The Reason Behind the Sales-Surge for Nuclear-Proof Bunkers

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at

On April 15th, Zero Hedge bannered “Doomsday Bunker Sales Soar After Trump’s Military Strikes”, but this growth in the market for nuclear-proof bunkers is hardly new; it started during the Obama Administration, in Obama’s second term, specifically after the Russia-friendly government of Ukraine, next-door to Russia, got taken over in 2014 by a rabidly anti-Russian government that’s backed by the U.S. government. This boom in nuclear-bunker sales is only increasing now, as the new U.S. President, Donald Trump, tries to out-do his predecessor in demonstrating his hostility toward the other nuclear superpower, Russia, and displaying his determination to overthrow the leader of any nation (such as Syria and Iran) that is at all friendly toward Russia. For earlier examples of feature-articles on this booming market for homes that allegedly would enable buyers to survive the first blast effects, and the most immediate nuclear contaminations, of a Third World War, see here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here.

This surging demand for nuclear bunkers started right after the U.S. government arranged a coup in Ukraine that replaced the existing Moscow-friendly democratically elected President by installing a rabidly anti-Russian Prime Minister and national-security appointees from Ukraine’s two nazi Parties, the Right Sector Party, and the former Social Nationalist Party of Ukraine (which the CIA renamed “Svoboda” meaning”Freedom” so as to enable it to be acceptable to the American public). Then, the intensifying U.S. effort to replace the secular pro-Russian Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad by a sectarian jihadist government that would be dependent upon the Saudi-Qatari-UAE-Turkish-U.S. alliance, has only intensified further the demand for these types of “second homes.”

Whereas all of the purchasers of these bunkers are being kept secret, the U.S. federal government provides, free-of-charge, to top officials, nuclear bunkers, so as to allow the then-dictatorship (continuation of America’s current dictatorship) to function, in order, supposedly, to serve their country, which they’d already have destroyed (along with destroying the rest of the world) by their determination to conquer Russia. No one knows what the reality would actually be in such a post-WW-III world, except that there would be no functioning electrical grid, nights would be totally dark for anyone whose sole reliance is on the grid, and all rivers and other water-sources would be intensely radioactive from the fallout, so that groundwater soon would also be unusable — and, of course, the air itself would also be toxic; so, lifespans would be enormously shortened, and excruciating, not to say extremely depressing. No one has published a computer-model of a U.S.-Russia nuclear war, because doing that would be unacceptable to the “military-industrial complex” including the U.S. government, but in 2014 a “limited, regional nuclear war between India and Pakistan” was computer-modeled and projected to produce global ozone-depletion and “the coldest average surface temperatures in the last 1000 years”, which “could trigger a global nuclear famine.” But such a war would be only 50 bombs instead of the 10,000+ that would be used in a WW III scenario; and, so, everyone who is paying money in order to survive WW III is simply wasting money.

But, somehow, there are people who either want a Russia-U.S. war, or else whose preparations for it are directed at surviving in such a world, instead of at ending the current grip on political power in the United States, on the part of the people who are working to bring about this type of (end to the) world. At least the owners of the major U.S. armaments-firms, such as Raytheon Corporation, would have an explosive financial boost during the build-up toward that war, but buying bunkers in order to survive it, would seem to be a dubious follow-up to such an investment-plan. On the other hand, it might appeal to some thrill-seekers who don’t even feel the need for a good computer-simulation of a post-WW-III world; maybe they’ve got money to burn and a craving to experience ‘the ultimate thrill’, and don’t want unpleasant knowledge to spoil the thrill.

After President Trump threw out his National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and replaced him with the rabidly anti-Russian H.R. McMaster, and then lobbed 59 cruise missiles against the Syrian government (which is protected by the Russian government), the cacophony of press that had been calling for President Trump to be impeached and replaced by his rabidly anti-Russian Vice President Mike Pence, considerably quieted down; and, so, the Obama-Trump market for nuclear bunkers seems now to be established on very sound foundations, for the foreseeable immediate future. And, if anyone in the U.S. federal government has been planning to prepare the U.S. for a post-WW-III world, that has not been publicly announced, and no newsmedia have even been inquiring about it — so, nothing can yet be said about it.

