Trump Mocks His Voters

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It usually comes from his actions, instead of from his words, but sometimes Trump mocks his voters verbally too, such as when the New York Daily News bannered on 9 December 2016, “SEE IT: Donald Trump admits he doesn’t ‘care’ about locking up Hillary Clinton” and opened:

President-elect Donald Trump once again disassociated himself from his aggressive campaign rhetoric when he told a crowd in Michigan on Friday [9 December] that he doesn’t “care” about putting Hillary Clinton in jail anymore.

“Forget it. That plays great before the election, now we don’t care, right?” Trump said with a smirk after some attendees chanted “lock her up.”

In other words, he was saying to those voters, “I won your vote with that line, but, tough luck, you suckers who are repeating the line now — it was only a sales-pitch to dumb people like you, and I don’t need your kind anymore.”

Far more substantial than mere words to express his disdain, have been his other reversals, his actual real-world policy-reversals, on his “Drain the swap” pledges, and on his opposition to Hillary Clinton’s foreign-policy proposals — and even on his opposition to NAFTA and similar trade-deals.

For example, candidate Trump constantly condemned those trade agreements for pitting high-paid U.S. workers against low-paid Mexican and other foreign ones and so driving U.S. jobs to those other countries — draining away the high-paid unionized U.S. manufacturing jobs — but the newsmedia never asked him about the feature of these treaties that has actually been the most damaging feature of all, which grants a one-way right for corporations to sue governments for raising environmental and other (such as product-safety and workers’ rights) standards, and no reciprocal right for any signatory national government to sue corporations, nor even to sue those other (the race-to-the-bottom) national governments (especially the ones south of the U.S. border) that allow their corporations to murder labor-union organizers and so to keep their workers low-paid, and thus more profitable and attractive to U.S. corporations than U.S. workers are. The Obama Administration supported that race-to-the-bottom international-trade status-quo, and sought to expand it via his proposed TPP, TTIP, and TISA, trade treaties; and, so, Hillary Clinton who had built her career supporting such treaties, would have been very vulnerable if challenged from the left by candidate Trump about those features, but the media never asked about these features, and only now is Trump actually committing himself on them, and his actual commitment turns out to be for the Obama-Clinton position, not against it, such as he had deceived his voters to expect:

This finally came to be known from him when President Trump’s man in charge of his policy on international-trade deals sent a letter to the U.S. Senate on the new President’s actual proposed changes to the NAFTA trade agreement. The feature of these trade-deals that allows corporations to sue governments and so to lock-in the race-to-the-bottom, is called “ISDS.” It also removes these lawsuits from the laws and constitutions of any and all countries, including from the U.S. Constitution and legal system and courts, and places these issues to a supra-national or international system of arbitration that’s carried out by international-corporate “arbitrators” who can be, but aren’t even required to be, lawyers (the reason lawyers aren’t necessary, is that no nation’s laws and court-precedents need to be adhered to), and who serve on three-person international “panels” of arbitrators, which decide all cases and whose decisions are not subject to any legal or court appeals but are final as soon as issued, so that there’s nothing like any nation’s appeals courts system, nor constitution, nor legal system, to evaluate or restrain any verdict, from these panels. Some of these arbitration verdicts have fined the taxpayers of some of their signatory nations tens of billions of dollars for increasing, or even for imposing, any increase in — or simply for applying — an environmental or product-safety standard in order to bring the given standard into accord with the most-recent scientific findings about the environment or about the particular drug or other product. The country can either pay the fine, or not increase or impose the standard — those are the only two options for such a signatory country: pay the fine, or else abandon the nation’s sovereignty over the matter. If the ‘offensive’ regulation is imposed, or has been imposed, the fine will be due, and will be enforceable in courts and international financial institutions around the world, just as if the award had been granted by a sovereign nation’s courts. The fine is paid to the stockholders of the international corporation that brought the suit; so, these fines are a burgeoning new profit-center for international corporations, extracting such fines from any country that places its national sovereignty as being more valuable to it than adherence to this ISDS system.

The Trump Administration’s letter to the U.S. Senate had no objection to ISDS. Here is how David Ernest, who is “in the International Arbitration Group at Shearman & Sterling LLP,” and “has broad experience in international commercial arbitration and investment treaty arbitration,” explained that letter, at the Oxford University Press Investment Claims Law site, on 24 April 2017:

The clearest indication of the administration’s views on ISDS is contained in a March 28, 2017 letter from the acting U.S. Trade Representative to the U.S. Senate Finance and Ways & Means Committees, which provides a draft negotiating proposal and objectives for updating NAFTA. … Under the heading “Investment,” or Chapter 11 of NAFTA, the objective is to “maintain” and “improve” current ISDS procedures. … This strongly suggests the Trump administration supports the continued use of ISDS procedures and, moreover, it will maintain prior U.S. policy.

