ZeroHedge Crushes Mainstream ‘News’ Media on June 8th

Eric Zuesse

Just look:

I think that any news-report of today’s Senate hearing on James Comey, that won’t be linking to this one from Zero Hedge at 11:34 AM on June 8th, will either be filching it (repeating it, without crediting it) or else be no significant or important (if even trustworthy at all) ’news’ about the hearing — because this news-report was the first one that captured what’s actually the biggest news of the day — and ZeroHedge should be credited for having done that (instead of labelled as ‘fake news’, such as the Washington Post and some other major ’news’media, which are less trustworthy than Zero Hedge, have done).

Truth is not a partisan matter. Unfortunately, lots of people think that it is, and get their ‘news’ only from media that feed whatever prejudices the given individual already happens to hold.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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  • Zartan

    This whole show is a silly witch-hunt. Comey has a Government T/S Clearance; ( highest level) interestingly, they ( the FBI) test your personality to make sure you can handle stress from Presidents or Other BOSSES without crumbling. They are very clever, especially, when you`re hooked up to a lie detector and being verbally questioned by 3-agents. They know Comey would not crumble because Trump Pressured Him with his hope!

    Comey is pandering to the audience.

    Simply, Comey is “acting” like he was intimidated. If He was so easily intimidated He never would have been granted His Clearance to do SPIT at that level. He will be grilled for this if Trumps Lawyers have brains. A marshmallow FBI director …. Anyone believe it?

  • ICFubar

    Trump’s lawyer has caught Comey in a lie under oath. His leaks were at the NYT the day before Trump’s tweets about Comey testifying about their face to face to keep Comey from lying his face off with threats of audio recordings of their meeting, which were Comey’s excuse for the leaks about swearing loyalty to the Trump admin rather than the Clintonites who hired him.Keep digging Comey…

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