America’s Top Scientists Confirm: U.S. Goal Now Is to Conquer Russia

Eric Zuesse

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists published a study, on 1 March 2017, which opened:

The US nuclear forces modernization program has been portrayed to the public as an effort to ensure the reliability and safety of warheads in the US nuclear arsenal, rather than to enhance their military capabilities. In reality, however, that program has implemented revolutionary new technologies that will vastly increase the targeting capability of the US ballistic missile arsenal. This increase in capability is astonishing — boosting the overall killing power of existing US ballistic missile forces by a factor of roughly three — and it creates exactly what one would expect to see, if a nuclear-armed state were planning to have the capacity to fight and win a nuclear war by disarming enemies with a surprise first strike.

It continues:

Because the innovations in the super-fuze appear, to the non-technical eye, to be minor, policymakers outside of the US government (and probably inside the government as well) have completely missed its revolutionary impact on military capabilities and its important implications for global security.

This study was co-authored by America’s top three scientists specializing in analysis of weaponry and especially of the geostrategic balance between nations: Hans Kristensen, Matthew McKinzie, and Theodore Postol. Their report continues:

This vast increase in US nuclear targeting capability, which has largely been concealed from the general public, has serious implications for strategic stability and perceptions of US nuclear strategy and intentions.

Russian planners will almost surely see the advance in fuzing capability as empowering an increasingly feasible US preemptive nuclear strike capability — a capability that would require Russia to undertake countermeasures that would further increase the already dangerously high readiness of Russian nuclear forces. Tense nuclear postures based on worst-case planning assumptions already pose the possibility of a nuclear response to false warning of attack. The new kill capability created by super-fuzing increases the tension and the risk that US or Russian nuclear forces will be used in response to early warning of an attack — even when an attack has not occurred.

The authors explain why an accidental start of World War III or global annihilation would be likelier from Russia than from the U.S.:

Russia does not have a functioning space-based infrared early warning system but relies primarily on ground-based early warning radars to detect a US missile attack. Since these radars cannot see over the horizon, Russia has less than half as much early-warning time as the United States. (The United States has about 30 minutes, Russia 15 minutes or less.)

In other words: whereas Trump would have about 30 minutes to determine whether Putin had launched a blitz-first-strike attack, Putin would have less than 15 minutes to determine whether Trump had — and if at the end of that period, on either side, there is no certainty that no blitz-first-strike attack had been launched by the other, then that person would be obligated to launch a blitz attack against the other, upon the assumption that not to do so would result not only in a toxic planet with nuclear winter and universal starvation, but also in a humiliating and scandalous absence of retaliation against that perpetrator, which would be a humiliation on top of an annihilation, and thus a sharing of blame along with the actual perpetrator, which sharing, for whatever term might remain during that passive party’s continued existence, would probably be an unbearable shame and result quickly in suicide, if that national leader’s own surviving countrymen don’t execute him before he kills himself.

Inevitably, the strictly personal morality and self-image of a nation’s leader in that type of situation are factors other than the very public global consequences that will determine the person’s decision; but, with only (at most) 15 minutes to decide on the Russian side, and 30 minutes to decide on the American side, there is an inestimably high chance now, that a nuclear war will terminate the lives of everyone who currently exists and who doesn’t soon die from the ordinary causes before then. Even the most dire projections of the dangers from global warming come nowhere close to matching that danger.

The question, now, then, is: How did the world come to this extraordinarily ominous stage? The co-authors repeatedly refer to the secretiveness at the top of the American government as one essential source, such as “… which has largely been concealed from the general public …” and “… policymakers outside of the US government (and probably inside the government as well) have completely missed …,” and these passages refer to an ordinary phenomenon in conspiracies at the top of a large criminal operation such as corporate criminality, where only a very small circle of individuals, commonly a half-dozen or even less, are made aware of the operation’s chief strategic objective and of the main tactical means that are being put into place so as to execute the plan. In this particular instance, it wouldn’t include the head of every Cabinet department, nor anything nearly so broad as that; but, clearly, since the key decision, to implement the “super-fuze” on “all warheads deployed on US ballistic missile submarines” was made by Obama, he is the principal person reasonably to be blamed for this situation. However, Trump as the person who has inherited this situation from his predecessor has, as yet, given no indication at all of reversing and eliminating the now-operative top U.S. strategic objective of conquering Russia. The more time that passes without Trump’s announcing to the public that he has inherited this morally repulsive operation from his predecessor and is removing all of the super-fuses, the more that Trump himself is taking ownership of Obama’s plan. Typically in such a situation, the leader who has inherited such a plan will be assassinated if he gives any clear indication of an intention to reverse or cancel it (the key insiders are typically obsessive about ‘success’, especially at so late a stage in it); and, so, if Trump were to try to do that, he would almost certainly try to hide that fact until the inherited plan has already become effectively deactivated and no longer a threat.

