The U.S.-Jihadist Alliance


Eric Zuesse, originally posted at

With America’s record-shattering $350 billion ten-year weapons-sale to the Saud family, the U.S. government’s alliance with the main family who funded and participated in the organization of the 9/11 attacks on the United States, and who have been protected now for 16 years by three successive U.S. Presidents — Bush, Obama, and currently Trump — reaches a higher level than ever before, and should finally begin to be recognized and widely discussed, no longer merely ignored, as it has been. 

The former bagman who personally collected each one of the million-dollar-plus cash-donations to Osama bin Laden’s Al Qaeda until the organization’s bagman was captured by the FBI, said in his sworn U.S. court-testimony on 20 October 2014, “Without the money of the — of the Saudi, you will have nothing” of Al Qaeda. 9/11 required additionally the cooperation of George W. Bush. At first, Osama bin Laden blamed the Israeli government for the 9/11 attacks, but the flow of funds to the attackers came actually from the Saud family and their friends including the other royal families in the Gulf Cooperation Council, who are the other royal oil-Arabs, especially in Qatar and UAE — all of whom are allies of the Sauds and thus of the U.S. government. No money from Jews or from Israelis had actually supported anyone involved in producing the 9/11 attacks. Furthermore, whereas anti-Semites, and also some anti-Zionists, picked up on bin Laden’s accusation that Israel was behind the 9/11 attacks, and they spread the myth of ‘the five dancing Israelis’ who allegedly had been somehow involved in or connected to the (supposedly unknown) perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks, the FBI’s investigation into that entire question ended finally on 14 April 2004, when an FBI agent in Newark, NJ, closed the case, by saying, after exhaustive investigation into a possible link of those ‘five dancing Israelis’ to the FBI’s PENTTBOM Investigation, which is the FBI’s investigation into the 9/11 attacks, “the evidence related to the above-listed investigation was determined to be of no value to the PENTTBOMB investigation”. So, the FBI’s three-year effort to find evidence that possibly might support bin Laden’s allegation against Israel, ultimately concluded that there was no evidence for it, at all. Actually, Osama bin Laden was a longtime agent of the Saud family to help the U.S. government to weaken the Soviet government, and he subsequently — after the end of the USSR and of its communism and of their entire Warsaw Pact military alliance — helped the U.S. government to weaken the lone rump remaining nation Russia, and to create the jihadist movement in the Chechnya region of Russia, in an attempt to break Russia apart. So, one might say that Osama bin Laden, like Saddam Hussein before him, had been a CIA asset whom the U.S. aristocracy later abandoned and killed, when the U.S. aristocracy concluded him to be no longer overall constructive for their purposes, but more of a detriment than an asset.  

Though there is a ceaseless song-and-dance by the U.S. government pretending to oppose Al Qaeda and the many other jihadist groups that are trained and sometimes also led by Al Qaeda, and though Barack Obama in his first Presidential term killed many of Al Qaeda’s top leaders, the U.S. government has been working behind-the-scenes, along with the Sauds and its Arab allies, in order to arm and train the jihadists in Syria, Yemen, Libya, Chechnya, and other nations and regions where allies of either Russia or Iran can be overthrown and replaced by allies of the U.S.-jihadist alliance.

The aristocracies that constitute ‘the Western alliance’ ‘for freedom and democracy’, are actually determined to bring the entire world under their control, and the American aristocracy claims to lead them, but if they were ever to succeed, and both Russia and Iran and their allies were to come under their control, then there would first be a war between the major parties to the alliance in order to determine where the global center of power will be — in the United States, or in Saudi Arabia — one having a Christian majority, and the other being a Sharia law fundamentalist-Sunni-Islamic dictatorship and the symbolic and physical center of the world’s second-largest religion on its way to becoming the largest religion: Saudi Arabia. Israel, the Jewish dictatorship over its non-Jews, is on good terms with both the Saudi and the U.S. aristocracy, and Judaism is a tiny religion except amongst the world’s aristocracies, where it constitutes a significant player. Israel’s dictators would be satisfied regardless of whether the world is led from ‘Christian’ Washington, or from fundamentalist-Sunni Riyadh. Either way, no Shia political force would remain.

However, remarkably little thinking is being devoted to how the world would even be able to reach that stage, a unified dictatorial world government, because both Russia and Iran would need to be conquered in order to reach that stage, and this would inevitably entail a nuclear war between Russia and the United States, which would soon thereafter end life on this planet.

Now, under U.S. President Donald Trump, V.P. Mike Pence, and the entire Trump team, as well as under the prior Obama regime, the old anti-Semitic charge about 9/11, that ‘the Jews did it’, is replaced by the lie that “Iran did it.” 

President Obama had officially endorsed this view earlier than Trump did, when his Administration endorsed a U.S. court’s fining Iran, on 9 March 2016, $10.5 billion, for the 9/11 attacks.

President Trump, on 5 February 2017, was asked in a Super Bowl television interview, what his policies would be regarding Iran, and he answered (video here, transcript here): “They have total disregard for our country. They are the number one terrorist state.” This (boldfaced) phrase is the standard one that Israel uses to refer to Iran — which, unlike Saudi Arabia, does support terrorism against Israel (which itself is a terrorist state). So: the U.S. President there was representing actually the Israeli people (or, specifically, Jewish Israelis), and not at all the American people. Trump had changed his tune on that as soon as he became elected, when he appointed a team of anti-Iranian bigots to lead his foreign policies, and broke practically every promise he had made in his campaign to go against “radical Islamic terrorism” — which, except against Israel, is entirely fundamentalist-Sunni, not at all Iranian (nor Shiite). Even George W. Bush didn’t blame Iran for it; he blamed Iraq.