The general message, thus far, is that, after World War III, everyone will be on his or her own, but that the dictators will (supposedly) be in a far better position than will anyone outside that ruling group. However, if the survivors end up merely envying the dead, it will be no laughing matter, regardless of how silly those nuclear bunkers are. It would be nothing funny at all.

On April 17th, Scott Humor, the Research Director at the geostrategic site “The Saker,” headlined “Trump has lost control over the Pentagon”, and he listed (and linked-to) the following signs that Trump is following through with his promise to allow the Pentagon to control U.S. international relations:

March 14th, the US National Nuclear Security Administration field tested the modernized B61-12  gravity nuclear bomb in Nevada.

April 7, Liberty Passion, loaded with US military vehicles, moored at Aqaba Main Port, Jordan

On April 7th the Pentagon US bombed Syria’s main command center in fight against terrorists

April 10, United States Deploying Forces At Syrian-Jordanian Border

April 11, The US Air Force might start forcing pilots to stay in the service against their will, according to the chief of the military unit’s Air Mobility Command.

April 12, President Donald Trump has signed the US approval for Montenegro to join NATO

April 13, NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg announced the alliance’s increased deployment in Eastern Europe

On April 13th, the Pentagon bombed Afghanistan. The US military has bombed Afghanistan with its GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast Bomb (MOAB)

April 13, the US-led coalition bombed the IS munitions and chemical weapons depot in Deir ez-Zor killing hundreds of people

April 14, The Arleigh Burke-class, guided-missile destroyer USS Stethem (DDG 63) has been deployed to the South China Sea

April 14, the US sent F-35 jets to Europe

April 14, Washington failed to attend the latest international conference hosted by Moscow, where 11 nations discussed ways of bringing peace to Afghanistan. The US branded it a “unilateral Russian attempt to assert influence in the region.”

April14, the US has positioned two destroyers armed with Tomahawk cruise missiles close enough to the North Korean nuclear test site to act preemptively

On April 16th, the US army makes largest deployment of troops to Somalia since the 90s.

Mr. Humor drew attention to an article that had been published in “The Daily Beast” a year ago, on 8 April 2016, “CALL OF DUTY: The Secret Movement to Draft General James Mattis for President. Gen. James Mattis doesn’t necessarily want to be president—but that’s not stopping a group of billionaire donors from hatching a plan to get him there.” Though none of the alleged “billionaires” were named there, one prominent voice backing Mattis for the Presidency, in that article, was Bill Kristol, the Rupert Murdoch agent who co-founded the Project for a New American Century, which was the first influential group pushing the “regime-change in Iraq” idea during the late 1990s, and which also advocated for the foreign policies that George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump, have since been pursuing, each in his own way. It seems that whomever those “billionaires” were, they’ve now gotten their wish, with a figurehead Donald Trump as President, and James Mattis actually running foreign policy. Humor also noted that Mattis wants to boost the budget of the Pentagon by far more than the 9% that Trump has proposed. Perhaps Trump knew that even to get a 9% Pentagon increase passed this year would be almost impossible to achieve. First, the unleashed Pentagon needs to place the military into an ‘emergency’ situation, so as to persuade the public to clamor for a major invasion. That ‘emergency’ might be the immediate goal, toward which the March-April timeline of events that Humor documented is aiming.

