NORAD’s Coincidental Exercises on 9/11

In 2004, U.S. Air Force General Richard Myers responded to a pointed question on the subject of military exercises, or war games, practiced prior to September 11th 2001. Myers reported that the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) had practiced “five exercise hijack events” between November 1999 and October 2000, all of which “included a suicide crash into a high value target.” Records released since that time show that NORAD had practiced 28 hijack exercise events in the 20 months leading up to 9/11. At least six of these were focused on hijackings located entirely within the Unites States, putting to rest the excuse that NORAD was only looking for threats coming from outside of U.S. borders.

ExercisesOne of these exercises, Vigilant Guardian in October 2000, practiced the interception of an airliner hijacked for a suicide attack against the 39-story United Nations building in New York City, just a few blocks from the World Trade Center. Another air defense exercise, called Amalgam Virgo and practiced just three months before 9/11, was accompanied by a planning document that had a picture of Osama bin Laden on the cover.

Many of the war games that were occurring on the day of 9/11 were under the sponsorship of Ralph Eberhart, commander in chief (CINC) of NORAD. Eberhart was in command of the war games that had the greatest impact on the nation’s air defenses and has therefore been named as a suspect in the crimes. Of course, he had help.

NORAD is divided into several large areas that cover the U.S. and Canada, one of which is the region of the continental U.S. called CONR, headed on 9/11 by General Larry Arnold. Within CONR there are three sectors. The 9/11 attacks took place in the airspace monitored by CONR’s Northeast Air Defense Sector (NEADS). Personnel at NEADS were therefore primarily responsible for trying to coordinate the NORAD response to the hijackings.

At NEADS, Colonel Robert Marr was in charge. Marr had been in the U.S. Air Force for over 20 years until 1994, at which time he spent a few months in Saudi Arabia as “director of combat operations.”1 He then left the military to work two years for a private company called Phoenix Air. Perhaps coincidentally, Phoenix Air provided aircraft for the Amalgam Virgo exercises.

Investigator Daniel Hopsicker suggested that Phoenix Air was associated with Huffman Aviation where the alleged 9/11 hijackers had trained.2 Regardless, it is clear that Phoenix Air works for the U.S. deep state. The company has been hired to fly prisoners for the rendition program, was the first to get drone contracts, and enjoyed a unique position flying patients during the ebola scare. More relevant to 9/11 are its abilities to “provide realistic electronic attack (EA) electronic countermeasures (ECM)” and “radar and communications jamming.”

After his stint at Phoenix Air, Marr returned to the military as the exercise coordinator at NEADS. By 9/11, he had risen to the position of commander of the facility.

NORAD planners stated that several exercises were fully or mostly planned as of 9/11. These included Vigilant Guardian and Vigilant Overview, both command post exercises (CPX), and Amalgam Virgo and Amalgam Warrior, which were field training (or FTX) exercises. All four of these exercises were sponsored by CINCNORAD Eberhart.

It is clear that at least one of these planned exercises, Vigilant Guardian, was actually being conducted on 9/11. Additionally, another war game called Apollo Guardian was running on 9/11. This was an exercise conducted by the U.S. Space Command, an agency also being run by Eberhart.

FTX exercises are sometimes what are referred to as SPADEs. The NORAD exercise planners clarified that this means “a track is taken out of radar coverage and then re-introduced as an unknown track.” This exercise feature is interesting given that Flight 77 was lost on radar for a period of time on 9/11 and then reappeared in a way that has not yet been explained.

Amalgam Virgo 02 was a modification of Twin Star, a live-fly joint FAA/NORAD exercise conducted in 1995. Twin Star was described by NORAD exercise manager Major Paul Goddard, who said the plan was to have interceptor jets scramble and escort a hijacked airliner. During the actual exercise, “the fighters never got off on the appropriate heading, and it took them forever to catch up.”

