Survey Shows a Majority of European Youth Would Participate in Uprising to Overthrow Status Quo

As the title of today’s piece implies, something very rotten is happening across the Western world and it’s starting to push many people, especially the youth, toward a breaking point. In the U.S., much of the problem relates to increased corporate power and monopoly, which has resulted in a less dynamic economy characterized by a neo-feudal plantation model where a small group of people continue to rent-seek profits at the expense of society at large.

Surprisingly enough, today’s piece will zero in on the observations of fund manager Jeremy Grantham to make the point. In his quest to understand why P/E multiples and corporate profit margins have failed to revert to the prior mean over the past couple of decades, Mr. Grantham of GMO made some very important points about how the American economy has changed for the worse during the 21st century. Indeed, much of what he observes can be seen as key factors in rising income equality, which in turn leads to social instability.

Here are some of his key points from the latest GMO Quarterly Letter (it starts on page 9):

How about profit margins, the other input into the market level? Compared to the pre-1997 era, the margins have risen by about 30%. This is a large and sustained change. 

Of all these many differences, the most important for understanding the stock market is, in my opinion, the much higher level of corporate profits. With higher margins, of course the market is going to sell at higher prices. So how permanent are these higher margins? I used to call profit margins the most dependably mean-reverting series in nance. And they were through 1997. So why did they stop mean reverting around the old trend? Or alternatively, why did they appear to jump to a much higher trend level of profits? It is unreasonable to expect to return to the old price trends – however measured – as long as profits stay at these higher levels.

So, what will it take to get corporate margins down in the US? Not to a temporary low, but to a level where they fluctuate, more or less permanently, around the earlier, lower average? Here are some of the influences on margins (in thinking about them, consider not only the possibilities for change back to the old conditions, but also the likely speed of such change):

– Increased globalization has no doubt increased the value of brands, and the US has much more than its fair share of both the old established brands of the Coca-Cola and J&J variety and the new ones like Apple, Amazon, and Facebook. Even much more modest domestic brands – wakeboard distributors would be a suitable example – have allowed for returns on required capital to handsomely improve by moving the capital- intensive production to China and retaining only the brand management in the US. Impeding global trade today would decrease the advantages that have accrued to US corporations, but we can readily agree that any setback would be slow and reluctant, capitalism being what it is, compared to the steady gains of the last 20 years (particularly noticeable after China joined the WTO).

Steadily increasing corporate power over the last 40 years has been, I think it’s fair to say, the defining feature of the US government and politics in general. This has probably been a slight but growing negative for GDP growth and job creation, but has been good for corporate profit margins. And not evenly so, but skewed toward the larger and more politically savvy corporations. So that as new regulations proliferated,they tended to protect the large, established companies and hinder new entrants. Exhibit 5 shows the steady drop of net new entrants into the US business world – they have plummeted since 1970! Increased regulations cost all corporations money, but the very large can better a afford to deal with them. Thus regulations, however necessary to the well-being of ordinary people, are in aggregate anti-competitive. They form a protective moat for large, established firms. This produces the irony that the current ripping out of regulations willy-nilly will of course reduce short-term corporate costs and increase profits in the near future (other things being equal), but for the longer run, the corporate establishment’s enthusiasm for less regulation is misguided: Stripping out regulations is working to fill in its protective moat.

Corporate power, however, really hinges on other things, especially the ease with which money can influence policy. In this, management was blessed by the Supreme Court, whose majority in the Citizens United decision put the seal of approval on corporate privilege and power over ordinary people. Maybe corporate power will weaken one day if it stimulates a broad pushback from the general public as Schumpeter predicted.  But will it be quick enough to drag corporate margins back toward normal in the next 10 or 15 years? I suggest you don’t hold your breath.

– It is hard to know if the lack of action from the Justice Department is related to the increased political power of corporations, but its increased inertia is clearly evident. There seems to be no reason to expect this to change in a hurry.

– Previously, margins in what appeared to be very healthy economies were competed down to a remarkably stable return – economists used to be amazed by this stability – driven by waves of capital spending just as industry peak profits appeared. But now in a very different world to that described in Part 1,4 there is plenty of excess capacity and a reduced emphasis on growth relative to profitability. Consequently, there has been a slight decline in capital spending as a percentage of GDP. No speedy joy to be expected here.

The general pattern described so far is entirely compatible with increased monopoly power for US corporations. Put this way, if they had materially more monopoly power, we would expect to see exactly what we do see: higher profit margins; increased reluctance to expand capacity; slight reductions in GDP growth and productivity; pressure on wages, unions, and labor negotiations; and fewer new entrants into the corporate world and a declining number of increasingly large corporations. And because these factors affect the US more than other developed countries, US margins should be higher than theirs. It is a global system and we out-brand them for one thing.

