What the U.S. Aristocracy Are Demanding

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at strategic-culture.org

The U.S. aristocracy are demanding war against Russia.

According to Eli Lake at Bloomberg News, on April 13th:

White House and administration officials familiar with the current debate tell me there is no consensus on how many troops to send to Syria and Iraq. Two sources told me one plan would envision sending up to 50,000 troops. … But on Sunday [April 9th] in an interview with Fox News, [Trump’s National Security Advisor, H.R.] McMaster gave some insights into his thinking on the broader strategy against the Islamic State. “We are conducting very effective operations alongside our partners in Syria and in Iraq to defeat ISIS, to destroy ISIS and reestablish control of that territory, control of those populations, protect those populations, allow refugees to come back, begin reconstruction,” he said.

In other words, the U.S. missile-invasion of Syria on April 4th was only the start of something much bigger: conquering the Syrian government, and conquering Russia’s forces in Syria, which forces are currently defending Syria’s government, with the American aim being to “reestablish control of that territory, control of those populations, protect those populations, allow refugees to come back, begin reconstruction.” But the “reestablish” part there is a lie, because ‘we’ never ‘established’ control of Syrian territory. ‘We’ never had “control of those populations.” That’s instead sovereign Syrian territory, which the Trump Administration is now debating how to conquer. Trump’s top people are saying “there is no consensus on how many troops” but “one plan would envision sending up to 50,000,” to go to war against Syria and Russia, on Syrian territory, and not only against the jihadists there, which Syria and Russia have been trying to defeat (and which the U.S. and its allies — the Sauds who own Saudi Arabia, and the Thanis who own Qatar, and other fundamentalist-Sunni heads-of-state — have been backing in order to defeat Syria and Russia). So: Trump is actually at war now against Russia and its allies, Syria and Iran. Trump is now continuing and escalating Obama’s policy, which he had promised instead to reverse.

Trump, who became President promising to be single-mindedly focused on defeating “radical Islamic terrorism,” is now planning on defeating Syria and Russia instead, who are fighting against radical Islamic terrorists, which are trying to overthrow Syria’s non-sectarian government, which is defended by both Russia and Iran.

Trump is going to war against Russia, unless he replaces H.R. McMaster and the people whom McMaster brought into the Trump Administration. If Trump retains McMaster and his people, World War III is likely, and could start soon (the nuclear phase of it would be the final phase and last less than 30 minutes). But only after McMaster became installed, did the movement to impeach or otherwise to replace Trump by his anti-Russian Vice President, Mike Pence, subside. The bipartisan “President Pence” movement is now considerably quieted.


Trump has reversed his national-security policies 180 degrees, and is now focusing it around conquering Russia, instead of around reducing the threat from jihadists. The reason for this drastic change is in order for him to be able to win the support of the U.S. aristocracy, who had overwhelmingly favored Hillary Clinton during the Presidential contest, and who (and whose ‘news’media) have been trying to portray Trump as “Putin’s fool” or even as “Putin’s Manchurian candidate” and thus as an illegitimate President or even traitor who is beholden to ‘America’s enemy’ (which to them is Russia) for Trump’s having won the U.S. Presidency — which they had tried to block from happening. (And, actually, even Republican billionaires generally preferred Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump — and almost all of them hate Putin, who insists upon Russia’s independence, which the U.S. aristocracy call by all sorts of bad names, so that any American who even so much as merely questions the characterization of Russia as being an ‘enemy’ nation, is considered to be ‘unAmerican’, like in the days of communism and Joseph R. McCarthy, as if communism and the U.S.S.R. and its Warsaw Pact that mirrored America’s NATO military alliance, even existed today, which they obviously don’t. So: the U.S. Establishment’s portrayal of current international reality is so bizarre, it can be believed only by fools, but enough such fools exist so as to enable that Establishment to do horrific things, such as the 2003 invasion of Iraq, and the 2011 invasion of Libya, just to name two examples, which got rid of two national leaders who were friendly toward Russia.)

After Trump ditched his National Security Advisor Mike Flynn (whom Obama had fired for not being sufficiently anti-Russian, but Trump then hired) and replaced him with the rabidly anti-Russian H.R. McMaster (whom the aristocracy’s people were recommending to Trump), Trump was expecting to be relieved from the aristocracy’s intensifying campaign to impeach him or otherwise replace him and make the President his clearly pro-aristocratic Vice President Mike Pence, but the overthrow-Trump campaign continued even after McMaster became installed replacing Flynn. Then, perhaps because the replacement of Flynn by McMaster failed to satisfy the aristocracy, Trump additionally ousted Stephen Bannon and simultaneously bombed Syrian government forces, and now the campaign to overthrow Trump seems finally to have subsided, at least a bit, at least for now.

