The Economic Motive for America’s Current Wars

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at

Russia has long been the chief seller of energy — mainly gas and oil — in the world’s largest energy-market: the EU, or Europe. This means that U.S.-based energy companies, such as Exxon and Halliburton, aren’t the ones who dominate in supplying oil, gas, pipelines, and other energy-supplying needs, to the consumers and businesses in the world’s largest energy-market: Europe.

Around half of Russia’s gas and oil into the EU is transported there via pipelines that traverse Ukraine, and this is a major reason why the Obama Administration (which was in service to the owners of the U.S.-based international corporations and even to the Koch brothers who heavily fund the Republican Party against Obama’s Democratic Party) started, by no later than 2011, its preparations for a coup in Ukraine, which occurred in February 2014, to overthrow the democratically elected President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, who, as had been planned and expected by the U.S. government, turned down the EU’s offer of membership because the highly uneconomic arrangement that the EU was offering would have cost Ukraine an estimated $160 billion. The U.S. government knew he’d turn it down, which is why, when he did say no, on 21 November 2013, the Obama regime had everything prepared to launch, that day, the ‘anti-corruption’ demonstrations on the Maidan Square in Kiev, starting the execution of the Obama Administration’s coup-plan. (Though it was an ‘anti-corruption’ and ‘pro-democracy’ ‘revolution’, to overthrow the democratically elected President of Ukraine, one of the key demands by the U.S. and the EU had been the release, from a Ukrainian prison, of America’s preferred leader of Ukraine, Yulia Tymoshenko, who had been convicted on corruption-charges — and this demand was, of course, a violation of Ukrainian sovereignty and taken by Ukraine’s government to be an insult, which was yet another reason why Yanukovych had to reject the deal.) The EU nations weren’t eager to take that $160B burden onto themselves, it was laid entirely upon Ukraine, take-it-or-leave-it, and Ukraine rejected it — and so rejected the rest of the U.S. team’s offer. But Obama’s agent who handled Ukraine continued to run into resistance from the EU, because EU leaders weren’t as fascist as today’s U.S. leaders are. On 4 February 2014, in a phone call to the U.S. Ambassador in Kiev, Obama’s agent on Ukraine said “F—k the EU!” about Europe’s concerns, and to impose atop the post-coup government “Yats” or Arseniy Yatsenyuk, who would do what the U.S. government wanted and would ignore the needs of either Ukrainians or Europeans. “Yats” received the appointment 18 days later, and, immediately, accepted the EU’s uneconomic offer; so, Ukrainians were doomed. (And Crimea, which had voted 75% for Yanukovych, broke off from Ukraine, and so too did Donbass, which had voted 90% for Yanukovych.)

But those pipelines still ran through Ukraine, and the Ukrainian government received from Russia the transport-fees, and Ukraine already was $3 billion behind on its payments to Russia for its own gas-supplies from Russia. Russia, in any case, has been trying to rearrange its pipelines so as to supply Europe without depending so heavily upon Ukraine for transport.

NATO pretended that it had other reasons for seeking to bring Ukraine into the U.S. alliance, not missile-bases there against Russia, and mentioned the pipelines-issue as if it were only an aside and said that NATO wasn’t even an alliance against Russia.

However, Obama also had come into office in 2009 hoping to overthrow Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad, because, ever since at least 1949, the U.S.-Saudi oil company Aramco was trying to be allowed to build through Syria pipelines for Saudi oil and Qatari gas into the EU so as to grab that energy-market away from Russia.

Consequently, “What’s Behind Lower Gas-Prices and the Bombings of Syria and of Southeastern Ukraine” is a U.S.-regime effort to grab market-share in the world’s largest energy-market.

The Sauds’ main boots-on-the-ground inside Syria to replace Assad with a fundamentalist-Sunni ruler like themselves has been Al Qaeda, which provides the leadership for numerous jihadist organizations — all of them likewise fundamentalist Sunnis — that are trying to overthrow Assad. And the U.S. regime has been protecting Al Qaeda there.

In order for the U.S. regime to make its public accept the burdens of empire, paying the taxes and shedding some blood and organizing others — such as jihadists in the Middle East, and nazis or racist-fascists in Ukraine — to serve as the boots-on-the-ground to carry out such operations, the propaganda-line is that the U.S. government wants those foreign governments to be more democratic and less corrupt, and wants to protect their populations from being subjected to barrel bombs and sarin gas attacks, etc., as if the U.S. itself doesn’t do even worse to the populations in foreign countries it invades. (Furthermore, the Assad government is doing — whatever it’s doing — to jihadist gangs inside its own country, gangs that are supported by the U.S. and other foreign governments trying to conquer Syria; whereas, the U.S. is strictly a foreign invader there and elsewhere; so, any analogy between Assad’s methods, and the methods that are employed by the U.S. government, would be fundamentally false, inapplicable.)

