Talk Nation Radio: Lisa Ling on Killer Drones

Lisa Ling is one of the U.S. drone whistleblowers profiled in the terrific movie National Bird. Ling is a former technical sergeant on drone surveillance systems, grew up in California and initially joined the military as an army medic and nurse. When it became apparent that she was adept with computers, she transferred to a combat communications squadron, which later became a so-called intelligence squadron. Her final deployment as a technical sergeant was to Beale Air Force Base, California, where she worked on the Distributed Ground System (DGS), a weapons system that makes use of drones to collect vast amounts of data to find and kill targets. Like other whistleblowers featured in the film, Ling had a top-secret clearance.


Total run time: 29:00
Host: David Swanson.
Producer: David Swanson.
Music by Duke Ellington.

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  • Zartan

    Very Interesting, and congratulations for your good nature: It is very hard to come out against the US government, you are a true Hero.

    Drone warefare is simply “illegal” and there is no justification for its murder. The US is involved in illegal warfare and that is where our tax monies go. So, what are we fightinng for, indeed!

    well, I had a suggestion that everyone “gather” on wall street and “short the exchanges,” until “we” get Free Education and Healthcare, for two items, but I am looking for 10, because if “any” group of americans ( 500k-1-million) assemble on wall street and demand change, the US government will become your Slave.

    You have to strike the HEART of those WHO control your Government; and that HEART is Wall Street with its bankers and industrialists. You have only to checkmate Wall Street and You control the World.

    The US government will do anything, and I mean anything, ( Basic Income, Healthcare, Education) for a group “any group” that shows such unity; because it cannot afford to be downgraded ( political instibility) or it goes bankrupt ( rates fly) the whole house of cards ( Quad-Trillions in Derivatives) comes down on its head. Americans have to learn to use leverage!

    Americans will get “anything they want” if they show some focus, unity and discipline!

    No More Wars …. EASY, but what will Americans do with the Trillions in annual savings?