U.S., Jordanian Forces Build Up On Syria, Jordan Border; Possible Invasion On The Horizon

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post

Weeks after a cross-border invasion of Syria by U.S. forces under the guise of rescuing moderate terrorists from the grips of extremist terrorists in southern Syria, there are signs that a much bigger invasion is set to take place in the near future.

Damascus is now on high alert after footage gathered from a drone revealed the presence of around 400 U.S. and Jordanian military vehicles at a Jordanian military base located near the Syrian desert. The base is located east of az-Zarqa, which is 43 km away from the Syrian border. Tanks were also spotted and were reported to be M60s.

You may view some of the pictures taken by the drone at al-Masdar News by following this link.

It is suspected that the foreign military convoys may launch an incursion into Syria in order to assist the terrorist Free Syrian Army (FSA) based near the al-Tanf border crossing.

FSA allied forces have already entered Deir ez-Zour and Sweida numerous times in 2017 and have come close to Palmyra and Damascus, threatening combat with the Syrian military. If U.S. forces attempt to aid the FSA, such a move could lead to direct combat between Syrian and American military forces.

Earlier this week, Syrian Foreign Minister, Walid Muallem, stated that “We are not in confrontation with Jordan, but if the Jordanian forces invade our territories without coordination with us, we will consider them the enemy forces,”

The Syrian military has already launched a major offensive on the Damascus-Baghdad highway in order to break FSA rebels away from the al-Tanf border crossing and to link up with Iraqi forces on the border.

A report by al-Masdar cited an unnamed intelligence source who stated, “We have intelligence reports revealing the build-up of US and Jordanian forces near the border.

Jordanian and U.S. forces have also begun a massive military training exercise known as Eager Lion that involved about 7,400 troops from 20 nations. As Middle East Eye reports,

Bill Hickman, the US deputy commander for the US army in the region, said this year’s “Eager Lion” exercises, the seventh since the first held in 2011, are “the largest and most complex to date”.

The exercises come amid reports that Iran had offered to send troops to the southern areas of Syria to support the government of Bashar al-Assad in response to a reported buildup of US backed-forces near Jordan’s border.

Such military training exercises can be used as cover for troop placement and even for actual cover for actual deployment.
As far back as June 29, 2015 and according to a report by the Financial Times, the Jordanians plan to implement a “buffer zone” on the southern border with Syria, stretching across the provinces of Deraa and Suwayda. The “buffer zone” would most likely include the city of Deraa and, like the Turkish/American desired incarnation, a “militarized zone” to “separate the buffer area from government forces.”While the Jordanian military would obviously be involved, the zone was largely to be manned by terrorists receiving support from the United States and the West.

The plan to destroy Syria using Jordan as a staging ground has been in the works since at least 1983, when it was written in CIA documents that using Iraq in the east, Turkey in the North, Israel in the south, and Jordan in the southeast would be one possible method of breaking Hafez al-Assad. Later, it was discussed by financier think tank, Brookings Institution, that Syria and Bashar al-Assad could be broken using an identical strategy (with ISIS instead of Iraq) and creating a “multi-front war” that would prevent Assad’s forces from responding adequately.

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  • WillDippel

    As shown in this article, since 1986, the United States has been planning to use various methods to topple the Assad regime:


    The current war in Syria is part of America’s long-term plan for the Middle East.

  • Dr Mindbender

    Assad and Russia had better come up with a plan. Otherwise, they are going to get Sacked. Putin better commit troops or he is inviting Invasion. There is also a massive coalition on Turkeys Border. I do not think Vladimir is a Chess Player. He has left the battlefield Empty. If He was a Chess Player, than He would park a few massive divisions of Russian Troops on Syrian Ground this would deter a US/SAUD Invasion.

    • I always thought it was slightly suspicious that they didn’t finish off Deash when the opportunity presented itself.

      • Dr Mindbender

        Unconventional Warfare is very difficult to win.

        This could all go on, until Jesus Returns!

        Now, I have the solution for Mosul, simply, pay the 1,000, or so, still fighting to stop. It would be cheaper than letting the US drop Million Dollar Bombs … However, I want a cut for the Solution. Alexander the Great used similar tactics when necessary.

        The entire US high command “would have been beheaded” by the Emperor in Ancient China if they wasted so much Treasury fighting bandits! Tsun Tzu warns about this type of foolishness! Never engage Bandits!

      • Kapricorn4

        Putin was not going to put Russian boots on the ground in Syria to defeat Daesh, since that would have been a serious escalation of the conflict. It was enough that he thwarted a potential US bombing campaign.

        • Had the Russians done that it could have been over already.

          The impending blitz into Syria will secure territory East of The Golan heights, and can instead be used for dividing Syria into several smaller easier to manage states including a possible Caliphate, which is exactly what the Neocons, Israel and Al Saud had in mind all-along.

          Leading up to all this, Israel has asked Trump to recognize Israeli sovereignty over the Golan, which as you might know, is also the location of one of the richest oil discoveries in recent times.

          Golan Heights, Israel, Oil and Trump

  • andrew1212

    Last year the CIA released a trove a documents–I went through a few of them and tried a few searches. One of the docs that popped up was a Presidential Daily Brief from 1976 which was interesting to read through. Apparently Saudi Arabia was buying Jordan a fleet of F-16 fighter jets–the PDB was referencing how to tippy-toe around some red tape for the actual payment.

    I’m not sure if the actual sale ever took place; but the PDB opened my eyes a bit as to how long and deep Saudi money goes.

  • The consequences of an invasion.

    Acts of aggression against another nation is another war crime in the making.

    Gaining control over territory which can be used as a base to launch further attacks for the ultimate goal of installing Neocon approved puppet government prior to the next phase….Iran.

    Gaining control over territory will ultimately lead to a stand of….Don’t be surprised when the controversial Qatar Turkey pipeline will be laid, just like fracking equipment was being installed in Eastern Ukraine while dodging rebel bullets.

    Holding and controlling territory will enable the Neocons to try break up Syria into several smaller and easier to manage states, even an Islamic State.

    To enter from Jordan also gives the strategic advantage of controlling the disputed oil rich territory East from the Golan Heights.

    With all that satellite imagery, I’d be on the lookout for heavy equipment and pipelines, the pipelines can be hidden in shipping containers, not the heavy digging equipment, they will be harder to hide, while it is possible that some of the pipeline is already been laid in Qatar.

    • Patriciafyoung

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