Impeach Trump for Right Reasons

The Constitution suddenly seems to have bestirred itself and declared itself, through its many Washington spokespeople, to be in crisis.

I’m sorry, interjects the world, but what the hell took you so long?

We laid out the clear Constitutional violations of Trump’s financial and business interests on the day he became president (in the real sense, not the media event months later when “He finally became president” by bombing enough people) at

Since the later hours of Day 1 back in January through the present instant, the clear and documented (when not openly bragged about) Constitutional offenses have been piling up.

As of a 2015 disclosure to the Federal Elections Commission, Trump owns stock in the maker of the missiles he sent into Syria, Raytheon, as well as numerous other weapons makers, Canadian tar sands, etc. Trump has continued, escalated, and threatened numerous illegal and immoral wars. That he may be personally profiting from them just adds to the supreme international crime, which of course already violates the U.N. Charter and the Kellogg-Briand Pact, supreme laws of the U.S. under the Constitution.

Trump has unconstitutionally discriminated against refugees, been stopped by the judiciary, and immediately done it again.

Trump has pushed policies that will aggravate climate change, a crime against humanity that can be prosecuted by the International Criminal Court even against a non-member. On December 6, 2009, Trump signed a public letter to President Barack Obama urging action to protect the earth from climate change. “If we fail to act now,” the letter read, “it is scientifically irrefutable that there will be catastrophic and irreversible consequences for humanity and our planet.” Trump is knowingly endangering all human (and many non-human) residents of the United States, right along with the other 96% of humanity.

Trump openly sought to intimidate voters prior to his election, and fought the counting of ballots where they existed, was elected with a minority of votes, was elected with numerous votes uncounted and numerous voters blocked from voting by the partisan stripping of the rolls and by ID laws, following a nomination principally decided by dramatically biased media coverage. If none of that put the Constitution into crisis, why keep the rotting document around at all?

Pre-presidency but still available grounds for impeachment, Trump violated, according to the list in Alan Lichtman’s book on Trump impeachment, the Fair Housing Act, New York charity law, tax laws, the Cuban embargo, casino regulations, the RICO statute, laws against employing undocumented immigrants, and of course laws against sexual assault. You don’t have to have never been in Congress to spot a pattern of criminality here.

Of course there is one charge against Trump that has not been proven, risks confrontation with a nuclear armed government, and needlessly adds a xenophobic excuse to the dozens of solid reasons that last year’s U.S. election was illegitimate. So of course this is the one everybody wants to focus on: blaming Russia for exposing the Democratic Party’s slanting of its own primary against its strongest candidate. Let’s remember that the people who have most vigorously pursued this approach are the same people who nominated possibly the only candidate who could have lost to Donald Trump.

Now we come to a charge of possible, conceivable, or an appearance of possible or conceivable obstruction of justice — and perhaps something or other at the base of the story around which justice was being sought. If we can remove Trump this way, by all means, proceed. And proceed with impeachment, not with a 2020 election campaign by some otherwise repulsive candidate who plans to win by virtue of not being Trump and somehow surviving four years of Trumpism.

But here are my concerns:

The coverup is not worse than the crime. Serious crimes are available as impeachment charges, and overlooking them effectively permits them going forward, along with any other crimes, as long as there’s no coverup.

We have yet to see any actual evidence of any actual Russian influence on the U.S. election. Toying with hostility toward a nuclear government is more reckless than anything (else) Trump has done. Can you impeach and try Trump for obstructing an investigation into what all the corporate media refer to as if it were established fact, without actually focusing on whether there is any evidence, and without demonizing Russia?

If some lesser crimes are proven that involve Russia in some way, can you try them without advancing the notion that the fundamental crime is friendship with Russians?

Can you keep in perspective the hypocrisy that all of this telegraphs to the earth? Barack Obama recorded a campaign ad for a French candidate in last week’s election, while Samantha Power was busy accusing Vladimir Putin of trying to influence the French election. The U.S. has openly sought to influence dozens of elections, including Yeltsin’s (the Trump of Russia?), not to mention overthrowing dozens of governments — still being pursued in Syria. How does this look? Wouldn’t it look better to at least add in a few articles of impeachment for the highest of crimes even if Russia isn’t involved in them?

And, yes, I mean even crimes committed by Obama and Bush and others before them. I’m not expecting consistency. While I supported impeachment for Bush and Obama as well as Trump, one cannot expect all Democrats to have gone that far in supporting the rule of law when Obama was drone master — although they may now ask Republicans to reach that higher standard of integrity. I understand that partisanship is strong poison. I just ask for at least the appearance of seriousness — even if only because going into a trial in the U.S. Senate with charges that are already proven makes a conviction far more likely.

The bigger concern, of tamping down the warmongering, of lowering the risk of nuclear conflict should be made to appeal to as many as can hear it.

Impeachment certainly should be pursued, and certainly cannot wait. But it will only establish the proper threat of impeachment for the next person to hold the office if it is done for the right reasons in the right way. The right way includes being led by the public. We, not Congress, must decide when there is a crisis.

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  • WillDippel

    Here is an article that compares the approval ratings of Donald Trump, Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin:

    America’s presidents can only dream of Putin’s approval and trust ratings.

  • cettel

    David Swanson is now campaigning for Mike Pence to become President. Is Swanson a neocon, or is he stupid?

    • RebelJesu

      just choosing his poison.

      • Patriciafyoung

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    • Seen2013

      “Is Swanson a neocon, or is he stupid?”

