U.S. Human Rights Groups Recommend Bombing Victims Move Underground, Develop Militias

The International Committee of the Red Cross and InterAction (a coalition of U.S. human rights groups) have published a report on how to protect civilians when waging war on cities. They seek to catalog the “humanitarian challenges specific to urban warfare.”

While I would not (one wishes it were needless to say) prefer that they strive to maximize the human destruction possible in urban warfare, I want to note that any report seeking to address the humanitarian challenges specific to slavery or rape or child abuse or the slaughter of kittens (rather than humans) would be dismissed with outrage. Nowhere do these human rights advocates hint at the possibility of ceasing to bomb cities. Nowhere do they recognize the illegality of all recent U.S. bombings of cities under the U.N. Charter or, for that matter, the Kellogg-Briand Pact. Instead, the authors treat the practice of bombing cities as inevitable and natural, and attribute the growth of urban warfare to the migration of people from rural to urban areas.

What should be done? While the authors discuss various types of massive slaughter and destruction as “intended or not,” they also suggest that the key reform to be sought is better intentions and more careful planning. The “development” types should work better with the “humanitarians,” provide more “flexible” funding for the human rights groups, and do “proportionality analysis,” we’re told.

The word “proportionality” appears in every Just War theory and in thousands of mainstream news reports, yet nobody, including these authors, has ever devised a test whereby one can determine whether a war or a particular bombing was “proportional” or not. If I say killing 14 children in order to kill a particular man was disproportional, what’s to stop someone else arguing that this particular man needed to be killed to an extent that would have justified killing anywhere up to 16.37 children? Of course, I can point out that most wars kill mostly civilians, so that launching them is an act that guarantees great injustice, but I can’t stop someone else claiming that “proportionally” killing 500,000 children is “worth it” in the context of some just cause (as then U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright once claimed).

The most serious recommendation that these authors make is that no more large bombs, only small bombs, be dropped on cities, with the large bombs saved for rural areas. It’s worth noting that the U.S. government is developing “more usable” nuclear bombs and tends to ignore such restrictions, that small bombs like large bombs still commit mass-murder while endangering us and costing a fortune and poisoning the environment, that a number of small bombs adds up to a large bomb, and that large bombs in rural areas do all of the same destructive things even if hitting fewer people and less centralized infrastructure.

The most disturbing recommendations in this report include creating safe exit routes (even while claiming people should have the right not to leave), moving schools and hospitals underground, avoiding ground floor windows, and taking up arms and developing local militias.

This report is the product of a human rights industry feeding off its total acceptance of war and violence. When you can bring yourself to the point of making these recommendations to the people your government is bombing, but you cannot ever bring yourself to the point of even hinting at the possibility that your government should stop bombing people all over the world, you’ve become an Orwellian ministry of human rights, not an actual movement to expand the well-being of humans.

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  • Zartan

    Americas War is for Corporate Profit and is an Active War against God:

    You have to understand where all these brainwashed idiots ( NGOs and Humanitarian Groups) come from to understand the problem. The Military Industrial Complex makes TRILLIONS-of-dollars Bombing Gods ( Yes, he is the irresponsible party) Poor all over the Planet! They have “bought the Souls” of Practically “all Creation” and those they do not own they will Destroy.

    The Media and NGOs/Humanitarian Organizations are paid by the US government and they will favor any war the US government demands. There will be no outcry, no protests, and this evidence presented “above” is proof that they will destroy Men, Women and Children to please their wicked Masters. Telling people to live in sewers and prepare a Stalingrad type environment will result in Millions of Dead. Anyone who has studied war knows this is reality.

    All Will be Held Guilty, especially, the US taxpayer “who voluntarily pays tax, and has rights to Free Speech, Expression, Protest, Bearing Arms and Citizens Arrest ( which includes use of force).” Thereby, Americans who refuse to use the rights given to them will be held in Collusion with the Government they supported and serve. Patriots will not even have a prayer. -John 2:15.

    AND, I dare, anyone, even “all” of Mankind to try and argue my facts. You were “given rights” not only to prevent “Tyranny,” but to hold the Population Accountable for said Tyranny should it occur. Now, Americans, You will fail by your own laws and Decrees … So, tell me, ” HOW DO YOU THINK YOU WILL PASS GODS LAWS?” Most of you claim JESUS, RIGHT, better think again, because You do not Reflect Him; and therefore, He will not even Know YOU.

    Why is it so hard for making to do anything right? It seems totally moronic and embarrassing that 99% are ruled by 1%. which tells me all I need to know, Slaves!

    Oh, and I want a REFUND!

  • Todd Millions

    Many of the -“Aid” groups that enjoy official sanction and budgets,have plans and agendas ,that just happen to be major aids to kidnapping,money laundering prostitution and organ supply “salvage”and shipment-tied to prostitution and gambling as well as the drugs and arms.

    These are not new items,yet details and timeliness of some accuracy are vital.
    For instance-reports of G.Bush senior taking over heroin trade via his CIA directorship are of interest.
    Questions remain as to what happened with General Westmorland’s already existing “cut flower sap”industry out of Laos with its Pentagon logistics.
    Was this pre existing model taken over via a eunuchs coup, or was it folded into the new management?
    These items need to be accurately mapped to keep track of WITH more recent developments such as coup via isreali “private”security contracts to protect the nuclear mafia- such as has now taken over whole nations (see:Japan,Canada ect for example.)-or the use of poison medicines as bioweapon attacks-such as the feeding of known too be contaminated blood stocks from the Canadian Red Cross into Yugoslavia via the later too be the liberated government of Croatia in the 1980’s. Many more recent serious examples abound.
    For one example-see all the bogus reports on no radiation nuclear weapons and power systems or waste disposal.Most of which were demolished quite well and accurately in summa in books by Amory Lovins and Hunter Lovins published up to 50 years ago(see;Energy Wars 1980)-more recent patents notwithstanding.
    Showing among other things that-
    Thorium makes exellent bombs,no reactor or centrifuges required.
    And yes there will be long lived deadly isotopes -Snopes beating out other answers notwithstanding.