Trump, in Saudi Arabia, gave a speech on May 21st, which described Iran as being the way that Saudi Arabia actually is:

No discussion of stamping out this threat [“terrorists”] would be complete without mentioning the government that gives terrorists all three — safe harbor, financial backing, and the social standing needed for recruitment. It is a regime that is responsible for so much instability in the region. I am speaking of course of Iran. …  All nations of conscience must work together to isolate Iran, deny it funding for terrorism, and pray for the day when the Iranian people have the just and righteous government they deserve.

But what, then, about “Russia did it?” Iran doesn’t have nuclear weapons, and in an environment such as this, maybe they should.

Iranians would be idiots not to recognize where all of this is heading. They are now in America’s cross-hairs. And for Iranians (or anyone) to trust the U.S. would be insanity, under these conditions.

The real questions here are: Why is ‘the Western alliance’ ‘for freedom and democracy’ determined to conquer Russia and Iran? Why did U.S. President George Herbert Walker Bush, on 24 February 1990, secretly double-cross the then-Soviet leader— soon to be Russia’s President — Mikhail Gorbachev, so that the Cold War ended only on Russia’s side, and not also on America’s (NATO’s) side (such as GHW Bush promised but then secretly negated)? What, precisely, was GHW Bush’s actual plan? How did he see this ongoing war against Russia as ending? Was he simply obsessed with America’s global conquest? Why haven’t subsequent U.S. Presidents abandoned his secret plan, instead of carrying it out? Why haven’t the leaders and peoples of Europe, Japan, etc., abandoned the U.S government, and joined with Russia, in order to stave off a globe-ending nuclear war — or even just in order to put a stop to international jihadism? Will the public in at least one of the nations that claim to belong to ‘the Western alliance’ ‘for freedom and democracy’ need to overthrow their own government (not just its leaders) in order for freedom and democracy and peace to be able to return in even just one country?

The global dictatorship is already gripping pretty hard. Look at what has happened to the people of Syria. And of Iraq. And of Libya (now so bad that polling there is no longer being reported). And of Yemen. And of Ukraine. And that’s just for starters.

Douglas Valentine’s acclaimed new book, The CIA as Organized Crime, documents the shocking psychopathy of that organization; and, so, no one should be particularly surprised at the psychopathy of the organization that controls it.



Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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  • Jimmy Robertson

    Here is a frightening look at what really concerns Russians about Washington’s behaviour:

    It is fascinating to see that this story was severely underreported because it doesn’t fit the narrative of the White House, Congress or the Deep State.

    • Eric Zuesse

      “Fascinating” perhaps, vile certainly. Potentially catastrophic — I agree with Paul Craig Roberts on that.


      That is fascinating, and although I was not aware of this argument specifically, it’s still old hat. The clock is next to midnight, and has stayed there for a very long time. If it’s not nuclear, it’s biological. If it’s not violations of treaties, it’s violations of the natural order of things with genetic interference. If you asked what planet are these people from, you’d be one step closer to the truth. “They’re building landing strips for gay martians, I swear to god! You know what Stewart, I like you, you’re not like the other people, here in the trailer park.” And they had this ride, it was called the Mixer. Bill Jr was sticking his head out waving hey everybody look at me. He was decapitated, they found his head by the snowcone concessions stand. / It gets stranger than any of us care to believe Jimmy. The golden age of disclosure is over, now comes the brave new world.

  • Charlie Primero


    Eric Zuesse are you Jewish?

    • Eric Zuesse


      • hyperbola

          You are not a special snowflake. Your opinion is not the only one that matters. If you don’t like the content, you’re free to make opposing opinions and the persons at this blog show commendable and honorable restraint and fair treatment, in the way they allow all voices to be heard. You have no right to an apology and you should not receive one. You do not have the right to not be offended. You do not have the right to silence other voices. Censorship is what you are requesting, so censor your own voice first if that’s how you think free speech should work. Report back to us how it feels, you first. My voice does not stop at the point where you get offended. Private property is private property and I say what I want do what I want and go where I want, and as long as I respect private property and do no physically harm others, there is no limit to my god granted liberty. See my above posts, respond if you want, but you’ll never defeat liberty. Liberty is not restrained by any religion or government, it is truly more valuable than gold. Get with liberty, or please get the hell out of the way as we vigorously pursue the resurgence of liberty here in the great USA. I don’t care who is president, my opinion on liberty is non negotiable, the same as our forefathers presented hundreds of years ago. If it’s all too much for you, there is one very important liberty available to you; the liberty to leave for another country. Perhaps liberty is so powerful, it’s overwhelmed your senses, how else could you justify such egregious requests as to censor anothers voice?

          • hyperbola

            How long have we had censorship already?
            google( Six Jewish Companies Control 96% of the World’s Media )
            google( The Science of Thought Control | Veterans Today )
            google( Benjamin Freedman speaks – )

      • Tom

        It doesn’t matter. Now we have your number. You are finished in the alt-news investigative reporting business. You should have seen this one coming.

  • Jim G

    Jeeze Eric. The five dancing Mosad agents are on Youtube saying they were in NY to film the collapsing towers, “What’s wrong with that?” The problem is they had advanced knowledge of the bombings. They were released because the Dept. of Homeland Security wanted them released. Your credibility just took a huge hit, and with it that of Washington’s Blog.

    • Eric Zuesse

      Please provide at least one link, or else a quotation that can be googled, not merely your allegation “The five dancing Mosad agents are on Youtube saying they were in NY to film the collapsing towers.”

      • Kurth Bousman
        • Eric Zuesse

          Much of this the-Jews-did-it talk comes from speculative videos that fail to ask the intelligent questions but instead are loaded with assumptions, some of which are false. One example is “The Five Dancing Israelis – 9/11/2001 – Our Purpose Was To Document The Event”

          which presents someone saying that Israelis who were involved in this alleged “dance” were “later revealed as Mossad assets” (no evidence given as to whom or how — or by whom) and then it showed Brit Hume of Fox News asking a reporter (5:20-) about “this question of advance knowledge of what was going to happen on 9/11. How clear are investigators that some Israeli agents might have known something?” The reporter replied: “Well it’s very explosive information, obviously” but he had no information about that ‘information’, and then quickly said “A bigger question is how could they NOT have known?” (Oh, really?) Then, one of those “dancing Israelis” — by now back in Israel — was shown on Israeli TV saying “Our purpose was to document the event.” Another of these speculative videos focused especially

          on this “dancing Israeli” saying “Our purpose was to document the event,” and then went on to show a Jew alleging that Judaism (presumably meaning belief in the Torah as being history instead of myth) is not only true but “breaking down all false gods,” and then showing other things that bait anti-Semites and that make no appeal whatsoever to rational people.

