Nobody Wants Trump in Office More Than Democrats

Ordinary people who identify themselves as Democrats have a variety of mostly noble intentions and desires. Elected Democrats in Washington, D.C., are another matter entirely. When voters gave them majorities in Congress in 2006, telling exit pollsters that the top reason was to end the war on Iraq, Rahm Emanuel openly told the Washington Post they planned to keep the war going in order to run “against it” again in 2008. And they did. And it worked. And it was all open and transparent, but nobody really cared. Refusing to end the war or impeach Bush was ranked as “less evil” than being Bush.

If Democratic politicians had some desire to accomplish something (ending wars, saving the earth’s climate, closing prisons, whatever) they would work to create a culture in Washington in which those who abuse power are held accountable, subpoenaed, held in contempt, impeached, removed, unelected. Because their only goals seem to be staying in office, pleasing funders, getting on TV, etc., they are the top supporters of keeping Donald Trump in office through 2018, after which they will tell us that it would really be best to keep him around and run “against” him again in 2020. Republicans, in contrast, are generally turned off by such prospects.

The Democrats’ cynical calculation is the source of a great deal of the “Pence would be worse” malarkey we hear. In reality it doesn’t matter who comes next in comparison to whether who comes next can be held to the rule of law. But you won’t convince an elected Democrat of that. Instead you have to convince them that we will make their lives a living hell unless they impeach Trump, and that impeaching Trump will win them support.

If Democrats cared about either doing their job or removing Trump from office, they would be going after Trump right now for illegally shooting down a Syrian plane, illegally drone bombing numerous nations, conducting numerous illegal wars, illegal prejudicial bans on immigrants, illegal willful destruction of the earth’s climate, unconstitutional domestic and foreign profiteering from his public office, and a whole laundry list of crimes from sexual assault to voter intimidation.

The Russia obsession has, I think, three clear motivations:

1) It shifts blame from a broken U.S. election system, a lousy Democratic candidate, and the DNC’s rigging of its own primary to a foreign entity.
2) It sells a lot of weapons.
3) It keeps Trump in office.

Is that third one the hardest to understand? Think about it this way: If you wanted to “investigate” one of the other charges I list above, the investigation would be instantly over. The evidence is public and beyond dispute. But if you hold “investigations” of vague Russian something-or-other, you can go for months or years with the top news story being whose lawyer hired their own lawyer and other tangential cow pies, keeping “Trump did some evil treasonous thing” in the news for every crazed gun-owner and potential voter to hear over and over again, without actually removing Trump from office.

Of course, I’d love to be proved wrong. That would require action by members of Congress.

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  • LostInTheStars

    I am a big fan of David Swanson, but the logic here is convoluted and weak. First of all, I think elected Democrats DO want to impeach Trump. Saying so keeps them well-liked by their base. Secondly, there is no evidence for a collusion with Russia and and thirdly as Jonathan Turley has pointed out, the evidence for obstruction of justice seems too weak to ever convict the guy. A stronger argument could be made that Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch obstructed justice.

    As to Mike Pence, he may well indeed be worse. His presidency would be at least as bad as that of Donald Trump.

    Trump is vulgar. I disagreed with 90% of what he ran on and 100% of what he has actually done. But disagreeing is not grounds for impeachment. Neither is being vulgar.

    Nothing nowaday makes a Democratic politician more re-electable than saying he or she wants to impeach Donald Trump. And cries for impeachment have not worked. Trump’s approval rating is back up to 50%. Yelling, screaming, and p*ssy hats are, in my opinion counterproductive. So are Rachel Maddow’s nightly Glenn-Beck-like connecting of unrelated dots. As far as I am concerned Democrats are acting just as crazy and Donald Trump. Instead, they need to listen to and reconnect with the working class. And they need to work for peace and justice just as David Swanson does regularly.

    I agree with Swanson when says the Russian obsession sells a lot of weapons and distracts Democrats from self-examination. But he calls these reasons to impeach Trump. This makes no sense. You can do better, David.

    • Macon Richardson

      Lost, you say, “I think elected Democrats DO want to impeach Trump. Saying so keeps them well-liked by their base,” While “saying so” does keep them well-liked by their base, it in no way implies that elected Democrats DO want to impeach Trump.

      Words and assertions keep politicians well-liked by their base but those words and assertions must be seen by now as barely if at all linked to what the politicians actually believe, want to do or plan to do.

  • animalogic

    I’m not sure I “get” this article. At best it seems a very weak attempt to state “the bleeding obvious”. Wow, the democrats are a bunch of cynical scumbags: who knew ?
    “If Democratic politicians had some desire to accomplish something…” Isn’t this obvious ? Obvious since Clinton, never mind the last one.
    God sake, David, move beyond the the bleeding democrats: they are DRECK, just like the other mob of shiess.

    • Valdschippers

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  • diogenes

    Until Americans at large realize the obvious, that both the Elephant Mask and the Donkey Mask are owned and operated by THE SAME PUPPETEERS, and think about how we can go around this institutionalized subversion of democracy and make democracy work in America, nothing will change, except for the worse, as it has been doing for over 50 years.

    Naturally all parties to this predatory system work hard to prevent this realization. With this in mind, it bears repeating, that the NUMBER ONE reason for the latest round of demonization of Russians is — obviously, to any adult with open eyes, that

    ” It shifts blame from a broken U.S. election system, a lousy Democratic
    candidate, and the DNC’s rigging of its own primary to a foreign