– The single largest input to higher margins, though, is likely to be the existence of much lower real interest rates since 1997 combined with higher leverage. Pre-1997 real rates averaged 200 bps higher than now and leverage was 25% lower. At the old average rate and leverage, profit margins on the S&P 500 would drop back 80% of the way to their previous much lower pre-1997 average, leaving them a mere 6% higher. (Turning up the rate dial just another 0.5% with a further modest reduction in leverage would push them to complete the round trip back to the old normal.)

What I found most interesting about the above observations is that they weren’t the ramblings of a political stooge trying to get elected for something, but rather the sincere conclusions of an investment manager trying to figure out why profit margins aren’t reverting to the mean. In doing so, he provided us with some very valuable nuggets about the underlying sickness of the U.S. economy, and why elevated corporate profits is a sign of economic weakness, not strength.

I actually wrote about this exact topic all the way back in 2012 in the piece, The Stock Market: Food Stamps for the 1%. Here’s some of what I observed at the time:

More than any other group, the 1% has been convinced that the stock market represents some sort of leading indicator of wealth and prosperity.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Sure, the stock market can function as such an indicator.  It is such an indicator when the rising stock market reflects a dynamic, capitalist economy where new industries and companies are rising to the top and improving standards of living for the populace.  It represents the opposite indicator when it merely reflects the ownership interests of the oligarchs in a crony-capitalist, fascist economy that is picking away at the dying carcass of what little economic freedom still remains.  This is what a rising stock market actually represents today.  When people look at it they should understand it is merely a measure of the oligarchs getting wealthier and more powerful and you becoming more of a debt slave.  It represents their interests in multinational corporations with record profit margins because they refuse to pay their employees a living wage.  A rising stock market today is actually a leading indicator of the destruction of the middle class, cultural destitution and a society in collapse.

The stock market is like slop in a pigpen.  It is a key instrument used to keep the 1% from getting antsy.  Unlike the middle class (a group that isn’t falling for any of the tricks), many of the 1% work on Wall Street or related industries and own stocks.  Many of the people in the 1% are at least wealthy and connected enough to still cause serious problems for the oligarchs.  They must be kept quiet as the coup that started in 2008 is brought to fruition.  Then they will be left high and dry like everyone else.  This is the role that the stock market is playing at the moment.

So as the 1% sits around analyzing a casino, the poor collect food stamps and the middle class dies.  Many in the 1% look upon the poor on food stamps with disdain, yet little do they realize they are on food stamps as well.  It’s called the stock market.

Moving back to Grantham, he goes on to write the following:

Income inequality that may be helping to keep growth and rates lower will, unfortunately, in my opinion, also take decades to move materially unless we have a very unexpected near revolution in politics.

Here’s where I disagree with his forecast. The revolution in politics he accurately thinks it will take to change things is very much here, and will become far more noticeable in the years to come. I think Grantham is looking at Trump “populism” and concluding that his policies are largely very corporate profit margin friendly. I agree with this assessment, which is why I see Trump as a fake populist. That said, there’s another ascendant populist movement happening on the other side of the ideological spectrum, and I expect it to take hold as the preeminent U.S. political force going forward.

The likely catalyst for this alternative populist vision to take hold will be a failure of Trumpisms to help average Americans improve their everyday lives. Although progressive populism is still somewhat nascent, it is quite popular amongst the youth, and will likely become increasingly so as issues of student debt and healthcare costs begin to dominate the conversation far more than they do today. The Bernie Sanders movement was merely a tremor in a much larger earthquake likely to sweep across the land in the years ahead.

This sort of movement is precisely the sort which will cause the type of “revolution in politics” Mr. Grantham considers unexpected. Not only do I expect it, I think it might be much closer to affecting policy than he thinks (I think 2020-2030 could be dominated by this sort of politics).

Moving along to the title of this post, disillusionment and despair are even father along the spectrum in parts of Europe than in the U.S., which can be evidenced by the following excerpts from Quartz:

Around 580,000 respondents in 35 countries were asked the question: Would you actively participate in large-scale uprising against the generation in power if it happened in the next days or months? More than half of 18- to 34-year-olds said yes.

The question was part of a European Union-sponsored survey, titled “Generation What?” The report went on to focus on respondents from 13 countries to better understand what young people are optimistic and frustrated about in Europe. Among these spotlighted countries, young people in Greece were particularly interested in joining a large-scale uprising against their government, with 67% answering yes to the question. Respondents in Greece were also more likely to believe politicians were corrupt and to have negative perceptions of the country’s financial sector.

While some observers are hoping that the defeat of Gert Wilders in the Netherlands and the expected loss of Le Pen in France will herald the beginning of the end for populist momentum in the Western world, I have bad news for you. Not only will populism stay ascendant, we are merely in the very early stages of this ongoing political earthquake. I do not expect this trend to go away until the economic future for average citizens (especially the youth) starts to improve materially.

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  • Dr Mindbender

    Yes, and you can see in that chart that the countries with better social benefits have less population revolt. The bankers have been running filthy austerity programs, not from the rich, but to take from the poor. This will cause Revolt. These corporate pirates ( pure scum) want to privatize all social benefits. Europeans would be wise to fight because; otherwise, they will end up like Americans: Paying Ungodly sums for Corporate Healthcare and Education, while wages stay flat for over 40-years! Wall Street got bailed out and put on welfare, while the people who paid for it lost their homes. Best Country in the World … HA, HA, HA … BS!

