Major Mistake Found in Congressional Creation of Space Army

Even CNN struggles to stay solemn, neither laughing nor vomiting, at news of Congress creating a new branch of the U.S. military to fight wars in space.

Of course, one purpose of militarizing space, which other nations have long supported banning by treaty, has for the United States long been to facilitate more unstoppable attacks on various corners of the little planet earth.

But another stated purpose of this legislation is to “guard the galaxy.” Here’s where a massive miscalculation has been found in the plan.

The U.S. Department of Defense has long since learned that by imposing itself on some corner of the globe it quickly generates something to “defend” against. Bomb a capital, overthrow a government, occupy cities, kick in doors, and before long, lo and behold, there’s an enemy threatening to “aggressively” attack U.S. occupying forces, which are then compelled to “defend” themselves.

But the Pentagon is apparently so self-centered that it commits a Nakba Error in its understanding of this process of defensive aggression. That is to say, it believes its actions are all reactions to the blowback it creates, and it simply overlooks the requirement for any such blowback to be produced that there be people inhabiting the territory assaulted.

The space cowboys who won the West imagined there were no Native Americans, but simultaneously could not have “won” had there not been someone there to lose.

So off traipses the new U.S. Space Corps to defend the galaxy, completely unperturbed by the fact that no known life forms inhabit any of it outside the earth. The assumption in the halls of Congress appears to be that even in outerspace if you aggressively start “defending” the hell out of planets and stars, aggressive aliens will retroactively materialize and be cited in a UN resolution.

Assuming that no enemies are generated by the Space Corpse, if only because there are no life forms to be found, this new branch of the U.S. military will have an enormous point in its favor over various other branches, which are constantly generating hostility and terrorism everywhere they go.

The question for activists on terra firma will then be: Do we try to shift funding from the Marines or Air Force to the Space Corps, as a strategic possible win, or do we stick with the principled stand of trying to move money away from all such insanity and into such down to earth programs as sustainable energy, education, and housing that comes with air and gravity?

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  • May 07, 2017 Pentagon Ramps Up Space Warfare Spending General: We Will Be Threatened in Space

    A sonic boom was heard across central Florida today as the X-37B unmanned “space plane” returned to Earth after a highly secretive, 700+ day experimental mission in orbit around the planet, according to the US Air Force.

  • ICFubar

    The Space Corp is not being established to protect the planet from some mythical alien attack but rather to weaponize space with orbiting nuclear weapons as a decisive first strike option for the western plutocrats and their subservient military This militarizing of space is prohibited under UN hard law but when has that ever mattered to those with real power and a might is right attitude? This is the beginning of another weapons race, if not already in existence, with which the western plutocrats can fund by simply printing enough world reserve currency to pay for whatever the need be.

    • Zartan

      Those pigs already have first strike options with no contenders. Now, they want to blow BILLIONS playing in Spaces People are without Healthcare, Without Food, and Shelter but the US government wants to play with itself in Space!

      I pray, if such an abomination is allowed, then let Washington and NYC (wall street) pay the consequences! The Earth Needs Lightened.

      • ICFubar

        Aye, follow the money as to who wins and who loses, especially when the estimate is that everyone on the planet, including Flint Michigan, could have clean drinking water for 10 B a year. The human experiment has gone horribly wrong I’d say.

        • Zartan

          Yes, the money is the problem and those who control it. I always was disgusted with the filthy “pill” commercials on television. However, anyone who fishes or does research can tell you those pills end up in the river and mutate fish.

          I wonder what the water does to Humans?

          Municipal water (ALL) has trace components of anti-depressants, anti-psychotics, opiates, hormones, antibiotics … And, I “once,” professionally, even cornered a team of Doctors with the question: “what effects will 50-years consumption have on Humans?”

          NONE, not ONE, “could answer” and they ran away from me and would not even look at me … Those Swine! Truthfully, they know where I would stick those Pills for them!
          Yes, Brilliant … We live in a Nation of Psychopaths and Hypochondria, and WE all Share in Medication, like it or not!