As regards the military comparisons of the personnel and equipment on both sides of a U.S.-Russia war, the key consideration would actually be not the 7,000 nuclear warheads that Russia has versus the 6,800 nuclear warheads that the U.S. has, but the chief motivation on each of the respective sides: conquest on the part of the U.S. aristocracy, defense on the part of the Russian aristocracy. (Obviously, the U.S. having continued its NATO military alliance after the Soviet Union’s Warsaw Pact military alliance ended in 1991, indicates America’s aggressive intent against Russia. That became a hyper-aggressive intent when NATO absorbed Russia’s former Warsaw Pact allies. NATO even brought in some parts of the former USSR itself, when in 2004, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, entered NATO, and in 2014 U.S. President Obama tried to get Ukraine into NATO, and these five countries hadn’t even been Warsaw Pacters, but had instead been parts of the USSR itself. It was as if Russia had grabbed not only America’s allies, but some states in the U.S. itself. This constituted extreme aggression, and shows the U.S. aristocracy’s obsessive intent for global empire — to include Russia.)

Any limited war between the two powers would become a nuclear war once the side that’s losing this limited war becomes faced with the choice of either surrendering that limited territory (now likely Syria) or else going nuclear. On Russia’s side, allowing such military conquest of an ally would be unacceptable; the war would then expand with the U.S. and its allies invading Russian territory for Russia’s continuing refusal to accept the U.S.-Saudi and other allies’ grabbing of Syria (on ‘humanitarian grounds’, of course — as if, for example, the Sauds aren’t far more brutal than Assad). After the traditional-forces’ invasion of Russia, Russia’s yielding its sovereignty over its own land has never been part of Russia’s culture: If Russia were to be invaded by allies of the U.S., then launching all of Russia’s nuclear weapons against the U.S. and America’s invasion-allies, would be a reasonably expected result. Here’s how it would develop: On America’s side, which (very unlike Russia) has no record of any foreign invasion against its own mainland (other than the Sauds’ own 9/11 ‘false flag’ attacks), the likely response in the event of Russia’s crushing its invaders would be for the U.S. President to seek to negotiate a face-saving end to that limited war, just as the American President Richard Nixon did regarding America’s invasion and occupation of Vietnam. However, a reasonable question can be raised as to whether, in such a situation, Russia would accept anything less than America’s total surrender, much as Franklin Delano Roosevelt in WW II was determined to accept nothing less than Germany’s total surrender, at the end of that war. If Trump wants to play Hitler, then Putin (acting in accord with Russian tradition) would probably play both FDR and Stalin, even if it meant the end of the world. For Russia to be conquered, especially by such intense evil as those invaders would be representing, would probably be viewed by Russians as being even worse than ending everything, and this would probably be Putin’s view as well. If America did not simply capitulate, Putin would probably nuclear-blitz-attack the U.S. and its allies, rather than give Trump (or Pence) the opportunity to blitz-attack Russia and to sacrifice all of the U.S. side’s invading troops in Russia so as to ‘win’ the overall war and finally conquer Russia. It would be like WW II, except with nuclear weapons — and thus an entirely different type of historical outcome after the war.

Consequently, either the U.S. will cease its designs on Russia, or there will be WW III. Russia’s sovereignty will never be yielded, especially not to the thuggish gang who have come to rule the U.S. (both as “Republicans” and as “Democrats”). The bipartisan neoconservative dream of America’s aristocrats (world-conquest) will never be achieved. Russia will never accept it. If America’s rulers continue to press it, the result will be even worse than when the Nazis tried. It’s just an ugly pipe-dream, but any attempt to make it real would be even uglier. And nobody who buys a ‘nuclear-proof bunker’ will get what he or she thinks is being bought — safety in such a world as that. It won’t exist.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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  • Dr Mindbender

    People spending money on half measures will be sadly disappointed when they learn that 7,000 or more Nuclear Warheads going off will change the surface of the planet. High Impact Zones will incur liquefaction as a result of earth shocks, tremors, and quakes, due to nuclear detonations. Most bunkers will be buried , or Sunk in Water, liquefaction, because the earth will not be stable.