          Idiots who have prejudices don’t need more than such rank speculation in order to think that their prejudices are true.

          The case against the Sauds is instead based upon real criminal investigation, by the FBI, and confirmed by leaks from Wikileaks and others, and confirmed in court testimony, and by other authentic evidence. But anti-Semites, and also both Jewish and non-Jewish anti-Zionists, perhaps want to believe, in some form, that ‘the Jews did it’. There is a big public which believes in a big amorphous Jewish conspiracy behind everything that’s bad. There are a lot of bigoted fools around. The real conspirators can easily get away with mass-murder, while such fools blame some amorphous mass of people instead.

          But, regarding that “dancing Israelis” thing, stop and think about it. What did that statement “Our purpose was to document the event” mean? Did it mean that that person had been filming the event before the event even started? The FBI found that the “dancing Israelis” had started to film it after the first jet hit the WTC. That’s a major reason why the FBI closed the case. The fact that those “dancing Israelis” were delighted that the attack had occurred does not prove that they had had anything whatsoever to do with causing the attack. The FBI, after an exhaustive three-year investigation, found that they did not.

          • Mark Bottorff

            Well when the FBI says it you can take it to the bank for sure.

          • Eric Zuesse

            To be prejudiced against the actual findings by low-level FBI investigators, simply because people such as Corbett misrepresent them etc., is sickening.

          • rpdiplock

            Even more sickening; is to have one’s trust broken by ‘investigative historians’ who misrepresent facts [which are] visible to the naked eye. Who should one believe, one’s ‘deceitful-eyes,’ or the carefully crafted scripts of plausible distractors?
            Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

          • Eric Zuesse

            If you still don’t believe that the allegations that those dancing Israelis had anything to do with causing the 9/11 attacks is false, then see this,
            which further documents it to be false. The woman who took out her binoculars to see that van and the dancing Israelis was doing it well after the WTC had been hit, and the first building was already on fire. She didn’t see or know anything about what had preceded the hit. She didn’t claim to. The clip which was shown in all those propagandistic videos was presented by them stripped of its context. You were fooled by these propagandists.

          • kimyo

            the key observation is that they were celebrating PRIOR to the second tower being hit.

            this strongly indicates foreknowledge, as all news reports were treating the first plane strike as an accident.

            you keep on trying to discredit the woman with the binoculars. why do you keep ignoring the evidence from the cameras seized from the israelis which clearly shows them celebrating?

            who is the propagandist here? either correct your inaccurate statements or face the facts, it’s you….


            Well, I typically only would trust a Christian in a wartime setting. In peacetime, I still absolutely prefer to deal with Christians above anyone else. Problem solved.

          • Army of Addicts
          • kimyo

            y@mailinator to the burn ward, stat!

          • Kurth Bousman

            sickening ? ….taking the word of james corbett over the fbi ? Is this the same fbi that has 100,000 lying paid snitches ? ….or that attempts on a continual basis to falsely incriminate aka the terror factory by aaronson, or that was responsible for the 1993 wtc bombing where 6 people were killed because the fbi forced their paid informant to use real explosives ? Are you living on the same planet ? I’ve read many of your informative articles Mr. Zuesse , however this one statement , as well as using an obvious intel disinformation site like 911myths while deriding Mr. Corbett, completely destroys your credibility as any sort of 911 investigator ! Using your journalistic strategy would have never led us to watergate. nor iran/contra. I suppose you believe the warren commission as well ? And it appears , by the commentary, your attempt at confusing the masses has failed ….adios

      • Mark Bottorff

        Eric Zuesse. The investigative historian who doesn’t know how to investigate.

      • kimyo

        from the wayback machine (original article has been ‘pulled’ (so to speak)): Five men detained as suspected conspirators

        East Rutherford officers stopped the van after the FBI’s Newark Field Office broadcast an alert asking surrounding police departments to look for a white Chevrolet van, police said.

        “We got an alert to be on the lookout for a white Chevrolet van with New Jersey registration and writing on the side,” said Bergen County Police Chief John Schmidig. “Three individuals were seen celebrating in Liberty State Park after the impact. They said three people were jumping up and down.”

        here’s an interview with the cop responding to the alert who took the israelis into custody:

        zuesse on pcr: The Best Column Ever from Paul Craig Roberts?

        Roberts has written so many articles that are shockingly true and powerful. Selecting one as being the best is really impossible, because he has produced perhaps half of all of the best opinion or news-commentary articles that have been produced and made available online.

        pcr on 9/11

        We also know from the “dancing Israelis” that elements in the Israeli government had advance notice of the attack as Israeli agents were set up ready to film the destruction of the twin towers.

        • Army of Addicts

          “Roberts has written so many articles that are shockingly true and
          powerful. Selecting one as being the best is really impossible, because
          he has produced perhaps half of all of the best opinion or
          news-commentary articles that have been produced and made available
          online (The only way to improve on them would have been for him to have added links to sources for each one of his bold assertions,……..” – E. Zuesse

      • Tom

        Eric, just type in “five dancing Israelis” for a search term on You Tube and and more than enough evidence will come up proving this is no “myth”. I’ve always had great respect for your investigative skills, but after this article have none.

        • Jim G

          I saw the original clip from the Israeli TV show say 5 years ago where they not only said “we were documenting the incident,” but also “What’s wrong with that” from the show host. Couldn’t find that clip, but here is one that shows they were Mossad agents and were documenting 911.