          Again … This is all a Product of Wall Street government Manipulation.

          • ICFubar

            That to. Then when have soil depletion from the agri-chemical industry which intern produces nutrient low fruits and vegetables, or the soil becomes simply unusable because the microscope life forms that renew soil have all been destroyed by the use of chemical crop additives. So we get medicinally poisoned in some of our water supplies and starved of nutrients in our foods even if we eat healthy. Things have gone terribly wrong as humans try to side step nature for greater profits.

          • Zartan

            True, then come the pesticides, antibiotics and other genetic crap. They will never admit wrongdoing and will go to any extreme to lie and cover up their wickedness, all, done in the name of Profit!

          • ICFubar

            Aye, to ‘profit’ above all else is a cult of death.

  • Maybe they know that aliens are out there…

    • Zartan

      Yes, I would like to Ask them to Blow up Washington and Wall Street for US. Then, perhaps, we can have some peace!

  • Zartan

    And, naturally, Americans who do not even have healthcare ( so, actually, they are less than Slaves) will do nothing, while Trillions are spent playing war games in Space. Hopefully, those idiots destabilize an asteroid belt and send a meteor right smack down on Washington DC or NYC.

    Americans are charged “10s-of-thousands-of-Dollars” ( x Sadistic Interest Rates) for a pathetic education that will most likely take them 20-years to payoff; ( better look up the repayment plans before signing) and all to pay for a lousy JOB that some Indian on the H1-B ( slave) program will take for half wage, because they do not have educational expenses.

    You have to wonder, why do civilized nations allow their “doctors and educated professionals” to leave after they ( social governments) pay for their entire education? I have a friend ( a medical doctor) who became an Italian Citizen Just so Italy would Pay for his education. They paid the entire BILL in FULL and did not even balk when He wanted to go back to America!

    So, Americans, Want a Tip for College? Get the F out of America and you will get a Free Education, plus Healthcare, then you can immediately come back here and Rape Americans! HA, Is Little America Paying bribes out to social nations leadership to get Free Slaves so that they can Rape US citizens for education? Yes.

    I just explained The Big Education Slave Trade to you in a Nutshell. Stop the H1-B programs and educational costs will go down; because Americans will have to educate their citizens like every other civilized nation.

    Now, little America, Flush with Rape money ( made off Children seeking education) wants to play Space Games! You have to wonder, who is to blame, the Filthy Government, or the Stupid People who support the Rape?

    Wake up and Smell the Coffee, America!

  • Zartan

    Oh, and Just some Dark Humor, but Space War?

    Sounds like they are preparing some sort of War on God? Perhaps, they want to shoot an ICBM into his Eye? You know, there is reference in scripture, for those of you who believe, about man wanting to kill God. Tower of Babble, anyone? Perhaps, you should think about Towers more? Hmm … There is Symmetry there, indeed.

    Now, you can call me names, ( everyone does, I expect such, because I have understanding) but Your government will spend Billions, perhaps, “Trillions” of YOUR dollars ( while you go without, naturally) to build space weapons. Your name will be on those weapons, America! You had better pray that God (or ET) is more Forgiving than Zartan; because if I were HE, (IT) well, America, lets just say, Your problems would all be solved in a Nano-Second. You will notice Yellowstone is starting to make noise?

    So … You better start thinking before YOU PISS off the ETs ( things you Christians know nothing about) and cause some Catastrophe that your government will blame on Religious Fanatics! And, those of you with faith, you better wake up before it`s too late.

    Consequences, people, none of you ever understand “anything” and will run around like chickens in a burning hen house when it all comes down!

    Oh, and NSA … You idiots do not have a Clue, as Usual, so, keep trying!

  • Jed Grover

    There some major impairment to cognitive thought inside that DC beltway! They are suppose to be the smart ones.

  • Pete

    Given that the Air Force is a front for a Secret Space Program, this move could be a white-hat effort to crack that program open for public view. Note that some in the Air Force aren’t happy about this (e.g. If you’re not aware of the SSP, please google it, e.g. Solar Warden.

  • JerseyCynic