Corbynize This Trumped Up World

Making Jeremy Corbyn the Prime Minister of the U.K. would do more for the world and everyone in it than either of the two available outcomes of any recent U.S. election could have done. Here in the U.S. I always protest that I am not against elections, I think we should have one some day. Well, now we have one — only it’s across the pond.

Corbyn’s record is no secret, and you don’t need me to tell you, but I have met him and spoken at events with him, and can assure you he’s legitimate. He’s been a dedicated leader of the peace movement right through his career. He had the decency last week to point out yet again that invading and bombing countries and overthrowing governments produces terrorism; it doesn’t somehow reduce it or eliminate it or “fight” it.

Britain is the key co-conspirator in U.S. wars. One real-life Love Actually refusal to bow before Emperor Donald, and the facade of super-hero law enforcement will begin to crumble, revealing a rogue serial killer standing naked in his golden hotel suite.

The world needs an actual popular elected response to U.S. aggression against the world’s poor and the earth’s climate. A ho-hum housebroken Frenchman who’s not a fascist isn’t the same thing. Corbyn supports successful Scandinavian socialism, demilitarization, environmental action, and aid to those in need. He works within the government and is held back by his party. But he doesn’t lie. He doesn’t sell out. He makes the case for wise and popular policies as powerfully as he’s able.

Want people to believe representative government is compatible with capitalism? Want well-behaved voters the world over to imagine that the corporate media can actually be overcome? Stop grasping at Congressional candidate gun-nuts who happen to be Democrats. Stop telling vicious lies about Russia in an attempt to travel back in time and cause a corporate militarist hack to win the White House. We actually have an election between an actually good candidate and one of the usual monstrosities we’ve become so used to.

Contact every young person you can who can vote in this election. Contact every possible organization and entertainer who might help spread the word. Get every Hollywood star who ever tried to rock the vote but didn’t have anyone to promote who people actually wanted to vote for to notice this golden opportunity. Telling young Brits to get out and vote for Jeremy will do more to spread democracy than destroying Syria, starving a million children in Yemen, or occupying Afghanistan for another 50 years.

Young people, sadly, have seen through our scams. They’ve heard us cry wolf too many times. Yet if you ask them who they would have voted for, they tell you the better candidate. Now here’s an actually great candidate, and their televisions are telling them that they are powerless to do anything. And they refuse to see through that scam. You have to help them see through it! You have to find somebody hip enough to help them! Young British people are our last hope, and it’s your job to encourage them.

We could have a world in which a leading wealthy “democracy” has a government that responds to majority opinion. We could have a world in which London says to Washington: “You want another war, we won’t help you pretend it’s legal. In fact, we’re drafting a brief for the prosecution and will see you in court.” The people of the United States need that fig leaf torn away, need the pretense that mass murder is legal and necessary ended in our own minds. The peace, prosperity, sustainability, and friendship awaiting us is too much for us to even imagine. What might help us do it, what might make us believe that “hope” and “change” and other concepts we’ve almost come to despise could actually be possible would be making Jeremy Corbyn Prime Minister.

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  • Zartan

    Anyone can occupy the office of president. The problem comes from LAME and USELESS people who do not know how to Command their Government. You will either COMMAND it or it will Command YOU. The people of the World are Responsible for their Leaders. Those who do not like to protest are even more guilty. Hey, in the End, they will BLAME YOU ( the people) so, Wake up and Smell the Coffee!

  • Brabantian

    Over & over again, people fall for these fake ‘heroes of the people’ … There is a very dark side to Jeremy Corbyn … he is likely another fake ‘Leftist’, an agent of elites to sabotage the Left, just like those Syriza hoaxers in Greece who sold out the Greek people to the bondholders

    Corbyn tragically ignored multiple grave complaints from child abuse victims & whistleblowers over years, whilst “child abuse rings were operating within all 12 of the borough’s children’s homes” in his district – Corbyn had a child-rape convicted Constituency Agent, too … more info on this with supporting evidence collated by tireless UK researcher Aangirfan on her site

    Corbyn is a Rothschild man, to top it off … Corbyn’s father worked for Victor Rothschild during WW2, Victor so powerful he was able to sack a BBC Director General … The Corbyns & Rothschilds were Wiltshire neighbours … J Corbyn seems to have been groomed as an elite stooge to sabotage UK leftism at the right moment, which is now

    The ‘fake hero of the people’ is the best trick of the oligarch cabal … for example, most people still have no idea that both Edward Snowden & Julian Assange are flat-out obvious frauds run by the USA intel agencies:

    • cityspeak

      The world you describe is a hall of mirrors. So either everything is completely controlled and then we no longer have to think or act and may just sit still why this demented experiment goes forward or there still are occasional alternatives offered and push back to counter the current system.

      The current system is breaking down very fast and Western societies are beginning to see the decades long lies of militarism and neocolonialism.
      People like Corbyn now stand as an alternative. If he enters office and then turns to serve the .01% of your country then you Brits can share the Obama experience along with us Americans. Think of it as a bonding process.
      Plus it makes it harder for them to hoodwink you again, see HRC’s electoral demise.

      Of course we have DT. which is another sham but wait as that side realizes, as many of us on the left realized with Obama, they are their to enrich themselves and serve their masters.

      Once you ask your population what do they think of the government that rules them and the majority laugh out loud in your face then things get shook up. Think USSR in the 90’s.
      For this machine to work you have to believe and buy the crap they are selling you. Once that is gone the machine stops and is dismantled. Ideally the next system is better, no guaranties there but here is to hope.