          By the way, Neo’s birthday in The Matrix is “11 September 2001.” The movie was made 1998. Takes slow motion and a quick finger, but that is confirmed also on my DVD copy. Haven’t been able to watch the movie since in spite of the great special effects. Seems lots of people had advanced knowledge of 911, even in Hollywood.

          But yah, these were admittedly Mossad agents filming 911 to document the terrorist attack – they had advanced knowledge of 911.

          Eric, I can tell you haven’t done your homework on this yet. It is a treasure trove of fascinating information. Given Trump says the Saudis financed 911, and Israeli handled a lot of the operations, and Cheney handled the US lock-down of US security measures, we are once again, right now, back in bed with the 911 perps. Great isn’t it?

      • Jim G

        I saw the original clip from the Israeli TV show say 5 years ago where they not only said “we were documenting the incident,” but also “What’s wrong with that” from the show host. Couldn’t find that clip, but here is one that shows they were Mossad agents and were documenting 911.

        By the way, Neo’s birthday in The Matrix is “11 September 2001.” The movie was made 1998. Takes slow motion and a quick finger, but that is confirmed also on my DVD copy. Haven’t been able to watch the movie since in spite of the great special effects. Seems lots of people had advanced knowledge of 911, even in Hollywood.

        But yah, these were admittedly Mossad agents filming 911 to document the terrorist attack – they had advanced knowledge of 911.

        Eric, I can tell you haven’t done your homework on this yet. It is a treasure trove of fascinating information. Given Trump says the Saudis financed 911, and Israeli handled a lot of the operations, and Cheney handled the US lock-down of US security measures, we are once again, right now, back in bed with the 911 perps. Great isn’t it?

        • Tom

          Yep, Hollywood loves to rub our noses in it. In the film “Traffic” about cocaine smuggling/dealing there’s a stack of boxes in the Mexican desert awaiting shipment. The boxes are stamped with a scorpion (Sinaloa Cartel symbol?) and the number 911. The film was released in 2000. Just a coincidence.


      Holding a publication outlet for allowing free press is like the
      stupidest thing you could promote. There are such few free press
      outlets left. It’s good to have your own voice, and the website
      managers here are perhaps the most free speech orientated people I’ve
      ran across in a very long time. Is it irony to utilize free speech in
      an opposing viewpoint which your voice is not censored, and then state
      you’ve lost faith in the publication? For the factual points, I get it, that’s good. For the statement the credibility of the blog is compromised, well that’s a little more difficult to reconcile.

  • kimyo

    No money from Jews or from Israelis had actually supported anyone involved in producing the 9/11 attacks.

    making a statement such as this presumes access to knowledge you cannot possibly possess. you would need to know the identities of all involved. those who caused norad to stand down. those who provided access to the 3 buildings which came down in nyc. those who wired the buildings for demolition.

    a far better approach is ‘cui bono’. did israel’s government/security apparatus benefit from the 9/11 attacks? undoubtedly.

    So, the FBI’s three-year effort to find evidence that possibly might support bin Laden’s allegation against Israel, ultimately concluded that there was no evidence for it, at all.

    is this the same fbi which cleared clinton of all charges? or how ’bout their stellar effort on the investigation of the kennedy assassination?

    Their report concluded that the investigation on the assassination by FBI and CIA were fundamentally deficient and the facts that have greatly affected the investigation had not been forwarded to the Warren Commission by the agencies. The report hinted that there was a possibility that senior officials in both agencies made conscious decisions not to disclose potentially important information.

    when you call yourself an ‘investigative historian’, you do both words a great disservice. you are the resident brian williams here at washington’s blog. sad.

    • Sarastro92

      Call back when you have some proven facts. Israel is a huge beneficiary of 9/11… but no one can find an OPERATIONAL ROLE that MOSSAD or any Israeli agency played. Accept the fact. It was probably by design to keep Israeli hands clean… The facts show that elements of the US Military and Intelligence collaborated with the Saudis to produce the 9/11 Terror Spectacle.

      • kimyo

        what zuesse keeps trying to imply is that the saudi funding of the hijackers resulted in the collapse of wtc 1, 2 and 7.

        as you have said, the planes which hit 1 & 2 were most likely remotely piloted.

        therefore, you will agree that the hijackers had nothing to do with the collapse of 1, 2 and 7. and thus, saudi support of the hijackers is a trivial issue.

        zuesse keeps harping about the saudis to distract from actual, serious analysis of the events of 9/11.

        • Sarastro92

          Yes. I agree that the hijackers were props to make the narrative work.. and once they took control of the airliners, their work was done. I guess Erik does imply that the alQ hijackers actually piloted the aircraft… but that’s a physical impossibility (Pentagon) and highly improbably for the WTC strikes.

  • Bob

    I guess some people forget about the strange group of Israeli “students” working in the Trade Center around boxes which appear to contain blasting caps. Maybe they forget the dancing Mossad agents. Maybe they forget the entire foreign policy policy apparatus was led by Zionist neocons, many of them dual citizens of both the US and Israel. Maybe they forget Larry “pull it” Silverstein is a Jew who was not only fortunate enough to avoid being in his office on 911, but for receiving a huge insurance payout as a result of the tragedy. Forget the fact there was never ANY proof any of these hijackers were on those planes, or even the possibility the hijacked planes did not strike WTC or Pentagon. Forget the fact many of the supposed hijackers were later found to be alive and well. I think it is reasonable to place blame on Saudi Arabia, but unreasonable to exclude the US and Israel.


