OPINION: The Current Big Lie Is —

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at strategic-culture.org

The Big Lie today is as enormous as, and potentially far more harmful than, any Big Lie throughout history has been; and, it will be exposed fully here, and will be documented even more fully, by means of the links that are provided in this summary of it. (This Big Lie is certainly important enough for that care, because if the lie is continued unexposed, that massive fraud will produce World War III, a world-destroying nuclear war, perhaps even soon.) So, this will be only a summary of it, but a completely documented summary — not a mere ‘exposé’ that’s expected to be believed because it’s already generally suspected or thought to be the case, but, instead, something that’s presented in the expectation that the key facts of the case have, to the contrary, been so effectively hidden from the public, as to make necessary here the providing of full documentation of it, for anyone who wants to delve more deeply into this ongoing rape of history — the super-dangerous Big Lie that’s ongoing right now.   

This Big Lie today, which is to be described here, is the lie, upon the basis of which the Cold War against the dictatorial communistic U.S.S.R. — which Cold War had been such a boost to U.S. weapons-makers such as Lockheed Martin while it lasted — actually became restored in 2014, and continues today, as, this time, not a ‘cold’ but a hot war, by the U.S. and its allies, all united together (for the benefit of the owners of their international corporations, and especially of the big U.S. arms-suppliers) against democratic post-communist Russia (which gets blamed for trying to defend itself, at every step of the way that it does so). This increasingly hot war started in early 2014 (after at least three years of advance-preparation of it by the U.S. Administration of American President Barack Obama), in Ukraine (formerly a part of the U.S.S.R.), when a CIA coup that was perpetrated under the cover of ‘democracy’ demonstrations, against the democratically elected Ukrainian President, Viktor Yanukovych — when this CIA coup installed there, in Ukraine, a rabidly anti-Russian government, bordering Russia. That is certainly a provocation to war, just as would be the case if instead Russia had overthrown Mexico’s government and installed there a rabidly anti-U.S. regime.

In this Big Lie, which reigns today and is almost universally believed in the U.S. to be true, that bloody coup in Ukraine is simply ignored, and instead the focus is placed upon the peaceful and voluntary breakaway of Crimea from Ukraine, which breakaway actually resulted directly from that coup, which was the real precipitating-event for ’the new Cold War’ — the basis of the U.S.-and-allied economic sanctions against Russia, and for the massing of NATO troops and weapons onto Russia’s borders, ready to invade Russia. (How would Americans feel if the Russian government did all of that, to us?)

The Big Lie today is this: that the reason for the economic sanctions against Russia, is that ‘Putin’ or Russia ‘stole’ or ‘conquered’ or ‘seized’ the Crimea region of Ukraine. The Big Truth, about the matter, is that U.S. President Obama conquered Ukraine itself (all of it), via a February 2014 CIA coup that he had secretly started planning by no later than 2011, which on 20 February 2014 culminated with the violent overthrow of the democratically elected President of Ukraine, Yanukovych, who had won 90% of the votes in the far-eastern Donbass area of Ukraine, and 75% of the votes in the far-southern Crimea area of Ukraine, both of which intensely pro-Yanukovych regions refused to be ruled by the Obama-appointed rulers — the hard-right, fascist and rabidly anti-Russian, team that the Obama regime imposed upon Ukraine, after Obama’s agent Victoria Nuland told Obama’s Ambassador to Ukraine on 4 February 2014, that “Yats” (Arseniy Yatenyuk), a hard-right and even racist anti-Russian Ukrainian politician, was to become appointed to run the country as soon as the coup would be over, which happened 23 days later (and Yatsenyuk did then receive the appointment and establish very hard-right anti-Russian policies — including massacres of ethnic Russians in Ukraine).

The legalities of the situation are as heinous on America’s side as the moralities are; and, yet, America’s vassal-states, in the EU and elsewhere, slavishly honor Obama’s sanctions against the victim-nation here, Russia (even while acknowledging that the residents of Crimea are overwhelmingly supportive of having separated themselves from Ukraine and grateful to Russia for now protecting them against the rabidly anti-Crimean U.S.-imposed rulers of Ukraine). Furthermore: by no later than 26 February 2014, the leaders of the EU knew that the ‘revolution on the Maidan’ had, in fact, been a brutal coup, nothing at all ‘democratic’ — but decided to ignore that fact. So, they too are culpable in this, though not nearly to the extent that Obama is.

