Confirmed: DNC Emails LEAKED … Not Hacked

We’ve repeatedly documented that the DNC emails were leaked … not hacked.

(And the “evidence” that it was the Ruskies has collapsed.)

The head of Wikileaks – the organization which published the leaked DNC emails – has previously hinted that the leaker was DNC insider Seth Rich.

Today, the local Washington DC Fox news channel reports that the Rich family’s private investigator – a former Homicide Detective in Washington DC and white collar criminal investigator for the Attorney General of the State of Ohio – says that evidence on Rich’s computers proves that he communicated with Wikileaks:

We’ll update details as they’re released …

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  • Video of Julian Assange telling a reporter how dangerous it is for leakers to bring them information. In the very next sentence he brings up the murder of Seth Rich. Later WL twitter issues a $20k reward for the arrest of the murderer. Really no way to spin this. Seth Rich was murdered July 10, 2016 in a robbery where nothing was taken. 12 Days later DNC Leaks was published. August 9th 2016 Julian Assange insinuated he was the source of DNC leaks on Dutch TV

  • Brabantian

    Document on PasteBin – ‘DOJ Dossier Memo – James Comey hid crimes of paedophile law firms defrauding client millions’

    « Dismissal of FBI Director James Comey escalates concern at large paedophile law firms defrauding millions in client funds, whom Comey was protecting, in donor blackmail schemes tying into Hillary Clinton family and also Bush family ‘foundations’; threats to FBI agents, DOJ staff, US lawyers if they challenge crimes indulged by Comey

    « Media campaign against President Trump over Comey firing, heavily led by media who earned paedophile bribery cash, now fearing criminal indictment under new US Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III … US Dept of Justice files show paedophile and terrorism cash buying ‘Fake News’ at New York Times, UK Guardian; pro-Comey, anti-Trump attacks from rogue US intel

    « FBI Comey role re bribing 2 federal judges; channelling funds from foreign child rape and terrorist groups; ‘pay us or we kill you’ extortion; selling ‘comfort letters’ to paedophiles; false evidence and perjury in USA federal courts; fraudulent documents claiming that witness journalist ‘agreed’ to lifelong ban of his own freedom of speech and press; paedophile, bribery and terrorist acts violating laws in at least six countries; paedophile-supporting lawyer of Google … »

    Full document here –

  • andrew1212

    Shawn Lucas and John Ashe were killed by Hillary’s DNC goons, too.

    Lucas had served the DNC a subpoena for fraud (and even filmed it)…Ashe was about to testify against the Clinton Foundation when the weights he was lifting suddenly fell on his neck.

  • kimyo

    We’ve reportedly documented that the…

    perhaps you meant to say ‘repeatedly’?

  • Julia Versau

    I am not a betting person, but I have for some time been willing to plunk down everything I have on the wager that Seth was murdered … by paid assassins … working for you-know-who.

    • Joe Blow

      It has been going on for a while now…

      Suspicious “Suicides” or “Accidents” occurring to people about to reveal information on a variety of issues:

      The DC Madam, Brietbart, Gary Webb, of the San Jose Mercury News, Michael Hastings died in a single vehicle crash after saying he had a big breaking story, Vince Foster, Dorthy Killgallen, Michael Ruppert, Monica Petersen, a woman who was investigating the Clinton foundation for child trafficking and was found dead from “suicide” in Haiti 2/17, Lori Klausutis, a 28-year-old office worker for Rep. Joe Scarborough (R-Fl

      • Julia Versau

        I so agree. The Michael Hastings story really pissed me off: he was murdered and in horrific fashion. All of the people you mention … yep, deep-sixed before they could talk or tell more (Hastings was reportedly working on a major CIA expose). Thank you for being out there, Joe Blow … now I feel less alone.

        • Joe Blow

          The Internet created by the military has had some powerful, unintended consequences, that being the creation of a digital “tribal drum” where we can talk to strangers thousands of miles away and they are no longer strangers you know.