      • 200 Years Together

        You are never allowed into the “Club” unless you are one of them. These “outsiders” are just media fodder to get people to think things will change. 90% of federal employees retain their jobs every election. Changing the president does nothing.

  • cityspeak

    I fear he will have an up hill battle and much of the venom will come from the neoliberal left.
    The first time I heard of Corbyn was a few years ago by a friend that always had a list of Bush/ GOP jokes on hand and would spout them off when he’d see you. They were usually very funny.

    He started taking about Corbyn to me and went off on “how out of touch he was and completely clueless on running things”. I decided to look into the man myself and soon realized why a self identified American liberal would see him as a threat to the status quo and must be ridiculed and ostracized.
    A few years laters I saw the “train sitting situation” and how the British media went out of their way to show this as a sign of what “an incompetent strange old guy he is”. His response was I’m not going to pull rank and secure myself a seat and riding like other passengers lets me see what the real conditions are with our mass transit system.
    Corbyn’s recent statement of the source of the Manchester attacks are the bravest and most honest assessment of what and where the West went wrong, lie down with dogs, get up with fleas.
    I wish him success in guiding his country to a much saner and less violent future.

    • Shannonipressley

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    • Mabelwbernard

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  • cstahnke

    Corbyn is a remnant of the deep strain of (authentic) leftist politics that has not only found favor among the young but has some quiet support from the ruling elites who are alarmed at the current situation in Britain and the world. The issue is, quite simply, is the UK going to continue to be a vassal state or pursue its own interests? Though the owners of the media and the intel services who, in part, run nearly all the Western media are 98% in favor of the status-quo oligarchical order, I believe the Empire is beginning to unravel because there is more division within the ruling class than is apparent.

  • Zartan

    It does not matter who is president. The people are sheep and have no understanding. You have a society that allows itself to be raped for military entitlement programs and illegal war. They will offer up their souls to government for nothing in return. They fail to understand that when they get old their health fails and the liens get placed on that overpriced property they slaved away for, that is, if property tax does not bury them first.

    Why Hope and Pray, there is only GOD in that department, and all of your politicians are sold out to special interests. Your chances of being answered by GOD are Greater than anything changing in this GODFORSAKEN EARTH.

    Hey, it is the truth. Like it or not, nothing changes.

  • Rehmat

    On May 4, 2017, Lord Daniel William Finkelstein in an opinion post at Israeli propaganda organ The Jewish Chronicle said that like Tony Blair, a war criminal, he too believe that Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn is too weak to defeat the ruling Tory party lead by prime minister Theresa May.

    “If Jeremy Corbyn and his followers do not suffer a gigantic defeat in this election, it will be an utter, complete, ghastly disaster for Jews,” Finkelstein claimed.

    “It will mean that despite all that has happened in the past two years, all his supporters have said about Jews, people – even Jews, for goodness sake — can still support him. What’s a little antisemitism between friends? Indeed, respected community leaders are about to set out trying to persuade other Jews that it is all right voting for a party whose leader calls Hamas friends,” added Finkelstein.

    David Finkelstein is a former politician and executive editor of The Times of London. On January 18, 2009, he claimed at the Daily Mail that his mother Mirjam Weiner and Anne Frank studied at the same Montessori in Amsterdam.

    On April 28, 2015, British investigative journalist and author Nafeez Ahmed in an article claimed that Lord Finkelstein sits on board of US-based think tank Gatestone Institute which wants to flush out Muslims from Western countries.

    In Britain like the US and France, Jewish minority votes depending on party’s blind support for the Zionist entity is the most important factor in wining election. No wonder Judaism has been called the creed of Thatcherite, Blairites and Thereserites.

    Dr. Dave Rich, deputy director UK’s Jewish Lobby (CST) in his recent book, The Left’s Jewish Problem: Jeremy Corbyn, Israel and Antisemitism, argued that to Corbyn’s generation of leftists, Zionism is a racist, colonialist ideology, and Israel an illegitimate remnant of Western colonialism in the Middle East.

    On April 27, 2017, Tony Greenstein (an Israeli asset) posted on his blog: “It was inevitable that when Jeremy Corbyn won the leadership of the Labour Party that he would face intense opposition. Unlike the Labour Left, the Right has demonstrated, as Tony Blair has made clear, that it would prefer a Tory victory than a Labour government led by Corbyn. The phone line must have been busy between the American and Israeli Embassies when Corbyn was elected Labour leader. British Intelligence must have worked overtime dreaming up dirty tricks. The idea that someone who opposed the nuclear ‘deterrent’ and wanted out of NATO could be allowed to lead, unchallenged, the second major party in the United Kingdom, America’s major ally in Europe, was unthinkable. That and that alone is what lies behind the manufactured anti-Semitism crisis that hit the Labour Party. It is to Corbyn’s shame that not once did he stand up to the bogus anti-Semitism campaign. There is no excuse. When he stood for election as leader he himself was accused of working with holocaust denier Paul Eisen.”

    Tony Blair recently said that he would rather see his Labour party defeated than Jeremy Corbyn becoming country’s prime minister. The Labour Friends of Israel want London Mayor Sadiq Khan to replace Jeremy Corbyn.

    And finally some prediction from Maurice Mcleod, British journalist, businessman and supporter of Jeremy Crbyn. He says with all anti-Corbyn propaganda, the man has a slim chance to become country’s next prime minister. “Make no mistake, if you think Theresa May has been reactionary so far, just wait until she has a five-year mandate and a 100-MP majority,” he said.