      Well that was actually the elevator crew…. The amazing pena lawn! What happened to that? Thermite proof, oh why go on. To understand some of what the past led up to, simply look at the ongoing destabilization of europe right now. Who could make sense of it, unless they have insider information? I like to stick with the basics. These powerful tyrants and totalitarians hate two things above all else. Honest to god Christians, and free speech. Both are fundamentally similar problems to those who seek control. The Christian ideals are set forth literally in stone and can not be altered like a living document. The free voice of peoples is more powerful than any propaganda which may be put forth. In Europe right now they’re ignoring obvious acts of harm, violence, and betrayals of normal western societal norms, and are literally throwing old ladies and politicians in jail for merely exercising free speech. These powerful people are not whom they claim to be to the public. I think they’re increasingly aware we’ve all bought a pitchfork though and are just counting the days. We The People. This is our country, and no power on earth can stop free speech and the right to bear arms by the people. We can match any horrible weapon or instrument formed against us. When tyranny becomes law, resistance becomes duty. The resurgence of militias and citizen action groups is by no means a coincidence, it’s a return to our patriotic roots. We will not be sold out any longer. We do not give an inch on liberty, or they will take a mile. Our rights are non negotiable, granted by god not government. Any instance of repressing our freedoms and liberties is immediately nullified by the people themselves, regardless of any standing law of men. The Constitution, the gift of eternity, the gift of love, the gift of liberty. A timeless gift valued above anything else in this whole entire world. Better than gold, stronger than steel, more compelling than irons, is liberty itself. Liberty, too big to fail. Thank you for reading. We don’t silence the voices, we simply ignore them instead. We don’t fight with the sword unless one swings against us. We use the power of boycotts and the power of the purse instead, at least at first. We must all become more conscientious consumers and immediately. I wonder if the liberals boycotting trump are also boycotting pepsi… I wonder if the conservatives boycotting liberal companies, bother to boycott general mills….. They all have to go, out with the old in with the new. Any major corporation whom abuses representative governance and tries to force their products or ideals upon us through lobbyist based legislation power is a company I personally am very glad to boycott, and do boycott. It’s a whole new way to live, think, and spend. Liberty first, regardless of what ever conflict or even reward which may come behind it. We do not trade an ounce of liberty for all the gold in the world. Liberty is the ultimate benefit for people, it is the end goal. Appreciate liberty, give it the appropriate value, never compromise on liberty, not one inch.

    • Army of Addicts
    • Todd Millions

      Bob – You forgot the invisible stealth air liner that brought down WT-7. Devastating that one and no intact passports recovered! But the BBC precognition reporting was astoundingly accurate.
      To bad they didn’t mention the massive unbacked up archive of various scandal documents stored in #7. Sloppy record keeping indeed.

    • Sarastro92

      There’s no evidence of an OPERATIONAL role played by the Israelis… though they had knowledge of 9/11… But since 50 CIA execs knew that alQaeda had entered the country this must not have been a big secret in the Intelligence community.

      9/11 was a staged Terror Spectacle staged by US Intelligence with the Saudis who provided the al Qaeda stooges as props. The wetworks themselves likely were executed by rogue elements of the US military using remote controls and cruise missiles, along with scuttling US air defenses on 9/11. The Congressional 9/11 Inquiry documents the US- Saudi coordination controlling and protecting the alQaeda human props.

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        • cettel

          Go to hell, Karen M. Beard, spammer!!

      • Kurth Bousman

        Mossad invented modern day false flag terrorism. CIA…. Mossad…..flip a coin. It’s the same thing. Both are operational muscle for the bankster elites, who we know had foreknowledge of 911. The planes exceeded their control software therefore could never have been flown by dumbaxxes who couldn’t even fly pipercubs ! But Raytheon and Dov Zakheim’s SPC International had a system in place to take control and remotely fly these planes. And btw….Zakheim, who everyone knows is a dual israeli citizen, was the pentagon comptroller responsible for loosing the 2.3 trillion dollars which was being investigated by oni where the plane/missile just unbelievably targeted, killing 39 out of 40 of the investigators and ending the investigation. The saudis didn’t have access to the wtc buildings. They certainly didn’t give a shxt about the pentagon going over budget by 2.3 trillion. There were no saudi artists living in the towers ….and it’s a common mossad strategy to disguise their agents as artists. The saudis didn’t have the media/political power to bury the fox articles. The saudis didn’t have the technical expertise to control demolish the buildings. The saudis haven’t benefited whatsoever, actually the opposite , because the turmoil in their world threatens their hold on power, i.e. the arab spring. The israeli government now in power has territorial ambitions. Their way forward is the balkanization of their neighbors. Of course this is where the saudis and israelis interest converge….on iran. The greater israel can’t have iran for a neighbor, nor can the saudis. This harmonizes with many of those in power in america, esp the fundamental christians warriors looking forward to the end of days. And as well, there exists a strange nexus between the saudis and israelis, as witnessed recently by their unambiguous treatment of isis fighters. The dancing israelis prove to anyone but a disinformation operative that the israelis had at the very least exact foreknowledge of date and time. Larry Silverstein already had the plans drawn for a new wtc 7 a year before 911. As well , an interesting article by wayne madsen outlining mossads control of atta’s terror cell from their time in germany. Mossad is famous for infiltrating their enemies groups, which gives credence to the article. Personally I believe that cia couldn’t afford to risk being caught so they relied on their brothers at mossad, experts at deception. The saudis provided the funds and the patsies. The cia and compliant american war criminals provided operational organization, the cover and opened the gates. And finally it’s frankly unbelievable that people believe that the gov investigating themselves and the blackmailed and thoroughly compromised congress have provided the best investigation of 911. I mean they hid the 28 pages for over 15 years….what more are they hiding ?

  • LeseMajeste

    9/11 was an Israeli masterminded False Flag with help from traitors in the WH, the Pentagon, CIA, FBA and NSA. With generous help from the Lying MSM, whom have now proven themselves to be congenital liars.


      Awesome. I hope you’re boycotting anyone and everyone and every company that might have possibly been involved.

    • Eric Zuesse

      Much of the ‘documentation’ you linked to is by now proven false.