The key turning-point that led up to the present crisis was the gradual and increasing acceptance, on the American side, of the concept of using nuclear weapons for conquest instead of only for deterrence — the prior system, for deterrence, having been called “MAD” for Mutually Assured Destruction, the idea that if the two nuclear superpowers were to go to war against each other, then the entire world would be destroyed so catastrophically as to make any idea of a ‘winner’ and a ‘loser’ in such a conflict a grotesque distortion of the reality: that reality being mutual annihilation and an unlivable planet. A landmark event in the process of reconceptualizing such a war as being ‘winnable’, was the publication in 2006 of two articles in the two most prestigious journals of international relations, Foreign Affairs and International Security, both formally introducing the concept of “Nuclear Primacy” or the (alleged) desirability for the U.S. to plan a nuclear conquest of Russia. Until those two articles (both of which were co-authored by the same two authors), any such idea was considered wacky, but since then it has instead been mainstream. As the final link above (the article that’s linked-to immediately before) explains, the source even prior to George W. Bush goes all the way back to 24 February 1990 when his father, then also the U.S. President, secretly initiated the operation ultimately to conquer Russia, and within that article are links to the ultimate source-documents about that origin of the path toward world-ending nuclear war; so, getting to the original causes of the steady progression after 24 February 1990 in the direction of a conquest of Russia by the U.S. (assisted by its allies) can now be addressed by historians, even though only now is it finally being revealed to the public as news, though 27 years after it had actually begun in a very fateful decision by George Herbert Walker Bush, which has already cost American taxpayers trillions of dollars for no good purpose and resulting perhaps in the ghastliest ultimate end.

This article is being submitted for publication to all news-media without charge, in the hope that the current U.S. President will comment publicly upon it, even if only to ridicule it so as to avoid being assassinated for referring to it at all. This is an extremely dangerous time in history, and Donald Trump is now on a very hot seat, which any intelligent and accurately informed person recognizes to be the case. If ever the world needed courageous great leadership, now is the time; because, without that, we might all soon be entering hell. To avoid it, starting now 27 years after the U.S. government initiated this path, would be enormously difficult, but not yet totally impossible. This is where we are at the present time; and, ever since the coup in Ukraine in 2014, the purchases of ‘nuclear-proof’ bunkers have been soaring as a result.

This extreme danger is the new global reality. If the elimination of the threat does not come from the U.S. White House, the culmination of the threat will — regardless of which side strikes first. The decision — either to invade Russia, or else to cancel and condemn America’s decade-plus preparation to do so — can be made only by the U.S. President. If he remains silent about the matter, then Putin can reasonably proceed on the assumption that he’ll have to be the one to strike first. He didn’t place himself in that position; the U.S. regime did. Let’s hope that the U.S. will stand down the threat, now.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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  • WillDippel

    Here is an article that compares the nuclear stockpiles of the United States and Russia:

    Despite the signing of various international treaties limiting the expansion of nuclear weaponry by nations that already have nuclear weapons and those who want them for their own purposes, the world still has enough nuclear weapons to destroy itself several times over.

    • DiveshopinGoa

      Thanks for the link

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    • Caldera

      After the final H-bomb tests in the 50s the US said to Russia we’ll stop building them if you don’t build one. Let’s deescalate. But we’re keeping the ones we have.

      Ya huh. Moscow will surely trust the US now won’t they?

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  • DiveshopinGoa

    I would think that the 1 trillion Obama talked about spending on nuke improvements is to address this issue. I am totally missing the sanity of people who put in place policy to end the existence of themselves and family. I see no profit in it. There is no giving and receiving love and good wishes. Its massive extinction. I see this country has reached a place that is diseased.

