Whistleblower: “The NSA Is Still Collecting the Full Content Of U.S. Domestic E-Mail, Without a Warrant … The NSA Cannot Identify Future Terrorism Because 99.9999% of What It Collects and Analyzes Is Foreseeably Irrelevant”

The man who designed the NSA’s electronic intelligence gathering system (Bill Binney) sent us an affidavit which he signed on the Fourth of July explaining that the NSA is still spying on normal, every day Americans … and not focused on stopping terror attacks (I’ve added links to provide some background):

The attacks on September 11, 2001 completely changed how the NSA conducted surveillance …. the individual liberties preserved in the U.S. Constitution were no longer a consideration. In October 2001, the NSA began to implement a group of intelligence activities now known as the “President’s Surveillance Program.”

The President’s Surveillance Program involved the collection of the full content of domestic e-mail traffic without any of the privacy protections built into [the program that Binney had designed]. This was done under the authorization of Executive Order 12333. This meant that the nation’s e-mail could be read by NSA staff members without the approval of any court or judge.


The NSA is still collecting the full content of U.S. domestic e-mail, without a warrant. We know this because of the highly-detailed information contained in the documents leaked by former NSA-contractor, Edward Snowden. I have personally reviewed many of these documents.

I can authenticate these documents because they relate to programs that I created and supervised during my years at the NSA.

[U.S. government officials] have also admitted the authenticity of these documents.


The documents provided by Mr. Snowden are the type of data that experts in the intelligence community would typically and reasonably rely upon to form an opinion as to the conduct of the intelligence community.

[The Snowden documents prove that the NSA is still spying on most Americans.]

When Mr. Snowden said that he could read the e-mail of a federal judge if he had that judge’s e­mail address, he was not exaggerating.


The NSA is creating a program that shows the real-time location of all cell phones, tablets and computers in the world, at any time. To have a state-actor engaging in this sort of behavior, without any court supervision, is troubling.


In their public statements, [government officials] claim that collection of information is limited, and is being done pursuant to Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (“FISA”). FBI Director James Comey recently described Section 702 of FISA as the “crown jewel” of the intelligence community.

Defendants, however, are not being candid with the Court. Collection is actually being done pursuant to Executive Order 12333(2)(3)(c), which — to my knowledge — has never been subject to judicial review. This order allows the intelligence community to collect incidentally obtained information that may indicate involvement in activities that may violate  federal, state, local or foreign laws.” Any lawyer can appreciate the scope of this broad language.   [Background.]


According to media reports, President Obama’s former National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, requested e­mail and phone records on President Trump and various members of his political campaign during and after the 2016 election.

According to these reports, the National Security Council (“NSC”) has computer logs showing when Rice requested and viewed such records. The requests were made from July 2016 through January 2017, and included President Trump and various members of his campaign staff According to an internal NSC report, the accessed information contained “valuable political information on the Trump transition.” Rice’s requests into Trump-related conversations increased following the presidential election last November. None of the requests were reviewed by any independent court.


We also know that certain NSA staffers have used their access to e-mail and phone calls to conduct surveillance on current and former significant others. The NSA has referred to this sort of action as “LOVEINT,” a phrase taken from other internal-NSA terms of art, such as “SIGINT” for signals intelligence.


Bulk collection makes it impossible for the NSA to actually do its job.

For example, consider the Pinwale program, discussed above, in which the NSA searches the collected data based on certain pre-defined keywords, known as the “dictionary.” The results from the dictionary search are known as the “daily pull.”

Eighty percent of the NSA’s resources go towards review of the daily pull. The problem is that the daily pull is enormous. It is simply not possible for one analyst to review all questionable communications made by millions of people generating e-mail, text messages, web search queries, and visits to websites. Every person making a joke about a gun, bomb or a terrorist incident theoretically gets reviewed by a live person. This is not possible. When I was at the NSA, each analyst was theoretically required to review 40,000 to 50,000 questionable records each day. The analyst gets overwhelmed, and the actual known targets — from the metadata analysis — get ignored.

This is clear from some of the internal NSA memos released by Edward Snowden and published by the Intercept. In these memos, NSA analysts say:

“NSA is gathering too much data. . . . It’s making it impossible to focus.”

“Analysis Paralysis.”

“Data Is Not Intelligence.”
“Overcome by Overload.”

Bulk collection is making it difficult for the NSA to find the real threats. [Indeed.]  The net effect from the current approach is that people die first. The NSA has missed repeated terrorist incidents over the last few years, despite its mass monitoring efforts. The NSA cannot identify future terrorism because 99.9999% of what it collects and analyzes is foreseeably irrelevant. This is swamping the intelligence community, while creating the moral hazards and risks to the republic ….