NOTE: This news-report is being submitted for publication to all U.S. newsmedia that cover international news, including all of the major U.S. newsmedia, and will, presumably, be published by all of them that wish their audience to know the information that’s presented and documented (via the links) in this report, which is a news-report because the information that’s presented here is news to almost all Americans, even though what it reports is actually history, not merely today’s events. Suppressed history is news until it is no longer suppressed; and the present article is not news-commentary; it’s only news, nothing but news, straight news-reporting, all based only upon extremely reliable sources, which the reader is furthermore here encouraged to click onto directly (and/or indirectly via links in the linked-to articles) to examine and evaluate for oneself. The great advantage of reading an online news-report such as this, over obtaining one’s news via print or radio or TV, is that the reader can access the sources, via the links, and can therefore evaluate, on one’s own, their credibility (or lack thereof). One cannot do that with the traditional print and broadcast media; and, so, the traditional print and broadcast media are far less trustworthy than this, because they fail to supply the public with access to their sources.

However, of course, any online newsmedium that fails to link through to its source on each and every challengeable point, is, on that point, no better than the traditional ones are. Only the online newsmedia that are punctilious about supplying the public with clickable access to their sources, are different from the print and broadcast media in this crucial regard. Presumably, the online newsmedia that publish the present news-report will be the ones whose owners want their audience to have access to the information that’s contained and linked-to herein. Those will reasonably be considered the trustworthy newsmedia, because the media that don’t publish it have received it but are continuing to hide this information from the public. A reader can web-search this article’s headline in order to find which newsmedia are honest. This is a method to determine which newsmedia are honest, and which are not. Very few newsmedia in the U.S. have published any of the facts that are documented here. The reason isn’t that these facts are less well-established than others; it’s that these facts are too damning and contradict the standard storyline.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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  • Zartan

    Yes, and all of this “Murder for Greed” will result in WW-3, the Consequences are coming People!

  • WillDippel

    As shown in this article, Russia has attempted to join NATO in the past:

    So much for Boris Yeltsin’s 1991 dream of “mutual understanding and trust” between NATO members and Russia.

  • Brain James

    July 02, 2017 Permanent War Against Humans and the Planet

    Major General Smedley Butler said it in a speech in 1933: “war is a racket.” Butler, who had joined the Marine Corps in 1898, predicted WWII and ongoing wars thereafter; he served his country for 34 years but understood how war worked and our limits in putting an end to it (1).

  • Brain James

    June 24, 2017 Actual Value of Coins Around the World

    A pocketful of loose change can feel like a pocketful of treasure. Those shiny gold- and silver-colored coins jangle so nicely when there’s plenty of them in reach. Even if coins mostly represent small amounts of money, it’s easy to imagine them as being much more valuable. So how much are they really worth, when you forget about their official value?

  • ICFubar

    Nice conclusion and comparison between verifiable internet news sources and the MSM which merely tries to tell you what to think.

    Another bone about Syria stuck in the west’s craw is that Syria’s central bank is independent of the west’s BIS debt money system and the country and its people cannot be harvested of their wealth by application of over whelming debt. As it is Syria’s social services are almost entirely free and utility costs are extremely low because the Syrian Central Bank prints the money needed so that the government can provide these services to the people instead of the nation borrowing itself and the people into debt oblivion from the international banking cabal. Iran and Libya have-had the same set up. One of the first acts by the west when Libya fell was to set up a BIS member central bank for Libya to enable the financial plundering of the nation and her people. Newly weds in Libya were given a government grant which enabled the couple to set up a new household being able to obtain housing for themselves while the government created new household formation as a boon to the economy. Again social services, education including university and utilities were either free or of very little cost for the Libyan people. The western banking debt money system wouldn’t want this practice to get around

    • Margaretemcewen

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      • cettel

        Go to hell,, Margaret T. McEwen, you spammer!!

    • Silverado

      What happened to Gaddafi’s gold and other precious metals after they did a hit on him?? Has that ever been accounted for or did the Clinton Foundation get that too??

  • Brain James

    June 25, 2017 Afghanistan: The World’s Largest Opium Producer

    Opium is used to produce heroin and other illicit opioids. In his book titled “The Politics of Heroin: CIA Complicity in the Global Drug Trade,” Alfred McCoy documented CIA and US government complicity in drugs trafficking at the highest official levels. It continues today in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, South and Central America, facilitating the global supply of illicit drugs.

  • Mike

    One point of discussion – the Wahhabi-based Al Qaeda and ISIL should not be lumped together with fundamentalist Islamic thinkers. The Wahhabi are a pre-existing tribal belief that latched onto Islam as an opportunistic ploy to continue their existence as an independent suzerainty. The region they rule over was pretty much contained, then ignored, by the Ottomans, as long as they paid tribute to the Sultan.