On Friday 21 July 2017, the anti-Russian Reuters ‘news’ (propaganda) agency headlined “Crimean scandal prompts Siemens to retreat from Russian energy“ and reported that, “Germany’s Siemens tried to distance itself from a Crimean sanctions scandal on Friday, halting deliveries of power equipment to Russian state-controlled customers and reviewing supply deals. The industrial group said it now had credible evidence that all four gas turbines it delivered a year ago for a project in southern Russia had been illegally moved to Crimea, confirming a series of Reuters reports.” The false underlying assumption in this propaganda-article was that the “scandal” it refers to had been initiated and perpetrated by Russia, not by the United States government (which initiated the sanctions against Russia, which Siemens and Russia are now being punished for). The Wikipedia propaganda site says in its article “Russian financial crisis (2014–2017)” that “The financial crisis in Russia in 2014-2015 was the result of the collapse of the Russian ruble beginning in the second half of 2014” and barely even mentions the economic sanctions, other than to say, “The second [reason for it] is the result of international economic sanctions imposed on Russia following Russia’s annexation of Crimea and the Russian military intervention in Ukraine” — implying, but not stating, that Russia had started that war — which just happened to be on its doorstep, not on the doorstep of the U.S. — as if Mexico had been taken over by an enemy nation and the people of America were being threatened, which is what this takeover by the U.S. government was equivalent to for the Russian people: a very real and grave national-security threat to them.

The Reuters article simply ignored the fact that Ukraine had been seized by Obama, and it simply presumed that Crimea (and also Donbass) had been seized by Putin. (Furthermore, the appeal by Donbass to become a part of Russia, was declined by Putin on 17 September 2014. But, still, the lie is also being pumped by pro-U.S.-regime ’news’media, that Russia is trying to steal Donbass from Ukraine’s government. The U.S. team’s lying is beyond bizarre. Sometimes, by their using carefully veiled language to deceive without outright asserting their lies, they implicitly blame Russia regarding the impasse in Donbass, even three years after Putin said no to that appeal by the residents of Donbass. And, still: Russia, which had — despite the Obama regime’s refusal to participate — signed and even had helped set up the Minsk agreements to settle the war in Donbass, gets blamed in the U.S.-allied press for what are actually Ukraine’s refusal to honor the commitments it had signed to there. As usual, the victims get blamed. And the Trump Administration says that “there should be no sanctions relief until Russia meets its obligations under the Minsk agreements.” No good deed will go unpunished — ever.)

Nor has Reuters (nor the rest of the U.S. regime’s press) reported that a power-struggle is now occurring in the post-coup Ukraine, between the overt nazis (or racist-fascists) there, and the post-coup (rump remaining Ukrainian-elected) (that’s the fascist but not outright nazi) elected government (in elections that excluded non-fascists). The fascists, whom the current U.S. regime supports, are being attacked by the nazis. The nazis are being led by Dmitriy Yarosh, whose followers are unabashedly nazis and often even boldly flash German Nazi Party insignia. The U.S. Obama regime was one of only three governments throughout the world that voted against a resolution that had been introduced in the United Nations condemning fascism, racism and denial of the Holocaust. The two other pro-Nazi nations were Ukraine, whose U.S.-installed regime felt the resolution to be personally offensive even though it wasn’t specific to Ukraine and didn’t even mention Ukraine, and the other country was Canada, which is a U.S. vassal-nation and also has a powerful community of Ukrainian Nazis who escaped Ukraine right after WW II ended in 1945. Canada’s current Foreign Minister, appointed by the Liberal Party’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, is Chrystia Freeland, a racist-fascist who is proud of her Nazi grandparents and who championed in Canada the fascist takeover of Ukraine.

When the International Criminal Court issued, on 14 November 2016, its annual “Report on Preliminary Examination Activities”, it included, on pages 34-43, a section on “Ukraine,” but considered only accusations that the Obama-installed Ukrainian government had lodged against Russia, and none of the demonstrated crimes (which are amply documented in the links herein), including the illegal coup, that the Obama regime had, in fact, perpetrated against not only the people of Ukraine, but the people of Russia next door; and the discussion by the ICC did not (such as an influential but grossly false Forbes article six days later headlined and yet provided no documentation for, “International Criminal Court: Russia’s Invasion Of Ukraine Is A ‘Crime,’ Not A Civil War”) even allege that any “crime” had been committed by any party; but, nonetheless, the Russian government (which had never ratified the treaty that established the Court) condemned the report as being “one-sided,” which was an understatement, because the report included many gross falsehoods, outright lies, such as (and I boldface the falsehood):

“At the time of the start of the events that are the subject of the Office’s preliminary examination, the democratically-elected Government of Ukraine was dominated by the Party of Regions, led by President at the time, Viktor Yanukovych. The Maidan protests were prompted by the decision of the Ukrainian Government on 21 November 2013 not to sign an Association Agreement with the European Union.”

