Why and How to Bring Environmental and Peace Movements Together

envirodestructionIf war were moral, legal, defensive, beneficial to the spread of freedom, and inexpensive, we would be obliged to make abolishing it our top priority solely because of the destruction that war and preparations for war do as the leading polluters of our natural environment.

I happened to read a report this week from a U.S. environmental think tank that advocates for the U.S. military to blow up trucks full of oil and gas. The trucks belong to ISIS, and the argument is that bombing trucks does less damage than bombing oil wells, and that — if you add in vague social and economic factors rather ludicrously quantified with numerical pseudo-precision — bombing trucks does less damage than doing nothing. The option of working nonviolently for peace, disarmament, aid, and environmental protection is not considered.

If we don’t start considering new options, we’re going to run out of options entirely. The roughly $1 trillion that the United States puts into militarism each year is the number one way in which war kills and the source of an infinity of not-yet-considered options. Tiny fractions of U.S. military spending could end hunger, the lack of clean water, and various diseases globally. While converting to clean energy could pay for itself in healthcare savings, the funds with which to do it are there, many times over, in the U.S. military budget. One airplane program, the F-35, could be canceled and the funds used to convert every home in the United States to clean energy.

We’re not going to save our earth’s climate only as individuals. We need organized global efforts. The only place where the resources can be found is in the military. The wealth of the billionaires does not even begin to rival it. And taking it away from the military, even without doing anything else with it, is the single best thing that we could do for the earth. The U.S. military is the leading consumer of petroleum around, the third-greatest polluter of U.S. waterways, the top creator of superfund environmental disaster sites.

Pre-presidential campaign Donald Trump signed a letter published on December 6, 2009, on page 8 of the New York Times, a letter to President Obama that called climate change an immediate challenge. “Please don’t postpone the earth,” it said. “If we fail to act now, it is scientifically irrefutable that there will be catastrophic and irreversible consequences for humanity and our planet.”

Among societies that accept or promote war making, those consequences of environmental destruction will likely include yet more war making. It is of course false and self-defeating to suggest that climate change simply causes war in the absence of any human agency. There is no correlation between resource scarcity and war or environmental destruction and war. There is, however, a correlation between cultural acceptance of war and war. But this world — and especially certain parts of it, including the United States — is very accepting of war, as reflected in the belief in war’s inevitability.

Wars generating environmental destruction and mass-migration, generating more wars, generating further destruction is a vicious cycle we have to break out of by protecting the environment and abolishing war.

Toward that end, many of us are planning an event in Washington, D.C., in late September that will bring together leading environmental and peace activists. You are encouraged to sign up and participate in #NoWar2017: War and the Environment.

We’re also taking a flotilla for peace and the environment to the edge of the Pentagon in the lagoon off the Potomac River. If you don’t have a kayak we’ll get you one. Sign up here.

Peace and planet! No more oil for wars!

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  • Zartan

    You need to think on a much larger platform. The planet is doomed so long as you have billions of idiots wanting to be like: America! God will have to clean up the mess. The military is an abomination and funds should be cut in half to fund “healthcare and education” for us citizens who go without so the military can Steal Kill and Destroy!

    People dump garbage at an incredible level in the Ocean and the Idiots in Japan are planning on dumping 1-billion tons of radio-active water into the Ocean. The Ocean is dying. If mankind is going to do anything to clean up the earth than “all” must participate and by stopping the garbage dumping in the ocean alone would be far better than worrying about Nonsense Gas! One Decade of Volcanic eruptions puts more Greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere than the entire industrial age. The environment and nature need real solutions, not more Idiots trying to sell Solar Panels and make more GD Pollution … DEAR GOD!!!

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    • Helenjblevins

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  • Zartan

    Oh, and if you want somewhere to protest, than Stop KISSING ASS, and go to Wall Street where the real business Lives. Put 1-million protesters on wall street, close the exchanges, and short that PIG! You could make enough on the short to feed the hungry! The US government wants you to protest in Washington where your protest is absolutely useless.

    If you love the environment, than Shorting Wall Street is How YOU GET YOUR GOVERNMENT TO OBEY. They Obey or their Profits go up in Smoke! You have to think, and it is required, because everything on this planet goes through NYSE. Control it and You control the World.

    Now, 500,000 people showed up in Washington to wear Vaginas on their Heads. I cannot say this with enough emphasis … “IF AMERICANS CANNOT FIND 1-MILLION TO SAVE THEIR GD SOULS FROM WALL STREET, THAN THEY SHOULD BE SHORT SOLD TO THE DEVIL.”

    And, if you fear violence, than STAY HOME and Be Useless, because the US government is the god of violence. However, I have given you the KEY, because with “1-million protesters the US police and military are checkmated.” Your demands will be met within 1-month provided “you can amplify the necessary force to close the exchanges” and let the media run wild. Downgrades and Capital Flight will have them Jumping out of Windows! Nation will turn Against Nation, and Bank against Bank …. And, all will be against the US government for such political instability. The world will demand that the people be OBEYED.

    Protests in Washington … Worthless.