It seems worthwhile to consider that Amalgam Virgo 02, which was reportedly in the final planning stages as of 9/11, might actually have been in play that morning. One reason to consider this is that, on 9/11, the interceptor jets “never got off on the appropriate heading, and it took them forever to catch up.” Another reason is that 9/11 Commissioner Richard Ben-Veniste showed considerable interest in Amalgam Virgo 02, as did the 9/11 Commission staff in its request for documents.

According to Ben-Veniste, this was a case in which “NORAD had already in the works plans to simulate in an exercise a simultaneous hijacking of two planes in the United States.” The plan for Amalgam Virgo 02 was therefore similar to the 9/11 attacks, with multiple, simultaneous hijackings.

Another large-scale exercise being conducted on 9/11 was Global Guardian, a joint nuclear war simulation run by the U.S. Strategic Command (Stratcom) in conjunction with NORAD. This was essentially a practice for Armageddon that involved live nuclear bombs and at least three airborne command and control airliners called E-4Bs.2 The E-4B that was seen circling the White House during the 9/11 attacks might have been part of this exercise.

The 9/11 Commission did not mention most of these exercises in its report. To the contrary, the report mentioned only Vigilant Guardian and then only once, in a deceptively stated footnote that said “On 9/11, NORAD was scheduled to conduct a military exercise, Vigilant Guardian, which postulated a bomber attack from the Soviet Union.”3 This statement is false in several ways, not the least of which is that NORAD was involved in multiple exercises on 9/11. And Vigilant Guardian was not simply an exercise involving one bomber from the former Soviet Union.

Vigilant Guardian 01 (VG) had been in play for several days as of 9/11. On September 9, it included a scenario in which terrorists hijacked an airliner and planned to attack New York City. The exercise presented a number of other scenarios based around airliner hijackings and, in one of these, the fictitious terrorists threatened to “Rain Terror from the Skies.”

According to the VG planning documents, the 9/11 exercise was to be conducted “sim over live,” meaning the simulated hijackings were to be inserted into the live air control system. This was repeated in the instructions—“Ensure all tracks of interest (sim or live) are input on the live chart.” Furthermore, the VG plan was that “All expansions will be Real World.” Although frequently misunderstood, the term “Real World” does not refer to an actual hijacking, it refers to the use of real aircraft in live-fly exercises.

Due to these confusing circumstances, NEADS staff confused the actual hijackings on 9/11 with the exercises. As researcher Matthew Everett explained, “What is remarkable is that at a time when it should have been obvious to them that the U.S. was in the middle of a major terrorist attack, these key personnel [at NEADS] were uncertain whether what was happening was real or simulated.” The confusion caused much more than a “30 second” problem as Eberhart suggested, because NEADS personnel thought the exercises were continuing well after the attacks.

On 9/11, VG was scheduled to include a simulated hijacking at 9:40 a.m., within an hour of when Flight 11 struck the WTC. When they first learned that Flight 11 was hijacked, NEADS staff noted that the “exercise” appeared to be starting an hour early that morning. The evidence indicates that everyone at NEADS, ostensibly including Colonel Marr, thought the actual hijackings were exercises. They even joked about it. That might have been due to the VG plan stating that the NEADS building where Colonel Marr and company were located was a planned “exercise play area” and everyone there, knowingly or not, was “subject to exercise play.”

NEADS radar scopes were displaying simulated information at least until the time of the Pentagon attack. The same problem was going on at Cheyenne Mountain Operations Center (CMOC), another exercise play area, with radar screens showing false tracks as late as 10:12. In fact, personnel at CMOC called NEADs in an attempt to stop the exercise inputs. Because those inputs did not stop, it appeared that someone wanted the NEADS and CMOC radar scopes to continue showing false information until after the four hijacked planes had been destroyed.

NORAD exercise manager Ken Merchant added that the NMCC, located at the Pentagon, regularly participated in NORAD exercises by interjecting emergency action messages (EAMs). On 9/11, the performance of the NMCC, which plays a critical role in establishing the military chain of command and communicating orders, was remarkably poor. Officers there lacked any sense of urgency and were completely ineffective with regard to communications.