Trump’s domestic enemies have been variously called “neoconservatives,” “Zionists,” “Democrats,” “liberals,” “Republicans,” and other such misleading categories, all of which ‘sides’ are now actually controlled by, and representing, only one side, the world’s roughly 2,000 billionaires (and this Forbes list doesn’t even include royalty, who are the topmost of all, such as the King of Saudi Arabia, whose net worth is in the trillions). These are the individuals who control all of the ‘news’ media that have significantly large audiences, and who also control Wall Street, and who also control the giant oil companies, and who also control the top 100 U.S. government contracting firms, the top 25 of which are shown, in the ranking of the “Top 100 Contractors of the U.S. federal government”, as being: 1: Lockheed Martin. 2: Boeing. 3: General Dynamics. 4: Raytheon. 5: Northrop Grumman. 6: McKesson. 7: United Technologies. 8: L-3. 9: Bechtel. 10: BAE. 11: Huntington Ingalls. 12: Humana. 13: SAIC. 14: Booz Allen Hamilton. 15: Healthnet. 16: Computer Sciences. 17: UnitedHealth. 18: Aecom. 19: Leidos. 20: Harris. 21: General Atomics. 22: Hewlett-Packard. 23: Battelle. 24: United Launch Alliance. 25 Los Alamos National Lab.

Those 25 firms are about 35% of the total, but they’re almost 100% ‘Defense’ Department suppliers, and so they show the extreme extent to which the extraordinary entity that President Dwight Eisenhower had called (only when he was leaving office — he had been too scared to say it while still in the White House) “the military-industrial complex”, has come to be the aristocracy that’s now joined-at-the-head to the behind-the-scenes U.S. government, and that uses, and is used by, that government (its politicians), in order to protect and increase their personal wealth.

They thrive on war, because war is the ultimate government-expense. (Aristocrats have, over the centuries, benefited from government expenses, because those expenses are extracted from the public, and become income to the aristocracy.) And, then, after a war is over, the entity who own the debt that the taxpayers will need to pay back, for all of those government-purchases, from all of those government contractors (basically the manufacturers of the machines for mass-killing) is whom? The megabanks had been lending to those weapons-makers, of course, so as to enable these manufacturers to ramp-up production. The money that was lent to make those weapons, comes back to these megabanks, with interest, charged to those weapons-makers, who profited from these weapons-sales. Thus, it’s not just those weapons-manufacturing firms but also the megabanks, that grow from wars. In addition, the government has issued bonds to pay to the weapons-makers to purchase those weapons. Those enormous debts, which had been paid to the weapons-makers, are now owed by taxpayers to the government to pay to the owners of those government bonds, which often are investment-firms, either the megabanks themselves, or clients of the megabanks. Ultimately, these debts often become assets on the mega-banks’ balance-sheets — and the same aristocratic families can (and often do) own or control both government contractors and megabanks, and sometimes also the investment-firms. This is the safe way, the low-risk way, for billionaires to become multi-billionaires. Virtually all of the risks of wars are borne by the general public, but all of the profits from wars go to the aristocrats. It’s a certain type of game, in which the billionaires are the players, and the public are the toys, which are played with; and, from which, multiple extractions are made, as the game is played. It’s like raising “game” (in the animal-sense) in order to shoot, and eat it.

Even the world’s biggest bookstore-owner, Jeff Bezos, became a major contractor to the ‘Defense’ Department, by providing cloud-based computing services to the war-machine, and then he arranged to purchase the world’s top neoconservative ‘news’paper, the Washington Post, to boost and to suppress the careers of whichever federal politicians have proven to be the most and the least cooperative with regard to expanding the budget for the only U.S. Cabinet Department that’s so corrupt it can’t even be audited: the ‘Defense’ Department. A mere retailer, such as Bezos, doesn’t generally have much clout, unless he either owns a ‘news’ medium (such as the Washington Post) or hires effective lobbyists. At that high a level, things are very interconnected, and a player needs to have agents in each crucial part of the power-machine. So, Bezos does. But, so, too, do other high-tech leaders, such as the billionaires at Alphabet Inc., formerly called “Google.” They were heavily involved in 2011 helping Hillary Clinton’s State Department draw up the plans to overthrow two heads-of-state that allied with Russia: Yanukovych in Ukraine, and Assad in Syria.

