Talk Nation Radio: Dennis Kucinich on Opposing War on Syria

Dennis Kucinich is an internationally renowned champion of diplomacy and peace. His distinguished career in public service dates back to 1969 and spans councilman, clerk of courts, Mayor of Cleveland, Ohio State Senator, 8 term Member of US Congress and 2-time Democratic candidate for President of the United States. We discuss U.S. warmaking in Syria.

Total run time: 29:00

Host: David Swanson.
Producer: David Swanson.
Music by Duke Ellington.

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  • LeseMajeste

    Don’t believe what Tillerson–he’s lying again-is saying about Syria, he’s just settingthe stage for another ‘al CIA Duh’ attack on Syria, forcing Trump to kill thousands to ‘liberate’ them from something, like life.

    The next False Flag against Syria is already being filmed, al Jazeeracrews on the ground, it will be White Phosphorous blamed on Assad this time.

    Now we can lay to rest all that speculation about what the first Trump attack was about, he was just laying the ground work for the Big One, mostly likely a massive attack, busting up what’s left of Syria.

  • Suzette

    The guy in the video said Trump would be signing off on lies. Meaning he is unaware of the false intel he is being given by a shadow government. The very shadow government that has wanted to take Assad out of power. For more than a decade across different presidencies intentions have been made clear about the removal of Syria’s Assad.

    Until Trump is able fill the agencies with his people and say goodbye (normal transition) to the people who occupy the swamp they are all he has at the moment. Democrats know this and will continue to delay, stretch confirmation hearings, and continue their propaganda campaign for as long as possible.

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    • Charlie Primero

      We must get out in the streets and mass protest escalation in Syria.

      We must call and demand our Congressional Representatives support Ms. Gabbard’s legislation H.R. 258

      We must expose the #GasHoax ! Exposing it to your friends and family kills all the war justification the MSM is pushing.

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