    Only Mountains, will provide safety, but You have to tunnel into the Mountain for a Proper Bunker. The Government has done this “on numerous occasions” for its most important facilities. Leave it to Crony Capitalism to sell people snake oil: It would be better to watch the nuclear sun rise, than to be buried alive in a Cheap-O-Bunker. Bunkers have to be Hundreds of Feet Down, and out of Blast Zones, or it is all in Vain.

    Interesting theory on WW-3, I agree, Russia will never surrender its Independence. WW-2, began shortly after Poland, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania were grabbed by Hitler. WE are Close! I would say, we are even closer now with Ukraine. Putin cannot abandon Syria, as it would be a green light to Washington, to continue.

    Russia may decide it has to Attack?
    Most people do not know that Hitler, actually, only invaded Russia because He feared its army, and decided that if Germany did not Strike First, than there would be no way to stop Russia if they initiate, first strike. In Hitler`s Mind, He was only pre-empting a Soviet Invasion of Europe with Barbarussa.

    We are Very Close to WW-3.

    • Ol’ Hippy

      Snake oil, always a popular choice when facing extinction. Also high on the list are prayers, promises to be good, being granted another chance, etc. Even those surviving the initial event will die a cruel horrible death due to radiation poisoning. The best treatment ever in a film, from the early 80’s, is titled: “Testament”, where all of the survivors of the blast; dies, slowly. Worth watching by the way! Much better than “The Day After”.

      • Dr Mindbender

        I saw the film, good film. Yes, people will be horribly disappointed in their bunkers if they survive the initial blasts. Radiation Poisoning is Horrible. You mention above about Nuclear Plant detonations, and due to such a certainty, it is unlikely that “any” form of life will survive. Then, The Chemicals, Toxins, and countless “other disasters” that would follow such a catastrophe verify that it would not be worth trying to survive such an event. It is not worth “fearing death” if your alternative is Hell. I would rather choose my fate than have the choice made for me. I did not support Trillions of Dollars given to the War Machine, So … If such goes off, I will decide my own fate and Cheat those Perverts!

        • DebL.

          Speaking of films, ever watch the 1950-60s sci-fi classic, “World Without End” where four astronauts from the 70s (or thereabouts) go into outer space, get caught up in a time warp, and wind up back on Earth in the 25th century or thereabouts, discovering a graveyard with 2188 as the prominent date (due to nuclear war likely), then get attacked by mutants (who live above ground, but are starting to reproduce “normals” who must flee or get eaten), then find a cave leading to a huge underground bunker inhabited by elites and scientists (served on by some of the “normals” they allow inside, including Dina, who literally saves everyone’s ass later)…the children of the elites (inbreeding) a weak little wusses and the leadership after 3 centuries is full of idiots. The only alternative is to go outside and defeat the mutant tyrants.

          If the criminal psycho elites really think they will “survive” ww3, then they are dumber than I thought. “God will destroy those that destroy the Earth” Rev. 11:18.

          • Dr. Mindbender

            I never saw the movie, but it sounds good. Those who try to survive such an apocalypse will be far worse off and will envy the dead. Reproducing in such an environment, if even possible, would be an utter horror. Those who cause such destruction will be punished. However, the destruction they are causing now “without Nuclear Weapons,” is intolerable and they should be Judged Quickly. They pour Mega-Trillions into Illegal Wars, Weapons, and Corruption … And, they had a free ride to do anything they Chose.

            They Chose … Now, they Must be Judged.

            My Favorite Verse … ” How long, dear Lord, do you hold back our vengeance and not Judge the wicked inhabitants of the Earth.” -The Elders, Revelation 6-10.

        • Ol’ Hippy

          I too will have a pistol loaded for such a case.