Of course, ownership of almost all large corporations is usually hidden by layers of ownership, and sometimes only one class of stock actually controls the company, while other classes of stock are purely passive investors in the given firm and they have no real control over it. But, regardless, anyone who is paying serious attention to textbook versions of economic theory (‘economic competition’) is thinking about a mere fantasy world, a fantasy-game, not the real-world game; not the real world, at all — and the aristocracy also gets to decide who writes those textbooks (the rules of the fantasy-game), to make sure they distract the public from what’s happening in the real world.

So, within that tiny society at the top of this planet’s power-pyramid, are being made the person-to-person deals that determine peace or war, life or death, for the general population, at any given time. These are the few people who will take their cut, no matter what. But, they need this cycle, of war, debt, and politics, to continue going ’round and ’round, in order to achieve what, for them, is “progress,” and to keep it going — ’round and ’round, like in centuries past, for themselves, and for their heirs. It’s a way of life; it is a tiny sub-culture, at the very top; and it remains remarkably constant, from decade to decade, and even from century to century. The illusion that the players care about the toys, is needed, in order to keep the game going, so that extractions can continue to be made from the toys, forever, and the aristocracy can thus become evermore bloated (“successful”), from this ‘progress’.

Here, at the following links, is a brief history of how this game has been proceeding, during recent decades, starting from current times, and going backward through the decades:

“America’s Secret Planned Conquest of Russia”

“How America Double-Crossed Russia and Shamed the West”

“During the Cold War the US was ready to sacrifice 40 million Americans to destroy Russia”

So: Trump has decided to do what he thinks he must do, in order to be able to stay in power. In order to stay in power, he must be a type of President that, in some crucial respects, is more like what Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were, than what he had promised his voters he would be. And the reason that this is so, is that this is what America’s aristocracy demands, in today’s American ‘democracy’.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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  • Dr Mindbender

    Sending such a small number of troops is a baiting move. In other words, or description, it is akin to using a Pawn in chess to bait a Bishop. They are looking for a Major War and are trying to get Russia to Attack. Russia should be on Alert, because NATO has been Garrisoning Eastern Europe, and the stage has been set, but Will Russia Bite? Most likely, NO, because Putin it too willing to sacrifice his own people to keep peace. Will Kim Bite? The peace and stability of the world have been handed to Kim and Putin. Perhaps, the American people need to act, before it is too late?

    You have correctly identified the problems, corporate control of Government, and the solution is on Wall Street. The people have the rights of Protest, Assembly, Militia, Bearing Arms, Speech and Expression, even Citizens Arrest. What is taking so long … P-Riot put 500,000 troops on Washington over a Trump! Wall Street is Checkmate … And, “He Who Controls Wall Street Controls the World.”

    • Dr Mindbender

      Oh, and believe it or not, Stalin made the same mistake Putin is making! Stalin`s Generals kept telling him prior to Barbarussia ( the Invasion of Russia) that Germany was going to Invade. However, Stalin, wanted peace and ignored the advice of His Generals; therefore, He lost Millions of Troops and his Entire Air Force; because He was trying to appease Hitler. Therefore, Stalin, was too afraid to “Move or Act” in fear of it being seen as a Provocation! Right After the Germans Struck (6/22/41) Stalin could not be found; and His Generals Were in Panic and Searching for Him. They found him “Hiding”in his Ducha ( summer home) because HE thought that His Generals would kill him. You know, they say History Repeats?

      • imbroglio

        Where did you get that bullshit about Stalin’s dacha and ” HE thought that His Generals… ” ? Has Stalin shared his thoughts with you ?

  • awb22

    Again, Syria is a proxy war. The real prize is Iran, which Russia will never cede. Terror isn’t going anywhere as long as it’s profitable for the obvious and anecdotal reasons outlined in the article.

    The other war unfolding before our eyes is the migrant invasion of Europe. Islam is the spear point of this invasion, but it is Israel and the US which wield the spear.

    Again, it is all about control. Europe has fallen. A war with Russia is unnecessary. Perpetual tension will continue as long as it’s profitable, and when the debt bomb goes off, the same forces which subjugate Europe will turn towards the US. We’ll be waiting.

    • awb22

      This was the hand dealt to Trump. Just as the Trump and Brexit votes were popular uprisings and cast doubt upon the electorates, I still firmly assert that Trump threw a wrench into the neocon position of fighting Russia in Syria. One does not simply launch 59 cruise missiles upon an empty airfield and have it return to operation the next day. Either we’re not getting the whole story, and the US just took out the entire Syrian air force in preparation for a ground invasion, or Trump just gave the deep state the middle finger. The next few weeks and months should tell.

