Trump Trying to Force Putin to Capitulate

Eric Zuesse

The Trump Administration is demanding Russian President Vladimir Putin to abandon support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, and has blocked at the United Nations an investigation-team’s being sent to the alleged site of the alleged sarin-gas attack that the Trump Administration alleges was perpetrated by the forces of Assad. Instead of allowing an international team to investigate, President Trump’s team, on Monday April 24th, headlined that it “Sanctions 271 Syrian Scientific Studies and Research Center Staff in Response to Sarin Attack on Khan Sheikhoun”, so as to “target the scientific support center for Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad’s horrific chemical weapons attack on innocent civilian men, women, and children.”

Russian Television reported U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, on April 6th, two days after the alleged sarin attack, as essentially demanding Putin’s capitulation, regarding the Syrian war:

“’It is very important that the Russian government consider carefully their support for Bashar al-Assad.’ Tillerson added. Asked if the US will lead a regime change effort in Syria, Tillerson said that ‘those steps are underway.’”

In other words, the Trump Administration is continuing what had originally been the Obama Administration’s objective, prior to Russia’s entry into the war on Assad’s side on 30 September 2015: regime-change in Syria. The Trump Administration is apparently willing to go to war against Russia in order to remove Assad and replace him with a leader who is supported by the U.S., Sauds, and America’s other allies in the war to replace Syria’s existing government.

Tillerson’s Russian counterpart, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, was quoted by Russian Television on April 21st, as saying:

“I believe that it’s a very serious situation, because now it’s obvious that false information about the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government is being used to move away from implementing Resolution 2254 [the UN’s plan for a negotiated settlement of the Syrian crisis, that was reached between Lavrov and his then-counterpart John Kerry, near the end of Obama’s Presidency], which stipulates a political settlement with the participation of all the Syrian parties, and aims to switch to the long-cherished idea of regime change.”

MIT’s Dr. Theodore Postol, America’s most highly honored expert on intelligence-analysis, has been trying unsuccessfully to obtain U.S. press-coverage of flaws in the official White House document, “White House Intelligence Report” concerning the alleged sarin event on April 4th; and, in apparent frustration at the total lack of mainstream coverage of this in the United States, Dr. Postol closed his latest analysis of the source-evidence that the document had relied upon, by saying:

“The mainstream media is the engine of democracy. … The critical function of the mainstream media in the current situation should be to report the facts that clearly and unambiguously contradict government claims. This has so far not occurred. … The President and his staff took decisions without any intelligence, or far more likely ignored intelligence from the professional community that they were given, to execute an attack in the Middle East that had the danger of creating an inadvertent military confrontation with Russia.”

The present news-report is being submitted to all U.S. news media, for publication without charge, in the hope that Dr. Postol’s analysis, and other critical analyses of the White House Intelligence Report, will be made public by the U.S. news media, given that the Trump Administration is blocking any third-party independent scientific investigation into this important matter, and a war between the United States and Russia could result.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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  • awb22

    It sounds like Postol has made the mistake of thinking his job is to formulate policy, instead of advise. A common mistake among academics.

    The neocon deep state orchestrated the event, and Trump called their bluff. Putin responded by saying any further attacks will lead to an escalation no one wants.

    Zuesse offers no new information, as it’s irrelevant whether the attack was real. Most likely perpetrated by the same actors as orchestrated the first attack. Postol offers no new information, either. Of course, it was the CIA. If anyone thinks otherwise, they’re deluded.

    Trump and the CIA have been battling since the election. A larger issue in the region and the bigger picture is ending the influence of Judaism and Islam in the world. Western civilization has been under attack by these forces since the Rothschilds gained favor in European courts. If the crusades stopped the spread of Islam, what will it take to end the rule of the banking cabal over the free world?

    • Nexusfast123

      Nuclear annihilation will do. Won’t be anyone around I guess bit the psychopaths will also eventually die.

      • awb22

        The problem isn’t Assad.

    • CNDFOX

      “A common mistake among academics.” – quote from you

      And at least “academics” read up on and study the subject matter…before they open their mouths and just”emote”. A common mistake of uneducated , reactionary, emotional and traditional non-thinkers. The very type that put this clown we have in power.

      • awb22

        Again, your ignorance and bias are overwhelming.

        • CNDFOX

          And once again all you have to offer is a shallow, demeaning, demonizing one line sound bite. Where did you get that one from? Savage or Faux Noise?

          • awb22

            Ad hominem attacks aside, you’re also projecting.

          • CNDFOX

            LOL…no projection…pure educated observation.

          • awb22

            Nope, pure ignorant opinion.

          • CNDFOX

            And I could say exactly the same about you. So where does that get us? You won’t acknowledge anyone not like you in your small confined homogenous world, while more open better educated people want to solve problems on a much bigger stage. So who exactly is more “ignorant’? I think it depends on a person’s level of worldly knowledge, experience and level of education – while you want to narrow it down to (people just like you) “rights”. And then try to camouflage that biased approach with your very own interpretation of the Constitution. For you it’s all about tradition that has been housed in what? Varying levels and decades of racism, bigotry and misogyny. LOL…talk about narrow, small world ignorant opinion. And unfortunately that is what elected Trump to our nation’s highest office. Just like Great Britain and the Brexit mentality. And now the world…not just our nation is in very deep trouble.

          • awb22

            Projecting, again. You assume you know me, but you don’t.

          • TempusFugit

            awb is clearly not interested in a conversation about how best to solve problems. He could be a paid shill, making these forums unpleasant so they will be less read–our tax dollars at work. Don’t take the bait with him. At any rate rather than say it was racism, bigotry, and misogyny that elected Trump, that’s an oversimplification. I’m sure there were many racists but to use the racist label on everyone for whom immigration control was an issue is unhelpful. There were also a lot of people for whom the economy was the major issue, who voted for DJT because they saw their jobs being shipped overseas and he said he’d stop that. I’m the furthest thing from a Trump defender especially as he is now joining the warmongers but I want my fellow Trump-resisters to keep their arguments sharp, thanks.

          • CNDFOX

            I understand and if I come across as saying all Trump supporters are extreme in their racist, bigoted and misogynistic views I know that’s not true. But their all kinds of “varying degrees” in those ‘feelings and beliefs” and believe me I know. I live above the Mason Dixon line and trust me, many of my friends – who are college educated – have varying degrees of those feelings. Mainly because our area is rural, homogenous and very traditional in it’s culture and “religious” (so called) values. Trump really appealed to those who don’t really think that much past the generalized meaningless populist and nationalistic type statements that he continues to twitter and even give to the free press. Why? Because it works on his core “base”. And if you haven’t done it yet. Look at the “electoral map” of the Red States that voted for him. Then look at their type of agronomy and then look at their rankings educationally in that “base”. It’s a real eye opener. And I hear you about the economy. But if those people really understood how free enterprise works and what the wealthy are attempting to do with the tax rate they would know that the vast majority of those jobs will never return. Why would they when the greedy can pay people overseas far less than here and get a break on their tax rate. The “base” of the GOP just doesn’t get who runs that Party. The very extreme wealthy who are NOT their friend.

    • TempusFugit

      You wrote “it’s irrelevant whether the attack was real”.
      As with other wars, the people are being lied to in order to launch it and get the people to die in it. It is entirely relevant to expose the lies in the current case and take away the tool of deception that the 0.1% have. The truth will set you free, the pen is mightier than the sword, etc. The US would not be shutting down a real investigation at the UN unless they were afraid of the truth getting out.

      • awb22

        I agree, but isn’t it obvious it was fake. Trump called the neocons bluff, and he’s shown he’ll do what is necessary to implement his policies, so automatically he has 40% of the nation who vote leftist, the media, the deep state including the intelligence apparatchik, federal bureaucrats, and anyone with a vested interest in the status quo and the status of the USD as the world’s reserve currency against him.

        I’m not the one being the useful idiot here, you are. In which one of the above groups do you fall?

  • LeseMajeste

    . The Trump Administration is apparently willing to go to war against Russia in order to remove Assa

    That’s because the ones running the WH, the Wall Street banks, FED and Israel, want to murder Assad and gut Syria into nothingness to make Apartheid Israel happy.

    It all stems from the Israeli masterminded 9/11 False Flag, with help from traitors in the WH, the Pentagon, CIA, FBA and NSA. With generous help from the Lying MSM, all to benefit that SLC.

    • Susanshavens

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    • Joseph Conrad

      The U.S. would be foolish to send its 1.5 M troops to die fighting Russia & China for ISRAEL.
      The ASHKENAZIM NEVER send their people to die in other nations’ wars. Only their own.

      The U.S. thinks the EU wants 50% of its citizens want to DIE FOR THE US? Think again…

      • David Schultz

        Last time I checked Syria was not invading Israel. This is about installing a Saudi Arabian pipeline.


    “…given that the Trump Administration is blocking any third-party independent scientific investigation into this important matter, and a war between the United States and Russia could result.” – from article

    Trump and his warmonger military leadership want war. There is no doubt about it. And the fact that they would lie about the nerve gas attack…absolutely no surprise at all there. This is the worst lying POTUS and administration that I have ever seen. War folks…makes the ‘wealthy’ wealthier and more powerful while it rids countries of overpopulation and individuals that have no opportunities. Wake up!

    • awb22

      “worst lying POTUS” – who are you trying to fool? Carter was the last best POTUS this country has had. Beginning with Reagan, each successive administration has gotten progressively worse culminating with BHO.

      The jury is still out with Trump. The possibility exists that you’re wrong. There’s no question that a power struggle is ensuing. The question is, which side are you on? Based on your inflammatory rhetoric, my guess is you’re a progressive, who thinks the path to peace is mass immigration. You’re not fooling anyone, and you’re the fool.

      • CNDFOX

        There’s no question that a power struggle is ensuing.” – your quote

        The only “power struggle” that ensuing is within the GOP itself. And when Trump becomes too big of a liability or embarrassment or detriment to their future, they will find a way to rid themselves of him.

        • awb22

          Only from your Pollyanna perspective. If the situation were reversed, and Sanders, a populist candidate representing the Occupy movement, was in the WH, and the Dems were in control of both houses of Congress, you would be singing a different tune. Thank God that isn’t the case, but even so, your ignorance and bias are overwhelming.

          • CNDFOX

            And once again you prefer to distract from the ‘reality’ of the topic to a purely assumption based, hypothetical one. Just like the “myths, fantasies and programmed tradition” that you so fanatically believe. Even when there is no proof or reasoning to do so. LOL…talk about ignorance and bias.

          • awb22

            If you’re going to talk in generalities and not specifics, then you don’t have to defend anything you say, which speaks volumes about the lack of merit in your argument.

            Well done.

          • CNDFOX

            LOL..specifics made for what? Misinformation and disinformation so you can ‘say’ they are specifics so you can argue everything down to the irrelevant? That is always the way with ‘conservatives’. Because they cannot debate concepts in conjunction with the ever changing scenarios of ‘real life’. Their “specifics” are always about their homogenous, non-diverse, segregated small world communities. That’s why they are such big advocates of States Rights. Because in that “world”, nothing ever changes.

          • awb22

            I’m an advocate of individual rights, which are constitutionally protected. The only position you’ve taken is to criticize everyone else, while offering no solutions of your own, in specific terms, so you don’t have to defend them.

      • David Schultz

        I yearn for that populist isolationist rhetoric I heard during the campaign. Did Hillary Clinton hijack poor Trump’s mind? Let us blow another few trillion on another war in the Middle East. The American workers can certainly afford to take a second mortgage on the house to pay for it!

        • awb22

          So far, rhetoric is the only thing being engaged. Trump has shown he’s willing to use the stick. Would you suggest otherwise?

          Obama could have gotten us out of Afghanistan, closed Guantanamo, etc. The debt doubled under GWB and BHO. Is anyone suggesting it should double again under DJT?

          If not, there are some tough choices to make, and Congress has shown they’re unwilling to even consider them.

          If it’s all about the budget, we can look to the Simpson – Bowles Commission for an indication of the lack of willingness to accept cuts.

          Trump is playing the hand he was dealt by Congress and the deep state, and it’s a fight to the death, nostalgic well wishing all aside.

  • Zartan

    I knew Trump was the White Mans Obama!

    Obama talked and did nothing for Blacks, but sow more discord between “white and black” ( government likes this) and Trump is just another tool of the 01%. It is really sad that mankind allows such! Really, there are over 300,000,000. people in the US alone, and if any “small fraction” of that number ever shows up on wall street they can change everything! Wall Street is the Gordian Knot. Failure to understand or “unwillingness” will result in the 0.1% igniting WW-3, with the Money You gave them, America!

    None of you are Rich, ( 90-PERCENT OF AMERICA DOES NOT QUALIFY) do your math correctly, (net worth) as you`ve all been made indigent debtors ( slaves) living on Credit. And by Roman Definition you are all therefore Slaves. You also pay property tax because slaves cannot own property. The Constitution is on your side, but it will be eaten by the 0.1% if you do nothing!

    Oh, and do not be fooled Employee is Euphemism for Slave!