    Seems that the only sane response is to, before this program gets going, strike the USA and destroy its wickedness. Wipe it from the planet’s surface. As it wishes to do to others. STRIKE NOW.

    • awb22

      You can keep your good wishes. Now we see the fruit of Zeusse’s world view.

  • Dr Mindbender

    Trillions upon Trillions of Dollars spent to destroy one-another!

    And, as much as I hate Religion, I can only add, and this from a So-Called Christian Nation! However, never forget, if the poor ask for a ham sandwich, or proper civilized healthcare in 2017, dear God, you would think they were asking for MEGA-Trillions to turn the Earth into a Sand Pile! If there is a Jesus … He should bow his head in Shame! He should Just admit, Satan Won, and clean it all up! His Pride will only Hurt US! Yes, I said it, now don`t you all wish you could too?

    I am truthful and cover all the bases, hypothetical, theoretical, terrestrial, extra-terrestrial and dimensional.

    Therefore, to Ignore God, because one is angry with Him will not help. Those who say, there is no God, well, mankind does not have the marbles to play in that BIG Universe; because we do not even comprehend 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000001% of the “instances” in this Galaxy, much less about the Universe and Forget Dimensional Physics!

    Hey, if you`re angry with God, let Him Know it! Mankind is fatally flawed, and hell bent to destroy one-another, I would appeal to a Higher Authority. The self-destructive stupidity of man is proof of God, because it is obvious that God cursed mankind!

    • Army of Addicts

      There may be a god, but he didn’t write no book.

      • awb22

        “For no prophecy was ever produced by the will of man, but men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit.” (2 Pet 1:21 ESV)

        Also, you used a double negative, so while you know the truth, you apparently reject it. By the same token, God will reject you, but that should be of no concern, since you rejected him first.

        • Army of Addicts

          Well, such a sales document would say such things, wouldn’t it?

          • awb22

            It wasn’t written for skeptics, so what is it to you, anyway?

          • Army of Addicts

            Scepticism helps in detecting and exposing frauds. Life is more fulfilling and meaningful in the absence of fraud. Fraud has been detected and exposed within the founding events of Christianity, and like the famous parable states, “build a house on a foundation of sand, and it will fall”.

          • Dr Mindbender


            Finally, someone who recognizes the Caesar lie! Imagine, for thousands of Years, these Idiots ( so-called Christians) have been paying tax ( recently voluntarily) so that government can murder their brothers! Now, today, it is the “final extermination round” and they still cannot comprehend.

            Now, I like JESUS, but IF, I ever heard him say give to Caesar: ” I would Command him to give his Throne to Caesar!” I do not take any BS, not even from God … He knows what He can do if He does not like it! This would serve as a lesson. Too many have been Destroyed for such STUPIDITY! However, Jesus never said that and what he did say was so badly molested by mankind that it serves Caesar, today!

            A silver coin was held up, with a question, what about tax? In those days, a silver coin was metaphor ( Caesars Head on a Platter) for Rebellion. Jesus knew and acknowledged drawing attention to the disembodied head of Caesar on the Coin.

            “Give Caesar what is due Caesar:” takes on a Whole different meaning when told in the correct context.

            WE must also take historic chain of events into context, “Jesus had Just finished Turning over the Bankers Tables!”

            He was Calling for Rebellion against Caesar!

            He than Commanded His apostles to Gather Swords.

            Christianity is not much in the comprehension department, obviously? 2,000-years and they still cannot understand that simple verse. How many have died because of this simple comp mistake? Only God Can Calculate, UNTOLD BILLIONS!

            I would rec your post, but my security features block the page.

            We are not Angels, we Rank Above Angels, and We have Authority to Question God.

      • Dr Mindbender

        Billions of people believe in those BOOKS! Therefore, there is great power in their words. Naturally, God needs to be held accountable for the content People wrote the books and I believe most of scripture was adulterated by man. God should have enforced discipline. However, He wants to close His Eyes. He will note, that when He decides to Open those Eyes, there will be nothing left on planet earth, except radioactive Scrap!

        We need a God, not a Fairy Tale.