As I and others have documented, the overthrow of Ukraine’s democratically elected President started well before that time, and the coup even was already being organized inside the U.S. Embassy there by no later than 1 March 2013; and the U.S. State Department had begun its work to prepare it, no later than 2011 — it didn’t simply ‘happen’. And it certainly wasn’t ‘democratic’; it ended whatever democracy Ukraine had. Furthermore, Yanukovych’s turn-down of the EU’s offer was, itself, a part of the Obama regime’s plan: Yanukovych had turned it down because the Ukrainian Academy of Science’s analysis of the EU’s offer (which had been prepared in accord with the U.S. government’s urgings) had concluded that to accept the deal would produce losses for Ukraine of $160 billion.

This is the Big Lie straight out of hell, because, unless the United States acknowledges publicly that it has been lying, and that the anti-Russia sanctions that the U.S. initiated, are based on that lie and should therefore never even have been imposed (and should not be honored anywhere), there will be war between Russia and the U.S. Either those sanctions will be entirely lifted, or else nuclear war will inevitably result, because Russia will not forever tolerate having its economy squeezed to death on the basis of a clear lie. But how can such sanctions be ended unless the perpetrator — here, clearly, the U.S. — publicly acknowledges that former U.S. President Barack Obama, and his Administration, lied through their teeth, in order to impose them, in the first place? The U.S. government would need to renounce, to the entire world, that former U.S. President. Or else, WW III would seem to be well-nigh inevitable. This is an extremely serious matter, which isn’t so much as even being discussed — much less, debated. WW III could result from it, but it’s entirely ignored. The Big Lie just continues to be promoted, instead of exposed.

Back on 20 February 2015, I headlined “Crimea: Was It Seized by Russia, or Did Russia Block Its Seizure by the U.S.?” and, in the years since, the documentation that it was Obama not Putin who initiated (perpetrated) the new ‘Cold War’, has only increased. But the ‘news’media hide this fact (just as they hid that article), because they exist in order to pump the Big Lie, not to puncture it. (And, of course, that also is why they won’t publish this, though it, too, is sent to all of them free-of-charge to publish.)

Donald Trump condemns many of his predecessor’s actions and decisions and statements; but, on this one, which is the most important of them all and is blatantly a fraud (the blame for the entire catastrophe in Ukraine), Trump remains alternately supportive, and noncommittal, regarding Obama’s most enormous Big Lie. Now, after half a year in office, does he even care — or does he instead simply lack the courage?

It’s clear what a real leader would do — expose and renounce that biggest of all Big Lies. Only a coward would not.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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  • Zartan

    Let the Fools blow themselves up! Mankind cannot lean unless they experience! Nobody will protest or even complain. Everyone is too Lame! Mankind needs to learn the consequences of their actions and inaction. Americans are slaves.

    A Wise slave only wants to see the EMPIRE BURN!

    Save it, FK YOU!

    • Army of Addicts

      You mean, blow up themselves while taking many of the rest of us down with them. Few will learn the necessary lessons in such a scenario, the planet will be trashed and we will return to the Dark Ages. Better to fight tooth and nail to retain the remainder of our natural environment. In this way, there is at least a a shred of hope in overcoming our servitude and emerging on the far right side in one piece. 🙂

      • Zartan

        They spent Trillions on Weapons of War: this must be Accounted for, and it is beholden upon the population “that has done Nothing but comply” to carry the burden of those it heaps up upon their shoulders.

        As to Planet B … Well, if there is a God, ( I believe there is) then it is His Responsibility! Perhaps, He should have disciplined the wicked and answered prayers of the good rather than ignoring everything and putting child molesters in charge! Only total idiots believe we had anything even remotely near free choice here! That is akin to “Work Bringing Freedom” at Dachou!

        We all have to die, it is better to choose the Time, Means and Method. Nuclear War is better for all: as it beats lying in your own waste in some nursing home gasping for air, while the bankers LOOT everything and YOUR soul too!

        Blowing up the Planet … Sure, that ought to get GODS FULL ATTENTION! Those who are afraid, well, then you can be stuck down here as a Slave.

        It is better to be Dead than to be a Slave. God will have to fix this mess; see, if you all had BALLS “like me” God would respect You. God has a Choice … HE either Evolves man or He loses Creation. His Choice.

        Now, if Man is worthy, then he can actually Checkmate GOD … Who knows what We could gain from such? Eternal Life, Perhaps? However, if man is satisfied as Slave, well, that is all they will ever get. Sometimes, in order to WIN you must be willing to sacrifice everything. Those who are unwillling ( Yellow) ruin it for everyone else.

