If you prefer fake news, fake data, and a fake narrative about an improving economy and stock market headed to 30,000, don’t read this fact based, reality check article. The level of stupidity engulfing the country has reached epic proportions, as the mainstream fake news networks flog bullshit Russian conspiracy stories, knowing at least 50% of the non-thinking iGadget distracted public believes anything they hear on the boob tube.

This stupendous degree of utter stupidity goes to a new level of idiocy when it comes to the stock market. The rigged fleecing machine known as Wall Street has gone into hyper-drive since futures dropped by 700 points on the night of Trump’s election. An already extremely overvalued market, as measured by every historically accurate valuation metric, soared by 4,000 points from that futures low – over 20% – to an all-time high. Despite dozens of warning signs and the experience of two 40% to 50% crashes in the last fifteen years, lemming like investors are confident the future is so bright they gotta wear shades.

The current bull market is the 2nd longest in history at 8 years. In March of 2009, the S&P 500 bottomed at a fitting level for Wall Street of 666. In a shocking coincidence, it bottomed on the same day Bernanke & Geithner forced the FASB to rollover like mangy dogs and stop enforcing mark to market accounting. Amazingly, when Wall Street banks, along with Fannie and Freddie, could value their toxic assets at whatever they chose, profits surged. The market is now 240% higher.


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  • GeorgeBlackmore

    Tells you what you needs to know about confidence and human psychology.. I would posit that same theory on to our political parties as well, take a complete buffoon? Hypothetically, one can reach the highest office in the land as soon as the psychological contagion known as ‘confidence’ runs out of control in either party. This is why in American politics we always, we nearly always, okay, lets say zero for the last three President’s (that is still a pretty good average 42 for 45), but when we are on track we properly elect thoughtful, contemplative, observant men who understand the levers of Government how to treat our allies, our enemies people of the country, etc.

  • Gary Youree

    It should be clear by the market that the psychopathic elite are making money taking it up and preparing to make a killing when it drops and bottoms out again.
    It should be so obvious in this time of fake news and corporate control, or corporatocracy, that this inhuman elite have the world so rigged that they make money no matter what happens. A great depopulation is coming and the psychopaths, who have been in control since the beginning of agriculture will inherit the earth.
    What spawns from them will be the final destiny of man. I cannot believe mankind will ever achieve its full potential with a psychopathic greedy nature of empire building.
    The control now is full and the most profitable amount of destabilization is now been achieved. Water will become the next oil. I find it difficult to believe there is any hope of a paradigm shift as the control has only grown stronger over the centuries and decades. The two edged sword of the internet gives the power the sharper side. A majority of humanity may possibly see the truth after it is too late – as soon, or at their discresion, massive depopulation can begin at anytime if a revolution in thought should threaten their position.

    • Julietajsinger

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