        I understand the anger, because I am Furious with God, and He deserves it! Anyone who dares to utter a “peep” ( Vain God Protectors) will get blasted with the “untold Billions who have been murdered and Billions more Enslaved and abused” on this Filthy Earth, because WHY? Because, God wanted to play tiddly-winks with Satan! Hey, God, You can be the “Victims” … Nobody asked for such! Not even God would Challenge such, because HE simply knows better!

        Yes, dear Lord, We can put YOU down here and tell every demonic spirit WHO YOU ARE, while scrubbing your memory and all that you know, making you Just like US, only, guess what? Satan is going to have a Field Day, Dear Lord. Then, You will know what it is like to be Human!

        God needs to learn empathy for His Creation. He is short a few marbles, but nobody else will say it, therefore, I will.

  • awb22

    Now Investigative historian Zuesse is a strategic nuclear weapons expert? The Russian and Chinese governments are the 2 deadliest regimes in modern history, with Stalin killing 50 million and the Chairman Mao killing 75 million of their own people. To say the US is the greatest threat to peace in the world is oblivious of the actual acts of democide these governments perpetrated.

    It’s the Zionists which seek to extend hegemony over the EU and Russia. It’s the Zionists, not the US, which is responsible for the communist revolutions in Russia and Chinese, and it’s the Zionists, not the US which seeks war against Russia.

    Eric is perpetuating the Zionist lies, is a Soros liberal, and likes making up fairy tales based on his world views. The only problem is, while superficially based on fact, they are in no way based on truth, the truth of God’s word as given in the Old and New Testaments of the holy bible.

    • joeymac

      No, awb22…the deadliest regimes in modern history is the captive American empire. I say captive because it is not controlled by the American population; rather, it is captive to foreign anti-national bankers, industrialists, and an ultra-terror entity that is the reincarnation of the Third Reich.

      You revive the tired old canard of someone “killing their own people,” as if that is somehow worse than killing somebody else’s people. Stalin and Mao generally didn’t go outside their national borders to murder people–at least not wholesale. The right of a government to maintain itself an safeguard against overthrow–regardless of its origins–is a well-recognized right, and has been practiced in North America.

      Examples of the US government “killing its own people” in recent history include Waco, Ruby Ridge and almost daily against people of color.

      • awb22

        No, joeymac…the deadliest regime is not the US, by any stretch. Those exclusively belong to Communist Russia and China.

        Nice ad hominem, but, you’re right, it doesn’t matter who was killed. Not sure to what you’re referring in NA, the war of Northern Aggression, perhaps? No, you don’t get to have it both ways.

        We’re in agreement against state control, however, blacks are killing themselves in far greater numbers than suicide by cop.

        Now, let’s focus on what does matter. The US Constitution stands pre-eminent in all of human history, which is the foundation of our system of government. It’s a non-secular document for the most part. The freedom which is guaranteed by the constitution shines as a beacon of hope to the entire world. There are nefarious forces which would seek to undermine that freedom, not the least of which are the Zionists.

        There is no reincarnation of the third reich except possibly Soros, and just what is the end game? Control of Europe. Immigration is the spear point, and the spear wielder are Zionists. Don’t blame the US in this mess, except for being complicit.

        Zuesse would rather blame the US, and ignore the real danger to world peace, Zionists, who also control the central banks. And there you have it.

        • joeymac

          …the deadliest regime is not the US, by any stretch. Those exclusively belong to Communist Russia and China.

          You lie. It wasn’t “Communist Russia and China” that massacred millions in Indonesia after the overthrow of Sukarno. Nor, created the holocaust (small ‘h’) in Southeast Asia in the 60s/70s, nor effected the horrifics against Africans in order to steal their resources and appropriate their labors (post 19th Century.

          As of late, who destructed Irag (while murdering, perhaps, a million), Libya, Somalia–and currently–Syria? Not commie in sight.

          …the war of Northern Aggression,

          No explanations needed there in divining where you’re coming from.

          …blacks are killing themselves in far greater numbers than suicide by cop.

          The canard here is calling wanton murder suicide. The misdirection is trying to equate the actions of individuals to actions by state authorities. It doesn’t follow.

          • awb22

            What part of 50 and 75 million people killed by Stalin and Mao, respectively, do you not understand?

