Comey Leaked Memos to the Press (Through a Friend) For the Purpose of Forcing the Appointment of a Special Prosecutor

Former FBI head James Comey told a Congressional hearing today that he gave his memos regarding conversations with Donald Trump to a friend – Columbia law school professor Daniel Richman – so his friend would get it to the press.

The reason Comey gave the memos to his friend to leak to the press?

Comey hoped that it would cause a special investigator would be appointed.

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  • Zartan

    Who Cares? This whole “nonsense” is a baseless witch-hunt at immense taxpayer cost. So … Trump said “HE HOPES” … SO? Obviously, this ( or rather Comy`s feelings of impotence) “psychologically profiles” COMEY as totally out of HIS league. IF you cannot handle the KING, and you get Silly in His Presence, like a common peasant, than you do not belong in the Kings court.

    Comy …. A Silly little Man!

  • FireAnt

    Comey may be 6 foot 8 inches tall but he’s a very short employee when measured by integrity and loyalty to We the People. He’s just another disloyal hold over from Obama’s gang.