Illinois Governor: “We’re Like a Banana Republic”

Illinois is teetering on the edge of bankruptcy.

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner said this month:

We’re like a banana republic ….

We can’t manage our money.

Well, yes … all of America has become a banana republic.

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  • ICFubar

    When the people see their supposed leadership, in both the political and business spheres and in collusion treat the State, Nation and its People as a revenue source to be stripped to the bone without mercy, the people will gradually withdraw their support from those abusing them as they are each individually driven into economic distress or poverty. The Governor of Illinois suddenly proclaiming that this collusion has ruined the State as he personally has been a willing participant to these ends is a bit rich. This is much like the boy with dirt on his hands saying he wasn’t the one who suggested pulling up all the carrots from the garden as he and his accomplices divvied them up and ate them. Now if the people accept this turn of events as with an ‘oh well what can we do’ attitude then the shame of this theft is theirs to bear.

  • Zartan

    One Solution … Close Wall Street and Short the NYSE, until Change is Made. When the people grow a backbone and realize where all the power is centralized, only then, will the people have a prayer.

  • lernin

    It’s hard t imagine anything better when the US Dollar currency is only on loan to the government at interest, that can only be paid back by borrowing MORE. Seems the snowball effect is lost on too many.

  • JerseyCynic
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