          Thanks, we all have to do our little part locally to help change the madness. I suggest to others to attend any meeting that tries to make decisions in your life…PTA, city and county council meetings, anything on land and water use, etc.

          Check out one of my songs, It Starts With You and Me:

          • FreddyB

            “I suggest to others to attend any meeting that tries to make decisions
            in your life…PTA, city and county council meetings, anything on land
            and water use, etc”

            Best bloody advise EVER!!!! People have taken to social media to whine instead of taking their voices to the places they will actually be heard. Change starts when we start talking to our neighbours again. How many people now a days do not even know the names of the people on their own block? I grew up in a small city neighbourhood in the 70’s and we knew everyone in our immediate area which provides a strong sense of community and security. Everything has changed now with people less likely to set down permanent roots as we chase better jobs to provide better opportunities for ourselves and our children and in that chase I really do think we have lost something we need as humans.
            I am not a religious person but churches, did at one time, provide that togetherness us humans require and as they diminished so did the other groups such as the PTA…. almost as if planned.
            While the internet has helped open peoples eyes to the corruption it has also hurt us in a lot of ways. A couple of years ago I looked into getting involved in the PTA and other community groups and was shocked that most of these organizations had been shut down or turned into a group of a couple people that get together drink coffee and sit with their noses in their phones discussing nothing of consequence.

          • Joe Blow

            Excellent reply. This divide and conquer is no accident. Part of the communist plan put into the congressional record in the 60’s….to break up families and the such. The phony feminist movement was a big factor. Taken over by the CIA it has devestated relationships of men and women, families, etc.

            There’s lots of ugly out there but lots of possible change for the good if we get back to talking to each other hey?

    • desertspeaks

      anyone who crosses she who shall not be named, conveniently assassinates themselves, which the government calls suicide.. which as anyone with more than one honest firing synapse knows is pure bs! When they can’t fake the suicide, those on the enemies list, get murdered and no one is ever arrested, there are never witnesses and the investigation lasts all of 20 seconds!

  • wehaveseenthisb4

    William Binney, NSA whistleblower, says no solid evidence of attribution to Rooskies to date by any US intel agency. In lieu of that fact, it was a leak.

  • Gil Favor

    Secretary Ron Brown, and entourage of 29 others, , , ,plane crash. Ron was called to testify before Congress the very next week upon his returning back to the USA. Testify against the Clantons. . . .

  • Vlad TheSkewerer

    Somebody needs to inform that shriveled up crone Martha Raddatz and Obama manhood holster Chuck Todd. They are still pushin the Rooskies hacked the election lie!

  • Taras77

    The order will continue to be “stand down.”

    My gut reaction will continue to be “sickening.”

  • cityspeak

    Well if the propaganda game is all about timing and applying mounting pressure this explains why the equally outrageous and unfounded claim that Trump gave classified intel to Russians is being pushed throughout the thoroughly controlled M$M outlets.
    The American Pravda channel I was listening to last night added that “even if it was about terrorism and we’ve agreed to share that intel it came from Israel and well maybe Israel won’t be too happy about that, what next?”
    Being an American citizen being told what a blunder this was and heaven to Betsy what if the Israeli government gets angry at us? Is Uncle Sam crappy his red stripped pants yet?!?
    Gee maybe Israel will get so mad they will return the millions of dollars we are giving to them ever month and we will have to go back to them crawling on our bellies asking them to take even more money from us. Oh no.
    I thought the “good old boys” writing this stuff are really losing their minds. They really have no idea how fed up we are with the status quo and how blatantly obvious, stupid and insulting this all sounds.
    Don’t get me wrong I have no faith in Trump doing anything substantial but it is obvious that there was a severe split between the .01% of who was going to take charge and what was suppose to happen. The rest of us are left to be outraged by the next faux scandal while our collective futures go up in smoke.