    While the Wahhabis do recruit from extremist Sunni factions, they do not represent Sunni thought in the mainstream. To believe they do is to fall into a battle against Islam itself, a battle which cannot discriminate between Sunni, Shi’a, and Wahhabi (because it is war, not negotiation), and allows the punishment of secular trends within Islam that are crucial to democratic governments wherever they have been established in the Middle East.

    • Zartan

      Your governmment has tricked you into a “War on Religion” ( War on God) by Starting it using the “Colored People” so that it would be acceptable to your palate. However, Chrisitan Extremism will be lumped into the Terrorist pot. The Constitutional “Freedom of Religion” has been Superceded by the FEAR of TERRROR!

      You know, if there really is a GOD, well, He should BEAT THE HELL OUT OF THE US GOVERNMET AND BBQ IT ON A STICK! There is no War on Muslim this or that, no, this is a WAR on GOD and it will begin with the Muslims and End with the Christians. All will be Abused and Murdered.

      So … Keep supporting the US governemnt, FOOLS!

  • Why so greedy

    • kimyo

      the greed is a side-effect of humans eating non-suitable food (ie: the grain-based diet which accompanies ‘civilization’). the most aggressive and murderous cultures are those fed by grain-based agriculture.

      the myth paints native americans as being the violent ones, but the reality is exactly the opposite. it’s the grain-fed war machine which wiped them out and now stretches across every corner of the planet.

      as a side note, rather than being a loathsome deviation, monsanto’s roundup is actually the likeliest outcome of a civilization based on agriculture.

      daniel quinn quotes (author of ‘ishmael’)

      “We’re not destroying the world because we’re clumsy. We’re destroying the world because we are, in a very literal and deliberate way, at war with it.”

      “This is considered almost holy work by farmers and ranchers. Kill off everything you can’t eat. Kill off anything that eats what you eat. Kill off anything that doesn’t feed what you eat.”

      “It IS holy work, in Taker culture. The more competitors you destroy, the more humans you can bring into the world, and that makes it just about the holiest work there is. Once you exempt yourself from the law of limited competition, everything in the world except your food and the food of your food becomes an enemy to be exterminated.

      Wheat gluten as a pathogenic factor in schizophrenia

      Schizophrenics maintained on a cereal grain-free and milk-free diet and receiving optimal treatment with neuropleptics showed an interruption or reversal of their therapeutic progress during a period of “blind” wheat gluten challenge. The exacerbation of the disease process was not due to variations in neuroleptic doses. After termination of the gluten challenge, the course of improvement was reinstated. The observed effects seemed to be due to a primary schizophrenia-promoting effect of wheat gluten.

      • No, I mean the massive greed of Americans.
        It can’t be generalized.

        • Todd Millions

          I define it as -Stupid Greedy.
          An addiction to not just gambling(…”which unlike the urge for drink or sex,doesn’t wear off”-Gore Vidal ,-Creation).
          Along with (including) a -Faith or belief in your rights to winning double or nothing over and over-without end. Remember-redemption is a Latin -Financial term . Not a religious one.
          This must also include an impaired ability to trace or anticipate causality.
          While never considering or working out the implications that the most
          effective divide and conquer gambit and/or strategy(s) is-
          The Generalization you seek Michiko is-
          This syndrome isn’t just an American one.
          Though I must concede that my cousins really are top flight going about falling into it.

          • No, American greed is very peculiar, no doubt.

      • Army of Addicts

        Well, you apparently are a grain eater, considering all the tongue lashings and brow beatings that you administer..

        • kimyo

          is zuesse honest? if so, why does he keep putting forth such obviously false propaganda (our votes deliver electoral representation, the sauds did 9/11)?

          if not, what deal with the devil did the admins here cut? they cannot possibly be publishing him by choice???

          the NATURAL reaction to page after page of bueller?…..bueller?…. zuessian propaganda is OUTRAGE.

          my diet has nothing to do with it.

          • Army of Addicts

            Have you read his Christ’s Ventriloquists?

          • kimyo

            i haven’t. it does have a promising title.

  • LeseMajeste

    Nice try, but without talking about the 900 pound gorilla in the room, Israel, Zuesse’s article lacks substance and legitimacy.

    He forgot to mention that Israeli pipeline that will send NG to Europe, using natural gas stolen from Egyptian, Palestinian and Lebanese fields..

    He also forgets to mention that this ME madness is a direct result of the decades old Zionist plan by the Zionist Oded Yinon, to bust up the ME, turning those states into mini-states, filled with anarchy, so
    Israel would be the ONLY power in that area.

    There’s also the paper written in 1996, mostly by Zionists and American Jews, that also put forth
    Yinon’s master plan of butchery, with a few of the writers also singing off on the PNAC doctrine that said American can be the one and only world power, but first we need something like a new Pearl Harbor, which conveniently came on 9/11.

    “A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm.”

    Oded Yinon’s “A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties”