Smoking Gun Proof that Russia Hacked the Entire World

As shown below, the allegations that Russia has been hacking the entire world have been thoroughly vetted and verified.


Germany’s intelligence agency accused Russia of deploying cyberattacks to destabilize the government!

(But German intelligence agencies later found no evidence of Russian interference.)

And last December, German security officials said that Russia hacked secret German communications and provided them to Wikileaks (English translation).

(But German officials later concluded that the communications were likely leaked from an insider within the German parliament, the Bundestag (English translation)).


The Washington Post, New York Times (and here), Reuters, Politico, Register and many other mainstream publications  claimed that the Russians hacked the French election, just like they hacked the U.S. election.

The head of the NSA claimed that the NSA watched the Russians hack the French elections:

(But the French government later said there was no trace of Russian hacking.)


CNN reported that U.S. officials suspected that Russia had hacked Qatar’s state news agency, causing a rift with Saudi Arabia.

(But the Qatari government later said it wasn’t Russia.)


The Washington Post published a story claiming that Russian hackers penetrated the US power grid through a utility in Vermont.

(The Post subsequently admitted that – according to officials close to the investigation – “the incident is not linked to any Russian government effort to target or hack the utility”, that the incident only involved a laptop not connected to the electrical grid, and there may not even have been malware at all on this laptop.)

When a treasure trove of secret NSA tools were revealed, Russian hackers were blamed.

(But it turns out that it was probably a leak by an NSA insider.)

And of course the evidence that the Russians hacked Democratic party emails and leaked them to Wikileaks – and otherwise stole the election away from Clinton – is extremely strong.  After all, the mainstream press has said so.

(Maybe not so much …)

So you see? It’s been proven that Russia has hacked the world …


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  • JerseyCynic

    “We have… GOT… to get organized!”
    ~Officer Norman Jones

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  • Zartan

    The US government is the worlds Terrorist and Hacker! The NSA has hacked everyone on the planet. Forget about Russia. Russia is a Distraction by a Government who spies on everyone and corrupts all elections around the Globe. There is nothing more Bizzarre then for people to be crying about Russia when the US government is magnitudes of order worse.

  • Carl_Herman

    Outstanding, GW; thank you. Step-by-step forward 🙂

  • Steven

    That the Democratic Party and it Wall Street / military industrial complex sponsors think they can continue to sell this BULLSHIT to the American (and world) public shows just how out of touch – and delusional about their powers of persuasion / propaganda / public diplomacy – they are. The aversion to the Democratic Party goes way beyond Hillary Haters and the institutional corruption on which the Clinton Foundation feeds (fed?). There is a BI-PARTISAN ‘Washington swamp’ and it is way past time for someone, some party, actually serious about cleaning it out!

    P.S. Anyone serious about peace and national security ought to be deeply concerned about all this. The neoconservatives are setting a disturbing model for up-and-coming powers like Russia and China as they continue to weaken the US with their needless wars, geopolitical ‘Great Games’ and Defense (SIC) Department crony capitalism. One of these days the threats they daily parade for short term political profit (like their Wall Street sponsors) may become real.

  • nicu79

    Say what about the $5 billion Vicky Nuland provided for the Ukrainian coup adn chaos?

  • Stop Bush and Clinton

    But of course all of us who think there’s nothing to the Russia hacked XYZ myths are just thinking that because the eeeeevil Russians hacked our brains!

  • MikeW_CA

    Russians hack everything all the time. They try to hack my personal email server. It’s just what they do.