            Regarding the War of Northern Aggression, you don’t get to have it both ways. Either wars of aggression are wrong, and the civil war is yet another example of an out of control genocidal state, or they’re not, and you can quit yipping about the ME.

            The canard here is calling cop on black killing wanton murder. If that’s you’re narrative, then let’s look at crimes committed by blacks. Justifiable homicide is not murder. Again, you don’t get to have it both ways. You can’t say self defense is justifiable, and then deny that justification to the secession of states.

            Just for the record, I disagree with jurisdictions even being able to arm a private police force, including the feds. There is one CLEO in a jurisdiction, and that is an elected peace officer, period.

          • joeymac

            What part of 50 and 75 million people killed by Stalin and Mao, respectively, do you not understand?

            I see that you have propensity to pull stuff from your nether regions like your hero, Trump. Tiny hands are useful for that activity. Anyway, 50 million may be piddling compared to the numbers perished due to the British and American empires. I won’t bother to accumulate the totals, since you seem incapable of absorbing facts.
            1. The millions that perished in the trans-Atlantic slave trade and on plantations.
            2. The millions of aboriginal Americans slaughtered, poisoned, and starved.
            3. The hundreds of thousands of Irish that were allowed perish during the potato fame. Granted, this was probably due to negligence and bad policy, rather than malevolence, but, so were the bulk of the casualties in the Soviet Union and China that were not the result of war.
            4. Indonesia.
            5. Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos.
            6. Iraq.
            7. The number disappeared in Chile and Argentina after Kissinger/Nixon sponsored coups.
            8. The numbers murder by the Greek Colonels.

            My stamina is flagging, but you get it.

            and the civil war is yet another example of an out of control genocidal state,…

            The Civil War is an example of a Government suppressing a rebellion against it. I won’t mention the justified aims of ending the vile practice of slavery that you are so cavalier about, calling the actions of the American government “aggression” is a flat out lie.

            The canard here is calling cop on black killing wanton murder. If that’s you’re narrative, then let’s look at crimes committed by blacks. Justifiable homicide is not murder. Again, you don’t get to have it both ways. You can’t say self defense is justifiable, and then deny that justification to the secession of states.

            No, let’s look at crimes committed by everyone. Is that justification for killing Whites and Asians willy-nilly?

            The rest of that paragraph is meaningless word salad to hit all of the neo-nazi talking points and have no relevance.

          • awb22

            Revisionist history and a convenient narrative for you, the same as Zeusse.
            You can’t condemn government aggression and then defend the civil war. You can’t condemn police killing, while ignoring the murder rate and other violent crimes committed by blacks.

            Blacks aren’t killed willy nilly, except by other blacks. At least you’ve backed off on calling justifiable homicide, murder.

          • Idiotland

            What does Stalin and Mao and their crimes have to do with modern day Russia and China? They’ve been dead for more than a half century genius. Russia and China are crony capitalist now. Jeez, get your head out of your rear.

          • blue579

            Too bad you have limited reading comprehension. For over a decade now the Russian govt has been promoting a revival of Stalinism and China doing the same promoting Maoism – which you can confirm in hundreds to thousands of mainstream media articles reporting on this – to include the NY Times and UK Financial Times.

          • awb22

            The same elements that allowed those genocides are still in place in those systems of governments. Russia is a thugacracy, and China is a police state with a slave labor economy.

            That’s what it has to do with today, idiot.

          • eddysachs

            Speak again oh toothless one(lol)

          • eddysachs

            TROLL ALERT!

          • Idiotland

            When the US kills and slaughters it’s OK because Jebus (who was an American)gave us his permission..

          • awb22

            The American people, unfortunately, have been propagandized into accepting perpetual war, the war on terror. It couldn’t have been dreamed up better in a 5th Avenue ad agency. The real enemy are the globalists, and when you start following the tread, and peeling back the onion, it is Satan and the Devil.

