Trump Pushing for More Weapons Shipments to Saudi Dictator

Donald Trump is pushing for billions more in heavy weapons shipments to Saudi dictator Salman Abdulaziz. According to leaked US docs, the Saudi dictatorship, a totalitarian theocratic monarchy which exports the extremist Sunni Wahabbi ideology of Al Qaeda and ISIS and is the most repressive state in the world for women, is a state sponsor of both militant groups.

To shield the dictator from scrutiny, the US censored documents (and continues to censor large portions) for over a decade indicating possible Saudi state involvement in sponsoring the 9/11/01 attacks.

The Obama admin pushed for $115 billion in heavy weapons shipments to the strongman and his predecessor, including almost a billion worth of internationally banned cluster bombs, constituting the biggest weapons sales in history.  Trump is continuing the Obama policy of assisting a Saudi-lead axis of Sunni dictators in a war of aggression against impoverished Yemen, the poorest country in the region.  Saudi axis tactics have included targeting of civilians, possible chemical weapons attacks, and a mass starvation policy, which for many months now has made Yemen home to a worse humanitarian crisis than the one in Syria.

While under international law the reasons for a war of aggression are considered irrelevant and to be dismissed, the Saudi axis argues, in disagreement with non-belligerent analysts (as well as some within US intelligence), that in attempting to spread its ideology into Yemen (thus vastly strengthening Al Qaeda in Yemen) it is actually fighting an Iranian proxy and thus trying to stop the spread of the influence of Iran, an authoritarian Shia state which, unlike Saudi Arabia and the Sunni monarchies, uses nominally democratic processes in its governance and was not involved in the 9/11/01 attacks on the US.

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  • hidflect

    I doubt Trump knows where Saudi Arabia is. I said somewhere else, Trump changed gears so fast you could hear the crunch in the transmission all the way down to the guardhouse. The neocons must have something really juicy on him to get this level of compliance. I mean, does anyone doubt he has a palace-worth of shady-filled closets to exploit? It’s not just trillions of dollars at stake but the futures of entire nations, some of which pretend to be America’s closest ally. Game over, man. Game over.

    • wTallaksen

      Well with the Goldman Sachs infiltration of his cabinet, and his son in law 666 5th Ave Kushner I think we have been had from the get-go, Soros and all his Globalist pals leave nothing to chance, it`s like a coin flip, (heads I win tails you lose.) And the bastards giggle at the stupidity of what our educational system created, Quote Sowell, It`s not that Johnny can not read, it`s that Johnny does not know how to think, he is taught to feel with no critical input, do not take this verbatim but paraphrase.

  • Zartan

    Trump should be held responsible for all the War Crimes the Saudis Commit. Brainless Idiot! Trump is too Old, not a fighter, and he gave in.

  • Confusion.

    The biggest warmonger in recent times has his name next to a Nobel for Peace.

    One of the worlds worst human rights violators has been placed on a human rights panel at the UN… and just when you thought that it could not get any worse, now they’re also looking after a woman rights panel at that beacon of democracy, the UN.

    It’s common knowledge that the Saudies have a truly atrocious human rights record, however they also appear highly sensitive to criticism, what better way to control that criticism by being able to influence a human rights panel at the UN, they also have a terrible record when it comes to denying womans rights, again, what better way to control criticism then by being able to manipulate a woman rights panel at the UN.

    The West as we know it depends on a steady supply of cheap oil, its all that keeps the petrol dollar afloat, and has no qualms about supplying weapons to an oppressive regime such as that of the Saudies.

    Whenever the US supplies weapons to another nation they can practically do with them whatever they like, unlike the trade agreements, there are no conditions.

    The US doesn’t object or complain when they’re used to commit crimes against humanity, after all it’s good for exports….the only reason that’s important is because it supports the flow of the oil and the petrol dollar.

    Renewable energies offer a way out of the madness.

    We need renewable energies like never before, with renewable energies nations can become truly independent as well as environmentally friendly.

  • David Schultz

    Unfortunately or pathetic American economy only has one export and that is weapons. We really have no choice but to sell to a country that pays cash. If you don’t like where you are then you should not have supported military-industrial candidates Bush, Obama and Clinton in your primaries for the last 30 years. It will take decades of reasoned political decision making to fix.

    • Zartan

      Voting is for the Slow Kids.

      Those in power shred the peoples vote ( Electoral College) and pick who they want in Office. If , any of you ( America) had Discipline, Courage and Brains …you would stop voting and show up on Wall Street ( 1-Million People or More) with Your Demands. Then, and “ONLY THEN,” will the people be OBEYED.

      If the People do not Prosper the whole House of Cards Come Down!!!

      They ( the Degenerates in Power) would be CRYING, BEGGING for Forgiveness!

      No … You Slaves Love your Slavery and want to OBEY your masters!

      God could not even Help You, America!

      • David Schultz

        No electoral college in your congressional district. Don’t give me that Gerrymander whining. This congress is hated by everyone. If you can find a proper opposition candidate to your local congressional representative then something is wrong! A proper Progressive or Libertarian should be competitive anywhere in the country.

        • Zartan

          Government to vote for government. You all bought the electoral college, the name alone is an Insult but you “all” failed to understand that it was owned “bought and paid for” by Corporate Industrialists bent on looting the treasury and enslaving the population.

          Now, you ( and those like you) are on the hook for MEGA Trillions in Industrial Wars, Bailouts, Welfare and all of Wall Streets Bad Debts, which go into the Quad-Trillion!

          That`s some Vote you got there … Now, you`ve got yourself to blame!

          Anyone who believes their vote counts?

          I have a Bridge To Sell YOU, Interested?

          Only Revolutions bring Change.