    • Dr Mindbender

      War with Russia is inevitable. The powers that be are “sissy powers” that can only abuse those who are weak and cannot fight back. Childish Bullies! Then, they try and sly around -fearing danger to themselves- with proxy wars and terror war, but there is a God in Heaven, than they will be MADE to FIGHT; because they ( USSA and RUSSIA) will have to get their own medicine. This is why History Repeats, because the Idiots never learn! Also, the Trillions of Dollars spent on Nuclear Arsenals ( while the poor Starved) Needs to be Justified. If there is a GOD, than HE must force Mankind to Take their Medicine or they will Never Learn.

      • awb22

        I disagree with your premise, no, it’s not inevitable. I also disagree with your conclusion. There is a God, and no, he doesn’t have to do anything. There are some things he won’t do, for instance, break one of his own commandments. Otherwise, with the day of Pentecost, he’s done everything he’s going to do for man, at least until Christ returns. Until then, he’s given us everything pertaining to life and godliness, including the ability to be born again and to bring others to a realization of the truth.

        Every man and woman will give an account of themselves before the Almighty. Until then, we can only fight ignorance with truth.

        • Dr Mindbender

          Disagree all you like, but even God knows I am right! I will also add, that if GOD is even “half a man” He will take Responsibility for his Creation and stop blaming puny men. You must not read well, read your bible, God is the Worlds Greatest KILLER! Who Flooded the Earth? Who Swamped Egypt? How many were Killed, even helpless Babies!

          I am not some fool who worships a creation of the Roman Emperor! I expect of God, and from the stink of this filthy world, I hold HIM accountable! I do not need a weak GOD who does nothing, while the POOR and Helpless are Murdered all over the Globe. If God is too proud to care, than I could care less for Him.

          See … I do not “suck up” to try and get into the MAGIC KINGDOM. And, in the end, God will Respect that Reality.

          • awb22

            God can speak for himself and doesn’t need you as his mouth piece.

            You obviously aren’t familiar with the figure of speech, idiom of permission. In the OT the figure is used so as not to give credit for anything to God’s arch enemy, the devil. God didn’t cause any evil, but the people were so far outside of his providence that there was nothing he could do to prevent the evil.

            God’s word existed before Genesis 1:1, and doesn’t need any defense from me, nor derision from you.

  • ICFubar

    Only now Trump has even given the American commanding generals the latitude to conduct operations as they see fit, or put another way to make war which Trump will then rubber stamp, Congress being redundant since 9/11/2001.These generals believe that by applying growing pressure on the Russian government it will abandon its Syrian ally and cave under the tension of brinkmanship. But what if their calculations are wrong and Russia stands by the Syrian people in their struggle? Or if American military planning goes south and American forces are being cut to pieces? Will this brain trust then double down and make the big threat of an all out war or will they just go on a full world wide offensive without any warning? A full nuclear weapons exchange between Russia and the USA is estimated to take about one hour to complete and the march of human civilization over the last ten thousand years would end abruptly in that one hour of total insanity. Surely the masters of the universe occupying the heights in the banking and financial sector do not cotton the destruction of their universe or are they as big fools as the military in thinking we’ll only get our ‘hair mussed’ a bit.

  • Hans Zandvliet

    Brilliant analysis: acurately and bluntly revealing!

  • Hans Zandvliet

    Still, I wonder: when the Roman Empire fell and Europe was plunged into the Dark Ages
    (say, 500-1000 A.D.), did this Roman Aristocracy disappear with it entirely, or
    did they (or at least part of them) manage to get through it to continue their
    aristocratic rule as from the Middle Ages and the Renascence?

    My guess would be that at best a very tiny few made it through. Mass migrations
    from Asia wrecked so much havoc on the existing European societies, that (most
    likely) many aristocratic families got caught in between and lost all they once
    had. Maybe just a very lucky few came through the Dark Ages (more or less
    unscathed, but the vast majority must have perished.

    I find the question interesting as a parallel to what might be the fate of the
    present aristocracy, thinking they can survive WW-III in their

    Here’s my suggestion to make sure they won’t survive either, to start their
    aristocratic reign over the common people all over again. The ones of us who manage to survive WW-III, will still be outside, while those aristocrats, at some point, want to get out
    of their billionaire-bunkers. Let’s await them and kill every single one of
    them: much better to finish off the few thousand of them than risk their game of killing
    billions of us common people again. After all: they didn’t invited us in when we needed it and left us out to die, so let us not invite them out when they want to to invade our world again like a Troyan Horse.

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