The disruptive effect of the ongoing NORAD exercises that morning continued until after all the hijacked planes had crashed. One military newspaper said VG continued until 30 minutes after attacks. Similarly, Global Guardian was “formally terminated” at 10:44 a.m. but certain actions taken after that time, including that the CMOC’s blast doors were closed (a needless action in response to hijacked airliners), suggested that the exercise continued.

More investigation is needed into the planning and effects of the war games being conducted on 9/11. The role of Colonel Robert Marr, for example, and his former employer Phoenix Air, should be examined much more closely. Additionally, the possibility that Amalgam Virgo 02, a planned exercise that mimicked the sequence of events on 9/11, should be considered.

1] 9/11 Commission, Memorandum for the Record: Interview with Colonel Robert Marr, prepared by Geoffrey Brown, January 23, 2004

2] Joe Dejka, Inside StratCom on September 11 Offutt exercise took real-life twist, The Omaha World-Herald, February 27, 2002

3] National Commission on Terrorist Attacks upon the United States, Thomas H. Kean, Lee Hamilton, 9/11 Commission Report, Notes to Chapter 1, footnote 116

Kevin Ryan blogs at Dig Within.

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  • Zartan

    The movie war games comes to mind. Indeed, you have idiots playing games and to such an extent, seeking realism, that they cannot even determine real from manufactured events. This is dangerous.

  • jo6pac

    Every time I see this name Phoenix Air I think of Air Amerika and Evergreen Aviation.
    Thanks for the time line.

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  • Sarastro92

    After all these years the scope of the 9/11 False Flag Staged Terror Spectacle is pretty well documented.

    1) The al Qaeda “hijackers” are merely props or dupes. They are vital to the 9/11 Scenario because the point of 9/11 was to stampede the American people (and much of the West) int accepting a state of Perpetual War for Sole Hyperpower Status under the Guise as a Global War on Terror.

    2) many of the al Qaeda hijackers were known figures traveling under registered passports. The hijackers were tracked by the CIA from Asia in early 2000 and permitted to enter the country 18 months before 9/11. Other cells entered the US as well and were under surveillance by the FBI, in Florida and California (perhaps elsewhere). The FBI lied about knowing of the cell operating under Mohammed Atta in Florida. Eventually the FBI was forced to come clean on these lies. In California, an FBI informant, Abdussattar
    Shaikh , provided logistical support for the cell their, along with Saudi agents. Some of the funds for this support were directly provided by the Saudi ambassador and his wife. FBI agents who reported the suspicious activities of the hijackers and flight lessons were ignored or told to stand down. FBI executives under Robert Mueller ordered the FBI agent hidden from Congressional investigators. Neither the FBI nor CIA ever notified the White House staff of their knowledge of al Q agents roaming the US, even as they provided dire, but unspecified warnings to Bush and his staff. In other cases, active measures were taken to conceal the CIA knowledge of al Q in the US.

    3) The al Qaeda hijackers did not have the skill to execute the purported airlines maneuvers in NY and the Pentagon. And in any case, the aircraft that was purported to hit the Pentagon could not have wedged inside the Pentagon and “vaporized” upon impact; nor could it have flown at maximum speeds just a few meters from the ground.

    4) Only the US military could have executed the actual attacks with remote control and in the case of the Pentagon, cruise missiles. The confusion over the skies because on many NORAD/ military exercises that day has been documented by researchers and varies in number from 6 to almost 50.

    Kevin Ryan has done well to keep this in front of readers.

    5) Finally, the tower collapse and Bldg 7 on 9/11 are indeed fishy on several grounds, but we don’t have any evidence of who may have rigged the WTC collapses and exactly how, so it’s a dead end as far as culpability.