    Take down the Financial Markets, Short Them to HELL, and make the Bankers/Corporations/Governments Feel Your Pain.

  • madrino

    Mr. Wood at has an outstanding article that connects to . Select the active links, especially the one at the bottom of the page “next-level humanity”. The elite and military elite have absolutely lost their minds and have gone mad. There is no wisdom in high places anywhere. It’s been sucked out of their minds which have no conscience as everything on earth, including life itself, is going to be obsolete. Already, ionospheric heaters and chemtrails are made to keep the heat in for exploration and mining of the arctic (see and download the paper). All knowledge will fall under IP and will be owned by a few to charge the many (who ever is left) for it’s use (imagine if this mentality existed 3500 years ago, we would be renting the wheel still!).

  • awb22

    Certainly Sanders represents the populist Occupy movement, as Trump represents the populist Tea Party movement. He’s not a fake populist any more than is Sanders. They believe what the say. Doing it is the hard part and Trump deserves all the support we can give him. Even without our support, he’s not going to change.

    There are the 40% who would criticize Trump even if he succeeds, so let’s not read to much into the relentless criticism of the MSM and the Left.

    Among his supporters, his approval rating is quite high, 100% in fact, if you take out the snow ball vote.

    • jadan

      Trump is not a populist. Just so words have meaning: populism refers to a grass roots movement in the US that began about 1873 or so and disappeared after the election of 1896. Populists wanted the government to step in and legislate in favor of the majority of people. They demanded regulation of corporate behavior. “Robber barons” controlled government then as now. The populists also demanded monetary reform. There was a state of chronic deflation created by the gold standard.. The great American fortunes were built during this period when unregulated capital ( Trump’s idiot fantasy) laid waste to the landscape. Sanders is a populist, Trump is not nor ever will be. The Tea Party is not populist, it is libertarian. Trump is not libertarian. He is a fascist oligarch who lies incessantly. Very little of what he says does he actually believe. You can tell what a person believes by what they do. The problem with Ametican poitics is that words have no meaning. It’s mostly bullshit.

      • awb22

        Semantics and splitting hairs aside, both the Tea Party and Occupy movements are anti status quo. Trump won, and what a victory! Paul could have run as an independent in 2012, but he chose to run within the Republican Party, but still as a Tea Party candidate. Trump ran as a Tea Party candidate.

        Sanders represents the Occupy movement, which is also anti status quo, and got the same treatment from the DNC as Paul and Trump got. Trump was better prepared, seeing how the Romney campaign played dirty.

        I labeled these grass roots movements, the Tea Party and Occupy as populist. I like the term and will continue to use it. However, I will reconsider if progs stop using the term liberal.

        • jadan

          “Anti-status quo” works for me. If terms have no accepted meaning, people don’t
          understand one another. That is not a trivial thing. Occupy is populist, Tea Party is not, since populist means those who advocate progressive government by and for the people, whereas Tea Partiers want to reduce or eliminate the role of government. If you continue to describe Tea Party, ie, libertarianism, as populist, you are helping to confuse the political discourse and pissing on history….you may not care about history. Trump sure as hell doesn’t. Trump is a congenital liar, devoted to nothing but his own class interests. He is certainly not anti-status quo. He’s a bullshit artist.

          • awb22

            He won an election, so I suppose he’s in good company.

            Now, why do you oppose Trump? Do you oppose all politicians, or just those with whom you disagree ideologically.

            I’m pro-choice, anti-status quo, anti-Zionist, with anti-status quo the only issue where I agree with Trump.

            Regardless of anything you say about Trump, he was a better choice than Shrillary, on every issue. Now, you might take issue with whether he is a better choice than Sanders, and that is where I say Trump should have run a split ticket with Sanders as his running mate. It would have been a landslide, and exactly the sort of thing where it starts if we’re going to set a new course for discourse in this country. Why not give the people a choice they can be behind 100%?

            If Congress is viewed as obstructionist to Trump’s agenda, they can be voted out in 2018. Ryan’s job was on the line if he couldn’t get a health care bill passed. It’s still too little too late.

          • jadan

            Our electoral system does not represent the will of the majority of the people. It is essentially fraudulent. Votes counts are not to be trusted. Journalists do not touch the issue, nor do politicians because the legitimacy of government itself is called into question. Trump won this election in the way oligarchs and dictators always win elections: they buy them.

            Trump is not anti-status quo, nor anti-establishment. He’s a liar and he has shown that his goal is to reinforce the worst aspects of the status quo: militarism, wealth inequality, racism, corporatism. He is not a better choice than Hillary. He is a red baiting militarist just as she is. He’s going to deprive millions of health care and call it progress. There is no common ground between Trump & Sanders. Trump is a product of a failed system and this is only going to guarantee the complete collapse of the system.