            Unless you know your enemy, you will be unprepared. When you know your enemy, then things become clear. For instance, Talmudic Judaism is more evil than Islam. We are seeing history repeat itself with Muslims becoming the Jews of 19th and 20th Europe as unwelcome migrants. Another instance, Zionists are responsible for the Muslim mass migration into Europe, as they intend to rule Europe. Liberals are able to reconcile their stated goals of tolerance and diversity with the intolerant views of Islam, because Liberals hate God Almighty, and are too arrogant to accept the truth of his word. The bright line being drawn is whether you love God and accept the truth of his word. Every person has to make up their own mind with the battle being won or lost between one’s own two ears.

            Love God and his word, or hate God and accept the wisdom of the world. It’s just that simple. Nothing in the world makes sense unless it is viewed through the prism of truth of God’s Word. Then all makes sense, and it is the wise of this world who are the fools. We, who believe, wait patiently for the return of the Lord, Jesus Christ, and will not be fooled into believing the lies of this world. Lies which, evidenced by their fruit, lead to death and destruction.

          • eddysachs

            This psychopath you’re exchanging with is a bona fide corporate TROLL vaccine / GMO pusher & shill disinfo agent …just a heads up

    • blue579

      Thank for your comments. Great balanced perspective of this kind of skewed reporting and the memes portraying the US, a western representative government (democracy, republic), as the worst form of govt to exist when the problem is more fundamental to deep capture and an overarching UN agendas using order out of chaos and the Hegelian dialectic.

      In my observations, this mistaken narrative is being use to demoralize western democracies into giving up their civil liberties and influence in government for a global totalitarian world government, which happens to be Technocracy – something “alt” is not reporting on. ‘Alt’ will never tie global Technocracy into the Communist-Marxist-Fascist hybrid system being created featuring Mark of The Beast digital slavery and beyond Orwellian continuous monitoring.

      • Idiotland

        awb22, blue579, superstitious trolls and nitwits

        • blue579

          Your vapid “rebuttal” informs you’re the “nitwit” whose only bag of tricks consists of lame ad hominems.

          Superstitious, is that supposed to be a substitute for “conspiracy theorist”? You’re better off with the other alpha waved hypnozombie buffoons in Idiotland. See ya in the comic strips, Mr. Idiot.

        • blue579

          I see your vainglorious commentary around the net looks remarkably similar to the paid commenter dubbed ‘Quicksand’ promoting a demolition of the current American economical and political structure – to be replaced with totalitarian global Technocracy, of course.

        • eddysachs


    • Nexusfast123

      What are you babbling on about. Those ‘governments’ you mention don’t exist any-more. However, the murdering US empire has continued to murder millions throughout history from its creation in 1776.

      How do you know for certain that those are the numbers of people died? You don’t.

      • awb22

        Which governments? The Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, with two former soviets, Yeltsin and Putin ruling since then. The Chicoms have been in power since 1949. The same elements are in place that killed 50 and 75 million by democide in those two countries respectively.

        If you want to compare the US to Soviet Russia and it’s successor, or Communist China, then you’re the one babbling on.

        We don’t know the exact number in China, it’s probably higher.

        The US murdering millions? That’s a stretch, however, if you’re implying US policies have caused those deaths, then perhaps. While I vehemently oppose US intervention in the sovereign affairs of foreign countries, if other countries are engaged in such actions, clearly the US has an interest in countering that influence.

        So, here we are, engaged in proxy wars in Syria and Ukraine. The prize is control of Europe through oil and gas delivery.

        Even so, it’s the Zionists wielding the influence. If you don’t recognize the enemy, Satan and the Devil, then you will be unarmed in the contest, and you, sir, are unarmed.

  • Army of Addicts

    For the Russians to lack the capacity to see beyond the horizon, the earth must first be proven to be a ball, which it hasn’t.

  • Caldera

    Moscow has made it perfectly clear, there will be no invading Russia. It is their prerogative and decision to hit with nukes any force attempting an invasion of the motherland. So there again any attempt to goad Russia into a limited conventional struggle on the ground will be met with nukes and we are back to square zero again.

    Washington, it seems America, has to do this, make war or collapse. Russia shows no sign of appeasement or capitulation and is on the rise with China.

    I prefer the collapse of the American empire as do many of the world inhabitants to believe a small group and to have trust a ‘think tank’ that believes global thermonuclear war is winnable.

  • Nexusfast123

    As an individual I don’t give a screw any-more and like the many billions of other people I have no influence. If these clowns destroy civilisation so what?

  • Bob