Top 10 Lies, Damn Lies, and Lies About Syria

1. Chemical weapons are worse than other weapons.

This is not the case. Death and dismemberment are horrific regardless of the weapon. No weapon is being used legally, morally, humanely, or practically in Syria or Iraq. U.S. bombs are no less indiscriminate, no less immoral, and no less illegal than chemical weapons — or for that matter than the depleted uranium weapons with which the United States has been poisoning the area. The fact that a weapon has not been banned does not create a legal right to go into a country and kill people with it.

2. Chemical weapons use justifies the escalated use of other weapons.

Does shoplifting justify looting? If a Hatfield poisoned a McCoy, would another McCoy be justified in shooting a bunch of Hatfields? What barbarism is this? A crime does not sanction another crime. That’s a quick trip to hell.

3. Important people we should trust know who used chemical weapons.

No, they do not. At least they do not know that the Syrian government did it. If they knew this, they would offer evidence. As on every past occasion, they have not done so.

4. The enemy is pure evil and will answer only to force.

The U.S. government and its proxies have sabotaged peace negotiations numerous times over the past several years, maintaining that Assad would have to step down or — preferably — be overthrown by violence before anything could be negotiated. This does not make the U.S. government pure inhuman evil, much less does it make the Syrian government that.

5. If you don’t want to bomb Syria with one enemy’s name on your lips, you hold the firm belief that said enemy is actually a saint.

This piece of stupidity gets people accused of loving and holding blameless the Syrian government, the Russian government, the U.S. government, ISIS, and various other parties. In fact, the reasonable thing to do is to hold all killers responsible for their killing because of the crime, not because of who commits it.

6. U.S. war-making in Syria is defensive.

This is the opposite of reality-based thinking as war-making endangers us rather than protects us. Someone should ask Donald Trump to remember the Maine. You may remember that Spain wanted the matter brought to a neutral arbiter, but the United States wanted war, regardless of any evidence. That’s been the typical move over the centuries: careful maneuvering into war, not away from it. Trump, by the way, is already up to his bloody elbows in several wars inherited from Obama — wars no less immoral and illegal slaughters because of their connection to either of those presidents. The question of who blew up the Maine is, at this point a truly dumb one. The important point is that the U.S. didn’t want to know, wanted instead to rush into a war before anyone could find out. Typically, the desire to avoid information, and not some other consideration, is the reason for the urgency in war-making.

7. Peace was tried in 2013, and it failed.

No. What happened was that Obama and his administration tried to pull off the same stunt that Trump is trying now, and the public rose up and refused to allow it. So, instead of a massive bombing campaign, Syria got more weapons, more trainers, more troops, and a medium sized bombing campaign. That’s very different from actually shifting direction and offering Syria diplomacy, aid, and disarmament.

8. The U.S. government’s goal is peace.

The long openly stated goal of powerful players in the U.S. government is to overthrow Assad.

9. Syria is as boring and unconcerning as numerous other ongoing U.S. wars.

In reality, Syria is a war that risks fighting between the United States and Russia, while each is armed with far more than enough nuclear weapons to destroy all life on earth. Creating a profitable conflict between the U.S. and Russia is a likely actual motivation of some hawks on Syria.

10. Making everything worse with yet more violence is the only option left.

That’s not an option at all. But these are: aid, reparations, negotiations, disarmament, the rule of law, truth and reconciliation.

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  • Jill

    Far be it for the US to use the ICC or UN to see what actually happened here. No, we want to “end the bloodshed” in Syria by bombing the crap out of the Syrian people. That’s what all the civilized nations who joined with Trump to, “stop the bloodshed” by bombing are doing right now. And of course, it is totally in America’s vital national security interest to create more death and destruction in the world.

    A Fine Job Oligarchy. Well done Trump and all the other wonderful, civilized world leaders laying supine at their master’s feet. No one will see all the blood dripping from the mouths of those you are killing. At least, no one will see it with the MSM in control of what you’re seeing.

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  • Carl_Herman

    Poetically perfect, David; thank you.

  • andrew1212

    Convenient timing for a FALSE FLAG in Syria: Very Bloody 2 Weeks of Headlines

    March 17: US bombs Syrian mosque, kills 46, injures 100
    March 22: 19 US airstrikes kill 33 refugees hiding in Syrian school
    March 23: 230 civilians killed by US-led coalition airstrikes in Mosul; 130 killed in one strike on a building in Western Mosul

  • Todd Millions

    Interesting preliminary reports are starting to come in on coordinated ISIS attacks with the missile strikes.
    Where was “Song Bird” MaCain last week? Talking too whom?
    The white helmet pictures of them treating sarin victims are-amusing.
    I wish I was on the set for the shoot-with a WW2 German gas spud masher-to insert veratais..
    More cameras would be needed to adequately show how well tyvek overalls (sans hoods)and dust masks
    protect from nerve agents- much less the bitchen sneakers(uncovered) and no gloves.
    A sarin charge may be a bit ortopping .Tafiun or even mere mustard or phosegene would be more than adequate for such demo proposes.

  • cityspeak

    Glad to see the HRC and Barbara Boxer got on the “lets kill more brown bodies in Syria” bandwagon, once again showing that the R and D labels are nothing but window dressing for Empire.
    I also love how every single news outlet is screaming about the gas attacks but not one has offered any proof that the Syrian government was responsible.
    Much like the “Russia stole the Presidential election of 2016” boatload of nonsense that seems to be like a never ending circular echo chamber that itself is based on nothing.
    Strange that because when something similar like this gas attack happened in 2013 all the evidence pointed to ISIS/ISIL. The other funny thing is that Obama used this unproven accusation as his rationale for getting into it directly in Syria and the public laughed at him and shut him down.

    It would be comical if it wasn’t so tragic.

  • Ol’ Hippy

    These fools are the same deplorable people that want to end abortions because it’s morally wrong. These same people that think nothing of launching missiles and dropping bombs that kill real children by the droves and their civilian parents. I watched senator McCain tell Matt Lauer on the Today Show,(’04/’07) the the US is NOT an aggressive country. I then had to turn off the TV lest I break it in a fit of rage. I fear that dark times are just getting started because there doesn’t seem to be anybody left in power with at least a modicum of restraint.

  • dr no

    I will only comment to say, ” Military Grade Never Agent” dropped from Military Aircraft detonate over target and aerosolize over the population. If Assad did this from the air there would be thousands of casualties. The “event” nerve agent ( home made agents: pesticides/ organophosphates) was poorly detonated and made people sick. Military Grade Agent Kills. You breathe it in and you die, simple matter. I think, 1mcg, inhaled ( 1-millionth of a gram) is lethal to humans, so it is a very, very tiny amount. We would be dealing with “thousands of casualties” if Assad were responsible. ISIS has chemists capable of this sort of stunt.