            Here’s what a commentator { Doug Casey, himself a far right ideologue ) says about our political discourse: “Many of the words you hear, especially from the media, are confused, conflated, or completely misused; and this is corrupting the language. As George Orwell liked to point out, to control language is to control thought. The corruption of language is adding to the corruption of civilization itself. This is not a trivial factor in the degradation of Western Civilization.”

          • awb22

            So you oppose him ideologically, and lump him in with everyone else, because they all suck. You’re missing the point, he hasn’t baited anyone, and health care is not a right.

            You oppose Trump, I get it. So does Zuesse. What difference does it make why at that point, because you’re going to oppose anything he does, based on ideology. His successes won’t be successes, even though they are, and you want him to fail, at which point you will cheer. At least be honest about it, and we can stop dancing around the point.

          • animalogic

            Health care not a right, eh ? We’ll, that says something about you, anyway. On the contrary basic health care is an elementary right, up there with “all are equal before the law” (another right, dying the death of a thousand cuts).
            Trump’s health care bill is of course a travesty. (What it replaces was too).
            Whether or not Trump is a populist seems somewhat academic: tho, clearly he knows how to USE a “popular” approach.
            Will Trump be a disaster ? Probably – even if just because the circumstances exist to make it likely.
            As for Clinton — I despise her. I had hoped Trump would resist her neo-con dreck mates, however it appears I’m in for some disappointment….

          • awb22

            Life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness (or property) are inalienable rights outlined in the Declaration of Independence. There are other rights outlined in the US Constitution and various amendments.

            I don’t see health care in there, do you?

            I’m sure you’re a Sanders supporter, who is also anti-status quo. Until Occupy and the Tea Party, who Trump represents understand and accept they have a common enemy, both are doomed to failure.

            I was a Paul supporter before Trump, and he lost on his foreign policy. Trump ran and won. He beat every other Republican without compromise, and Democrat candidate. The deafening silence you hear is Congress trying to get Trump to compromise, under threat of impeachment. Do you think he’s backing down?

            He promised to drain the swamp. Ever been in a swamp?

          • Dr Mindbender

            You do not need to see healthcare: Without Healthcare You do not Have Life.

            I do not see foreign wars of aggression? Many Trillions given to the Beast for war, and Trillions more to the Bankers to Kill the Poor!

            You just want to give Trillions of dollars to the War God. I got your number! Do not worry, at your Judgement, before GOD, I will be there holding the blood of all the saints your tax-dollars helped to murder. Remember, it was all voluntary … You even pledge to its flag!

            You were for war and against Healthcare. Perhaps, you need Health Crisis so you can Learn?

            Good luck trying to get JESUS to know your name!

            You ( Christians) are the Great “end days” Deception talked about in the Bible.

          • awb22

            “Without Healthcare You do not Have Life.” – hogwash, you don’t get to define Life, otherwise, there’s no end in sight.

            Why use your straw man arguments against me? You don’t know me.

            Apparently, neither do you know God. However, why is it of any concern to you?

          • Dr Mindbender

            Yes, I do. I am a Healthcare Professional. I had many expensive tests; which I had to identify Life and all of its parameters.

            I do not have to know you, I know your spirit. .

            I know God. Your God is Satan.

            Nobody with your attitude gets into Heaven.

            You better think about it because time is almost up!

          • awb22

            You say you’re a health care professional. So, you ration care based on available resources and where they will do the most good. Then why is God’s name do you suggest universal health care is even possible? It isn’t. You’ve said so yourself.

            With unlimited resources I suppose it would be possible. You’re still asking society to make it their highest priority, when frankly, no one cares if their fellow man lives or dies. They only care about themselves. So, it’s a binary problem, really, and since there will never be a majority of people needing critical care, it will never be a high priority. In fact, the complacency of healthy people has enabled the racketeering which has entered the health care profession in the US.

            Dr. M, english is obviously not your first language. Do you practice in the US or somewhere else, and are you an athiest, Christian, or some other religion?

          • Dr Mindbender

            Knock off the grade school crap; because you show me that you just barely got out of High-School. Attempting pathetic insults to divert from your lack of ability to challenge content is a grade school trick!

            We have ( in USA) unlimited Resources, but the corporations are strangling resources for profit. You should know how medications are marked up, in some cases, 1,000-Percent! If the US government can print Trillions of Dollars to bailout “bankers and associated criminals,” then they can print more money and bailout the healthcare system they abused! The money belongs to the People! The peoples money should not be blown on Illegal Wars and Theft!

            I Know God. Those who have no mercy will never be accepted. In practice, I helped people -and gave them free care- and I even made arrangements for those who could not pay. I did more than most, and I am respected among my peers.I know there is a better way: Universal Healthcare. Nobody should be without basic healthcare!

          • awb22

            “Knock off the grade school crap” – you first.

            “We have ( in USA) unlimited Resources” – wrong

            You didn’t answer my questions, where do you practice and what is your religion?

