in total agreement with your last three paragraphs. Trump is his own man, independent, and they can’t stand that! How long has it been since we’ve seen an instinctive, independent thinker trying to make peace in the world instead of puppets fighting wars for others?

        • Zartan

          Sure, and that is why he shot up Syria ( like mad man McCain on Steroids) and went against his own campaign! Or, perhaps, Trump is an imbecile and thought ASSAD was using Sarin Gas? In Either Case, America is DOOMED.

    • Man on the street

      Great comment. Obviously there are still few thinking people in this bankrupted culture.

      The problem with coming clean with the sheeple is they are not smart enough to glorify you for being honest or exposing their filthy government. The imbeciles that our educational system, PC, and xiomedia have created cannot be cured in one generation. The first step is to put George Soros on trial, than Podesta, than Hillary,….but that would be impossible with McCain, Ryan, McCollin, Finestine, and Graham are in office.

    • Pam Dice

      OH phooey… it’s not that he’s immature… he’s assembling a bullet proof constituency.

      REMEMBER… .the 2%.. forget 1%… its the grand masters … the 2% controlling both sides… tossing red meat to dumb shit minorities… empowering hateful post modernist lesbians and socialists… flooding academia with idiot kids who are forever indebted to the same 2% with loans that cannot be forgiven…

      Add open borders for blacks, hispanics and Muslims… and you have multi cultural STEW…. where Bezos and his brethren…. own the whole enchilada.

      And those pesky relatives in Israel?…..they cannot be persuaded to killing the Muslim enemy outright for that real estate… all the seculars can do is flood Europe with the same tactics as here and Canada… and keep them all under the same heavy economic boot that awakened the Angry Aryan last time…

    • RespectnJustice4all

      Wow Carl….very well observed & noted..& likely spot on! Thnx

  • Westcoastliberal

    Impeachment for what, exactly? Meantime whatever happened to “Lock Her Up”? Hillary and Bill Clinton are the REAL criminals here.

    • Snow Monkey

      I too am worried that Sessions ever shows up for work. The fact that the place was left with an (((Asst Atty General Rubinstein))) to open the door for Mueller and the Deep State operatives to walk in, pretty much tells us all we need to know about the “transition” team.

      • Judyjyazzie

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      • Kimberlydjones

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  • Zartan

    Oh, and What Great Revelations has the President, Any President, Ever Uncovered, Declassified and Revealed?

    • Zartan

      NONE ..!. ZERO!!!

      You Americans need to stop Believing LIES! The president is nothing but a salesman to pacify and make the people believe!

  • Seen2013

    Some issues here:
    1). The US institutions are deeply corrupt, so the NSA releasing such information would expose exactly how corrupt they are even under orders of the President.
    2). Even if Trump was completely innocent, Progressive Republicans as Pence, McConnell, and Ryan would initiate the 25th Amendment to remove him at a moment’s notice given said order relates to them as much as it would the Democratic Email Leaks.
    3). Progressive Democrats and Republicans wants war with Russia and China to preserve the world’s reserve currency status presently making the difference between over 80% of GDP being a bubble and over 93% of GDP being a bubble and historically estimated the point of no return.

    Trump is either a figurehead con for Pence, or he’s incredibly naive based on the available information.

    • Bailey Reynolds

      I trust Pence about as far as I can throw him.

  • Pam Dice

    Dirt and Control Files are used as leverage, rather than punishment. Anybody think Hastert was Speaker in spite of being a ravenous pedophile? He was elevated to power BECAUSE he was a pedophile

    The old control mechanisms were adultery and then homosexuality. By 2000, pedophilia became the control mechanism of choice by the monsters who legislate and regulate our lives.

    Trump is a lot of things, but he’s a rookie with THIS level of depravity. He’s signaled that he’s BIG on stopping the pedophile networks…. can you imagine, the extent of this appetite for small children and babies? The horror… but look at the ICE website… every day… they bust another network.

    Nobody wants to believe that perversion is a necessary component to admission to power. Imagine that…. just imagine that for a moment… No heroes need apply… only perverts with sufficient baggage that the machinery of government can whirl without threat of Mr. Smith, Trump or John Wayne gumming up the establishment.

    • Bailey Reynolds

      So true, Pam Dice. This is how it works: the dirt file. When I was a young soldier in the U.S. Army, our leaders would go on and on re: the importance of keeping our lives clean and legal. It was about two things: Our behavior being a reflection of command and service; and due to the real threat of blackmail. This was in the late 1980’s/early’90’s. Being a kid, I thought the idea of blackmail was a bit overblown; I now see how naive I was. They watch every move you make and are taking notes the whole way. I would bet a year’s pay, far too many of our legislators, judges and members of the Deep State have been thoroughly compromised with their depraved behavior. Our country needs Trump to purge our government of these enemies of state.