In other words: The core problem with NAFTA, and with the other trade-treaties of this type (i.e., with all ISDS treaties), including the treaties that Obama was trying to push through Congress but that Trump campaigned against, is not viewed by Trump as a bug but will instead be a feature that can be part of the trade-deals that Trump himself will be proposing to Congress. If Trump had any authentic objection to Obama’s proposed treaties (TPP, TTIP, and TISA), the objection didn’t concern ISDS; it didn’t concern their inclusion of the imposition of international corporate sovereignty overriding America’s national sovereignty; it didn’t include any objection to the elimination of all democratic powers and processes and accountability, from the regulation of what those corporations do or sell or how they sell it. Maybe the only problem, in Trump’s view, was the name “Obama” instead of Trump — the wrong person’s signature, upon the give-aways to international investors. Trump wants them to owe him — not Obama.

Any fine that’s awarded by these panels will, quite naturally, terrify any other signatory country away from similarly increasing any regulation under any circumstance, regardless of how weak or outmoded the given nation’s regulatory standard might happen to be, which the given nation had been thus hoping to bring into line with the now current scientific findings regarding the given regulatory issue.

Furthermore, this new profit-center of extracting such fines from governments that care about their environment or their workers’ rights, or their product-safety, is, iteself, very lucrative for stockholders in international corporations that receive them, but it’s deadly for workers, consumers, and the environment — and President Trump supports that international-corporate sovereignty, and those extractions from the global public, just as his predecessors have been doing since Bill Clinton signed NAFTA into law in 1993.

There is thus growing, regarding regulation, an international-corporate sovereignty that stands above any nation’s sovereignty: it’s replacing national democracies with international fascism — an emerging fascist world government — on these matters.

Trump’s trumpeted nationalism is the modern fascist type, not the old fascist type.

On March 27th, Jane Mayer of the New Yorker, said on NPR that David Magerman, an employee of Trump’s top financial backer, the Mercers — the people who had also placed Trump in touch with Steve Bannon to win the Presidency for Trump — “spilled the beans” about Trump’s chief billionaire angel, Robert Mercer, and:

He said that Mercer wanted to shrink the government to the size of a pinhead and that he doesn’t think that — he basically has a philosophy, according to Magerman, that values people on the basis of what they earn. He doesn’t think human beings have intrinsic value. He thinks that if you are a schoolteacher and you earn 2 million times less than Mercer earns, then you’re 2 million times less valuable than Mercer is. And he believes that if you are on welfare, you have negative value.

This description, of Mercer, seems to apply also to the way that Mercer’s candidate, Trump, feels about the non-wealthy masses who had voted for Trump.

Trump conned his voters; and, by every indication, he’s proud of it. All of the progressive promises that he had made as a Presidential candidate have been by now tossed into the dumpster as the real President Donald Trump carries out the powers that he stole from America’s public by means of his campaign’s lies — his frauds winning, instead of his opponent’s frauds winning. It’s America’s ‘democracy’ today.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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  • Trump mocks his voters, even though there wasn’t exactly much of a choice, it’s clear to see that the US electorate been fooled again.

    What’s needed is the ultimate act of defiance, not from the US electorate but from her vassal states not prepared to tolerate that Neocons foreign policy is a risk to all forms of life on our planet.

    • Army of Addicts

      Defiance itself is a risk to life, namely to those doing the defying. The elite class needs to go, and no significant number of people are going to wake up to that any time soon. We here might as well be writing our own epitaphs.

      • Defiance is risky, true — I’m not suggesting violence or bloodshed, I’m suggesting a global response.

        Remember how South African Apartheid regime came to an end as the result of a global response that included boycotting South Africa in many different ways.

        US Exceptionalism also needs to come to an end for it is dragging the rest of the world down with her.

        There have been plenty of great articles on this site that offered sensible solutions along the lines of that US defense forces need not obey unjust orders, they can also hold their own war criminals accountable.

        Defense personnel need to side with the people as opposed siding with the establishment.

        Until that actually happens I’m proposing a global boycott on the US.

        • Kapricorn4

          “Remember how South African Apartheid regime came to an end as the result of a global response that included boycotting South Africa in many different ways.”

          But consider what a mess South Africa is in now that it is run by the black politicians. Not that I supported apartheid.

          • EmilyEnso

            10,000s of whites many whose famillies had been in South Africa for centuries have been brutally!!!! murdered.
            No one seems to care.
            Certainly not the western nations.

          • Here’s crux of the matter Emily, this lie based war of terror needs to come to an end while those that have committed war crimes and or otherwise profited from these lie based wars need to be held to account for their crimes against humanity.

            Since these wars have been initiated by the US Neocons who consider themselves and the US as exceptional and above accountability, that is something that needs to end for many reasons and one the most important one is the threat of thermonuclear warfare.