            Zuesse doesn’t like to be pinned down by his answers, either. Similar to Satan.

          • Dr Mindbender

            I do not give personal information for obvious reasons.

            I know God, but I do not practice “any” false Religion. I passed that silly test. All religion(s) have value, but you have to avoid mankind`s pollution. The Great Deception spoken of in the Revelation, I believe, is Christianity. I believe the government(s)have used Jesus as their Messiah to Rule over and Enslave the People. Sad.

            The works of the Church are an Abomination and they are known by their lack of Works.

            You have pinned ZERO, and as a healthcare professional, I know the resources in America far outstrip all the globe combined. So, if America cannot do it, than tell me, HOW CAN CUBA?

            And, you better get an education before you pop off, because Cuban Healthcare ranks above the US in terms of Quality. They have some really good facilities down there too! Every Cuban has Good Healthcare and Dental. So, where is the Greatest Nation on Earth … In the Sewer!

            You have simply been lied to by bankers and industrialists who want to steal your treasury and make you ( the people) pay their bills. They despise you, ( the people) and want you to starve! However, you seem to have some sort of Injury ( or demonic possession) that makes you want to defend them.

            Christians defending Satan. Sad.

          • awb22

            I agree about mainstream christianity, since the 3rd century AD it was compromised with paganism to form a state religion in Rome.

            I disagree about JC, he was sent by God and was raised by him, set at his own right hand, and made the head of all.

            You’re delusional if you think I support the bankers, when I say the debt should be repudiated, and the bankers kicked out.

            Healthcare in the US is racketeering at this point, as are most industries given the perverse incentives of out of control federal spending competing with and crowding out the private sector for goods and services, bidding up prices in the process.

            I only asked in what country you practice. Thank you for answering my question about what you believe. Do you accept Jesus as Lord? That’s really the only thing that matters.

          • Dr Mindbender

            Healthcare is only corrupt because “corporations” run it by government lobby for break neck profit. Government is corrupt too; however, with shareholders to please, corporate healthcare is the worst thing for the people. Corporate Healthcare is too expensive and leaves gaps, while being subsidized by government “double dipping” and low tax rates.

            Americans are being raped for healthcare. Corporate Healthcare is only a tool to keep slaves beholden to corporate masters! If not, corporations would be screaming: Universal Healthcare, because it would halve their labor expenses! However, Corporations know Corporate Insurance cannot be afforded, by employees alone, so they got their employees ( euphemism for slaves) right where they want them.

            I do not like the government “at all” but I am a realist, and just like I had to apply to the government for a professional license; well, it is reality. I would rather government “use the peoples monies” to benefit the people, not Goldman Sachs and Lockheed Martin! See, no matter how you feel about the government it is not going anywhere, until Jesus returns! Therefore, I choose to use it, and the people should demand better. The government is to serve the people. The people have rights for the sole purpose of making sure government OBEYS them.

            Who`s money is it? The Peoples!

            Yes, I accept Jesus, but Satan knows Jesus is lord too! There is more to it, and it will require JESUS to know YOU? Many will know Him, but sadly, they will hear that HE never knew them.

            “And, whatsoever you do to the least of them, ( the poor) you`ve done to me.” -Jesus.

          • awb22

            “Who`s money is it? The Peoples!” – wrong. Just ask the bankers when they require interest payments.

            I’m glad you accept Jesus as Lord. So, do I, and it is a pleasure to call you brother!

          • Dr Mindbender

            The people ( governmentally speaking) paid the taxes -so it is their money- and should be used to benefit the people.

            Bankers contribute nothing to society ( they are parasites) and can be replaced, entirely, by government, if they do not like it. Most people do not realize that the government could have federalized banking during the 2008 crisis and let the bankers go broke. This would have solved the problem.

            The Government just Gives money to banks. Most do not know that even before 2008, most “citizen loans and credit” are subsidized by government! Money is worthless paper, but people value it and so it will remain. People have faith in money and this is why it has value.

            The latest caper, homes are being foreclosed on by mega-bank corps who buy with FREE GOVERNMENT MONEY ( no interest) than inflate the housing prices and sell a loan back to the suckers or make them rent. The Tragic Part, the American people bailed them out and paid for this evil action.

            Nobody wants to fight, or turn over the tables, like JESUS instructed, and so the problem will only get worse.

            Yes, we are brothers, which is why I warn. I have failures and foolish problems too, we all do; however, do not buy the government (AKA) Satan`s lies! Abuse of the Poor is one of the most Wicked Items and God is known to Favor the Poor. Jesus healed the sick and did not charge. A Christian nation should be healing the sick just as a matter of ministry. You cannot allow Greed into that system.

            The Government is a Trap to take people to hell. However, you can make it serve the people -by force- and that is what people should be doing. Universal Healthcare beats: “Million-Dollar Bombs being dropped on POOR PEOPLE for Corporate Industrial Profit, any day!”

