No More Oil for Wars!

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  • Marko

    Watch this half-hour doc video by Tom Duggan and Sinan Saeed called “Aleppo Renaissance”. It reviews the looting of factories by U.S. ally and NATO member , Turkey , under the direction of that vile pig , Erdogan, as well as the ongoing damage caused by the current sanctions and embargoes imposed by the West. It finishes on a more upbeat note , showing some of the recovery that’s already occurred.

    Then call your rep and tell them to stop the pillaging and destruction of Syria :

  • Dr Mindbender

    The only thing that can control the US government is if the people “take some responsibility for their government” and assemble “a Million Protesters,” to shut down Wall Street ( NYSE); and thereby, All Financial Transactions, until the People are Obeyed. The US government is owned by Wall Street and this is the only way.

    And, if you do not Act, America, than your Treasury will be Plundered for Trillions MORE ( for more Illegal Wars and Military Entitlements ) and more war will come, perhaps, even Nuclear War. You will have paid for it, America! So, while you go without Healthcare and live on that Slave Wage … Remember, your taxes are being used to pay for your own Destruction! They are also being used to subsidize corporate America so they can pay you a slaves wage and then export your Job, America!

    If that does not raise you BP, America, You are Dead.

    Wake up and Smell the Coffee!

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