        I am only going with the best possible outcome for all. We either Evolve and all are Blessed, or we go extinct and no more pain. Either way, it is a win for the common. Beats Slavery!

  • ICFubar

    This is a very extensive article detailing part of the plot to bring Russia and its vast untapped resources back into the fold of the western financial hegemon. Or to put it another way the Ukraine gambit is part of a hybrid hostile takeover bid as a business plan which a nationalistic leadership of Russia is opposed to. Russia and all its resource wealth is for the Russian oligarchy to manage and is not to handed over to the western financial oligarchy and its attendant corportocracy as was the case during the Yeltsin years. Russia has a very low foreign owed debt to GDP ratio, mostly to large corporations it does business with, and none to the western predatory debt enslavement institutions such as the IMF, World Bank, Global Environment Facility and such.The sanctions, as part of the hybrid hostile takeover, are of course meant for the small to mid sized corporations while the large international corporations are able to do work a rounds on most of their business excepting the most sensitive on this issue, which could result in fines should they break ranks on the most sensitive types of trade.

    Russia and allies are holding on for dear life and waiting patiently for the western financial debt ponzi scheme to collapse under its own weight with no new resources (like Russia’s) able to come on line. This will most likely take western civilization as we have known it, democracy et al, with it while the Russian leadership hopes to be the last man standing. Unless of course the western plutocrats decide to throw the table over and start a hot war, possible going nuclear, under a brinkmanship scenario that fails and that then moves with an ‘if we can’t have it ALL nobody will’ mindset.

    • cettel

      That’s an excellent summary of the situation, from the standpoint of one very possibly correct reading of it at the deeper level. However, it’s far more speculative about the Russia side than it is regarding the U.S. side, which is quite clearly fascist. Whether the Russian government is equally fascist is far less well documented — it’s far more speculative than that the U.S. government is fascist. Moreover, clearly, the U.S. government is the aggressor, and the Russian government is in the defensive position.

      • ICFubar

        I totally agree that any assessment of the Russian ruling class in regards to their outlook to their own people needs to add the nuance that Russia is in a defensive position and must rally her people to their, the Russian oligarchy, cause. The Russian oligarchy owns more of the wealth and assets of Russia, some 70% +, than their western counterparts do in the west, mid 50% +. Thanks for your reply as it made me reassess my thinking.

  • Todd Millions

    A important detail that needs more coverage-Ukrainian Nazis in canaduh after WW2-
    Canada in fact had a large Ukranian community before the Great War. Many were interned due to suspicions of German sympathies. Since many had being citizens of Austro-Hungary.
    These early settlers were whipped for years when they arrived by agents of the Catholic church because-
    They were mainly Ukranian Catholic church members. THEREFORE they had clergy who COULD marry and services were “In the vernacular”. This was the agreement hammered out with Rome BEFORE they left the (Russian) Orthodox mafia centuries before.
    This had to be removed from practice and memory under the “guidance” of the Canadian catholic mafia hubbed out of Quebec. I know the children of the immigrants who had this beaten out of them. They tend to be great supporters of non denominational non Christian (Public)schools.
    I don’t have to ask why.
    There are other striking oddities in Western Canada with different groups of immigrants, whose official story is a load right out of our ministry of officially convenient lies(our actual government under a long running frosty COG plan.).
    Syrian immigrants fleeing murderous persecution by the EVIL(What else would it be?) french military occupation after the Great War for instance.
    Dukabors-Who’s story is a load on all sides(including Russia at this point).
    Old believers of the Russian orthodox church who fled persecution of centuries started by the evil patriarch Nikon before Czar Peter the Great wized up to their threat to him and abolished the patriarchy. A point Vlad Putin tends not to dwell on. I suspect his -considerate
    piety is for similar reasons.
    The Bokunt freidland grows in a rich compost of lies run up in the 1960’s that the dumbinion of canaduh was “all white” till gifted with multiculturalism by the father of our current Treasonous Israeli agent acting as Primeminister. In fact glorious justy’s father was as compromised a treasonous whore as he is. Thus the Nazi minders.
    It was in fact never a secret in my family that though the Germans lost the(ultimate) battle ,but the Nazis won the war.

  • paul

    I read somewhere that Crimea actually left Ukraine back in the nineties when Ukraine left the Soviet Union. Apparently, it was forced back into Ukraine by military force. I think this history destroys whatever validity any claims that Crimea could not choose to leave Ukraine might have otherwise had (which, in view of the coup, was pretty much no validity anyway).