    • cettel

      Your statement that “Hitler, actually, only invaded Russia because He [you think he was God, to initial-capitalize that ‘He’?] feared its army” is ridiculous. Hitler’s Second Book (published in 1928) made absolutely clear his Lebensraum policy and belief that Slavs were to become slaves of Germans. Whereas Jews in his view (as stated in Mein Kampf) were not humans (and in his private notes and elsewhere he interpreted them as having descended from the snake Satan in Genesis 3, the snake who tempted Eve to eat God’s forbidden apple and so supposedly brought about “original sin”), Slavs were actual humans, but were inferior ones, who needed “Aryan” (purebred descendants from Adam and Eve) owners-masters. Jews were to be “eliminated” but ‘inferior races’ were to be dispossessed and enslaved. Where did you get your ‘knowledge’ of Hitler? I got mine from his writings.

      • Dr Mindbender

        You, obviously, never did any study, whatsoever! I have read Many, Many Books, ” Adolph Hitler,” by John Toland, is a Good Start for Beginners: I suggest you read all 800, or so, pages. Hitler believed a lot of things … So does Trump. However, you have to separate beliefs from actions. People can believe ( or have theories) but act on a different method depending on circumstance. You have to have a really low IQ to think Hitler invaded Russia because he thought the Russians were Sub-Humans. Jesus Christ!

        Hitler signed the Molotov agreement, because he did not want war with Russia. Hitler partnered up with Russia to Invade Poland. Hitler only became “certain” of Attacking Russia in (41) when he was reviewing Russian Army Maneuvers on the Border and became concerned with a Russian First Strike. Barbarussa was very hastily drawn up, and Hitler, Unlike TRUMP, had to convince the entire HIGH COMMAND that war was necessary. Now, I know you do not think; however, it would have been Impossible to sell such a WAR on “Subhuman Theoretical Nonsense” to the High Command of the German Army.

        Wake up and Smell the Coffee!

        • Dr Mindbender

          Oh, and Bird Brain … If you are really “clever” and think “real hard” you will see the US is in the same position now that the Germans were in early 41. NATO and US forces are on the Border with Russian forces, and they are all afraid, because this is History Repeating.

          None of you ever learn.

        • cettel

          My 2000 book, WHY THE HOLOCAUST HAPPENED, is still the only book that has been written on how Hitler himself viewed what ultimately became known as the Holocaust, and what his attitudes about it were while he was doing it. This is the only book that is based upon reading through all of the reliably published notes, letters, private statements to friends, public speeches, transcribed statements during his final period while in the bunker, and everything else that historians today generally considered, as of 1999, to constitute as valid evidence regarding Hitler’s motives, including the records of what his generals were urging upon him that he simply refused to permit, such as when his generals urged him, near the end, to stop using the trains to transport people to the extermination-camps because those trains were desperately needed then for turning things around and winning the war instead. Hitler actually prioritized the extermination-program above the overall military victory that was the generals’ top priority.

          And Hitler’s Second Book (which was actually written in 1928 but not published until 1961) did describe Russians and other “slavs” as “sub-humans” (untermenschen) who are suitable only to be slaves of Aryans. You have everything wrong: Stalin knew Hitler’s intention toward the Soviet Union and viewed as the only possibility for the safety of the USSR an agreement with Hitler that they both would split Poland but there would be no invasion of the one by the other. Stalin did not know that Hitler would turn out to violate his own agreements. And it stunned him when Hitler finally did. Stalin at that moment retreated into solitude and isolation because of his shame, his catastrophic suckerdom to Hitler, whom he despised. Stalin aimed to quit heading the Soviet Union but was finally persuaded by his subordinates not to do so. You don’t know how Hitler viewed Russians and other “slavs,” and his 1928 book remained a secret, but Stalin had a fair idea of this matter in advance, and he certainly understood it after Hitler did invade.

          • Dr Mindbender

            Yes, I know there was much deception on both sides, ( no different today) and England was stoking the fire at both ends, because they wanted to provoke a war with Russia and Germany.

