Talk Nation Radio: Ray McGovern on Russia and Syria

Ray McGovern has been studying/analyzing Russia for more than five decades, both in academe and government. A senior analyst at the CIA during the 80s, he also conducted early morning briefings, one-on-one, of the President’s Daily Brief for President Reagan’s most senior foreign policy advisers. McGovern’s work is supported by the ecumenical Church of the Saviour, which strongly believes that church/synagogue/mosque leaders must find ways to find their voice and speak out.


Total run time: 29:00
Host: David Swanson.
Producer: David Swanson.
Music by Duke Ellington.

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  • Zartan

    USA has plans to encircle Russia.

    Syria then Iran, and afterwards, perhaps, Russia?

    However, what is really troublesome is this POODLE, PUTIN, because He always obeys His CIA masters! He had the “once in History” chance to buy Greece, which would have given him Bases in Greece, Checkmating Nato, He Refused for a Paltry Sum. Putin is no chess player.

    He never sanctions US attacks on His allies; SO, you do not want Putin as an Ally. Sooner or Later, the US will Attack and Kill Assad, while Russia sits there with its tail inbetween its legs. Assad should be very careful. The US is copying Hitlers Blitzkrieg Diplomacy prior to War with France. Soon, there will be a Terrorist Attack on US forces, BY ASSAD, ( LIE) but it will necessitate total war on Assads Regime. Assad will be gone before Putin can Say BOO! Putin is a Fool.

    Russia did nothing to partner with IRAN and Venezuela ( which is under CIA banker attack for its oil reserves) in regards to an OIL PACT, which would have made RUSSIA an OIL Powerhouse! Putin is no Businessman.

    There is too much against PUTIN the POODLE. HE IS A “PUT IN” by CIA, and one has to inquire as to where HE ammassed his Billions? Perhaps, the CIA can answer?

    Putin will HELP the US invade RUSSIA, coming soon. History WILL Repeat itself, as they say, correctly, that Stalin Helped Hitler Invade Russia by killing Generals and Ignoring Warnings! Putin will do much worse for Russia than Stalin.

    • Zartan

      Cont … Oh, and in Addition,

      The us is testing the water by attacking Assads Forces. Putin foolishly did nothing ( He has to Answer back or it signals weakness) which encourages the psychology of the US military to attack. Putin is not moving troops into Syria in any reasonable way. A few Russian Armies packed into Syria would send the US into Wild flight: If I were Putin this US nonsense would end.

      Putin is preparing to Run.

      You will also remember that Massive Army Assembled by Turkey and Arab Nations? Big things will come, and Putin had better think, because Russia is the Strategic Objective of all of these moves. Sooner or Later, Russia will have to fight. Waiting for total encirclement and US missile shields to pop up everywhere is not a good idea.