          • awb22

            “The people ( governmentally speaking) paid the taxes -so it is their money ” – Wrong! The government has exceeded tax revenue and spent $20T more of borrowed money, which belongs to the bankers, since Reagan took office.

            The debt will never be repaid, and we either repudiate the debt, or become slaves to it.

          • Dr Mindbender

            You fail to understand that Bankers can be declared “a Danger to National Security” and put behind bars (or killed) -See: NDAA act. The bankers can corrupt politicians, and get sweet deals, but if they ever go against the US government, they will surly die. Now, if the people had brains, well you see what could be done here I hope. The American people could be living like KINGS instead of Slaves!

            The US government is the “Supreme Ruler of Planet Earth,” and those who doubt and do not have full faith in the US government will meet up with its war machine. The US is the Hammer of the Earth.

            The US Government can do anything it pleases. US Credit should have been Junked long ago!

            “Governments” are not held to the same accounting standards as “its slaves” ( you and the american people). Government “writes the rules” and is not subject to them. No Accounting will ever be held against the US government.

            The Only way to bring down the US government is Revolution. Only then, will the bankers downgrade US credit, because Capital Flight will force it. So, the American people are the WORLDS only hope.

            Hope is dead.

          • awb22

            I agree the US shines as a beacon of freedom to the rest of the world.

            I disagree that the US Government in the Supreme Ruler of Planet Earth. The bible says it’s the Devil. He could not have offered the kingdoms of the world to Jesus Christ if it wasn’t within his ability, or Jesus would have responded differently, instead saying, “‘You shall worship the Lord your God
            and him only shall you serve.’” (Matt 4:10b ESV)

            I disagree hope is dead. The bible says we have the hope of the return of Christ (Titus 2:13, 1 Thess 4:13)

          • Dr. Mindbender

            Beacon of Freedom … You`re Joking, Right!

            The Devils Real Name IS USA (666) and (666) “comes out of that,” somehow!

            I am sick of hoping for the return of Christ, if He gave a Damn, He would have returned. Yes, I am not a Butt Kisser … And, Jesus knows it.


          • animalogic

            I wasn’t thinking about the constitution as such, but of the rather quaint notion of “human rights” . That set of difficult to define right that — should — provide all humans a minimum level of dignified existence consistent with whatever material circumstances apply at a particular time & place.
            However, that you bring up the constitution, I CAN SEE an implied right to health care. Simply put, if you legislate a right, especially an inalienable right, you necessarily legislate at least a minimum CONTENT to such rights. Life & the pursuit of happiness imply some level of health with which to express such rights. Ultimately, at some point, a government which by action or inaction allows or causes harm to its citizens HAS alienated the right to Life etc.

          • awb22

            You don’t get to define basic human rights. They’re already defined, and while I agree access to basic care is important, access is different from providing. Health care should be accessible, but that doesn’t mean it’s a right, otherwise, you end up providing it yourself, and it becomes an entitlement, which I’m sure you don’t intend.

          • Dr Mindbender

            You are an embarrassment! You should lose your health … I am putting you before Almighty God! HE cannot allow His people to be so profane!

            You will pay for access to God.

          • awb22

            Hate much?

          • Dr Mindbender

            Yes, and GOD hates people like you too! He has killed Many, I give Him My Vengeance. Revelation 6:10.
            Read his word.
            If, you ( and those like you) are so selfish that you cannot tolerate Healthcare for everyone, then “HOW ON GODS EARTH CAN YOU EVEN DREAM OF BEING ACCEPTED INTO HEAVEN?”

            I explained how your governments economy works above. I had to TS department of Treasury Clearance! The US government has no limit, and it has been authorized to print money to infinity; because nobody will challenge it. You do not seem to comprehend; However, they are buying markets, bailing out banks, corporations and billionaires; while funding global wars … Blowing Many Trillions, but you gripe about silly healthcare for the poor!

            I know God and I know Satan … Not even Satan is so Wicked!

            You are being tested and you do not even know it!

          • awb22

            I looked it up, you’re talking about the 7 seals, where previously you were condemning end of days prophecy, but, OK.

            There is a limit to how currency the Fed can monetize, and it is how long is the rest of the world going to accept the federal reserve note in exchange for goods and services.

            Yes, Satan is so wicked, and those who serve him will be destroyed by him just as surely as he would destroy the rest of us.

            We’re all being tested, whether we know it, or not.

          • Dr Mindbender

            I will only tell you this, there are warehouses “unmarked” all over the world filled with US currency and gold. They are so irresponsible it is disgusting, I know.

            The US can print money to infinity; because Nobody will ever challenge the USG. They all want to live. Simple matter.

            Those in your government are a tad brighter than the rest of you, but not much, and they know how the game is played. Do as I say, or all the houses of cards come down. This psychology will rule until God Returns.

            I know God … I do not Kiss Up. Those Elders, in Revelation 6:10, Called out in a LOUD voice, indicating, they were Angry and Shouting at God. Only those who are willing to risk their necks deserve to keep them.