      • Sarastro92

        I agree… the documents is filled with errors (such as the claim that all alQaeda entered the US on forged passport-s totally false) or simply a claim that so and so, who is Jewish, COULD HAVE done this or that in 9/11… Very weak.

        • hyperbola

          It is clear that ICH has now acquired professional hasbara warriors.

  • hvaiallverden

    I dont know what level of education some people have, and when they think, or resonate them self to think that anything, incl deep state is something new, an conspiracy theory, about large orgs controlled by the top of the scam chain, knows simply nothing, and is worth wasting time on to educate.
    Right now its an class war, the robber barons and us, and right now we are loosing, austerity, yeah, years of howling and nothing is done.
    This kind of orgs or groups with an philosophy diametrical opposite to ours, aka we the people, its glaringly obvious, how some cant see, is because they are indeed blind, and deaf.

    Even back to, and its written down so we know it, to ancient Rome, where the senatwhores when times where not so good, and they needed an distraction and to simply plunder because of empty wallets or the state run out of cash to keep the wheels roiling, they, like to day, invented the enemy’s they needed, and the scrap book haven’t changed since.
    And to remind the brain dead, Sun Tzu was written 2500 years ago, by an Chines General.
    And even to days “standards” , its an brilliant little book and I have read it my self and highly recommend it to you.

    Yeah, you drool something about “evolution” yup, so far in ways of killing humans, not the causes or whatever, but the sheer scale of it, makes Attila the Hun (Hungarian, the reason for the Urgic part of an ancient language, namely the Finnish, related back to pre-ice age times, when Finns ruled the north from Norway to Ural) so an sobbing “leftard”, an He was an Turk-Mongol, the founder of the people that is destroying the world, the Nordics of to day, aka the Khazars.
    The scum of this earth.
    Haven’t changed for millenniums.

    They are like cancer, their philosophy is remarkable like cancer, linear growth to kingdom comes.
    Yup, only insane people think like that.
    The only way to world peace, is to eradicate them from the face of this earth, untill this scums are wiped out, they will wipe us out anyway, and right now they do what they can to instigate an world war, yeah, just begin some where, huh.

    But hey, blame the Muslims and/or Putin for whatever self-inflicted wounds you have done to your self.
    What we the people need, is an revolution.
    Be the light.



      Jesus Christ already saved the world. No one else need apply. The light is available for all to seek, but only through Christ Jesus shall the light have the power to defeat the evils of this world. Anyone whom denies Christ is the king of heaven, is a false prophet. You’ve got a great line there, but forgot the one point that matters, Christ. I will blame the muslims, they are a savage people whom have fought the same fight against themselves and their neighbors for over 1400 years and still have no reform and utilize the exact same dogma and approach methods. I do not blame the Russians. Russians are experiencing a dramatic resurgence of traditional Christian values, and for that I respect them and do not agree to war against them. Non interventionist policies are the only respectful and appropriate ways to deal with other countries not your own, and anyone who says otherwise is a war monger or one of their useful idiots.


        Well, I suppose the irony falls on me instead. The author of this article seems to be a believer in the concept Christianity is a hoax, misrepresented through the ages. Theologians of the past 20 centuries be damned I guess….. I’m going to swing over to ora tv and see what Jessie Ventura has to say about this. When it comes to conspiracy, I like the opinions of people who follow the money first. When I hear zionist this or that, I sort of fall asleep, I’ve got religious opposition fatigue and have had that for quite some time. Let me help simplify some of these complex political systems for you; America First.


    The dancing Israelis was not a myth. The elite are deluded into believing that they have some magical, mystical powers endowed by some right wing deceitful spirits of the underworld. I would be very worried as a global citizen to these two bit mooks fondling the globe.

    • Eric Zuesse

      The “dancing Israelis” were probably “dancing” though the evidence for that is only the testimony of a single witness to it, but they certainly had nothing to do with causing the 9/11 attacks, because they started filming only after the first building was hit. You are deluding yourself, or rather allowing yourself to be deceived by propagandists, and so you really ought to read:
      which is a good presentation about it.

      • kimyo

        though the evidence for that is only the testimony of a single witness to it

        the photos they took themselves, according to the fbi report you’ve linked to, show them ‘celebrating’ at two different locations.

  • Marek Edelman

    Mr Zeuss seems to be fixated on AntiSemitism being the root of the accusations of Israeli involvement in 911.

    As a Jew myself I was intrigued by the story about Dominic Souter the owner of Urban Moving Systems (the front company the 5 dancing Israelis worked for) fleeing the US after the attacks. This was very suspicious behavior especially considering the accusations. Several of the 5 were also found to be Mossad.

    The bottom line is this:

    With the exception of Afghanistan, every single country that has fallen victim to the US war on terror was on Israel’s hit list, & all are now in ruins:


    And Iran is next …

    The real question is Cui Bono???

    Who REALLY benefitted from 911?

    It certainly was not the Arabs who supposedly did 911.

    • Kurth Bousman

      exactly !

    • StructuralEngineer

      Thankyou for that thoughtful observation. The answer to your question is no. The entity that is responsible can be found by observing who it is that is covering up the fact that those buildings fell with an acceleration that could not possibly have happened without additional energy input into the system…and we all know the players who control our information and foreign policy in this country….CIA and their buddies at the mossad.

      • Marek Edelman

        Definitely agree, this was a “Joint-Venture ”

        To me, 911 was a consolidation of power for the Military Industrial Complex. This took place after the original coup was executed on 11/22/1963 & the subsequent assassinations of MLK, RFK along with the CointelPro operations supported the coup itself.

        When one of the original coup co-conspirators became VP in 1980 & then pResident in 1988, the writing was clearly on the wall that the spooks @ C I A had completely taken over.

        In my eyes, the dots are clearly connected.