After a terrorist incident occurs, only then do analysts and law enforcement go into their vast data, and focus on the perpetrators of the crime. This is exactly the reverse of what they should be doing. If the NSA wants to predict intentions and capabilities prior to the crime, then it must focus on known subversive relationships, giving decision-makers time to react and influence events.

There is a second reason why data mining bulk collected data is a waste of time and resources: the professional terrorists know that we are looking at their e-mail and telephonic communications. As a result, they use code words that are not in the dictionary, and will not come up in the daily pull.


Thus, collecting mass amounts of data and searching it to find the proverbial needle in a haystack doesn’t work. It is fishing in the empty ocean, where the fish are scientifically and foreseeably not present.

Binney explains what we should do instead:

The truth is that there has always been a safe, alternate path to take. That’s a focused, professional, disciplined selection of data off the fiber lines.


I serve as a consultant to many foreign governments on the issues described in this affidavit. As such, I have testified before the German Parliament, the British House of Lords, and the EU Libe Committee on Civil Liberties on these issues. I also consult regularly with members of the European Union on intelligence issues.


it is my understanding that the European Union intends to adopt legislation requiring its intelligence community to get out of the business of bulk collection, and implement smart selection.


Smart selection is not enough. Governments, courts and the public need to have an absolute means of verifying what intelligence agencies are doing. This should be done within government by having a cleared technical team responsible to the whole of government and the courts with the authority and clearances to go into any intelligence agency and look directly into databases and tools in use. This would insure that government as a whole could get to the bottom line truth of what the intelligence agencies were really doing

I would also suggest that agencies be required to implement software that audits their analytic processes to insure compliance with law and to automatically detect and report any violations to the courts and others.

Indeed, Binney has patiently explained for many years that we know how to help prevent terrorism … and corruption is what’s preventing us from doing it.

Binney thinks we should get serious about motivating the intelligence agencies to do their job.

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  • Zartan

    Only idiots could run an intelligence agency to such levels of stupidity! Americans are paying for it, so, until Americans wake up and Stop the Gravy Train it will only get Worse.

    • Macon Richardson

      Only idiots or villains would run an intelligence agency in that way. Terrorism is big business for the political class. The more fear that is generated among the population, the more power the political class can accumulate. The more fear that is generated among the population, the more repression the political class can enforce with popular consent.

      • Zartan

        Yes, but those roads “all” lead to Major Wars. The more the US pays terrorists the greater the odds of ending up at war with a major power, like Russia. Eventually, the idiots running the FEAR become afraid and then all Hell Breaks Loose.

        There are Major Consequences coming. The Idiots in the Intelligence community will never see it coming. They will never make it to their bunkers, and if they do, they will be buried alive.

        • Macon Richardson

          I agree with you completely, Zartan. But you yourself said they were idiots, both in your original post and in your reply to me. They ARE idiots. And they are villains too. We have villainous idiots controlling our lives. There’s no escaping that fact. And I don’t see how we can escape the consequences.

          • Zartan

            Agree … Yes, indeed, the consequences are inescapable. Criminals, Government,and Stupidity go hand in hand. We are actually, Doomed. I read a report “somewhere” online from the British Intelligence Service that there are major concerns of nuclear arsenals being hacked, then the NSA accidently released advanced hacking tools. How stupid can they possibly be? And, I would put money on it that Somewhere in the Early Warning “SAC/TAC” network there is a Microsoft Operating System!

          • Macon Richardson

            Probably running Windows XP home edition.

          • Zartan

            Sure, no doubt, the worst possible!

          • This whole WW3 nuclear scare is for the sheeple. Directed Beam, Scaler technologies, etc. are so advanced that nuclear is for Neanderthals.

          • Macon Richardson

            Well, yes! For the sophisticate.

            I’m reminded of an Ogden Nash quote from the 1920s concerning seduction. “Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker.”

            Or this poem from Robert Frost:

            Some say the world will end in fire,
            Some say in ice.
            From what I’ve tasted of desire
            I hold with those who favor fire.
            But if it had to perish twice,
            Ice is also nice
            And would suffice.

            Again, the weapons you posit are elegant and sophisticate. They’re also nice and would suffice. But for the sheer blood lust of it, nuclear Armageddon can’t be beat. Not by a long shot.

          • zartan

            Does not matter, it will all happen, and we all have a front row seat.

          • You obviously have no idea regarding Directed Beam and Scalar technologies. You might want to try and get up to speed.

