U.S. $350 Billion Arms-Sale to Sauds Cements U.S.-Jihadist Alliance

Eric Zuesse

On Saturday, May 20th, U.S. President Donald Trump and the Saud family inked an all-time record-high $350 billion ten-year arms-deal that not only will cement-in the Saud family’s position as the world’s largest foreign purchasers of U.S.-produced weaponry, but will make the Saud family, and America’s ruling families, become, in effect, one aristocracy over both nations, because neither side will be able to violate the will of the other. As the years roll on, their mutual dependency will deepen, each and every year.

Sixteen years after the Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan al-Saud (who was nicknamed “Bandar Bush” for his intimacy with the Bush family) served in Washington as Saudi Arabia’s U.S. Ambassador and he and his wife personally paid tens of thousands of dollars to the Sauds’ minders who paid for the apartments and for the pilot-training of 9/11 jihadists, and the U.S. government hid this fact from the U.S. public for fifteen years until it was made public but suppressed by the U.S. press so that Americans still don’t know about it, the U.S. and Saudi aristocracies are now becoming bound together even more strongly than before, because of this record-shattering deal that Trump’s team negotiated with the Sauds.

The U.S. government officially blames Iran for the 9/11 attacks and has fined Iran $10.5 billion for those attacks. The Sauds hate Iran and claim that Iran poses an “existential threat” to them. These new weapons will, the Sauds claim, “protect” them from Iran. Right after Trump won the 2016 election, he staffed the top level of his incoming Administration with people who consider Iran to be the main source of terrorism. In a 5 February 2017 Super Bowl television interview, Trump was asked what his policies would be regarding Iran, and he answered (video here, transcript here): “They have total disregard for our country. They are the number one terrorist state.” But he provided no specifics. This ‘defense’ deal is a big specific part of the answer, to that question. The U.S. will now be even more tightly allied with the Sauds (the world’s wealthiest family) than was previously the case.

According to a report in the New York Times on May 18th, President Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner participated importantly in these negotiations, when he spoke by phone with the CEO of the biggest American weapons-maker, Lockheed Martin, to request her to discount a crucial radar-system, so that the deal could be accepted by Saudi Prince Muhammed bin Salman al-Saud, and she said yes, which was necessary in order for the entire $350 billion package to be accepted. Unreported, however, about this matter, was whether any concession was made by the Trump Administration to Lockheed Martin, in order to be able to win from them this crucial discount. Whether any such verbal commitments were made, might never become publicly known, but this is the way that deals are made.

The intensifying U.S.-jihadist alliance will be bad news for the governments that have been fighting consistently against jihadists (who are supported by the Sauds), such as Russia in Chechnya and Syria. The Saudi regime will now be able to stand behind the U.S.-backed Al-Qaeda-led forces in Syria that are fighting to overthrow and replace Syria’s existing government, which is backed by Russia.

As I had headlined on May 16th about this gargantuan trade-deal that had already been negotiated but was to be withheld from official announcement until President Trump would meet with Prince Salman on May 20th to sign it, “Trump’s Plan Finally Becomes Clear”, and this plan really is the center-piece for fulfilling Trump’s campaign-promise to restore American manufacturing. Thousands of new American workers will need to be hired in order to make the weapons that will be used to further destroy Syria, Yemen, and other countries where the public resist becoming ruled by fundamentalist Sunnis and Sharia law, such as the Saud family prefers. Russian Television (RT) has reported extensively about this, and on May 19th even reported bombings by the Sauds’ regime against a Shia town inside Saudi Arabia itself, headlining “‘You might get shot any time’: Saudi forces raid Shia town as Riyadh welcomes Trump”. Video was shown there of buildings that had been wrecked by the Sauds’ bombings and mortars. ‘News’media in U.S. and allied countries are not reporting anything of this. The Washington Post (in line with U.S. ’news’media generally) says that Russian Television is not to be trusted because RT provides ‘fake news’. As regards those bombings, perhaps the U.S. government’s view is that no news is good news. Reporting on this would certainly not be good for business — not in the United States, anyway.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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  • Prior to becoming Popus, Trump appeared to have bought into the ”official” version of events surrounding 9 – 11…he even went as far to suggest that the Saudi’s played a role, signing this new weapon deal indicates he has a poor grip on reality, or he really is a powerless figurehead who has no choice but to obey the narrative of the Deep Sate, go figure.