        • Eric Zuesse

          However, your assumption that the Saud family hasn’t benefited enormously from the 9/11 attacks is unfounded and factually false. This was an operation that certainly involved Prince Bandar and some of the other royal Sauds, with cooperation from top people at the G.W. Bush White House (and also from some other U.S. Deep State operatives), but no evidence exists for cooperation from Israel’s government — though that government also benefitted substantially from the 9/11 attacks. You’re obviously ignoring the participation of the Sauds, which was crucial and by now well-documented; and you’re obviously imputing without basis Israel’s guilt. As bad as the government of Israel is, it did not participate.

          • kimyo

            You’re obviously ignoring the participation of the Sauds which was crucial

            crucial, in that a patsy was required, in the same way that lee harvey oswald served as a patsy for the m.i.c.’s assassination of jfk.

            if by ‘crucial’, you mean the least important part of the equation, then, yes, you’ve nailed it again.

            did the saudi’s prep the 3 wtc buildings for demolition? did they cause norad to stand down?

            this word, ‘crucial’, i do not think it means what you think it means….

          • Sarastro92

            The patsies were not the least important part of 9/11… if the objective of 9/11 was Perpetual War billed as a Global War on Terror, then al Qaeda needed to be inflated into a global octopus ready to strike the US at any time (the Boston Bombing served as a “booster shot” years later)

            The actual destruction was likely carried out by rogue elements of the US military… the agency that could control US airspace and ground NORAD defenses… as well as fire a cruise missile into the Pentagon and remotely control commercial airliners.

          • StructuralEngineer

            You mean “Israeli occupied territory” …it was a common term for the infestation at the time you know…jeez.

          • Sarastro92

            Correct Eric. The best investigation was the Congressional 9/11 Inquiry — and later the CIA IG– which confirms the findings of the former. Facts are presented and laid out very clearly. No Israeli angle can be found. Richard Clarke later confirmed much of the Inquiry as well, very succinctly.

          • hyperbola

            You mean the 9/11 report which even its chairmen now say was lied to and had information withheld? The 9/11 report where the data input to the report wa in the hands of Israeli dual citizens? Lets remember the PNAC plans and the zionist traitors that were involved in that preparation for exploitation of 9/11. The lets remember who profited from the ensuing wars.

          • Sarastro92

            NO… I’m talking about the “Congressional 9/11 Inquiry” (LOOK IT UP!!) NOT the 9/11 Commission, which was a disinformation/ whitewash operation.

            These wer two separate investigations. There’s also the CIA AG investigation that confirmed the Congressional Inquiry. All available on line for free download.

          • Eric Zuesse

            Uncritical acceptance of any source is not entirely acceptable, under the circumstances. My own analysis of the available evidence is best summarized here:

          • Sarastro92

            Eric , your “best evidence” link cites the 28-pages which was published as a chapter in the 9/11 Congressional Inquiry… so we both seem to agree that the Inquiry represents “best evidence”. The Court documents confirm the Inquiry and the 28 pages as does the CIA IG report.

            2- The most detailed criticism of the 9/11 Inquiry was the 9/11 Commission itself. But The latter has been badly repudiated by the key 9/11 Commissioners themselves. Assuming the 9/11 Commission report was the “best shot” at evaluating the 9/11 Inquiry, any fair minded person would have to conclude the 9/11 Inquiry stands as the “best available evidence”.

            The NYTimes, fronting for the 9/11 Commission, also evaluated the contentions in the 9/11 Inquiry of Saudi and US intelligence collaboration to stage the 9/11 Terror Event. Those attempts were very weak and consisted simply of the accused Saudi officials denying facts right under their nose (such as cell phone records).

            All this said then, it’s not true that I have fallen for uncritical acceptance of the Congressional 9/11 Inquiry. I’ve read the report, considered it myself, read the criticisms, and concluded the report stands up.

            The Inquiry itself was an initial study of 9/11 and should have been followed up with sufficient resources leading to indictments. But as it stands, the Congressional 9/11 Inquiry is the best account on key portions of 9/11. It does not however, address the logistics of the attacks… but does account for the collusion of US and Saudi intelligence (and financing) for the al Qaeda/ hijackers portion of the narrative.

          • StructuralEngineer

            There didn’t have to be an Israeli govt involement. The “lobby” was and still is by the looks of it firmly in control of US foreign policy and the pentagon. Culpable deniabilty is all your argument has going for it pal.

          • Sarastro92

            There is no documented OPERATIONAL ROLE for the Israelis. They didn’t pay the hijackers or house them etc.

            Israel was a big winner in 9/11 and it jump started Operation Cleanbreak.Those are the facts. Deal with it.

          • Eric Zuesse

            Of course they were! I never said otherwise. But so too were lots of other people, the vast majority of whom likewise had nothing whatsoever to do with financing and organizing the 9/11 attacks. The biggest thing that separates intelligent people from fools is that the latter are obsessed with peripheral and secondary matters and even irrelevancies, but the former focus clearly on the question that they are asked and don’t bring up their prejudices (tied to those secondary or even irrelevant matters) when trying to answer the question. An intelligent person gets the question straight in his mind before even attempting to solve it. The FIRST issue is always: WHAT is the question? Answering that question accurately gets one to first base.

          • Sarastro92

            So are you saying the Israelis DID have an operational role?

          • Eric Zuesse

            The question is who financed, and worked with Al Qaeda to organize and pay the direct perpetrators of, the 9/11 attacks? You are totally ignoring this question. You are obsessed with secondary and peripheral ones.

          • Marek Edelman

            And Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin of JFK too huh???

            With all due respect, It is absolutely clueless to have ANY faith in the official 911 report which did not even mention the collapse of WTC7.

            And the C I A as a credible source??

            … Please

          • Sarastro92

            NOT THE 9/11 Commission… the Congressional Inquiry… They’re two separate reports !!

            And BTW, the Warren Commission presents evidence that exonerates Oswald… It rports that his weapon was unusable…

          • Marek Edelman

            Thanks for your thoughtful response, I understand the amount of work it takes to research this tragic event.