  • animalogic

    One may wonder how useful it is to campaign against the (symptom of the) military, without attacking the obvious diseases of Imperialism & Capitalism. A military serves a function — in this case, an evil, wasteful & greedy function. Continue the military’s purpose & you’ll never get beyond nibbling at the edges of the problem….
    But it’s late in the day, & nothing short of militant progressive-socialist revolution has a chance of arresting this free-fall decline.

  • artguerrilla

    um, say what ? ? ?
    getting the ‘peace’ and ‘enviro’ movements ‘together’ ? ? ?
    isn’t that like getting the ‘hackysack’ and ‘tofu’ movements together, aren’t they already one and the same ? ? ?
    give zartan credit where credit is due: clueless libtards engaging in their own orthodoxy, their own authoritarianism, their own ineffectual donning of pink cat ears and shaking their fist at (some) politicians is so useless, Empire loves it ! ! !
    those pink dingleberry-wearing amazonians want to effect real change, do like zartan says, and have a million pussy march on wall street, break some goldman windows, throw a noose over a lamppost, and see if the little masters of the universe shit their sharply creased pants, IF you want to actually have some real influence on Empire…

    • Zartan

      Thanks …. Yes, it is very, very frustrating watching people denigrate themselves for the amusement of those in power! You do not beg your Leaders:You take Power from them. The Empire can be Crucified on Wall Street, but the People have to have some fight in them. Simply, going there and singing “kumbya” will not work. Mr Molotov makes an Excellent Cocktail, and I suggest, Strongly, that the American people learn how to mix them and party down on the NYSE. The Door is wide open “Anything YOU want” and All you have to do “America” is walk through that doorway, called the NYSE, and demand it because IT belongs to YOU.

      Healthcare … Easy!
      Educational Benefits … Cake!

      Basic Income … Doable!

      A stop to all the Illegal Wars Spying … Naturally.

      An End of Poverty …. It can happen, if the people are determined.

      Americans have been getting “GANG RAPED” by government. Taxes should have gone to the above “common” benefits, and infrastructure, not to “useless and illegal” wars to fund the empires of filthy capitalists for their profit. Trillions in Welfare for Bankers … Please, You Idiots should have HUNG your leaders for such! If Americans do not stop government they will be living on credit forever! And, Only Slaves Live on Credit. Trillions have been stolen, and given to FAT ASS bankers, from the Treasury of the United States. This is a Justifiable legal mandate for War.

      And, in conclusion, I do not care what your agenda … Put it on Wall Street ( with 1-million protesters) and You will get “anything and everything” your heart desires. You can even get “Trump or Obama” ( in a clown suit) to deliver it to you on a Golden Platter for your amusement. You Short Wall Street on massive protest and the entire “Global House of Cards” comes down on their filthy Heads, while Quad-Trillions of Derivatives will instantly become unstable! Bankers will be Jumping out of Buildings! If the US government does not OBEY it gets downgraded for political instability and capital flight. Then, US government “cannot pay its debt” and goes out of business.

      So what are the chances … You win, 100%, easy, and I am willing to bet that before you can even “assemble and mobilize” the Troops, the US government is begging for forgiveness and promising anything you want to keep their god wall street alive! You have to know their religion, Greed, and Strike at its Heart. With the Right Plan, Winning is Easy.

      Operation: “Sack Wall Street” is checkmate for the NWO.

      Spread the Word.

      • Tinacnelson

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  • gregdougall

    My recommendation for world peace is to follow everything Billy Meier has been telling us for the past 65 years. I would begin with everyone reading the Talmud Jmmanuel and the Goblet of the Truth, to end all fake phony and false religions, followed by a regulation of births and birth stoppage to naturally reduce the population which is 16.5 times the optimal sustainable level. Only reducing the criminal overpopulation will end the causes to the destruction of the environment. GOTT and the essay on the environment can be found for free here: https://billymeier.wordpress.com/downloads/

    • Zartan

      I like your idea, only, I would take it to the extreme … Stop all Human Births, by global government mandate, until God decides to give us back the 90-percent of our brains he took. God would most likely comply, or, His time to play with mankind is over. Putting everyone at 100-percent brain function would end all depravity, crime, need, dependency, war, destruction and it would even give YOU eternal life in human form. You would have absolute control of your immune system and could command it to eliminate that wrinkle and it would obey! No BS.

      My Idea would work, if people of faith learned to play hard ball with God. See, He takes advantage of your accidents to curse the generations … I would deprive Him of that evil. People need to really think about God, because there is much. much more to Him than you were told.

  • US force in Japan are much diligent in destroying our nature environment.
    They bomb, fire forest, what for?
    While we have only few extent of territory for our realm.
    Do that in your blue soil when you really need to wage vandalism, where you have broader land for your own.
    This is not anything like drill, but an operation clearly meant for destruction.
    US force is NEVER to be in Japan for PROTECTION, never.
    US force get out, we are in danger for their sake.
    You American voters OWE us the responsibility, it is YOU people who to remove the threat that your military is carrying out on a foreign country.