          • animalogic

            “Health care should be accessible,”
            Yes, it should. Accessibility implies provision. Health care that discriminates on the basis of money is not accessible to the extent it denies access on the basis of lack of money.
            No, I don’t with to say “entitlement”: it’s a term so politically manipulated as to be meaningless.
            Incidentally, citizens ARE….well, “entitled” to social security because they paid for it. Same should be for universal health care: a small tax, say 1.5%, on ALL incomes should enable basic health care for all.
            Beyond the ideological fixations of those on the right & the slavering greed of those in Med insurance etc, there is NO reason why such a health system can’t be instituted.

          • awb22

            I prefer the term “obligation”. Either way, the government is in no way obligated to “provide” health care, because it is NOT a fundamental nor basic human right. No one “owes” another human being anything. One person’s rights end where another person’s begin. It’s that simple.

            It isn’t possible to provide universal health care, unless it became the primary focus of society, which it won’t. And besides that, who would pay, the healthy? Fat lot good that will do. Our economy is in shambles, and I submit, there are greater issues at stake, like the debt. There isn’t any money anyway, we’re spending a third of our revenue on debt service.

            I have no problem with providing basic preventative care to children and nursing mothers. Provided we repudiate the debt, kick out the bankers, and enforce immigration laws. Otherwise, universal care is just a political football and it will be our society which suffers.

          • animalogic

            Health care not a human right ?
            Sorry, just disagree.
            “No one “owes” another human being anything.”
            On it face complete nonsense.
            “One person’s rights end where another person’s begin.”
            Needs explanation. On its face appears to contradict other statements: rights imply obligations. If no one “owes” another then no one has any Right, then “rights” exist as no more than appearances.
            Further, universal basic health care is not financially “not possible” financially. The US economy is in a shambles because of 40 years of neoliberal parasitical policy & maladministration.
            The US is an immensely wealthy country. Shift money from the military-security state, tax the wealthy/corporations a little more & there will be money.
            Tho, as noted health care can pay for itself.
            Incidentally, the debt is an issue, but not to the degree the fiscal hawks make out. A sovereign nation can NEVER go broke in its own currency. No doubt you reject MMT out of hand, however it’s worth reconsideration.
            Health care IS a political football — this suits elites fine.

          • awb22

            You have the right to die, that’s just about it, which even your handle, animalogic, implies.

            I don’t owe you anything but to treat you with the dignity and respect I expect of other people, however, that doesn’t mean I “owe” YOU anything, it only means that’s how I expect to be treated. Respect is also something that is earned, not given.

            “One person’s rights end where another person’s begin.” – I have free will, but free will doesn’t give me the right to violate someone else’s rights.

            Universal health care isn’t possible because of limited resources, which is why it’s so expensive and easily gamed by the pharma and insurance industries, to the detriment of the system.

            The US economy is in shambles because of offshoring industry to exploit labor markets overseas, while the Waltons became one of the richest families in the world.

            We’re running a $600M deficit, the US Govt is $20T in debt. Tax corporations and they will leave, as will wealthy individuals. There is no money, except further indebtedness. A sovereign nation can’t go broke, BUT, they can lose a war. MMT is interesting, however, where it fails is when interest has to be paid on the debt, which will eventually consume tax receipts and the only winner is the central bank. The way forward is repudiating the debt and adopting a balanced budget amendment. I’m actually a Keynsian, which model fails when government continually expands, instead of contracting during boom times. So, all of this really isn’t that difficult, the difficult part is in doing what is right, and right isn’t always what we want, but rather, that which is fundamentally sound.

          • Dr Mindbender

            America does not need to tax more for healthcare. Simply, cutting the military entitlements will do the Job.

          • Dr Mindbender

            USA Giving Weapons to Start Foreign Wars of Aggression is not a Right, either! Americans will either have healthcare or be complicit in their own demise by firing up the world for world war 3. The money belongs to the people, not the Industrialists! Trillions and Trillions of Dollars have been given to War and the Murder of the Poor all over the World. I see you support this and then Claim Christianity! Brilliant!

            If the US government stops bombing the world it can afford healthcare for its people at a fraction of the cost of its military. However, it seem you would rather have War. Good. I hope you get the Final War.

          • awb22

            Agreed the money doesn’t belong to industrialists. That is the problem, the Debt.

            A balanced budget amendment doesn’t even begin to address $200T in unfunded federal obligations.

            The simple fact is there isn’t any money in the budget, nor a free lunch. At the end of the day, the debt must be repudiated, balance the budget, and universal health care still won’t be available, because it isn’t possible. If health care, then, must be rationed, then I prefer it to be rationed on the basis of ability to pay.

            Let me reiterate, it isn’t possible to provide universal health care without some sort of rationing. If you feel so strongly about it, then you’re free to give yours up to someone less fortunate.

          • Dr Mindbender

            No … You will stop Your Bombing , and Illegal Wars … Because there is no money in Budget, Pinhead!

            Think it will be all peaceful and MAGIC JESUS’S Popping up all Over!