    In a long line of fact free accusations, now the Iranians are supposedly responsible for 9-11 — As usual…where’s the evidence?

    Where’s the evidence that propelled Trump to do a complete turnaround from….. Donald Trump: 9/11 report excerpt will reveal Saudi Arabia’s ‘profound’ role in the attacks LA Times.

    “It’s going to be very profound having to do with Saudi Arabia and Saudi Arabia’s role on the World Trade Center and the attack,” he said. Trump

    Such a flip flopping contrast doesn’t go unnoticed, first Trumpty dumpty buy’s into the official version of events yet when he becomes Popus he starts delivering the Deep Sate preferred version of events.

    Cui Bono, follow the money.

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      • cettel

        Go to hell, Ruby K. Brinkley, you SPAMMER!

    • Charlie Primero

      President Trump can only fight the Deep State to the extent that he can avoid assassination by them. It’s a delicate balance.

      Thank your favorite gods Hillary is not POTUS. We would already be at war with Iran, Russia, and Syria.

      • Carl_Herman

        And what evidence do you see, Charlie, of any actions to “fight the Deep State”? I see zero, zip, nada. I see the usual abandonment of all campaign rhetoric to become the next rogue state “teleprompter reader-in-Chief.”

        But maybe I’m missing something. What evidence do you see other than the Right hand puppet is acting (for the moment) less aggressively than you tell us to fear the Left hand puppet?

        • Eric Zuesse

          Sad to say, I agree with you: “zip, nada.” But if Charlie Primero knows of any evidence to the contrary, I hope he’ll post the link to it in reply here.

          • Carl_Herman

            Trump’s speeches to the Saud Family (who claim to own so-called “Saudi” Arabia) and Israel escalate threats for more lie-started and illegal Wars of Aggression.

            Charlie, I understand the hope from the actions you list. While I’m just as much a sucker for hope as the next victim of empire, until we have definite results of arrests, I see no forward actions other than the usual rhetoric. I hope that I’m wrong, for as little I place on the value of such hope.

        • Charlie Primero

          That fact that we are not war with Iran, Russia, and Syria.

          Comey firing in preparation for Hillary prosecutions.

          Podesta running scared on the Seth Rich murder.

          Thousands of new pedophile arrests and prosecutions moving forward.

          The silly Russian Agent narrative being blown apart.

          Project Mockingbird CIA media control being exposed.

          Wikileaks obviously helping President Trump.

          That’s just off the top of my head. It’s only been four months, and President Trump has already made significant progress in laying the groundwork to eviscerate them.

          The increasing media hysterics prove just how frightened they are. The Deep State is burning through every resource it has, and losing.

          Thank your favorite gods Hillary is not POTUS.

          • joeymac

            Comey firing in preparation for Hillary prosecutions.

            Dream on! Lay off the kool-aid; Trump has already said, in public, that no further investigation or prosecution of the Clintons is in the works.

            Comey firing in preparation for Hillary prosecutions.

            Again, you are deluded–murder is investigated by the municipal police, and their wheels are stalled

            Thousands of new pedophile arrests and prosecutions moving forward.

            Oh, my! You Trump-bots seem to think there is some talismanic power to chanting ¨pedophile.¨ Sort of like Rachel Madcow and ¨Russia.¨

            Btw, Project Mockingbird has been exposed for three decades.

          • joeymac


            Comey firing in preparation for Hillary prosecutions.

            should read:

            Podesta running scared on the Seth Rich murder.

      • Ol’ Hippy

        It didn’t take long until he understood the errors of his ways during the campaign. Now he’s being a good little leader.