          • Zartan

            You fall for their science fiction and that is their goal. There are limits to technology and the Nuclear Weapon is the Most Powerful Weapon in the Arsenal. Scalar technologies are myth and theory.

          • You are a fool!

          • Zartan

            No, I am Very Wise.

            Worshipping America will only make you its Slave, Fool. You do not invent Boogie Man Stories to inflate the shadow of your idol. Your Idol is destined for Total Destruction.

            Hell, America, cannot even win the War in Afghanistan, Iraq, or anywhere else for that matter! They have no Miracle Weapons and they can be totally defeated with primitive weapons and tactics.

  • Denise Moitoza

    Sooo…..does this mean Hillary’s email is also on that server? Wouldn’t that be a hoot! Pretty sure Mueller & co are destroying as much evidence against Hillary as they can get their hands on.

    • Macon Richardson

      Well, of course Hilary’s emails are in the databank but I doubt that Mueller can get to them unless for evidentiary purposes. But I’m sure he doesn’t want them for that purpose.

  • William the Resolute

    I believe we need a Constitutional Convention to reform our Socialist government, impose term limits, stop lobbists, ban big pharma advertising,dissolve the Fed, etc, etc, etc.

    • A Constitutional Convention will only serve to allow NWO Zios to enshrine their wish list into the Constitution. Time to wake up!

      • Macon Richardson

        Yes, a constitutional convention would fling open the asylum doors and madness would reign.

      • William the Resolute

        I fear the same, the issue still remains that without drastic action the nation as we know it will cease and our fate sealed. The country is facing disaster due to the Fed and our crony Congress colluding with corporate interests and the MIC. The Globalists are at a stalemate but far from finished. We need term limits and to drop the Fed…that is all that should be considered because the Constitution should not be fundamentally altered.

    • Macon Richardson

      America does not have a socialist government. To think that is to to be deceived. What America has is a crony capitalist government. The parts you call socialist are merely bread and circuses to keep the untermenchen distracted. Granted, crony capitalism hands out money to the poor, but not out of Christian
      charity or as a form of socialism. What handing out the pittance to the poor does is to distract those who would like to have a socialist government which in fact, we do not have. The erstwhile socialists must be led to think that, not now but next time, we’ll have a socialist government. The British in the nineteenth century called it Fabian socialism after Fabius the Roman general who kept retreating and retreating before Hannibal, never engaging him in battle. (Hint: Hannibal is crony capitalism.)

      • William the Resolute

        Thanks for the detailed reply, my comment was a bit broad, more an indictment of Congress as a liberal political body than a factual statement. I feel that the Congress has become more and more compromised and has acquiesced to a certain extent to the Progressive Populism of the blue states that supported Bernie Sanders. Progressive Populism is soft Socialism. I am much more concerned with the Corporate/Intelligence Community conspiracy that is the deep state.

        • Macon Richardson

          Deep state is indeed the problem. Perhaps it always has been. Thank you for being patient with my pompous explanation of crony capitalism. It was late at night (I live in Malaysia) and had one beer too many (which at my age isn’t many at all).

    • Dave

      What good would that do for a government that simply ignores it. What we need is to enforce the Constitution and force the feds into compliance! And see to it that they reset all the millions and millions of laws and regulations that have removed all freedom and liberty in this country! How does millions of laws and regulations support the concepts of freedom and liberty!

  • Greg Burton

    You’re missing the point: the NSA (Israeli contractors) aren’t looking for ‘terrorism’ in the classic post-9/11 (false flag) sense of the word, but are looking to establish digital foot-prints, digital books for everyone on the planet to ascertain who will be a threat to the Satanic New World Order, and who would not be a threat. Once establish, then it is merely a process of removing, eliminating, marginalizing anyone and everyone who poses a threat to their hegemony.

    Zola’s Algorithm: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmfLYkcgJD8 https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/51959e8a058396e70c1f3a6886b7bc23a5a35de84cf3646e498ff376617b31df.jpg

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  • Silverado

    The NSA and the other intelligence agencies (the enemies within) have devolved into high tech clown shows devoid of any useful information. They are the real theater of the absurd in American govt today.

  • Apollyon

    It’s called information overload, it has always been a problem. It is the same reason that the TSA can not find all the test weapons at the check point. When you are sticking your hands down disabled 80 year old’s pants and toddlers drapers all clearly people that pose no threat, you have become irrelevant in the war on hijacking.

  • Dave

    They no longer exist to protect America. Their sole purpose is collecting anything and everything they can use against us, when needed! Look at washington, they are all 100% compromized! That’s why there is no one to pick up the first stone. How else do we explain the pedoesta brothers. No one is even looking at them, and there is a ton of reasons to be looking at them!