            I know all about Stalin failing to acknowledge the Invasion, for 3-days; and then Hiding out for fear of his own execution by his generals. Stalin did not want war, but there were “border conflicts” and hostilities being encouraged against both sides by England. Army Proximity ( German and Russian) was also a Problem; each side, ran war drills, which made the other fearful … Just like today, notice?Stalin was aware of England`s provocations, which is why he would not act against Hitler. Hitler struck out of Fear. The same situation is likely to occur today, soon?

            Hitler had all kinds of perverted views, and they were not uncommon, then, but convincing the German Army to go to war took much more than, “Hate the Jews!” The German High Command were some of the best Educated, Talented, Experienced, and Intelligent in all of History. Their abilities and “Historical Accomplishments” would be admired by all sides, even Russian, at the end of the war. Simply, they would only accept a military reason to commit troops. The SS police were “hidden” operatives following in the flanks of the army setting up camps.

            Now, some German Staff ( camp administration) swear they were work camps. They acknowledge abuses but were adamant “as Goring Testified” that the Jews were there to work. You could not have the entire German Male Population ” at war” without having a solution for work and production of war materials. Work Camps were the solution. French and Italian Volunteers (some not) were drafted in work projects. Prisoners … Drafted into Work Camps! Now, could some of these camps have been turned into death Camps, Sure, but to believe a “LIAR,” the US government, well, I will wait and see what God said Happened. I was not there and I know better than to trust the Lying Demon: US government.

            You see, the US government loves Hitler, and they copy everything he did, so it would be foolish to trust US propaganda. And, since, I was not there to witness, I am wise enough to with-hold Judgement. We will see, soon, hopefully, because it looks like the PTB are intent to blow up the World for the Finale!

  • Ol’ Hippy

    What’s rarely mentioned of the ‘afters’ of a nuclear exchange is the fact that all of the atomic reactors on the planet will lose there human operators and will subsequently melt down releasing 10-100 more times the nuclear material than the weapons themselves. Think Chernobyl or Fukushima X 1,000. This could also happen in a conventional war if human reactor workers are taken out of the picture. Moral: nuclear war will end most all of terrarnean life on Earth. No survivors, nada. To think otherwise is pure folly. Sorry!!

    • Nexusfast123

      The human race has put in place all the elements to snuff out its civilisation.

      • Shirleymjackson

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      • Scoot Wad

        I am not taking the blame for this madness, this joo zionisms folly, not that of the human race under their thumb.

  • awb22

    Zeusse fails to make a distinction between GWB, BHO, and Trump.

    Soros funded the BHO and HRC campaigns, and they did his bidding.

    Let’s recap, Zuesse is a closet zionist, is bed partners with Soros and the other zionist khazars, and promote zionist control over western civilization by mongrelizing the races excluding their own.

    The US is an unwitting dupe in the zionist led destruction of western civilization, owing primarily to the PR campaign of Hollywood and the mainstream media.

    How about it, Zeusse, sound about right to you?

  • DebL.

    Good post from someone I think is a Zionist tool, but anyway…if the elites really think they will “survive” a nuclear war–with or without thousands of gallons of gas for a gas generator or a hundred–then good luck, psychos–and while you are watching DVDs wasting electricity, watch the 50-60s sci fi classic “World Without End” and know what your fate is (since most of you are Satanists who couldn’t bare to know that God is “gonna cut you down” as the song says.) “God will destroy those that destroy the Earth.” Rev. 11:18. and speaking of the Book of Revelation, in it somewhere is a verse about how those “in the mountains and in the rocks” (aka the bunkered elites) will “pray” for the rocks to fall on them. But will not see death, though they wish for it. Just think, folks–the world is run by psychopaths who are also complete idiots! (Backed by Satan and his fallen angels–Ephesians 6:12)

  • Army of Addicts

    Solar powered too, GREAT!!!!

    Who’s gonna shovel off the ash or the snow come winter from the panels? Will they draw straws?

  • Bobd288