            You never understood finances.

            Your government is not “You” and they are not bound by the rules of financial enslavement, like YOU, but to not understand such is unforgivable! Sad!

            Simply, if anyone “FKS” with the Finances of the US government they DIE and Nations get Sacked. Nobody is stupid enough to even try and make a fuss now are they? NO.

            The sad part, you Americans are too stupid to understand that simple reality and profit from it! NO, You would rather “starve yourselves” so your government can commit mass murder!

            Sounds like some sort of demonic flesh cutting ritual!

          • awb22


          • Dr Mindbender

            See a Priest, Get an Exorcism.

          • awb22


          • Dr Mindbender

            No, I am prescribing!

          • awb22

            Ha ha, more like projecting!

          • Dr Mindbender

            You know, Christian, Your place in Heaven will be Rationed based on your ability to Pay.

          • Dr Mindbender

            You are all so badly divided. Your people would DIE without government. Dear God, do you have an IQ of 30, or something? This is not 1776! Corporations FK people for Profit. Without Government Your souls would be sold right back into Slavery!

            Now, that is not to say that you are not “already slaves,” ( most of you idiots enslaved yourselves) but it would be much worse. Government has been corrupted … Wall Street Corrupted it; now, they own your SOUL. How many Trillion did You give it, America? You bought all its JUNK DEBT? You Fools!

            You did not understand OWS, because you serve your master government, and do not possess the intelligence to understand how global finances work. You are a prisoner in a wet paper bag. It was all made easy for you, but none of you “Rebels” were worth spit!

            Go murder more POOR people for USSA!

            Another Non-fighting Christian … SISSY!


    Survey Shows a Majority of European Youth Would Participate in Uprising to Overthrow Status Quo – article headline

    See what happens when the world becomes overpopulated with no real opportunity for the majority – especially the young? Now do you understand why the ‘wealthy’ try to get in total control of their countries and start wars? To ‘cull’ the population of the masses. Wake up people. Where do you think this country is headed now?

    • Redisqovered

      The world is way overpopulated too.

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      • CNDFOX

        That is what I was saying. And yet look what we do in this country – and so do other certain cultures in the world. Here we are going to a time where we don’t or won’t allow women a ‘choice’ in the decision of whether or not that they should have a child – normal or special – and yet those same hypocrites vote in politicians who negate or defund the very programs that would help them rise above the poverty level IF they chose to have the child. So hypocritical and blind to reality. Right now it looks to me that we – this country and the world – is in the grip of a “populist ignorance” of real life and where the world is headed at this point in time. And people who believe in “fantasies and outdated traditions” are in control of the governments, And all you have to do is look at recorded history to see and understand what that leads to. Things like war, inquisitions, ethnic cleanings, witch hunts and the like. I am really beginning to believe that there is a very small percentage of people – in this country and the world – who know how to utilize the brain they were given in a proper manner. So much of the population – the fantasy believers, man made dogma groups and traditionalists – just don’t “get it”.

    • Hopejleblanc

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  • Dr Mindbender

    This proves Europeans are Smarter than Americans.

  • Dr Mindbender

    You know , I am really sick of all the “selfishness,” Greed and Murder in this world. I can totally understand why God threw all of US down on this godforsaken hell hole!

    I will give all of you an Almighty Economics Lesson, that, You will ONLY get from God when You see Him.

    However, here is your Early Lesson, are you wise enough?

    Money is printed to infinity with Zero Accounting; because the US government is the Sovereign Ruler of this world and “anyone or anything” ( S&P got Sacked) that seriously questions the authority of the USD will be Erased from Existence. Nations will be sacked if they do not OBEY.

    Debts do not matter to the USG, because “Debt” is only a tool to abuse Vassal Nations and Slaves! This is how the US government can fund Trillions for War, and Trillions more to buy its own Market! This should be easy! This should be common sense.

    The US government is not bound by “slave law accounting” which binds YOU, the slave, and those like you. They do not have to balance “anything” and have the power “as God” to print things into existence. Now, they can print you Prosperity or War. You will be Judged, America, and it will be Your Fault! Your punishment will be harsh because this was all easy!

    I have warned. If you cannot comprehend, see a Priest and get an Exorcism.

    • Dr Mindbender

      Yes, and I have to add, “How Ignorant, the arguments I hear about the government having to balance this and that … You fools, the government is not, YOUR SLAVE, it is your MASTER! You, and those like you, Slaves, are bound by financial limits they are Free.

      I cannot believe so many economists, mathematicians fail to understand, “if” anyone dares to seriously question the USG and its financial authority, it will be deemed a national security threat and dealt with in a most unpleasant manner.

      Nobody will do it, and therefore, well if Americans were smart they would know they have the golden key. However, only fools could fail such a test!

  • US Government is a Crime


  • US Government is a Crime

    I am curious and just testing because it seems some sites are censoring, while others are not. I have to test these sites, because i will not visit a site that is involved in government censorship, spying or any other nefarious crap.

    So Far … So G00d.