Trump Jr.’s Meeting with Russian Lawyer: Smoking Gun … Or Tempest In a Teapot?

The meeting between President Trump’s son – Donald Jr. – and a Russian lawyer is causing many people who wrote off Russia’s attempt to influence the American election as fake news to reconsider.

What do you think?

Is this the first real smoking gun of collusion and cover up?

A tempest in a teapot?

Or a frame-up?

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  • Taras77

    My guess is that it was a set-up and trump jr walked right into it. The Russian atty appears more than a tad dodgy and evidently she knows former ambassador mcfaul, who is certainly no friend of the trumps and could be facilitating the leaks.

    This link reflects a very strange occurance not long after the trump jr meeting.:

  • cstahnke

    The Deep State is masterful at this sort of thing. It’s slight of hand. There’s nothing criminal about talking to Russians anymore than talking to

  • Kevin Smith

    The Democrats have handed Putin a trump card on a silver platter. Whether or not the accusation of Russian interference is true, all Putin would need to do to bring down the current administration would be to admit to having rigged the election. Whether this was true or not would not make a difference. Therefore, by threatening to do so, Putin can put irresistible pressure on the Trump administration.

    Now the Democraic Party must live with the consequences of its actions.

    • cstahnke

      This has little to do with the DP or Putin as such. This is part of a vicious power struggle within the Deep State and at this time the part that is focused on using the ramping up of Cold War II Russia seems to be winning.

  • Rabbit.Marshall

    The Democrats who cried “WOLF.”
    Stirring the pot but the recipe is rotten and the result won’t be what’s expected. Sure the Republicans are out to destroy the world but it took Democrats to make their wet dreams come true.
    Wait until the mid-terms and see the results of their poison.
    Personally I think it’s a damn shame that things have gone so wrong. On deep reflection I realize that the fault ultimately lies with the US citizens who get pretty much what they deserve for accepting war criminals as their leaders.
    Why do they think that a person who would drone children would give the slightest farq about them? It defies logic.
    What scares the brown out of the DNC and Repugs is that these war criminals will someday be brought to justice. Let’s make no mistake, as long as these people go free there will be no democracy in the US.

  • Rabbit.Marshall

    I think folks are tired of the “Russia” meme.
    I even wrote a song about it. Add you own tune:
    My dog has fleas cause the Russians
    My women ain’t pleased cause the Russians
    Arthritic knees cause the Russians
    Dust makes me sneeze cause the Russians
    I have no life so I beat my wife, she has only the Russians to blame.
    It’s Russians I know, incredibly so, somehow they just made it rain.
    Ohhhhh Boooo Hoooo
    It’s the Russians, it’s the Russians. They’re always lurking around.
    It’s the Russians. It’s the Russians. Why can’t they leave me alone?
    They’re under my bed, they’re in my head
    They follow wherever I go.
    I voted for Hill but I got this shill with a boatload of Russians in tow.
    Oh Shit. All vodka, no shine.
    My dog has fleas cause the Russians
    My women ain’t pleased cause the Russians
    Arthritic knees cause the Russians
    Dust makes me sneeze cause the Russians

  • Jay

    The details of the meeting, the timing of the tweets, and the revelation of the emails, is partial validation of what the Trump critics have been describing all along. I predicted that more would come out, and that it would be damning. I now predict that those who have been finger-wagging, naysaying, and running around in circles demanding “proof” before the Mueller investigation has concluded, will further twist themselves in ever-less-credible knots and conspiracy theories–much like those who sought to justify the invasion of Iraq–until everybody under the sun recognizes that Trump and his campaign cooperated with the Russians, and that their now-debunked, illegitimate, and discredited arguments to the contrary came about because of simple pride and the unwillingness to consider the alternatives. Their personal pride is invested in denigrating the investigation because they are unwilling to admit–and will never come to admit–that they got this wrong from the beginning, have been wrong to this point, and will remain in stubborn denial long after what’s become obvious to everyone.

  • LostInTheStars

    As Robert Parry has pointed out this is just politics as usual. In the very same month Clinton supporters spent about a million dollars trying to dig up dirt about Trump from Russian sources. Remember the golden shower?