    6) The immediate aftermath of 9/11 was a war on Iraq that kicked off almost two decades of non-stop Regime Change in the Middle East. Geo-strategists such as Brzezinski and the PNAC had stated in earlier years prior to 2001 that traumas like 9/11 would be necessary to mobilize a reluctant public behind Perpetual Wars abroad and Orwellian Police states at home, The attack on Iraq was planned by the Bush Administration nine months before 9/11.

    So yeah, this was an inside job with help from the Saudis… Regime Change continues until recently when Putin declared that Regime Change would no longer be tolerated. Trump has stopped the collaboration of the US with the Gulf States to support the jihadi terror armies form Regime Change in Syria.

    • Phil White

      Not to mention that Diane Feinstein’s investigation into torture brought to light that inmates who were interrogated about 9/11 were never really interrogated; they were conditioned. All the information collected against Al-Qaeda was fabricated by the CIA.
      “…the confessions were not extorted but learned. In other words, the CIA sought to justify its choices by making denunciations ex post facto.”
      So no Al-Qaeda involvement says CIA, no Osama BinLaden involvement says FBI, and no logical involvement by the non-thinking dupes of the USA’s citizenry.

      • Sarastro92

        Correct. Likely this is why recordings of interrogations were destroyed

  • Kevin Smith

    People would be more willing and less fearful of adopting the views of 911 Truth activists if they felt they were calling for forgiveness rather than retribution and punishment.

    The peace movement should call for granting amnesty from prosecution and guarantee of an ample, lifetime pension to anyone who agrees to testify on their roles in the events of 9/11, extending this offer to any members of the US government, foreign governments and/or terrorist groups involved in the planning or execution of the attacks of that day.

    Additionally, individuals should step forward and volunteer to spend time working with those who give testimony on crimes they have committed so that they might be reintegrated into society. Instead of executing Nazi war criminals we should have devoted all the human resources available to us to rehabilitating them, awakening in them awareness of the nature of their actions so that they could have come to understand that they must make amends. If they had remained alive they would have been a living testament to the transformative powers of forgiveness.

    Historians and psychologists especially should come out in favor of preserving invaluable study material in the form of the opportunity to converse with the authors of unfortunate historical deeds.
    We must find a solution to the existing state of affairs that would be acceptable to both the accusers and the accused. It should solve the problem it sets out to solve without creating additional problems. It should present itself as an ethical means to an ethical end.

    Albert Einstein said: “Problems cannot be resolved at the same level of awareness that created them.” Similarly, members of the 911 Truth movement should look for a solution which satisfies all interested persons. If we consider ourselves morally superior to the government, we should propose actions and attitudes that are more humanitarian with respect to them than their actions have been with respect to us.

    I strongly suspect that the white apartheid government in South Africa did not agree to fair elections until assured that they would not be executed or imprisoned by the black majority government when it came to power.

    In “The Art of War”, Sun Tzu said never to surround an enemy. If you do not leave him an out, he will fight to the last man.

    P.S. These ideas do not depend on the media for their dissemination. If you can convince six friends of the merit of these ideas and get them to tell six of their own friends tomorrow, each of whom tells six of their friends the next day, and so on, then the ideas will reach every person in the world in two weeks by word of mouth alone (do the math).

    • Zartan

      For testimonial purposes, yes. but “anyone” involved in such a crime will know that they will be killed if they even breathe a word. Also, their families would be targeted, even children, so there is ZERO chance of anyone blowing the whistle. The US government uses terror to advance its power. I believe they had some involvement in 9/11. However, the American people are a Slave People and they are absolutely irrelevant. Government Owns them. Americans will only Obey their Masters.

      Forgiveness … Well, that JESUS thing is something JESUS needs to think about before HE goes about commanding others –who are not equal to Him– to do things that He cannot. Jesus cannot forgive the Angels “who started all of this” and, religiously, accordingly, evil will never end because mankind is the bane of their existence thanks to God and his Unforgiving Nature!

      And, that is Just the Religious side.