      Lets see here:
      -Swanson is a partisan activist and former communications for ACORN.
      -Swanson is a supporter of Neo-Malthusian’s viewpoint and solutions despite it being a merger of three groups heavily connected to both the KKK and Nazi Party.
      -Swanson is favors the perverted interpretations of both Top-Down Supremacy Clause and Murbury V Madison that was originally argued by the Southern States that became the Confederacy due to Lincoln’s election enabled the Confederates’ Agricultural-Consumerist-Service economy to be eradicated given it was dependent on working-impoverished castes as slavery and indentured servitude similar to the Holy Roman Empire given the economic model dates to 1492 and prior.
      -Pence is a Progressive Republican that’s made up of the Bush Republicanism, Neocons, and Social Conservative wings of the Republican Leadership, and Ryan and McConnell as fellow members have his back.
      -Top Down Interpretation of the Supremacy Clause to eradicate the equal powers’ clause and render States taken by force or annexation to be provinces are mandatory for the Bill of Rights grants powers and enable States to become provinces at best enabling larger populated states to out vote smaller states as a State district can out vote a smaller district without which Democracy cannot exist as it acts like opening a union contract enabling majority votes to determine privileges provided or revoked as well as enable the government to determine ways and means.

      Overall, Swanson would be defined as a Progressive Democrat by his actions.

      “And, yes, I mean even crimes committed by Obama and Bush and others before them. I’m not expecting consistency.”

      Kinda hard to remain consistent promoting Democracy that renders rights privileges and expect the top propped up by governmental fiefdoms, public-private partnerships, and aspiring public-private mergers to support shifting directions or violating their interests by altering the path trend as traditional domestic and foreign policies.

      “The bigger concern, of tamping down the warmongering, of lowering the
      risk of nuclear conflict should be made to appeal to as many as can hear

      Then, you really should be promoting downsizing Federal agencies rather than compartmentalization or otherwise promoting severe austerity or war and rationing to attempt preserving the US Dollar’s world’s reserve currency status presently dependent on the Eurozone and Saudi Arabian chaired OPEC.

      Should’ve thought of the fact Agricultural-Consumerist-Service economies by their very nature are capital exchange economies towards the top particularly labor intensive when people loss all capital assets given capital structure isn’t necessary becomes neglected producing little to no capital creation pricing most out of capital accumulation markets.
      No need to require collateral or interest when people only have compensation in legal tender for labor conducted as determined profits and taxable or otherwise determined human capital-resources aka labor compensation is profits…

      Can’t have economic characteristics without the corresponding economic traits.

  • madrino

    There is little historical knowledge in this article. Although Mr. Swanson knows that the US has been at war for all but 14 or perhaps a few more years, there is an attachment via “patriotism” that keeps most of us from questioning our past. Samuel Johnson made this famous pronouncement that patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel on the evening of April 7, 1775. It keeps people in group think that distorts the honest truth. US created by judeomasons who revere the destroyer, Lucifer, El, Helel Cronus, Helios, Promethius, Satan the adversary. It followed those of great evil (David and Solomon) who practiced the darkest of the occult. The facts of those of Europe coming to the new world are without question, that of the slaughter of all life and minerals for profit and power. We go into business, politics, military or religion to control and gain advantage over others. Those that do are a failure to the human race and to all creation. Judiciousness and wisdom are secondary to maximizing profit while minimizing good will. Good will produces good fruit. Bad fruit are a product of bad (rotten will, rotten faith). The Abrahamic faiths are false doctrine of stolen ideas, distorted and contorted for control and command. Of these, Judaism is the worst of all with the most vile, filth ridden books of the Babylonian Talmud and Kabbala. These are books of desolation. The masonic revolutions of the Jacobins, Bolsheviks, Young Turks, Maoists, French North Africa and British India and the genocides of nearly all of Europe and Asia are without a doubt the greatest debauchery in the history of man. The NAZIs were just part of the group of four (US/UK/USSR/Paneuropeans) that are black sun worshippers (devil, Lucifer, Helel, El Shaddai,…) that can be seen throughout their monuments around the world (vigilant for a start). Their knowledge is a fraud, their institutions of higher learning are a fraud, their way of life is a fraud (appearing to do good with a black heart of evil intentions). That is their “Order out of Chaos”. Nearly all of the American presidents and it’s leadership are of this order. The US Military is littered with this as their goal as they are Nihilists at the top, and a people without a conscience that follow them. It is much the same in every military around the world as they are of interlocking interests, payed by the same paymasters.

    There are only two commandments with the second being tied to the first:
    1. Love god with all your heart, mind and soul – that would be all creation. The creator is not separate of the Creator. The failure of Levant beliefs is astounding. Their fruits are of deception, destruction, lust for wealth and power through plunder.

    2. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

    The term “resources” is demeaning to natural law, is of plunder and unconscionable – gravely evil
    The Infinite does not worry about time. We are but a breath in the infinite. If the breath lasted millions of years, it would be a just a second as worry of time is irrational in the infinite.
    Economics and business models are irrational and destined to failure. What we are born into and think is normal is anything but normal. The lust for wealth and power has permeated every facet of our being. GWOT is the global war OF terror. Those that fabricated it are the first in line to pretend to fight it.

    The earth belongs to the life yet to come. We are the keepers and it is our duty to pass on the abundance of life that we were given to the future generations of all life.


      Must have been home schooled. Good comment