            Another one, since these wars have been based on a deliberate series of lies, that means that our civil rights have needlessly been taken away to make room for the rise and rise of the insecurity state, not to mention the diversion of taxpayers funds to the privately owned MIC.

            From my perspective, just like South African Apartheid regime ultimately came to an end, contributing to that was the result of a global response which included boycotting South Africa.

            The Israeli Apartheid regime also needs to end, just like the US exceptionalism needs to be ended for it is also constitutes a deliberate form of discrimination that benefits the minority that makes up the US ruling class.

          • EmilyEnso

            1000 ticks is not enough.
            We know the score and yet we have just seen them ‘coup’ the USA.
            They run the West wing now.
            By deceit – we shall make war………
            Or something along that line I think.

          • Thanks Emily.

          • When Apartheid was ended, economic power was retained by the white minority.

            US exceptionalism is also a form of discrimination where the ruling class of Neocons consider themselves more equal than anybody else on the planet.

            It’s — Don’t do as we do, do as we tell you to do, or else.

            I’m open to suggestions and would listen to more ideas.

  • Army of Addicts

    Elites can now come right out and tell us to our face that they believe we have no intrinsic value. They ALL feel this way, not just Mercer, and they have always felt this way. But they hold the moral high ground because of their positions and their power to use force and violence to accomplish their goals.

    But the lower classes want to think the best of their elected officials. They want to believe they live in a democracy, and they will maintain that illusion at the detriment of everything they hold dear,……. everything.

  • bill

    Even now, with all the proof that Chump conned his idiot voters and supporters, there will still be those who just cannot come to grasp they were conned like the idiot Obama supporters.

    • Dr Mindbender

      Trump is the White mans OBAMA, and it fits the pattern of Government race baiting, to sow division among the people.

  • Dr Mindbender

    Sure, I knew, I was saying for a long time … Voting is For SUCKERS! There are only 1,000, or so, members of the Government at the Executive Level. The only vote that counts is the vote to remove them by Force! Nothing else matters!

    • Army of Addicts

      You know that would start a civil war, right? The self proclaimed “patriots” would have a field day, experiencing euphoria similar to a pig rolling around in its own excrement.

  • awb22

    HAHAHA, Zuesse hates Trump and everything he stands for, kinda like Ellen Degenerate, and because Trump is picking his battles, he draws the ire of Zionists, like Zeusse.

    Anyone who listens to Zuesse is a moron, because clearly he is. Blind to reality and seeing only what he wants.

    Zuesse is an ideologue, and furthers the discussion not one wit. Even the commenters on here can be identified ideologically. Idealogues can’t and won’t listen, and if one won’t listen, why should one be heard?

    They shouldn’t! Freedom of speech isn’t the right to be heard.

    • CNDFOX

      Freedom of speech isn’t the right to be heard. – from you

      LOL…no truer words could have ever come out of YOUR mouth. Idea;rogue…or in your case just a disinformation troll.

      • awb22

        Oh, what disinformation, troll?

        • CNDFOX

 know that is nothing more than an “oh,yeah(?)”…reply. You people are truly hilarious.

          • awb22

            No, I’m asking you specifically, what disinformation, troll?

    • Zuesse isn’t a Zionist.

      Your argument is a strawman.

      • awb22

        Sure, he is! Which only amplifies his bias and warped global perspective.

        Khazars are the ruling class in Israel. If you’re not a khazar, you’re nobody. Israel is responsible for the mass migration of Muslims into Europe with the intention of ruling Europe. Of course, it’s behind the scenes, but there’s no straw man to it. Soros is one of the main antagonists, and a hero of Zuesse’s, which is reciprocated, no doubt.

        • On the contrary, you’re not sure about your illogical claim at all.

          • awb22

            What illogical claim, that Zuesse is a Zionist? Of course, he is.

            And you’re an idiot.

          • To make a claim without providing an iota of supporting evidence is to look not only look like an idiot, you’ve also proven to be a troll.

            Thanks for making that abundantly clear.

          • awb22

            What’s abundantly clear is that Zuesse is a Zionist.

            You’re the troll making unsubstantiated claims.

          • No it’s not, prove it.

          • awb22

            Sorry to disappoint you, but Zuesse is a Zionist. Maybe you should take it up with him. As long as we’re on the subject, what is it you?


    “Forget it. That plays great before the election, now we don’t care, right?” Trump said with a smirk after some attendees chanted “lock her up.” – quote from the ‘trumpet’

    LOL…he’s telling you people what so many of us have been trying to tell you…you are dumbed down blind and ignorant for having voted for a moron like him.

  • David Schultz

    It is interesting two watch Trump’s supporters making excuses for Trump policy changes worthy of Hillary Clinton.