      When Crimes become so murderous that you are dealing with mass crimes, like banker crimes, for example, the criminals become “Toxic to all life on Earth” and an end to their existence is mandated for life to continue on this planet.”If you cannot do the time, then do not commit the crime.” Very Simple. No Excuses for High Profile Criminals . Consequences must be paid and society must be protected from such evil.

  • Douteux55

    Kevin: I agree that in an optimal world the cornered must have a way out or they will bring down as many as they can with them, in this scenario, however, the evil empire is in the business of bringing as many of us down as possible ALL THE TIME, so I’m not sure a way out will really reduce the violence. They just love it so much. And don’t forget, they believe they are superior to us and that their “god” will carry them through, he has before.

    Zartan: you bring up some very good points about the seemingly righteous “God” who takes revenge on his enemies alone, but offers us up as fodder to all the swamp creatures of the universe. Even the new testament claims that God does not punish the evil here on Earth but he will in the afterlife, but the rest of us are admonished to leave according to his rules in a world dominated by psychopaths. Does not sound particularly empathetic to me either.

    • Zartan

      Thanks … Yes, it always amazes me how the churches “all” overlook obvious flaws in Gods Character? I am not afraid to say it, however, if such is true, ( Christianity) and all the gospels and most religions are all in agreement, then God is the One who needs to work on His forgiveness. If He would Just forgive this would all end Peacefully! God is always putting “brother against brother” and causing this evil, because HE will not forgive the Angels who started this whole mess. Therefore, they are “oath bound” to wipe out mankind. This is all in the Old Testament, Jewish and Muslims all believe it; which totals well over 1-billion people.

      I have found it to be true.

      Every story in the Bible is about Gods Wrath; which is pretty lame for a God with so much Power. Why, if I only had half that power, ( imagine, what could be done?) I could ( or anyone) have all the world near perfect, ( and I would not have to kill anyone) so what is wrong with this GOD? Anyone could do it, it would be so easy that it is LAME! At some point, the responsibility for this mess rests squarely on Gods Alter. I put it there because it must be done! He knows where to find me. Truthfully, and I hate to say this, but IF “JAMIE DIMON,” that SCUM, had half of GODS power the world would be a much better place too.

      I know I am right and that is the tragic part.

      God had better think about it because HE (with his PRIDE, EGO, VANITY and Unforgiving nature) is PISSING OFF TOO MANY PEOPLE!

      • Douteux55

        I’m not sure why you think Jamie Dimon would improve the world, I highly doubt it and he has too much power as it is, but I do concur that whatever entity can effect activities down here could step up a bit and even things out. The explanation is that he tried to keep us in line with rules- Old Testament, but it didn’t work, in fact it went horribly wrong so he came back and tried love- New Testament. He claims to be a stronger God than the evil one(s) but they always seem to be winning.

        • 200 Years Together

          It is strange as well, that the old testament is a complete antithesis to the new testament.

          • barclaybass

            Well, it could be because it’s all bullshit.

  • Scoot Wad

    How does this fit into the Eric Z case for the Saudis being 911 masterminds? It doesn’t. Only one tribe benefitted and celebrated that day and it wasn’t the Saudis who fled the nation quietly.

  • Todd Millions

    If you want to peruse this-
    Barry Zwickler reported on this for the CBC at the time.
    He was subsequently blacklisted and muzzled in the Uber obnoxious
    “Darkest hoggetowne”mode that
    “Der Beambunker”(CBC HQ) has being using a lot eversince (“Evermore?”).
    CBC has managed too sink to new matching lows on a book interview by a competent journalist on “the Current”,
    with Zapruder’s granddaughter, who has now the assassination film rights and is clearly
    by information I know the CBC has(because I heard the interviews on the police tape loop analysis,done by the U of T-“4 shots, none coming from the direction of the Book depository”) a hasbra op.
    At more than the $600/month rate we may be sure.
    But the blades in the back, that makes this new standard possible started with the purge of the Zwickler 911 reports and then the purge and marginalization(by” Old friends and colleuges”) of the reporter who did a bang up real time exposure.