      • Pam Dice

        A friend of mine is Navy Aristocracy in Norfolk… she’s married to the fellow who conducted the Matthew Shepard “operation” for Clinton.

        You don’t just order someone to give you a gay victim… you conduct a cabinet meeting wherein you lament the difficulty of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell… when the dumshits of America just dunno how bad it can be for gays….

        So no everyone has their orders. .. everyone leaves … and someone like my friend’s husband is on a plane for Denver. Bingo… gay on a fence.

        Don’t Ask Don’t Tell… celebrated as a fine day IN America !!

    • Man on the street

      “The old control mechanisms were adultery and then homosexuality. By 2000, pedophilia became the control mechanism of choice by the monsters who legislate and regulate our lives”
      Wow, I have concluded the same thing. To achieve more shocking value sex with a mistress or a prostitute was not effective enough! Our FBI actually paid some loser for a “dossier” as if the effing FBI doesn’t know how to use the word file? So, the “dossier” said that some bit-ches were hired in Russia to “piss” on Trump? Even if that was true, why would the FBI simply deep six such obscene information instead of sharing it with treasonous McCain? The sexual depravity of the Joos’ fingerprints is all over this stuff, a la Freud, Woody Allen, and the Talmudic cabal.

  • David Rodriguez

    What horseshit! “If he is innocent……” Of what? Trump hasn’t done a damn thing wrong and he is not going to be impeached. This whole thing is nonsense.

  • David Rodriguez

    What nonsense. Trump isn’t guilty of anything. It is not illegal to talk to Russians and there is no evidence the Russians hacked anybody. Even if they did, it has nothing to do with Trump.

  • Man on the street

    The bottom line of this joke of a media is they have selective indignation. Hillary lies, steal, abuse her office, so was Obama, and Bush, yet the joos and the globalist republicans are not interested in letting Trump rebuild our country. Look up YouTube Frankfurt school.

  • Man on the street

    Well, it is pleasure to see a raghead with good command of the English language, however, as most Arabs are unable to articulate an opinion without filthy language. I agree with what you had to say, but a better mannerism as well as elimination of your Arabic line ( meaningless stuff about bombing a village?) at the end of your comment can better represent your opinion.

  • Jun 7, 2013 William Binney – The Government is Profiling You (The NSA is Spying on You)

    The NSA – What’s In Your File?

  • RespectnJustice4all

    Why doesn’t Trump just come out publicly and say “Table some “CREDIBLE” evidence” if you have it? They obviously do not or they could have or would have done this long ago. Seems he’s covering for the Status Quo. Of course there is every chance they can try to fit him up with fake evidence….Perhp’s it’s best to start arresting/prosecuting a few of these genuine evil criminals ….. that might quieten the rest of them down…..Interesting how Putin acted against the Media & Oligarchs….seems was VERY effective!

  • It is a good thing that the president can become the commander in chief if he needs to order the NSA, a military agency, to do something.

  • travis690

    I don’t think this will happen, for several reasons (note: Some of these reasons are speculative):

    1. President Trump has spoken ever-so-positively about the efforts of the NSA and CIA;
    2. President Trump acts as if he’s walled in by the leaks coming out of parts of his administration, the most likely sources being the security agencies and their contractors;
    3. The President doesn’t want to step in front of the security agencies and be seen as attacking Democrats;
    4. He seems afraid of doing anything that will show his innocence beyond a shadow of a doubt.
    5. The security agencies might have more information they are holding over the President’s head so that he doesn’t embarrass them.

    If the press didn’t rely upon these agencies for their dirt, and if these agencies didn’t rely upon dirty tricks to get their results, this wouldn’t be a problem. If these agencies didn’t have ears among the press to give them a listen, then this wouldn’t be a problem either. Instead, we are dealing with a President that doesn’t seem to know the extent of his powers over these agencies, and won’t challenge them.

    I was really looking forward to the release of the JFK files on October 1 this year. Now, it looks like I’ll be looking at a bunch of blank pages that day.

  • rpdiplock

    What a storm in a teacup. It sounds so hypocritical when coming from a nation which regularly interferes with the elections of heads of state and the elections of virtually every country on earth. It seems to be a manufactured distraction for a ‘bigger-game-in-town.’