      • Feudal Peasant

        We are already in long and slow war with Iran, Russia and Syria

      • Trump doesn’t appear to fighting the deep sate, he didn’t order a new investigation into 9-11 — instead he’s done a complete somersault of his previous positions and now blames Iran which is benefits the agenda of the Deep Sate.

        I’m glad it’s not HRC, mind you, a donation buys an obligation, so it would not surprise me if her daughter will eventually put on the running shoes.

  • JAndy

    Mr. Zuesse, by calling terrorists “fundamentalist ‘Sunnis'”, you are essentially implying that the majority of the world’s billion+ Muslims are terrorist sympathizers. Not much different a mindset than that of the NeoCons.

    The proper discriptor for the takfiri terrorists and their sympathizers is “radical”.


    • cettel

      They ARE fundamentalist Sunnis, otherwise called Wahhabists inside Saudi Arabia, and Salafists outside Saudi Arabia.

      • Ol’ Hippy

        Thanx, I’ve often wondered why ISIL is Salafist and the Saudi kingdom are Wahhabists. They both are the most extreme form of Islam.

  • Charlie Primero

    Good article. Thank you Mr. Zuesse.

    • Eric Zuesse


  • cityspeak

    So it seems that when it comes to the international stage we are getting the third Obama term HRC promised us.
    Could’t stop laughing at the blame being for 9/11 being placed on Iran.
    Imagine the success of WWII if the blame of Pearl Harbor was placed on Korea? We attacked England for the Nazis invasion of Eastern Europe?
    The “greatest democracy” has gone full nut job mad Empire.

    Listening to my corporate owned Deep State seeded radio station last night and the first reports were almost down right breathy about Trump’s visit. Within two hours later these reports were followed by a college professor (read intelligence asset) that was warning that the trip and speeches were a signal that Trump has completely abandoned human rights.
    Another great laugh because America’s pledge to human rights, if it ever had any, were long gone after the Bush/Cheney junta’s torture policy and the Obama drone Tuesdays.
    I guess going after Afghanistan, whoops no Bin Laden here, and Iraq, no WMD and yeah Saddam never met with anyone or had anything to do with 9/11, another big whoopsie. Iran will prove to be the third illegal act of aggression that will be the charm and we will finally get it just right and avenge 9/11.
    Who needs to believe in complex 9/11 theories? Just see how the State has used this event to justify its long term goals in the region.

    • Ol’ Hippy

      The track record of human right abuses of foreign states that the US has dealings with goes back much further than the Bush II regime. The reign of terror inflicted by the CIA and foreign proxies was well underway shortly after the cold war started around 1947. Iran was one of the first casualties after the CIA launched a coup in 1953 that installed the Shaw until the Iranian revolution in 1979. The US had been at odds with Iran ever since. The list is way too long to list, but laughing at the hypocrisy of what’s said about human rights and the actuality of the torturous regimes imposed by US imperialism may be the only way to protect one’s sanity.

      • Army of Addicts

        “Since trade ignores national boundaries and the manufacturer insists on
        having the world as a market, the flag of his nation must follow him,
        and the doors of the nations which are closed must be battered down.
        Concessions obtained by financiers must be safeguarded by ministers of
        state, even if the sovereignty of unwilling nations be outraged in the
        process. Colonies must be obtained or planted, in order that no useful
        corner of the world may be overlooked or left unused.” – Woodrow Wilson

  • Zartan

    There is no limit on What they spend for War.

    The Funny thing is they never fight anything equal or larger than themselves. They always fight the POOR, Weak, and Innocent! Cowards. All You see are these “grand coalitions” of cowards to Abuse some third world nation like Libya or Syria, Iraq, Vietnam …. Bullies!

    • Marciajalston

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      • cettel

        Go to hell, spammer Marcia J. Alston!!

  • Y@mailinator.com

    And, that’s why I watch the dailies with Mr Ron Paul, on youtube, The Liberty Report channel….
    Non interventionism is the only solution.