The U.S. Uses Illegal Chemical Weapons … Again

Both the New York Times and Washington Post confirm that the U.S. used white phosphorous in densely populated Iraq and Syria.

Why does this matter?

The use of white phosphorus is a war crime under international treaties and domestic U.S. laws. For example, the Battle Book, published by the U.S. Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, contains the following sentence:

It is against the law of land warfare to employ WP [i.e. white phosphorous] against personnel targets.

And the U.S. called white phosphorous a chemical weapon when Saddam used it against the Kurds.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time … The U.S. has repeatedly used illegal chemical weapons.

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  • Paul Major

    It’s “white phosphorus” – “phosphorus” is a noun referring to the chemical element; “phosphorous” is an adjective.

    • Zartan

      Think about your statement.

      Think about how important that silly little English Perversion is when people ” especially. Children are being gassed and burned” by weapons that YOU ( taxpayer) pay for and support your nation.

      Now … Think ahead … You`ve passed away and must face The Creator with US TAXPAYER stamped on your forehead: ” A government by and for the people,” with voluntary tax support is going to hurt ( Eternally) in the afterlife.

      You will not be thinking about Typos then, buddy!

      How do you feel now about your silly comment?

      Again, Content outweighs Style … Even in Eternity!

  • matagordagreg

    PWP bombs were dropped all over Vietnam back in the late 60`s.

    • That’s why the vietnam game is coming back. Again.

  • Anti_Govt_Rebel

    And getting away with it. Why? Because they’re the US!

  • arnieus

    Making the world safe for hypocrisy.

  • Bob

    When the entire military offensive would be considered illegal I guess at that point it doesn’t matter about the legality of the weapons used. Am I to believe a death is somehow more justified when the method was a bullet instead of a “banned” weapon? It’s obvious the US and its allies do not have to abide by international laws when it comes to the use of force and weaponry. Only our enemies are subject to those laws.

    • Deplorably OutInTheStreet

      Those countries aren’t really required to abide by the laws; that’s not the intended purpose. The laws are for justifying full-scale bombardment, or worse, for whomever is in disfavor.

  • sufferingsuccatash

    Chemical weapons are being used on the civilian population of Flint.

  • Zartan

    How many times does it take for people to learn? The US government ( and you religious types will love this) is the god of this world. The US government writes the Laws and is not applicable to the Law. Anyone who goes against the US dictate gets Murdered, Droned, or their Nation is Sacked. The US government is the Law. Drone murders, and the worlds acceptance of such, confirms the world is held hostage by the US government.

    The US government is not opposed in finance, and if the American people could ever understand this reality, well, they could live like KINGS! US government can print every American a Basic Income, Free Healthcare, and FREE EDUCATION … and the WORLD will OBEY, or they Risk Nuclear War and their BANK being Sacked by the IMF. Nobody will downgrade the USG, no matter how NUTS the debt gets, because they fear for their lives. This FEAR and FAITH backs the USD to such a Power that GOD cannot even interfere … I know. Omar Gadaffi was Murdered because he wanted to drop the USD, for oil, and the whole world did NOTHING!

    White Phosphoroous …. Please!

    I have been telling Americans of this reality for decades, and I am right, becuase all those who were speculating on collapse, were right, but they FORGOT to add into the Equation the US governemnt as god of the earth, with the power, on a whim, to decide who lives and who dies.

    This changes Everything! Wake up and Smell the Coffee … America … You can have anything you want but you have to SHOW some GRIT or Your government will just PISS on you.

  • Sc00ter5111

    Hypocrisy and brutality are the hallmarks of U.S. foreign and domestic policy. We hung Japanese soldiers for the tortuous act of waterboarding U.S. POW’s. An untold number of “jihadists” we waterboarded died horrible deaths. Another number of our victims were so brain damaged that they were unable to assist in their own defense in the kangaroo courts where all evidence proving innocence was not allowed to be presented. We used power tools, electricity and torture techniques from the dark ages. So…what’s wrong with a little willy peter in the grand scheme, and the use of radioactive “dirty bombs” and biological agents on mostly women and children???children??? Our “first-responders” and the various government agencies, who also took the same oath, have cart-blanch to use all of these weapons and techniques on those they swore to “serve and protect” in the name of “safety” and “preserving freedom”. WTF????

  • Zartan

    Again, I must invoke the Powers of Spirit and put all of this Before the Creator. I Assume the position of HIGH PRIEST, because “and this is for the ETERNAL RECORD,” NONE, will dare to speak of the evil in which they are involved. They are only seeking gain and vanity ( see: 10 commandments) using God as their FOOL!

    Dear Lord, it is bad enough that you Cheated US of full use of our miserable pea-brains, ( 10-percent is a Joke) but to allow such evil (mankinds governments) to propagate and feed upon the most helpless is SIN on your behalf, dear lord.

    Let me explain, IF I were put in charge of a JAIL and I allowed murderers to murder other inmates, YOU, dear Lord would want to throw me into HELL for being as rotten as the Criminals. Right! Yes, I will answer for you because it is a commandment issue! Well, Dear Lord, None of your HIGH PRIESTS ( GOLD DIGGERS) will tell you the truth, now will they? Naturally, you would expect me to handle the situation, as a human, with 10-percent brain function risking danger to myself … DEAR GOD! Correct?

    However, I will be the FIRST, PERHAPS, to question YOU … “HOW ABOUT YOU ( Dear Lord) STOP THE MURDER, since, DEAR LORD, they are YOUR SPOILED ROTTEN CHILDREN and YOU are “Responsible for Everything” and Everything in this Entire Rotten Global MESS, Mr Alpha and Omega!

    Hey, at least I care eough to get LOUD ON YOU, dear lord.
    You know where to find me if you have a problem with my tone!

    Oh, and for you Religious Hypocrites … Revelation 6:10 ( the Elders) is in my Favor.


  • David Cameron

    Until the leaders of the Western world are held accountable to war crimes and other violations of international laws, there will be use of biological and chemical weapons on countries not part of the same cliques. Many countries in the Middle East and the continent of Africa have enough to bring certain leaders of the Western countries to justice. Bush, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rumsfield, Blair, and others are still alive. An international warrant should be executed for their extradition, and they should be used as an example to future leaders to abide by international law.