            I would highly encourage you to peruse the link below to FBI FOIA documents regarding the “5 dancing Israelis” specifically FOIA-5 details that they were in fact Israelis and were filming the event with a handheld camcorder:


            Also here is the 911 dust report mentioned above detailing “active thermitic material found” – high tech military grade nanothermite. What are your thoughts on this sir?


            I agree that Saudi Arabia and the Sunni/Wahabbi block has greatly benefited as demonstrated by the recent $110 billion arms deal announced last week.

            The US has clearly chosen sides in the 1400 year old Sunni-Shia Feud, and unfortunately so has Israel.

          • Eric Zuesse

            Of course, they were Israelis; that’s not the issue here. Anyway, I’ll be publishing in a few days an article going into depth about the fraud that suckered you and many other people on the entire ‘dancing Israelis’ thing. What it comes down to is that they started photographing the 9/11 attacks after the first building of the WTC was already aflame, not before. The FBI was entirely correct in concluding that those men had had no advance knowledge of the attacks. Does that put the matter here simple enough for you? You’ll see the full evidence on this soon here.

          • Marek Edelman

            The fact that they were filming and celebrating is quite suspicious. The owner of UMS Dominic Souter fleeing the US to Israel is also very suspicious.
            Anyone who can’t see this are the real “suckers” who regurgitate the “official story”.

            This is obvious to anyone who reads the FIOA documents, yet you are avoiding these important points as well as the 911 dust report links I included in my previous post.

            In order to get to the bottom of this we must not “cherry pick” evidence to suit our personal opinions.

            Hard evidence like the dust speaks for itself that this event was beyond the means of Al Qeada to execute, & that this event was a coordinated Military Operation.

    • Sarastro92

      True. But there is no evidence of an Israeli OPERATIONAL role in 9/11. If you have one, please send a link.

      It is true that Operation Clean Break written for Bibi Netanyahu by dual passport NeoCon Likuds, did call for “securing the realm” (for Israel) by burning down the neighborhood (ie serial regime Change) This dovetailed with US ambitions for controlling the Mediterranean… Israel, no doubt say the upside of 9/11 … but again… no one has identified an Operational Role for the Mossad or anyone else… the Dancing Israels danced… they weren’t al Qaeda handlers; and didn’t plant bombs… if you have evidence of a role, please post it.

    • Bob

      Many Israelis do not agree with what their government has done or what it is doing today. Just like here in the US. But have no power to do anything to prevent the aggression, repression, and profiteering of those in charge. If you think the political leaders of Israel have more control of their foreign policy than the Rothschilds do, you don’t yet understand how the world works.

    • sellinpitchforks

      Well said, but regional players the Saudies also wanted weakened, certainly Iraq and Iran. The Israelis and Saudies certainly have shared Shiite enemies to fight.

  • StructuralEngineer

    That was another long winded “explanation” of what really happened on 911 that conveniently omits the fact that no other entity but the us govt and those who controlled it had the means,motive and opportunity to make those 3 building collapse as they did and then get away with suspending the laws of physics so that they could get away with it…I know this because I done the little bit of physics it requires in order to PROVE this fact. As an engineer, mathematical proof outweighs any convoluted effort, such as the one above, to shield those who were actually involved.

  • kimyo

    the saudis even managed to get cnn to report the collapse of building 7 six hours before it occurred.


    Alan Dodds Frank joins on the phone in lower Manhattan — Alan?

    FRANK: Aaron, just two or three minutes ago there was yet another collapse or explosion. I’m now out of sight, Good Samaritan has taken me in on Duane Street (ph).

    But at a quarter to 11:00 there was another collapse or explosion following the 10:30 collapse of the second tower. And a firefighter who rushed by us estimated that 50 stories went down. The street filled with smoke. It was like a forest fire roaring down a canyon.

  • Sarastro92

    “Why is ‘the Western alliance’ ‘for freedom and democracy’ determined to conquer Russia and Iran?”

    Eric… what was the big new doctrine that was released in the GW Bush Admin that replaced Kennan’s Cold War “containment doctrine” ?… Answer: the Wolfowitz Doctrine that called for US UniPolar Global Hegemony that would tolerate no rivals or even potential rivals.

    But Global Hegemony is a huge burden requiring far more sacrifices than the Cold War. Big thinkers — like the late Zbig Brzezinski– and the PNAC Big Shots spent the 90s trying to figure out how to stampede the public into embracing Perpetual War and an Orwellian Police State on the home front that Wolfowtz requires. 9/11 — the New Pearl Harbor with all the ironies that implies— was the solution to the problem of selling Post- Cold War sacrifices when there was no nazi Germany or Soviet Russia threatening the US.

    But all these plans and doctrines have gone to seed since Wolfowitz was first published. One reason is that for decades the US Corporate class outsourced and down sized the US economy, cannibalizing both the physical capital base and the industrial labor force. Last year Zbig himself acknowledged the US can’t dominate the Globe with such a weak economy and recommended cutting a deal to divide the planet with Russia or China.

    But Russia – China seems like a better partnership and indeed, Russia is “all in” with the Chinese Silk Road… while the US sulks and snipes.

    And now there’s Trump, who seems clueless and thinks this is 1992 or better 1952. So the Deep State Liberal NeoCons are preoccupied trying to oust the newly elected President. This could get real messy.

    As to why US allies in Europe stay faithful poodles to the US Liberal NeoCon axis, that seems to be a product of both intimidation (Gladio style terror and assassinations) and overall cultural senility, especially in France and Germany. In any case, the sun is setting on the US Exceptional Century. This will not be fun for anyone.

  • Kurth Bousman

    someone’s manipulating the conversation ’cause my response to sarastro disappeared …how curious

  • Marek Edelman

    The F B I – FIOA documents speak for themselves about the 5 dancing Israelis:

    The 911 dust report detailing hard evidence of explosives in dust samples from around ground zero:

  • Marek Edelman

    An extremely thorough examination of the FOIA documents pertaining to the 5 dancing Israelis who worked for Urban Moving Systems: