Trump Is Losing Some of His Base

Eric Zuesse

The main pro-Trump news-site, Breitbart News, is getting predominantly negative reader-comments on its articles that relate to Russia and the war in Syria. Whereas the reporters who write the articles trumpet the Trump line, the leading reader-comments to those Trump-trumpeters, under “Sort by Best” (meaning that at the top are the comments that have the highest net number of up-marks from readers, which indicates that the given comment is shared by the largest number of the readership), are hostile toward Trump, and are disappointed in the site itself for its remaining pro-Trump on the given matter.

For example, the April 11th article “In Trump White House, Wildcard Putin Faces First Assertive America of His Career” presents Trump as being the type of anti-Putin leader that America has long needed, so that:

Neither presidents George W. Bush nor Barack Obama responded to Putin’s belligerence on the world stage with decisive action. On the contrary, both attempted to establish friendly personal relations, treating Putin as a democratic leader with no ambition beyond his borders.

Trump’s foreign policy, despite months of mainstream media coverage arguing the contrary, is to treat Putin’s Russia as a rogue state until it proves otherwise by eschewing Assad.

The topmost reader-comment to this particular anti-Russian article is:

If throwing missiles at Syria when there are SO many different versions is assertiveness I’ll pass.

I really couldn’t care what happens to women, children or men in a Country that is not so much in a Civil War as it is a Muslim Fanatics free for all.

I voted for Trump to bomb ISIS, not get us involved in another regime change, and just who the hell will be the new leader some sharia happy supporter of Iran.

I am thinking Trump has been suckered by the NeoCons, and Liberals of the NWO, as for listening to his daughter Ivanka and that cur Kushner NO WAY boot em both out of the White House with the rest of the Bush, Clinton, Bush Obama holdovers. Dammit Trump drain the swamp stop enlarging and enabling the swamp creatures.

I voted America first, bomb ISIS and to stay the hell out of regime change, and fighting for one freaking Muslim faction and another when ALL of them want Sharia Law and the downfall of the West is absolute ignorance.

The enemy of my enemy is still my GD enemy!!! The only difference between a fanatical Muslim and a moderate is the moderate cheers for the crazy ones.

Responses to that comment are, in turn, likewise hostile toward Trump. One is “We did not vote for Israel First.” Another: “Jared Cuckner needs Soros financing he is the snake. Trump needs to wake up about his son nlaw.” Another: “The guy that turned everything around was McMaster. A Saudi loving closet Muslim in the mold of John Brennan.” Another: “Wow this article was like reading something straight from M[ain]S[tream]M[edia]. How suddenly has Breitbart gone the full Russophobia route on us.”

And, yet another striking example of this phenomenon (the turn against Trump and against the Breitbart site by disappointed Trump-voters), was discussed in my April 9th article, “Trump Abandons His Base, Goes toward Nuclear War”, which opened: The 48,000+ reader-comments thus far at Stephen Bannon’s Breitbart News, to their announcement on April 6th that Trump had invaded Russia’s ally Syria with missiles, are overwhelmingly along the lines of ‘This isn’t what I voted for.’ 

Apparently, they thought that by voting for Trump, they wouldn’t get just a different version of Hillary Clinton, which is what Trump is turning out to be on issues of war-and-peace (among other things).


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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  • awb22

    Eric, personally, I think you’re arguing a losing anti-Trump position. Trump’s “base” isn’t anti-war, and you make a number of assumptions that are inherently false.

    The media didn’t even pause between the campaign, election, and inauguration in opposing the anti status quo, anti establishment movement which Trump represents.

    You are certainly a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

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      • cettel

        Spammer, go to hell!

    • animalogic

      I’m not so sure about Trump’s “base”. Many are American firsters. As such they are against the complete waste of resources of endeavours such as Iraq, Libyia, Syria, Afghanistan etc. Perhaps they are not “anti-war” per se. But they are very anti STUPID wars of the type the US has engaged in since WW II, especially in the last 30 odd years.

      • cettel

        That “America First” issue is irrelevant here.

        • animalogic

          Could you explain why, in this context, that being an American firster is irrelevant ? Whether you agree with it or not, it’s a mostly coherent ideology in opposition to the reigning “globalist” ideology.

          • wunsacon

            My guess is Eric thinks Trump’s “America First” slogan is maybe not “irrelevant” but “tangential” to whether to escalate another war on the side of the jihadis rather than against them.

          • cettel

            It’s not even tangential. It is irrelevant to this article.

          • cettel

            It’s irrelevant because, WHATEVER you call Trump-boosters and the Breitbart site, they ARE Trump’s “base,” his core voters. And yet they seem to be strongly against him (and against the Breitbart site) on the Syria-invasion. My article here is about Trump’s being rejected by his base for this invasion. It’s not at all about “America First.”

          • animalogic

            My point was simply that many Trump supporters are not anti war per de, they are anti the string of reckless imperialist wars, such as Syria. In short they feel betrayed.

      • awb22

        Veterans are part of his “base”, and thus support a strong common defense as provided in the constitution. Trump has demonstrated his resolve to use military action if necessary, which they support. He didn’t get us into Syria, and I can assure you, no one thinks the fireworks display, after forewarning Russia and Syria, is an act of aggression. He also didn’t stage the gas attack, and I don’t think he was manipulated. It’s not his fight, basically, he just shut everyone up. From that perspective, it’s genius, something Zuesse appears to overlook.

        • wunsacon

          >> Veterans are part of his “base”,


          >> [Veterans] support a strong common
          defense as provided in the constitution.


          >> Trump has demonstrated his
          resolve to use military action if necessary,

          Trump just demonstrated his resolve to attack the *wrong* people *un*-necessarily. Those distinctions are critical. Conflating “necessary” and “unnecessary” or conflating “should-be enemies” with “should-be allies” are colossal mistakes.

          You’re conflating those issues, which reminds me of “liberals” who conflate “legal” and “illegal” immigration.

          >> which they support.


          • awb22

            I’m not conflating anything. I demonstrated there’s another perspective, that’s all. If you don’t like it, or disagree, that’s your privilege, but my point was valid.

        • wunsacon

          >> I can assure you, no one thinks the fireworks display, after forewarning Russia and Syria, is an act of aggression.

          I doubt you can be *honestly* this misinformed. Therefore, I suspect your agenda isn’t “the truth”.

          The forewarning was allegedly delivered via the wrong channels just 2 hours before. Also, with the exception of you, every official/unofficial reaction I’ve read considers it to be an escalation and a sign that Washington cannot be trusted one bit. (They should’ve known that anyway. “Hope kills”.)

          • awb22

            You’re wrong, I’m not misinformed, and I do care for truth.

            What Trump has done is force everyone’s hand. It’s remarkably brilliant, not that I expect that you would concede the matter. This isn’t his war, it’s the deep state’s, and he just put the matter to rest.

            If I’m wrong, then we’re screwed anyway. If not, then you’re just another useful idiot. I haven’t read anything about “wrong channels”, although how can you believe any account? And I could care less about anyone’s official/unofficial reaction, without knowing their *agenda*

            BTW, was your reaction the same to BHO’s hope and change? Whose side are you on?


          • wunsacon

            >> I haven’t read anything about “wrong channels”, although how can you believe any account?

            You’re going to use that line now on me, even though you didn’t use it to stop yourself before you claimed they were warned?

          • awb22

            I’m only stating what was reported. It seems as though you’re reading a rebuttal designed to malign the WH. It figures.

          • wunsacon

            Yeah, “peace” from a person who likes to start and escalate wars. That’s ironic.

          • awb22

            Again, it isn’t Trump’s war. He was painted into corner, and he forced the issue. Nothing wrong with that.

            I oppose the US led wars of aggression beginning with native Americans. I also oppose the false flag operations designed to gain public support of such wars.

            The internet provides the means to counter those efforts. However, you seem unwilling to accept opposing views, and oppose Trump not because of anything he’s done, none of which is even possible to rise to the level of his predecessors, but because you have another agenda.

            Be honest.

          • cettel

            Wrong again, Trump is lying to say he has proof that Assad was behind the gas-attack. Trump was lying during his Presidential campaign to say he places the anti-jihadist issue above any issue regarding Russia or Assad’s staying or leaving. Trump now has lied to practically everyone who voted for him. And fewer and fewer of us are fooled by what he’s saying now. But you apparently are.

    • cettel

      I am only reporting what I see. Look at those “Best” comments. They’ve been turning out to be anti-invasion. Your assumption that there was no significant anti-invasion-voter-base for Trump is not supported by the evidence there.

      • awb22

        I see you’re drinking the anti-Trump kool-aid. I suppose Hillary was a better choice.

        I feel sorry for you.

        • wunsacon

          >> I see you’re drinking the anti-Trump kool-aid. I suppose Hillary was a better choice.
          >> I feel sorry for you.

          Why deliver patronizing bullshit instead of sticking to the issues? It makes you look like an jerk.

          • awb22

            No, but calling Trump ignorant and bigoted does.

      • wunsacon

        >> I am only reporting what I see.

        It’s the same I’ve seen, Eric.

        • awb22

          Then you’re both seeing what you want to see.

    • wunsacon

      >> Trump’s “base” isn’t anti-war,

      Yes, they are anti-war. Trump made many anti-war statements during his campaign. During the past year, I read many comments on right/”libertarian”-oriented blogs. Trump’s anti-war statements ranked high among those cited in comments. It’s what drew them to him, because they see that the MIC is out of control.

      >> You are certainly a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

      Heh? Why do you insult Eric?

      • awb22

        I was a Ron Paul supporter in 2012. The problem with Paul was his stance on non-intervention. Trump ran on a pro-strong military position. Now, you don’t like it, too bad.

        Eric is a lying Zionist. You can’t trust anything he says. He opposes Trump on ideological grounds, and then synthesizes an argument tailored to his base opposition. He doesn’t like Trump, I get it, but the constant hen pecking is getting old.

        • wunsacon

          >> The problem with Paul was his stance on non-intervention.

          “Non-intervention” is used misleadingly to disparage candidates who oppose unnecessarily attacking other countries (covertly at first) in order to provide reason to then attack them overtly (“intervene”).

          >> Trump ran on a pro-strong military position.

          Trump lauded the military but spoke of diplomacy — and *that* is what appealed to the alt-right (who hated Obama’s attacks on Libya and Syria).

          • awb22

            Regardless of how you define “non-intervention”, this was Paul’s problem with the electorate, which Trump won over.

            Diplomacy is a progressive talking point, and it’s inconsistent with what Trump ran against, which was the previous administration being outwitted.

        • cettel

          I have condemned the nation of Israel as being an enemy of America, and as being an apartheid nation, and therefore also an evil nation. And you call that viewpoint “Zionist”?

      • wunsacon

        I’ll answer my own question (“Heh? Why do you insult Eric?”) by saying I
        skimmed awb22’s Disqus comments and see that insulting people is one of his habits.

        • awb22

          Just assholes.

  • Charlie Primero

    President Trump’s base is not monolithic.

    We in the Alt-Right are intensely pissed off about the missile strike in Syria, because it represent continuing Jewish control of U.S. foreign policy.

    The BoomerCucks of the Alt-Light are cheering “muh military” and “muh Leader of the Free World”. They want it to be Regan/Bush 2.0.

    If we win, Putin and Trump with chill and cooperate on stopping western funding and logistical support for ISIS.

    If the Alt-Light and Leftists win, U.S. troops will carve out a pipleline corridor through western Syria so Qatar and Israel can sell natural gas to Europe

    • Scradje

      ‘Alt-right’ is just a code for Putin-lovers, who not coincidentally are also anti-semites.

      • awb22

        Wrong, they’re nationalists, so why would they love Russia. Anti-zionism has nothing to do with it, either.

        • Scradje

          Name even one famous alt-right spokesperson who is not a Putin apologist? They are traitors, not nationalists. As for the anti-semitism, you only have to view discus commenters; the putinoids are almost always open anti-Semites, including the one I replied to.

          • awb22

            How are they traitors? As for anti-Zionism, modern day Judaism is so far from biblical truth, it’s only a grotesque conception from the pit of hell.

            See this documentary on Zionism from a christian perspective,


          • Scradje

            You can’t name any can you?

          • awb22

            I don’t care for the label. Regarding anti-Zionism, I’m not alt-right and I recognize Ashkenazi Jews for what they are, a blight and a pox on humanity. As did most of Europe and the world until the conclusion of WWII and the Balfour Declaration.

            Now the Ashkenazis are returning the favor by unleashing Muslim hell in Europe. See how that works?

          • Scradje

            You have confirmed that, like all ‘alt-right’ people, you are a supporter of fuehrer putler’s mass murderering fascist regime and an open anti-Semite. At least you are honest.

          • awb22

            Haha, I’ve done nothing of the sort. Just because I oppose your agenda, it doesn’t mean I support the things you’re saying.

            Modern day Judaism is more evil than Islam. It’s a simple statement of fact.

            The documentary I posted for you lays it all out. Do you deny any of it?

          • Scradje

            Why don’t you lot call yourselves ‘Jew-haters for Putler’ and have done with it?

          • awb22

            Why don’t you call yourself a miserable khazar and be done with it?

          • cettel

            That too is stupid. “Modern day Judaism” is diverse, like modern-day Islam, modern-day Christianity, and any religion in any era are. You are clearly a bigot.

          • awb22

            I couldn’t care less for religion. The truth of God’s word, as given in the Old and New Testament and canonized by the end of the 1st century has nothing to do with religion, or rather, only to the extent religion lines up with the truth. Where it varies are the commandments of men.

            Eric, you clearly care little for truth, because you reject it, and espouse a form of humanism. Who knows what you believe, because you won’t say. This, too, is and easily identifiable motive and method of the enemy of God, Satan.

            God’s peace be upon you.

          • cettel

            You’re blaming all “Ashkenazi Jews” for what the worst of them did? Why not, then praise all “Ashkenazi Jews” for what the best of them (such as Einstein, Salk, and Mahler) did? What you said there isn’t anti-Zionist (which I am) but anti-Semitic (which I am not), and anti-Semitism isn’t just evil (like any racism is) but stupid (like any racism is).

          • awb22

            The khazars, Ashkenazi Jews, are the ruling class in Israel. The US and Israel are the chief state sponsors of terror in the world. Therefore, by the transitive property, evil. More so than Islam, which has been enabled by the US and Israel, and is facilitating mass migration into Europe in order to spread their dominion. A ruling class, themselves, and everyone else, who own nothing.

            Besides, I’m not blaming all khazars, only those participating in what I’ve described, who are evil. No, I’m not anti-semitic, Eric. However, I place modern day Judaism and Islam in the same bucket, which are both contrary to the truth of God’s word, as given in the Old and New Testaments, and canonized by the end of the 1st century AD. I’m not racist or bigoted, and neither is Trump. As men, however, we are all fallible.

            The Brexit vote and the election of Donald Trump counter the Rothschilds plans of global hegemony. Let’s hope the British people maintain their resolve, and Donald Trump is able to navigate the US through what will surely be one of the most tumultuous periods in the nation’s history.

            The national debt more than tripled under Reagan, the start of exponentially expanding debt, and doubled under GWB and BHO. No one is suggesting it should double again under Trump. Where then, will spending be cut?

            At the end of the day, the US will either repudiate the debt, or go into receivership. There are those who will want to follow the Rothschild model, establishing themselves as the ruling class, and a two tiered system of health care and retirement. Much of this we already have, but while the treasury is being plundered by borrowing, and becoming a fascist state in the process, the US has not abdicated sovereignty, nor pledged fealty to a foreign power.

            As the national debt continues to increase, interest costs will continue to rise. Already $250B annually, which is simply being paid with new debt. Regardless of any other cost saving measure, interest on the debt is a perpetually recurring expense, that must be paid in addition to any other spending. Better to repudiate it and enforce a balanced budget, than to cede sovereignty.

            Of course, this doesn’t address $200T in unfunded federal obligations, however, with a balanced budget free of interest payments and debt entanglements, the US and it’s economic partners can be self sufficient. At a minimum, it would be a boon for the working class, which has largely disappeared under 37 years of shipping jobs overseas and importing cheap labor from Mexico beginning with Reagan. It is possible for the US and western civilization to pull itself up by it’s bootstraps, but to do so, it must shed itself of the blight and pox on humanity, the fiat currency of the old world bankers, the Rothschilds, and their central banks.

      • Charlie Primero

        We prefer the term “Counter-Semitic” as it is more accurate.

        Putin is our ally because he opposes NWO degeneracy.

        • Scradje

          What entity has murdered more innocent Christians in Europe this century than the combined efforts of AQ/Isis managed in North America and Europe during the same time frame? Take a wild guess. You are openly supporting a criminal fascist regime that murders its neighbours, steals their land and uses its own, the world’s biggest, propaganda network to spread lies and hate about the victims of its aggression. Putin’s key allies are Iran, Syria, North Korea, Zimbabwe, Venezuela and Nicuaragua, not your lot. Why not be honest and call yourselves Putin’s fifth columnists?

          • Charlie Primero

            Jewish Communists murdered 60 millions Christians in Russia during the last century.

            American, Latin, and Asian Fascism was the only thing that stopped them from murdering more.

            If you want peace in the world, the AltRight is the only group in America working hard for it.

          • cettel

            Lenin, Stalin, and most of the leadership, were from Christian families. You’re anti-Semitic when you blame “Jewish Communists” for all the wrongs that Communists did.

          • Charlie Primero

            Wrong. Go study what percentage of the Bolshevik leadership was Jewish.

          • awb22

            If you’re including Stalin, then you may be right. Communist China has the top mark for murdering their own people, but it’s likely few were Christian.

            Why drag religion into the discussion, unless you’re trying to deflect your own Zionist views? And an Islam apologist as well.

            This is the true irony. Modern Judaism is more evil than Islam, and uses Islam as a spear tip into the heart of Europe. The only explanation for Libs and Jews to sympathize with Islam is that they hate God.

            This is the bright line which defines all division. If you hate God, just say so. I’ll understand.

          • Scradje

            I said THIS CENTURY.

          • awb22

            It’s disingenuous to qualify your assertion to only Europe. Which means you also know how Christians and Jews are being treated by Muslims in the ME. Don’t the muzzies know the khazars are on their side? That’s right, they don’t. Neither does the lot of humanity. Did you get a chance to see the vid?

          • Scradje

            I gave you factual information: fascist RuSSia has murdered more innocent Christians in Europe this century than AQ-Isis managed in Europe and North America during the same period. It has invaded and occupied three Christian nations and inflicted nothing but death, misery and terror upon them, yet you choose to support the kremlin murder gang either out of ignorance, stupidity or sheer evil.

          • awb22

            Oh, which three nations?

          • Tin Can

            And now RuSSia has a Christian army;

  • David Schultz

    With the main stream media’s reluctance to admit that the gas attack evidence videos are fake, Trump had little option. Responding with an equally fake strike on an abandoned airfield may have been the only rational course. Trump supporters are being appropriately apprehensive about going into wasteful war in Syria. It is still uncertain how much of this is theater and how much could snow ball out of control. We have an insane man in NK with nuclear weapons and Jihadis making fake gas attack videos. Which one do you take quickly off the table and which one do you focus on for the safety of the world. I am more glad than ever that Hillary lost.

    • wunsacon

      >> We have an insane man in NK with nuclear weapons

      I conclude the “insane” part is false propaganda, just like the “Assad gas attack”.

      You probably agree with the statement that “our military propaganda is relentless” and read news skeptically but don’t realize how much you’ve accepted without being skeptical.

      “NK hacks Sony” … “NK kills brother in Malaysia with nerve agent” … “NK is threatening”

      Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit. NK’s only “threat” is to defend itself, with the only deterrent it has against proven US aggression. From Korea’s point of view, that aggression started all the way back when the US first attacked Korea in the 1870’s.

      • awb22

        More bullshit. The chinese set up the current government in NK at the end of the korean war. The japanese overthrew the dynastic government in korea prior to the second world war.

      • David Schultz

        I measure NK insanity not so much by the western press but by the subtle attitudes of my Chinese business partners. The latest statement by China is telling. The Chinese are now concerned.

  • I am telling them like “you Americans are all cursed, Karma is going to get to you”, in that forum.
    Some are voting me up lately, just some. The others are only cursing me back.

    • awb22

      Americans are no more cursed than any other individuals on the face of the earth, karma or not.

      Our government and it’s actions are no more American, nor do they represent the views of the American people than does yours.

      I’m hard pressed to think of one government that it can be said is representative of it’s people, at least secular governments.

      Theocracies, on the other hand, ostensibly do represent at least their religion. Israel, however, is ruled by the khazars, Ashkenazi jews who adopted Judaism after the rise of Islam. Islam is a death cult. Anyone involved in religion can tell you, above the congregational level, it’s all politics.

      If others are cursing you back, does that mean you’re cursed?

      • You are telling me “America is nothing to do with democracy”.
        Very much irresponsible, and appalling.
        When it is really nothing to do with democracy, it has ZERO reason to commit interventionism on the name of democracy indoctrination at all, right?
        Because it is nothing to do with that according to you.
        So your military needs to pull out of every foreign country right now when you are really giving up on claiming a guardian of f*cking democracy thing.

        • awb22

          Yep. Wars of foreign aggression support corporate and financial interests. They do not support the interest of anyone else.

          WWI and WWII really never ended. Israel was established as a destabilizer in the ME, while the oil was siphoned off and puppet governments established and set at one another.

          Now, Europe is being invaded by migrants. Not possible prior to the end of the Cold War.

          There is a globalist agenda. And it’s not in the best interest of anyone except those in charge.

          The US is the one beacon of freedom shining to all the world. We are not represented by the actions of our government, but by our opposition to it. That was the Brexit vote, and the Trump election. The American people do not support the lies and deception of our government, nor anyone else’s.